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Dr Shibani Dixit

Dr Shibani Dixit is a spine specialist skilled in Physical Therapy,Pain management,delivering community and corporate health talks.After her Bachelor s degree focused in Bachelor in Physiotherapy B.P.Th from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences,she opted for becoming a Certified Spine Manual Therapist C.S.M.T .She s also skilled with Kinesio Taping along with Dry Cupping and Hijama techniq

Nirupama Sapkota

Nirupama Sapkota Clinical Psychologist with 3 years counseling experience, CBT and EMDR knowledge. Empowering individuals for lasting well being.If you re ready to take the first step towards a healthier and happier life, I invite you to reach out to me. Together, we can embark on a path of self discovery, healing, and personal growth. Thank you for considering me as your mental health ally. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Kruti Dharod

A certified Psychologist who has pursued M.A in Clinical Psychology from S.N.D.T University. I believe that Mental health is a journey not a one stop destination. And it is a part of our physical health so it should be equally focused upon. I provide non judgmental space and I m empathetic and compassionate, so they can express themselves freely in front of me.The aim is to develop resilience.

Manisha Varma

I am a Counselling Psychologist with 25 years of work experience in India and overseas. I use a need based eclectic approach towards therapy to suit individual contexts and personalities. My vision is to support and facilitate individuals and communities towards their emotional wellbeing and psychosocial health.

Ashima Gupta

Hi, I am a certified Psychologist with a specialisation inn clinical. I have dealt with more than 100 clients. I have an in depth knowledge of the subject and I am a good listener. I have an experience and expertise in clients dealing with depression, anxiety disorders, relationship problems and psychological issues with old people.

Tanve Joshi

I am a Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner and Neuroscience Coach Practitioner, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, with years of experience, helping clients create meaningful, lasting change in their lives. I am a Psychologist Clinical with over 5 years of successful experience recognized consistently for performance, excellence and contribution to success by developing realistic goals and life plans, motivating them to make positive and life altering changes.

Urja Dhagia

Through my work with vulnerable children and adults, I have been able to improve mental wellness in more than 5000 people. I am trained to deal with people with patience while employing an empathetic approach and active listening skills.

Anaita Veigas

hi, am a psychotherapist with a PhD in the area of mindfulness and self compassion. I help people reach and live by their true potential by working with their mindset, feelings and behavior. My spiritual journey as well as my very own struggle with mental health anxiety, depression helps me be truly present and create a safe space for healing and growth. Looking forward to working with you.

Saraswati Pradhan

Hi I am Saraswati Pradhan, I am a Psychologist. My expertise also involve various other therapy modalities like Eft, Matrix Reimprinting, META Health, Colour Therapy and Past Life Matrix Reimprinting. I have always felt that there is an opportunity to grow when we stop thinking we know it all and accept that no matter how experienced we re, we can make mistakes. For me, when my clients improve their present situation with their own skills and when they grow, my career grows with them.

Priyanka Solanki

My approach is holistic, as I consider all aspects of life that contribute to healing. I work with all kinds of communities. I have experience with a lot of different kinds of work fields, which helps me now to understand perspectives from different angles.

Divya Gupta

Divya Gupta is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of experience. After completing her master s in psychology, she completed professional diploma in Clinical Psychology from Sweekar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences, Hyderabad. She specializes in treatment of Anxiety Disorder, Depressive Disorder, Personality Disorder, Anger and Stress Management, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Priya gomati Mahadevan

Am a therapist and counsellor with over twenty years of varied work experiences in training, coaching and enabling individuals to overcome their blocks and move towards happier, fulfilling lives. I use a combination of therapies CBT, Transaction Analysis, REBT, mindfullness and breathing and relaxation techniques as per what i perceive to be the need of the hour for my client.

Joana Cavaco

My main goal is to help you feel balanced either physically or mentally. With several techniques that you can do it yourself you can achieve great results and feel amazing. I m here to help you achieve your own goals. Let s work together and achieve greatness Take care

Bharti Venkatesh

Dr. Bharti Venkatesh is an academician, practicing Psychologist, Life Coach, Psychometrician, Profiler, Graphologist, and an expert facilitator in teaching Psychology, HR Management specifically Training Development and Organizational Behavior . She is alumna research scholar of FLAME University and IIM Ahmedabad, and has over 25 years of teaching experience in higher education from developin

Aanchal Chauhan

I am Aanchal Chauhan and I am a qualified counselling psychologist . I specialise in resolving relationship and family conflicts, issues pertaining to social anxiety, grief, childhood trauma, depression, low confidence, anger management, academic stress and burnout. My therapy practice is insight oriented and eclectic in nature .

Suchithra Mohit

Hello My name is Suchithra Mohit. I am a Psychological Counsellor and a Personal Development Coach. I have 4 years of experince in this field. My motto is to help people live the best version of themeselves.

Kavya Pasnoor

I am someone who doesn t zone out during the discussions. I can engage the individual not just in an intellectual discussion but can talk about random interests. I mean when I say I understand to any individual and believe in both ways of learning and leaving a lasting impact on the individual and vice versa.I am sensitive vigilant to the information shared.I believe in non conventional ways of providing therapies I don t believe in distressing therapy takers with heavy jargons.


I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master,Karuna reiki Master, Money reiki Master, Karmic reiki Master besides I do Tarot reading, Crystal healing, Angelic healing, Merlin healing as well.I have 8 years of experience in reiki and I am an Enthusiastic reiki healer where I kept all my efforts, hardwork and attention during healing for the successful outcome.Offered friendly and efficient services to the clients and handled challenging cases as well

Kinisha Sanghvi

My name is Kinisha Sanghvi and I am a mental health professional. I deal with clients who go through mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, relationship issues . I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with my clients. I like to dance, bake and explore places

Joseph Tropper

I am a highly trainined, mental health therapist who deeply understands human needs, desires, challenges and frustrations. Bringing together twenty years of experience and a doctoral degree in psychology, I learn how to motivate people with insights based on evidence based psychology.

Moriah Coleman

Provide strength based support approach to encourage improving mental/emotional coping strategies and positive self expression. I strive to create a safe space to allow individuals to be open and honest in exploring their needs and discovering how to achieve their desired outcomes

Aparna Raghavan

I am a counselling psychologist with 10 years of practice. I specialise in counseling young adults and children. I do therapy using CBT, Talk Therapy, Play Therapy and Expressive Art Therapy. If you would like to know more, visit my profile.

Shaila Rao

I am a counselling psychologist with experience in helping clients deal with anxiety, depression, break up, relationship issues. I also help teenagers deal with peer pressure, parental pressure and academic stress.

Dr. Shweta Sharma

I am an empathetic and compassionate person and a psychotherapist. I use client centred psychotherapy coupled with mind body approaches to help client achieve deep healing and transformation. I provide a safe, non judgmental space where client can learn how to have secure relationship with self, others and life. I believe that healing can happen with inner wisdom.

Katarina Skendzic

Katarina is certified corrective exercise specialist She has 6 years experience working with kids with multiple spine deformities as scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis and correcting flat feet Dedicated physiotherapist experienced in counselling clients on preventative care and positive lifestyle changes Areas of expertise electrotherapy corrective exercise pain relief

Rahaf Ibr

Hello I am Rahaf, have you ever dreamed of havingg someone to listen to your secrets and figures without judjing or someone you needed someone to only listen to you without giving you millions of advices have you ever had a very big secret that you wanted to remove it out of your mind but didn t have the courage to tell that s why I am here

Aditi Koli

I have completed my Master s in Applied Psychology Spec in Clinical Psy. . I have two years of working experience at a psychiatry clinic and with a renowned mental health platform which has made me adept to handle a diverse range of concerns related to anxiety disorders, mood disorders, stress management, adjustment issues, love relationship issues, family issues, etc. Moreover, I address self improvement concerns such as personality development, enhancing soft skills, etc.

Srishti Malhotra

I love what I do and try to give my best everytime, never let a day pass without a challenge. It s all about creating memories to make the moment remember you did everything you wanted, that is why you will always come back for more. My motto Do what you love, eventually you will grow into loving what you do. Do it for the first time, if you can t do it at the first time

Pinal Sawansukha

Pinal is a flexible, professional therapist who caters to different types of psychological disorders. Her day to day work deals with resolving issues relating to dealing with intense emotions, anxiety, depression, and relationships. She likes to use a lot of creative elements in her therapy like art and music. If you re not sure about what irks you, Pinal is the go to person who will definitely h

Radhi Rajpal

I am an M.D doctor with Diploma in Therapy and Counsellingfrom Karma center.I have 10 years experience in treating clients with PTSD,trauma,depression and anxiety.I have a high rate of success ,I own my clientts am empathetic and practical

Sonal B Chhibber

Sonal is a Holistic Therapist, dedicated to assisting her clients to uncover their hidden blocks and patterns that are deeply embedded in their subconscious mind. She focuses on deep healing techniques that empower her clients to be free to choose and embrace a life that they aspire towards.

kimberly burton

Specializing in couples and individual counseling building Sellf Esteem, decreasing Anxiety and unloading PTSD issues that is due to stress in the home and workplace to maintain stability in everyday life with hopes of gaining a positive and productive life.

Anna Ebrani

I have many years of experience working within the mental health field. I am also a relationship and career consultant. I work with adults who want to learn how to make positive and permanent changes in their lives. I have a holistic approach where I address the individual s physical and mental well being. I also have a strength based and solution focused approach. I am empathetic and patient.

Khadija Arrami

If nothing feels right, you feel lost, and need support to find your purpose, or to get out from a bad experience, you feel that you are special and the usual and general advices doesn t suits you, you re right, my professional and personal experience taught me that we can pursue life and goals the same way, so I am a holistic counselor and I ll help you to achieve anything, in a unique way.

Devyanshi Behl

I m a counseling psychologist. I firmly believe that every individual is whole and complete and you are not your illness, the illness is just a part. I am a trauma informed and Queer positive practioner with 5 years of experience working with different populations and modalities. My responsibilities include, research, content development, workshops, mental health training.

Nidhi Sharma

I am a catalyst, who is your growth accelerator and turns your spark into a fire. I am convinced that We are not our behaviour and hence this behaviour can be modified and changed to achieve a fulfilling life. I endeavour to chart the uncharted territories that allow my clients and me to be better than our best and create Happy Livings.

Rupal Tapadia

Masters in Clinical Psychology, Advance Diploma in Psychological Sciences, Certified Sex Therapist, Counselled over 500 people and families over 9 years with close to 100 satisfaction and very high refferal rate covering wide range of pychological issues like abuses, addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, marital discords, self esteem, self awareness, self care and so on. Diversified experience with respect to different age groups, institutions, hospitals, psychiatrists etc

Eddie Reyes

Eddie Reyes has had the privilege of helping many people in many challenging situations and seeing their lives change for the better. He builds the therapeutic foundation with trust, honesty, and empathy. Eddie uses a common sense approach along with an eclectic utilization of many counseling theories to help clients push forward toward healing and behavioral change.

Himani Kulkarni

I am a Mental Health Professional working with a wide range of people from teenagers to older adults. I work most often with concerns of anxiety, self esteem, body image, relationships with partners and families. I use a trauma informed eclectic approach to work with clients.

Issam Aldahabi

NLP therapist who delivered creative and engaging solutions across depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobia. More than 5000 hours therapistic sessions, demonstrated through excellent observation, and deep root problem solving. The key qualities of my therapeutic personality are integrity, a totally customer focused outlook, and NLP first rate subject knowledge.

Aarshiya Seyth

I m Aarshiya Seyth, wellness/business coach with 11 years of experiance in working with issues ranging from stress, anxiety, depression to dishormonious relationships, breakthroughs in money/finance/business stuck ups , aiding with the inability to perform to the optimium most in everyday living.

Anaemilia Miño

Mi pasi n por ayudar a la gente y mi deseo de siempre aprender mas para poder llegar mas lejos.

Richa Goenka

I work on deep emotional issues and core fears of my clients to ensure not just an alleviation of symptoms of a disorder or temporary stress, but an enduring improvement in the overall quality of life. I believe that each client and his/her problem is unique and demands a creation of a novel therapeutic approach using a unique combination of the existing therapeutic approaches.

Isra Tahseen

I ve more than 5 years of working experience, quite diverse in nature. I ve worked in all sectors as a Clinical Psychologist including Public Hospital, Clinic, National and International NGOs. Also been a Student Counselor and have been teaching and supervising upcoming psychologists in their training and academia.

Shelley Ugyan

Schema Therapy in addition to CBT is an evidence based integrative approach which might look at unconscious self defeating patterns if needed, using subconcsious techniques including imagery, dialogue, visualization and hypnosis as needed, to rewire subconscious thoughts and beliefs. Using both the top bottom and bottom up treatment approaches mentioned above, a person can find resolution to underlying issues.

Dr Dipti Yadav

I help people find true purpose and meaning in life using a dynamic pool of resources from Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness. Connect with me to embark on an amazing journey of inner growth... to lead a happy and fulfilling Personal, Professional, Social Emotional life...

stuti kumar

im dr stuti kumar a consultant psychologist specilizing in clinical psychology with masters and pg diploma in clincal psychology and practicing active member of BCCT UK. therapeutic approches of cognitive behavioural therapy with practicing experience since last 7 years in the feild with over 1000 clients worldwide

Vatsala Mehta

I m an avid listener. Believe it or not, I m very empathetic when it comes to listening to people. I am highly skilled at coaching, mentoring, therapy or just a friend who you want to talk to. I have master s degree in psychology and also a president awardee. You ll be in good hands if you choose me

Siva rajan

myself siva trained life coach a d therapist for who are in need of emotional eagerly waiting to lift people into their dream plane where they can taste their victory, success and content life.

Jennifer McDonnell

I have a background in CBT, DBT, trauma informed and person centred care. Beyond that, I have experience in a number of setting from inpatient psychiatric to addiction to return to work programs. I have a distinct desire to work with client in exploring their inner workings and patterns, to find new ways of promoting their self care, building self love and self acceptance, but also understanding.

Naurose Ali

Mental health has become a cause of growing concern around the world in the light of fast paced living and growing psychological and social stresses. There is a dire need for mental health professionals who are upto the taI am a Psychiatrist working with people who face mental health issues and endeavour to provide evidence based pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments for their wellbeing

Isi Richard-Koko

I am very easy to talk to. my clients are comfortable with me and I take my time to listen and analyse. I have been mostly successful with handling issues clients have brought foward. I have studied broadly and have a wide range of experience.

Dhruti Sampat

To achieve holistic health, I combine diverse modalities such as EFT, sound therapy, colour psychology, metaphor analysis, and so on. These techniques aid in overcoming emotional barriers brought on by past, present, or future events, as well as giving mental and physical self care practises.

Asad Bhatti


Kavita Freedom

I am a Therapist / Life Coach / Workshop Facilitator and Speaker for more than 13 years. I help my clients achieve perfect physical and mental health, loving relationships, excellent careers, financial abundance and prosperity and much more. My approach is completely holistic and energetic. I work on bringing the body, mind, emotions and soul into balance and alignment with each other.

Beenish Salman

Psychiatrist by profession, with passion to learn, teach and research. would like to prefer teamwork with strong skills and competent people. like to help people suffering from major and minor psychological illnesses.

Blessing Okufunwa

I was a victim of depression in the past which almost cost my life, but with the help of some materials and books, I was able to overcome depression and now I m totally free. I believe I can help people suffering from depression with the knowledge from my past experience that life is worth living and every life is valuable and important. Suicide is never the solution.

Joanne Tan

Before becoming a therapist, I worked many years in the media industry. The media industry is one that is not forgiving, demanding, and lacks a work life balance. It was the challenges and struggles that I heard and witnessed during that journey that got me thinking of how I, as an individual, can help others who are going through a tough time.

Federico Rossi

Are you having a tough time and/or trouble coping with a new change or situation My experience and education range a wide spectrum both in private and corporate counselling, specifically with anxiety, grief distress, career change, work life balance, low level mental energy, time management, and low self esteem.

Cece Rubin

I am a independently licensed social worker who specializes in Anxiety and depressive disorders as well as trauma and dual diagnosis conditions. I teach a method that empowers you to achieve rapid mood and behavioral regulation using somatic techniques that addresses Mind and Body as a whole. I provide life and career coaching as well as behavioral health interventions for the work place, leadership and management strategies for employers, employees and client success and retention.

Sydney Smith

I am a psychotherapist with 22 years of experience with a specialization in Gambling Addiction and Gaming. I am also internationa speaker, trainer, and consultant on Responsible Gaming, working with the all levels of the gaming industry, corporations, Tribal Gaming, Government, and Treatment Centers. I enjoy speaking and providing trainings as well as working with clients individualy. My expertise is in the treatment of problem gamblers, their families, and working globally on Responsible Gaming

Saeed Anwar

I am a Clinical Psychologist with several certifications including MSc Applied Psychology , MS Clinical Psychology and Master in Education as well as 5 years of experience in my field and I am a skilled therapeutic Counselor. PhD scholar at Northeast Normal University China

Michael Dsousa

I am a counselor and have helped many people come out of depression I hope I be of some help to you all I have gaind this gift by my own past experience... Anhelping hand to the one is needy I love to be there for the lonely the people who have no one to speak too

Tehmina Lodhi

My practice comprises of adolescents, adults and couples. I work on personal, social or psychological challenges and am trained to use humanistic and integrative psychotherapy.I see clients of varying age brackets and diverse cultural backgrounds with a variety of issues ranging from depressions, stress, anxiety, bereavement and loss, relationships, anger, self esteem, suicide, psychosexual issues

suerte lagmay

he right qualifications are an important thing to look for when seeking a good counsellor or psychotherapist. And yet therapy is at heart a relationship. Think about dating. Someone who has a great education will only make a great partner if they have a personality to match. So what makes a good therapist Good qualifications AND important personal skills. Just what are these essential qualities y

Muhammad Adeeb

I am a clinical psychologist. I have skills in assessment, diagnosis, case formulation, and psychological treatment of mental health, behavioural, and emotional disorders across the lifespan. I can provide therapies to manage depression, Anxiety, Stress, Mood disorder and OCD

Leticia Woodforde

I work healing the core issue and healing the mind, body and spirit. I specialise in working with adult survivors of childhood trauma working on the mind, body and spirit bringing them back into alignment to heal childhood trauma and overcome anxiety and low self esteem to become their best versions of themselves for a better future..


Laura holds a bachelor s degree in Psychology from Granada University, Spain, where she specialized as a clinical psychologist. She s been an active member of the Spanish Psychology School no CL 4261 since 2014. Laura has experience dealing with people from different cultures as she was born and raised in Spain, lived in Australia for many years, and is presently in the Middle East.

Harish Rawat

Dr.Harish Rawat is an international Laughter Yoga Guru and Founder of Lot of Laughter Yoga Foundation in India who engaged in conducting Laughter wellness sessions in different sections of society including school, colleges, corporate, slums, defense, societies and even prison .More then 60 k people took beneficially from his sessions. Dr. Harish Rawat is Phd in alternative medicine, Masters in Pharmaceutical Bio tech ,Bachelor in Pharmacy .

Naina Jha

Greetings I am Naina Jha, a counseling psychologist with a graduate degree in psychology honors and a post graduate degree in clinical psychology. It takes a lot of courage to take the first step towards a healing journey, but once done, I make it my sole motive to create a safe, non judgemental and confidential space for my clients to go ahead and bring positive changes in their lives.

Joseph Wood

A Certified NLP Practitioner Hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience, I am the Master Therapist /Trainer at Mapps.Institute. We are presently using the Neuroscientific Breakthrough Discovered by Dr. Garry Flint, which uses the superconscious mind to give relief quickly and painlessly to over 100 conditions from Anxiety to Worthlessness. Sessions are conducted over the internet Worldwide. We presently only operate in English, but we are training therapists in other countries languages.

koutilya chhajed

Founder of Divibe Healing a Counselling Healing centre since 2010, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer Energy Healer for more than 15 years. Academically, holds Degree in B. Com, LLB, M.A Clinical Psychology . MMS MBA , M. Com Diploma in Psychology, Training Development and Journalism. Apart from being a Corporate Trainer Guest Lecturer, Consultant Counsellor, He is also a Writer a Painter.

Ritik chopra

I help people in healing their broken relationships and fixing them from the root so that they can live happy, together, forever. I offer guaranteed success rate and provide the personalized book on their lifestyle and success.

Dina Fesl

During my studies, I majored in clinical psychology and individual differences, becoming an expert on recognising the subtle, yet powerful patterns which shape human behaviour. I am experienced dealing with various relationship issues, anxiety, self esteem issues, behavioural learning problems, etc. I have worked as a youth counselor, an adult counselor, and as a life coach.

Sayali Deo

I have been following up with field of Positive Psychology for some years now. Completing PhD focusing on social and emotional learning, resilience, emotional awareness and self efficacy strengthened my belief to build on strengths together when working with people. This belief is enabling me to connect at deeper level with anyone I come in contact with.

Peter Leuenberger

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Michelle Levitan

Cognitive Behavior Therapist since 2005. Post Doctorate in Mental Health. English, Hebrew and Portuguese speaker.Coordinator of several Psychology Courses in Brazil. Expert on depression, anxiety and pain.Living in Israel.

Dr.shyamala Anand MBBS

I am a GP doctor , CBT therapist and sleep expert . I wish to express my interest in mental , emotional and behavioural disorder such as depression , Anxiety , insomnia , personality disorder , Anger .I take pride in my ability to perform diagnostic and prognostic exams to evaulate functional ability and my ability to customize traditional holistic therapeutical approach to benefit my each patient to overcome from ther drak days to colourful days .

shree prabha

With over 20 years of experience in the feld of people development, I hold Masters degrees in Math and Psychology.I have also been trained as a hypnotherapist, regression therapist and in NLP. Worked for 10 years in the corporate set up as a trainer and coach before starting one on one as a therapist

Janaki Sampath

An emphatic listener and skilled counsellor. Motivated communicator and an adept agent for transformation. An eclectic therapist with expertise in therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Transactional Analysis.

Ramesh Mukherjee

I am a certified international NLP Neuro Linguistics Programming Master Practitioner psychological therapist, Life Coach, and Mental Counselor with international CTAA therapist membership. 15 years experience.I am also an assistant professor of education.I have counselling so many foreigner clients for there mental counselling through online sistem like UK, USA, ITALY, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN

Zenub Babur Butt

Accredited certified PsychoAnalyst CognitiveBehavioralTherapy NeuroLinguisticProgramming Practitioner Theological Healer TarotReader. I offer online CBT and NLP Therapy sessions for Trauma, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, ASD, Childhood Trauma, Erectile Dysfunction, Addciction, Career Counseling, Couples Therapy and Lonliness Synderome. Come, Let s Talk

Muhammad Asim

I m Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Professional PsychoTherapist, I m currently Working at Private Registered Company In Pakistan. And want a bigger step to helping people s who has in anxiety and depression.

Hina Fatima

My hybrid role, i am providing psychotherapies along with Mental Health Coaching. I am running my own business as an enterpreuner and i provide different packages for both the roles. i merge and customise my plans according to my clients need and i use holistic approach.

Rafah Dadah

l love my job as a psychotherapist, and believe that we can really change lives and help anybody in need to live in peace and satisfaction and enjoy in each detail in his life and feeling grateful for having it whatever it is .

Dr Tarak Vachharajani

I am A Clinical Hypnotherapist , with a medical background. i deal directly with the subconscious mind.I work with surgical precision and the time taken is way less than conventional counselling. i treat Mental, psychological and Medical issues.i have also immense experience in treating Addictions, and It goes to sports, Weight management , past life regression and sleep disorders.Also treat Kids

Abhinav Joshi

I am a medical doctor mental health professional, having experience of working in prestigious institutions of India, Singapore, Ireland United Kingdom. I practice a holistic or integrative approach to manage the issues of my client in addition to conventional Psychiatry. I also train government staff, corporates, senior school and college students in various aspects of mind and well being.

Alejandra Fueyo Minutti

Psychoanalitic psychotherapist with artistic backgrounds. I have a wide range of expertise in different fields of mental health. I deeply interested in deams analysis and investigation. Love teaching and learning.

Jennifer Joan Lopez Cruz

As a psychologisy i have lifelong learning, i have empathy with people.By emphazising confidentientality with my clients they can feel calm and trustworthy with me. Iam patience with my clients,Instead of telling my client what to change and how to change it, I patiently guide them in the process of self discovery. I consider myself cross cultural sensitiviy.

Sarah Shabbir Suwasrawala

A qualified Psychologist/Counselor with expertise in the fields of education, academics, and behavioral disorders. I am skilled at devising activities and exercises that aid in the development of emotional, transitional, language, communication, self help, cognitive, and other skills that clients use to manage their disorder.

Amelia Antony

I am a Psychotherapist with 10 years of experience. I am also a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life coach, Mentor, Counselor, Guide, Relationship counselor and Family therapist. I identify as a Self love warrior and I am here to listen, reflect and help you with your growth. I am looking to cultivate a stimulating and supportive environment to allow you to reach you full potential.,

Jiten Singh

I am an extremely hard working educational psychologist, with predominantly school based experience. I have knowledge and experience with working with children and adolescents who experience major psychological issues such as anxiety, ADHD, trauma and stress related disorders, autism, depression, PTSD, and a range of other complex psychopathology. I am a young and experienced Male psychologist in

Jyothi M

I have lot of experience in Child and adolescent and Family Therapy. I have done lot of courses from nimhans psychologists and I learnt lot from them. I have attended many workshops related to mental health, which helped in develop perspectives about many things. I have CBT, DBT AND Mindfulness based therapies

Stephen Bowes

20 years experience in the field of addiction and mental health. I coach dual diagnosis and have a full time practice in Australia. I am qualified in counselling and psychotherapy, workforce training, forensic assessment, qualified health counselor and have an open and non judgemental approach. I am expereinced in family and group therapy

Anjali Solanki

Hello, I am Anjali Solanki a counselling psychologist. I beleive we all individuals have different things to share and things we bring into this world. I am here to help and understand you for betterment of your well being, emotional health and mental health.

Sara Haqqi

I am a psychologist and a researcher with an extensive experience of working with people with people from different ethnic backgrounds and ages. My expertise is in eating disorders, stress management, workplace related issues, and management of anxiety disorders. I believe in providing my clients with a safe space where they can share and discuss anything they want to without feeling judged.

Agustin Park

Elevator of human potentials, proactive international business executive with a proven track records of success and obvious failed stories to tell throughout various business industries and market segments over the past 15 years having cultivated excellent thriving teams. I inspire by leveraging personal experience with my background in clincal psychological studies to inspire results and colle

Dr. MiKi Kitchen

I use solution focused methods which center around your own strengths to achieve results. You are part of the journey and already know what to do, sometimes we just need someone on the outside to show us our strengths. This allows us to achieve full potential.

Aslaha E

Caring and analytical Psychologist with experience assessing and treating patients. Expert at observing and interviewing, developing treatment plans, and counselling. Specialist in providing relaxation therapies, behavior therapies, CBT, and cognitive remediation.

Elena Bikou

I am a licensed psychologist with a legal and clinical background and managerial experience in mental health and employee well being and organisational change. I have more than 7 years of experience in a variety of disorders. I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT , mindfulness and Schema Therapy.

Danial Shams

Experienced Occupational therapist, working in different rehabilitation clinics and medical settings. member of AOTA, IROTA. Skilled in sensory integration, ASD, ADHD, Neonatal Therapy,neurological Disorders such as stroke. And Expert in Acupuncture, Sport injuries, Manual Therapy.

Shimra Salsabeel

Thoughtful, patient centered associate psychologist with experience in hospital, clinic and private practice settings. Compassionately committed to working with patients suffering from broad spectrum of different types of mental health issues. Adapt at multi tasking and proactively addressing emotionally intense situations. Dedicated to serving patients in a meaningful way, listening to their concerns, and helping them learn how to approach their mental, emotioninal and behavioural problems.

Zoe Fortune

I have worked in mental health for over 15 years as an academic, clinician, and NGO lead. I specialise in workplace mental health research. I have worked in England, Hong Kong and the UAE and also worked in Human Rights. I bring my skills, experience and passion to my counselling practice, working with each person as a unique indiviidual.

Christina Zymvragou

The focus of my training is helping to heal the soul and body. Getting certified in various techniques, for I find it profoundly respectfully to help people through different ways because everyone is unique and needs are different therefore an individualized approach is what I shall provide with mindfulness techniques, coaching, hypnotherapy CBH , CBT, gestalt, art therapy etc. People face difficulties and what they are looking for is a safe place. I am here for you.

Vrinda Garg

I am a counselling psychologist specialising in child and adolescent psychology by using dance movement therapy and play therapy to help children and adolescents deal and solve problems in their lives.

Nancy Al Kayal

I am an Educational and Clinical Psychologist, and a trainer. I have many years of experience in different fields related to mental health and have worked with different population and group ages. In addition, to that, I combine different techniques during the sessions using cognitive exercises, art therapy tools, mindfulness, vizualization, mindfulness, etc that suit different profiles.

Wendy Mahoney

Therapeutic Coach Master Coach Personal development, holistic wellness, and business coaching and consulting services.Skills Certified Master Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP Hypnotherapy Goal Setting Business Strategy Fitness and Weight loss. Wellness Coaching Mentoring.My Coaching strategies are customized to serve each client.

Shireen Dhar

I come from a background of premier institutes of the country and have studied a subject that has given me high observational, analytical, and research skills. I have a Master s degree in Applied Clinical Psychoog and I did my Bachelor s in Psychology hons .

Rebecca Bonanno

I am a licensed clinical social worker with more than 20 years of experience working with children, teens, and adults. I have a post Master s certificate in Child Family Therapy and was a tenured faculty member at a state college for many years. I am a certified trainers in the adult curriculum of Mental Health First Aid.

Vanitha Raj W

I m an aspiring Counselling Psychologist i would create an confidential environment to let out all your emotions and thoughts and address them non judgementally and emphathetically. I have strengthened my skills as Counselling Psychologist for past 1 year which also includes Abuse Counselling, Student Counselling.

Divya Ratan

Hi Ive done my Masters in clinical psychology and have good, reliable experience in the same. I believe that human behaviour is very unique and hence needs to be understood well and I am here for the same, to understand better and provide solutions. My area of expertise include teenage and children counselling, relationship expert and working with mental health issues.

Charles Ukachukwu

An enthusiastic, skilled and well motivated mental health and research assistant with proven track record of safe guarding and promoting the welfare of patients who include children and vulnerable adults. Adept in providing specialist psychological assessments of referred clients based on the appropriate diagnosis, interpretation and integration of complex data from psychologi

Mahima Nagpal

I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards. I am results oriented, constantly checking in with the goal to determine how close or how far away we are and what it will take to make it happen.

Farzana Fathima

Consultant Psychologist over 2 years of extensive experience in assessments, counselling and implementing effective treatment plans for people with various mental health disorders.

Rajat thakur

I work as a physician assistant in New Staten Island California. Has devast experience in assisting people encountering with anxiety, depression, OCD, and bipolar disorders. Has experience providing treatment options including optional medication and therapy option.

Ashka Bhavsar

Hello, I am Ashka Dev Bhavsar Graduate, MBA Qualified in Counselling and Psychology from Harvard, Yale and other institutions Therapist Carkhuff, REBT TA Modules Plus 7 years of experience in Marketing. Worked with Times of India and many more companies. Please go through my website http //

Neha penumatsa

hi my name is dr.Neha i am peridodontist my profession , teaching is my passion. my speciality is i am fast learner and can explain complex topics in a simplified manner. every problem has a solution so if taught with ease everyone can understand

Absy Sam

A counselling psychologist by profession, Absy Sam has had her theoretical training from the University of Brighton in Community Psychology, followed by certifications diploma in Trauma informed Mental Health Care, Child Psychology Relationship Counselling. She specialises in addressing mental health concerns including stress, depression, loneliness,sexual issues, anxiety, relationship problem

Prerana Patil

Hello there I am a professional psychologist with an experience of around 8yrs in the fields of mental health. So far, I have worked with children, adolescents and adults helping them and their families to deal with mental and emtional issues.

Divan Bouwer

Individual counselling, trauma counselling, grief counselling, work performance enhancement, marriage counselling, counselling to facilitate clients to wellbeing in their body, mind and spirit, supporting and assisting during life crises. Specialized counselling support towards life crises and trauma exposure such as natural disasters, accidents and assault.

Fatema Saify

Miss Fatema is a Psychologist and a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist holding Msc in Child and Adolescent Psychology from University of Greenwich, UK and certified in CBT from Beck Institute, USA. She has been working for 4 years Her main area of expertise include career counselling, therapy for anxiety, depression, stress and trauma.

Neha Parab

we talked with people monitoring their emotions and behaviors...try to find out their problem and help them to get solutions. psychological therapy is different from other medical field. we study about emotions and Cognitive behaviors. we are not prescribed medicines.

Dr. Amita

Counselling and Psychotherapy given to all type of psychiatry Patient. I have 20 years working experience as a Clinical Psychologist in India,I have 10 yrs.working experience in Govt. Doon Medical college and hospital at Dehradun,l have 10 yrs. working experience in Private Clinic at Dehradun as a Clinical Psychologist.

Ruchi Srivastava

Ruchi Srivastava I am an RCI registered Psychologist having over 11 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist. I have also acted as a resource person in workshops and seminars at CRC Lucknow and NIPCCD, Regional Centre Lucknow on topics like Depression, Counselling Techniques, Learning Problems in Children. I have also undergone training in DBT NIMHANS, Bangalore. MPhil in Rehabilitation Psyc

Mili M Das

ACT practioner who helps people to live their life by identifying their values, set value based goals to lead a meaningful life thereby improving their psychological flexibility even during the difficult phases of life.

Yamini punj

I am a Psychotherapist, with specialisation in Clinical Hypnothery, Past life regression, Graphologyt and reiki healing. I strongly believe that our thoughts are what we create in our lives and our subconscious plays an important role in that.

Janhavee Mandrekar

An empathic psychologist who specialises in clinical psychology is what I would like to highlight. Sheer dedication towards understanding human behavior on a continuum of health combines my passion. Resilience, self esteem, personality development, relationships, stressors, mental illnesses and mental well being taken care of in a therapy setting we will look forward to holistic well being.

Era Sharma

I am a compassionate person who strongly believes in gratitude. Psychology has helped me deeply to grow as a person and gain confidence in myself which has inspired me to help others with their personal needs by providing a safe and comfortable environment to them. I am dedicated towards my goals and do not leave my commitments incomplete.

Zenisha Shah

School counselor Life skills facilitator CBT practitioner Developmental Psychology mental health worker positive psychology holistic wellness

Arwa Ujjainwala

I specialize in the field of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics. I believe balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle and I am here to help you strike the correct balance of foods and nutrients. No strict diet plans only gradual healthy changes to a healthy you.

Sneha Gulati

I am a Licenced Clinical Psychologist, registered with Rehabilitation Council of India RCI , Government of India. I have been trained in providing counselling and various psychotherapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT , Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy REBT , Emotional Freedom Technique EFT etc to help people of all age groups having different kinds of mental and emotional heal

Shivani Bhaskarwar

I am a mental health counselor, proficient in diagnosing, assessing and providing therapeutic interventions to facilitate emotional well being and improve learning outcomes. I want to help people by spreading kindness and helping them through anything and everything .

Mandira Das

Compassionate listener, empathetic attitude is what lacks in most of us. Sincerity towards any obstacle for overcomibg it is important. I use dialectic method and also i believe in understanding a person before deciding on the approach to go with.

Manisha Soni

Hey, this is Manisha Soni. Your healer and supporter will help you in every case. if you are having issue then you can have complete confidential place, that is , here. if you want to ventilate something or thinking that you are not able to solve any problem in related to your life. freely ask here.

Manasha amar

Through counselling I intend to help address clients concerns, help to come to a greater understanding and learn different personal and interpersonal coping strategies. I am a trained professional who has the desire and willingness to help clients accomplish their individual goals. I m working towards a process that is intended to induce changes in clients life.

Nidhi Shah

I strive to do what is right and want my every step to move in that direction. I like to call myself as a learning feminist, who is constantly learning new things, recognising her own biases, trying to do better, unlearning things and taking it one step at a time.

Dhruv Rawat

My therapeutic approach is Humanistic and the sessions are client centered. I take my profession with utmost sincerity and ensure that the clients get genuine help through the sessions. I use different aspects of different theraputic areas such as CBT, DBTand ACT but eventually the sessions are conducted keeping in mind the client s needs and their socioeconomic background.

Shaili Sonani

I am a Psychologist well versed in breaking down emotional and psychological concerns through lens of established psychology approaches. I apply depth of practical experience and am successful at helping clients unravel physical, mental and emotional layers to identify root causes of problems and develop strong coping skills for diverse scenarios leaving positive impact on client lives.

Dr Vishal Gor

I am willing to give more than 100 for well being of our clients patients , giving proper mixture of medicine and counseling as per the requirement with minimum medicines and maximum results to give cure from roots

Veerabhadram y

hii, iam a consultant psychiatristand having 7 years of post MD experience in dealing wide spectrum of clinical psychiatry cases. my strong points are psychopharmacology, addiction medicine, psychoeducation, general adult psychiatry.

Devashish Palkar

Having suffered from exam related anxiety in my Class 10 exams to taking therapy to deciding to become a Psychiatrist myself my journey has been one of self discovery and I am here to help people understand importance of mental health and the need to seek treatment for it and get back to living a quality life. Being a psychiatrist I have an advantage to treat with both words and medicines.

Dr. Vatsala W Thakur

I have been working in the field of Mental health for the last 20 years dealing with Children, Adults and Elderly.My main focus is on behaviour and lifestyle modification bringing in a holistic development.I provide therapy for Stress,Anxiety,Anger Management, Depression, Loneliness, Adjustment, Relationship, Marital, various Mental health issues,Personality development and Life skills.

Vinit Sanjeev

My clients usually give me feedback regarding my genuineness and empathetic behaviour,i am very good listener,i am quite capable in prescribing medications and then taper off as soon as person feels better

Anisha Shetty

I believe my willingness to contribute to the mental well being of people and apply my art therapy and interpersonal skills , distincts me from others

Shadi Razavian

I work with REBT and CBT , modalities that work very successfully for clients having stress anxiety Bing eating or body image problems. I am also a Self Love Coach as the most important relationship we must cherish is the one with ourselves. working with women and girls who don t see their bodies with pride and love ,not through the eyes of the society or family and peers

Nikshipa Pandit

I have a Master s in Counselling Psychology. I am a CBT and MBCT practioner. I am an Active listner, who likes to provide a non judgmental and safe space for interactions. I believe that therapy is different for everyone as every individual is different and experiences their own set of challenges.

Mahek Ramchandani

I am a clinical psychologist who follows an eclectic approach of therapy assesing the needs of the client first and catering to them individually. I am a compassionate professional which helps me to be there for my client in full potentional and capablities.

Erika Nandwani

Certified Counseling Psychologist Child Psychologist. Caters to all mental, emotional and behavioral issues in all age groups. Has a great hold in family counseling and therapies, relationship counseling, adolescent counseling and more.

Simran Kaur

I am a Psychotherapist, who has worked with clinical and non clinical clients for over a few years. I follow an eclectic approach understand the nuances of crisis handling, while knowing that therapy is a journey which unfolds in a way where the client blossoms and believes in themselves. I am further trained in RE CBT and Transactional Analysis, and follow a Person centred approach.

Akhila chalil

I m interested to focus on client centerd therapies an d cognitive behavioral therapy. focusing on the blind spots of the client by motivating, listening and empathizing. in case of children we can provide more attention enhancement techniques and behavior modification techniques also.

Naina Jha

With a bachelors degree in psychology honors and a masters degree in clinical psychology, I ve successfully gained experience in counselling for anxiety, stress, self esteem, adjustment issues, personal growth and other related concerns. I have dedicatedly worked under clinical settings and also contributed to two NGOs as part of my learning.

Toi Curry

I have worked as a clinician, teacher, supervisor, and researcher conducting psychological, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological assessments, providing individual and group therapy, and working with multidisciplinary teams to develop and implement programs and school based initiatives. I have also worked a great deal in developing effective treatment recommendations and interventions for individuals, families, organizations, and educational institutions.

Yashna Rai

I am an experienced grief and crisis intervention therapist. I ve dealt with a varied range of cases from people who have lost their loved ones to anxiety, depression and panic attacks to relationship issues to marriage counselling.

Insiya Lokhandwala

I have earned my Master s degree in Clinical Psychology with additional experience as a clinical counselor in a rehabilitation center. I have worked with all age groups with a variety of problems. Through my various exposure, I have been able to build an emapthetic approach and quick solution based approach, taking everyone s unique problems into consideration.

dipti khot

Hi, I am Dipti Khot.. a Counselling Psychologist from Mumbai with an experience of 10 years in the field of mental health.. Along with this I am a trained Arts Based Therapy Practitioner and I use evidence based intervention for my clients like CBT and REBT.. I will b happy to help..

Maya Misic

I have 20 years of the professional experience as a counsellor/psychotherapist. I can offer therapy for PTSD, Complex PTSD, DID, moood disordres and any relational issues. I have been trained in various apporaches, like EMDR, IFS, DBT, CBT and Mindfulness, to name a few.You don t have to be alone in this journey of self exploration and personal development. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Pooja Sahni

Through my previous positions in different industries, I have amassed and honed a unique skill set that makes me a well rounded and versatile worker. I am able to tackle issues with a wide perspective and formulate effective problem resolution options. In my jobs I have also had the opportunity to work with and under people with various personality types so I am able to understand and work with d

Swati Ghoshal

As a Cognitive behavioural therapist CBT , Swati facilitates her clients to manage the way they respond to situations by questioning and altering client s perception and habits, increasing their emotional control, and helping them develop personalised coping skills. This empowers individuals to address their issues ranging from stress to relationships and adjustment to academics making her client increasingly independent with every passing therapy session.

Amrita Achrekar

Amrita Achrekar, Clinical Psychologist by profession, practicing Hypnotherapy, NLP, graphology, drawing analysis and Bach Flower Therapist, concisely Mind Body Healer. I work with adolescents and adults helping them with array of emotional issues like relationships, stress anger management, anxiety, depression, phobias etc. I also conduct Learning and development facilitation for above topic

Abena Pokua Oti-Akenteng

Having being in the client position a lot of times because of mental challenged experiences have taught me how well to relate with clients and how best to help hold the heavy bag of problems they carry. I m a very solution focused based helper who focuses on doing what works more and helping to empower my clients to be able to take charge and active part of their own healing processes.

Kratika Gupta

I follow an eclectic approach with my clients which means that we discuss various types of approaches for the situation we are dealing with and we find the way that works for you as a client.I also center the sessions around the client client centered sessions which means that we move forward with the pace that you are comfortable in and work through things. I also prefer to focus on holistic well being of my clients which is their physical, mental, and emotional well being.

Diksha Sarma

I completed my masters in clinical psychology and further pursued MPhil in Psychology. I graduated from Christ University, Bangalore. I work as a Counseling Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Queer Affirmative therapist. I empathise with people on a whole great level which is why I always and is interested in talking and dealing with clients who are/is looking out for help.

Aayushi Saxena

I am a very patient person and an avid listener who is empathetic with people and with what goes around. This is not something that I believe should be merely listed as a skill but something that should be diligently followed but is rarely ever so. When I say that I am non judgmental, I mean every word of it. This is something which I feel should be inculcated in every individual nowadays.

Dr Keith Crownover, PhD

Better than thirty years in medicine and caring for patients, couples and families mental health/Substance use. Worked extensively with those struggling with the most significant challenges to those who are having trouble accepting and living within this new normal since the onset of COVID. Focus has always been adolescence and young adults, however, I have worked with all ages from 13 99

Jahnavi Murali

I am a mental health advocate, and practice psychotherapy with the hope to make the world a kinder and more acceptable place for people to express themselves without any judgement. My expertise is in working with adolescents and adults dealing with anxiety, suicidal ideations, interpersonal and behavioural conflicts, and mpst importantly lending a listening ear.

Swati Sharma

Hi , I am Swati working as Counselling Psychologist. Its been 4 years operating with Kids and different agegroups. Presently operating with Kids autism , Adhd, Learning Difficulties and Behavior issues. Area of Expterise are Cognitive Behavior therapy ,Martial Counselling , Behavioral Modification and Play therapy

Shiny Shrivastava

Shiny is a Counselling Psychologist with distinction in both BA and MA. She also holds a Diploma in Counselling Skills from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She has trained in REBT, CBT and NLP therapy techniques. When providing therapy, she uses an eclectic approach to understand what suits her clients the best.

Devika Deshkar

My name is Devika and I have completed my masters in Counseling Psychology from Montfort College, Bangalore. Haven studied counselling skills, theories and techniques and have got ample experience with individuals from ages of 17 30, I provide a non judgemental, empathetic ad safe space for clients to share their stories

Rahul Verma

I am a great listener and I am trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy. I am an empath more than a psychologist and I have lived experience of being a caregiver to a person with a serious illness

Aneesa Mishal

I am a health and nutrition professional with dedication to making customized diet plans, making illustrations and infographics related to healthy food, andimproving public awareness of healthy eating

Katerina Rebecca Paraskeva

As someone who is highly inquisitive and analytical, I am skilled at developing and implementing methodology, assisting in data collection and analyzing the results of research. I am aware of the dedication and perseverance that is needed to achieve the best results in this field and I believe that my experience will allow me to get it

Ozge Kilic

Experienced on psychological consultancy in various areas such as mental well being, psychotherapy, mindfulness, career consultancy, investment financial well being. Certified on psychological tests.

Cabral Opiyo

Helping people break down how they feel and how to come up with solutions and a healing plan for their problems. I also help people decompress from work place stress, relationship stress.

Zunaira yousaf

A dietitian is an expert in treating disease related malnutrition. The goals of dietitians are to provide medical nutritional intervention and advise on flavorsome, attractive, and nutritious foods.

Andrew Ball

Australian based therapist, qualified Life Coach and ABA and NLP Practitioner with 15 years of professional experience.

Amber riley

I push others to become their ideal self.

Swaha Mitra Basu

I provide support to both individuals and group experiencing emotional difficulties by helping them to identify and work through their issues by talk therapy and/or different modalities of art therapy

Jen wolf

As an LCSW, I have a variety of experience, both within my practice and my personal life. I utilize this and ongoing research to engage with my clients and provide holistic support and guidance.

Priyesh Choudhary

I follow a Holistic approach of Mind, Body and Spirit to reach the root of any issue be it emotional, mental or physical. Most of our issues in life find their roots in our early childhood/lineage.

Unarine Mudau

I provide psychological services including Counselling and psychometric assessments within my scope of practice

aastha sharma

Empathetic Counselling Psychologist known for connecting with the clients and promoting their mental well being. I strive towards maintaining a non judgemental and a safe environment for my clients.

Anastasiya Benatar

I am a Wellness Counsellor with a passion for empowering people and helping them to improve their life and well being. I offer psychological support using a holistic approach to health.

Sare Domanik

I am workaholic and hyperactive. I also have professional skills.

Shubham soni

This is shubham soni counselling psychologist taken degree from Banaras Hindu University. I love my work and being psychologist I am always available for listening you without any judgement.

Roopali Shrivastava

Roopali Shrivastava has Done her Master s in counselling Psychology from Banasthali University, Rajasthan. She is a certified Psychotherapist and holds license in various Psychological therapies.

Eugene chong

To provide evidence based psychological interventions for clients to experience holistic healing

Maria Bashir

Because i have that much expertise of dealing with children with ADHD, autism speech and language delay. I know how to cope up with situation when child throw tentrum or when their anexity level increase meltdown . Also i can help children with special needs that have various sensory problems. Various therapies are planned in such way that can help them to overcome their sensory problems.

Shivika Dutt

Dr. Shivika Dutt is currently working at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies as Assis tant Professor. A keen academic and research professional with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, she received a scholarship for two consecutive years. She has 6 years of enriching experience in the education sector including teaching in various disciplines, e.g., Clinical Behavioral Psychology, CBT.

Mueni Nzoka Wambua

I am a Grief Therapist and an Authenticity Coach. I help people uncover, recover and discover their authentic selves that may have been distorted by unprocessed grief in their life experiences. I do this for groups and individuals by creating safe spaces where healing conversations can be held.

Deepak Bhatia

Deepak Bhatia is Consultant Counselling Psychologist having a master s degree in Counselling Psychology, a Master in Human Resource Management along with Certificate in Guidance Post Graduate Diploma in Vocational Guidance Career Counseling. He is an experienced hand in the fields of counseling Psychology Guidance for specific populations including domains of Career Counseling Psychotherapy.

Kehelingle Ramlia

I am a mental health professional having over five years of experience. My work is largely influenced by perception reframing, trauma informed care, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and intentionality.

Moin Khan

An open minded approach in therapy session with the singular view to help the client maintaining highest degree of professionalism and ethics so that people may sustain, develop and thrive at the things they do

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