Alejandro Filippin

Material scientist with experience in academia and industry doing R D in the fields of thin films and Li ion battery materials and coatings. Moreover, I am among the few people who has experience on PVD methods such as thermal evaporation, e beam evaporation, Remote Plasma Assisted Vapor Deposition RPAVD and Reactive Magnetron sputtering. Moreover, I also worked on Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition PECVD and temporal and spatial Atomic Layer Deposition ALD .

Anthony Nielsen

I come with 15 years of experience including 6 years of research and development with Chevron. After going on to receive my Chemical Engineering MS, I shortly started my chemical consulting career. I have worked across various different industries like aerospace, polymers, nanoparticles, coatings, consumer products, and cannabis. The diversity is what sets me apart from other professionals.

Daniel Attinger

Consulting activities are in bloodstain pattern analysis, heat transfer and fluid dynamics. My unique know how is based on 20 years of faculty level work in research heavy universities, where I led Government funded research projects, evaluated peers in Government panels, developed educational curricula for graduate and undergraduate students, and produced 100 peer reviewed publications.

Flor Alvarez Mitre

I am a Scientist in physical chemistry holding over 13 years of experience in structuration of soft materials with emphasis in lipophilic and amphipathic systems. I have a high expertise in formulation, crystal design, development of analytical methods and stabilization of colloidal products involving oils and fats. I have been a Scientific consultant since 2016 for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and

Aparna Gunda

A scientist who could offer expert advice in biomarker discovery, product development using artificial intelligence based approaches, validation of products in the appropriate clinical trials using relevant statitical approachesin the field of oncology. Also could offer services on indepth technical knowledge on technical platforms like immunohistochemistry, Q PCR, antibody development.

Gautam Kumar Baboo

A recent graduate with a PhD in cognitive Neuroscience. With a Bachelors in engineering specializing in Biotechnology. Further have gained close to a year of industry experience from Biocon India. During the course of my research I have designed pipelines for early detection and management of Alzheimer s disease and its comorbidities with the help of neuroimaging modalities. Plus teaching 5Yrs

Roya Saab

A skilled, business growth driven specialist with capacity, adequate skillet, and continued success in work within food microbiology and research. Highly energetic and devoted executive with pride and expertise in implementing excellent strategy and managerial skills in order to achieve the goals of the highest standards and profitability. Demonstrated ability to fulfill all achievable goals under

Thomas Mancuso

I have my MS degree in geology and have experience in all facets of mineral resource project exploration, development and operations. I have also started new private companies, loaded them with natural resource project assets and taken them public to raise money for development/operations. I worked directly in the mines for many years and have been CEO, VP, Board Member, Mine Superintendent and Chief Geologist.

Rishikesh Kushwaha


Dhanesh Solanki

More than 10 years of rich experience in Data Science with implementation of different critical business use case into product with knowledge of network graphs under Different Machine Learning Algorithm with help of Pattern Recognition and Data Mining. Implemented Markov Chain Probabilities graphs in many use case problems under NLP and Image Processing too.

Syed Ziauddin Razvi

Finance Expert in Accounting, Fund raising, Carbon Credit, Financial Restructuring, Investments, Cryptos, Blockchain etc. Over 15 years of relevant experience in areas of Banking, Real Estate, Holding to name a few

Patricia Eichler

My level of expertise is one of that small percentage who have risen to the very top of the field of endeavor. I have sustained international acclaim and my achievements have been recognized in the field of Biological Oceanography, Micropaleontology, environmental sciences but not limited to it.

Tasawar Hussain

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Urenwoke Amarachi

I am diverse and pay distinct attention yo details and assumptions are not acceptable to me unless with facts well proven after thorough research and analysis. I believe in also learning on the while also impacting others. No knowledge is a waste is a keyword or motor for me


Me working in Environment Field since many years and having great experiance in waste management, climate change sustainability, Environmental Pollution, Water treatment, Compliance Management, Water Treatment Etc.

Herbert Nyirenda

Mr. Nyirenda is well experienced in the field of Natural Resources Management, Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigations. In addition, he has extensive experience in Project Management and Monitoring, Community Livelihood and Resilience, and Water Sanitation and Hygiene WASH . Further, application of GIS Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing

Abeer Idrees

I was a former trainee at king Abdullah university hospital, member at genetics and bioinformatics association , volunteer in cooperation with Jordanian ministry of health, and I have worked on my a research project,still under study entitled Isolation,Identification,and Characterization of Staphylococcus Aureusfrom handles shopping carts in Jordan

Ifewunmi Ajao

I am an environmental manager and a consultant in environmental health with years of professional experience in environment, health and safety.

Latif ullah Khattak

I am medical research scientist, consultant Nutritionist and public health specialist. I have 12 years experience in medical research, nutrition and public health. Multiple publications and worked on diverse positions as Research coordinator in international organizations.

Kevin Mendonca

I am a life science entrepreneur and scientific advisor with a masters in Microbiology from India, Ph.D. in Medical Biotech fom Europe, two post doctoral felloships, one in Europe and the other at Hraverd Medical School, USA, with about 15 years of research experience in infectious diseases.

Marie Paule KAREKEZI

I am a production manager in food industry, a dietetic by heart. Am my daughter s mother. I feed her with noutritious, healthy and balanced diet. I like very much the kitchen. Food Products processing is my passion. Am really desapointed when seeing people suffering from malnutrition.

Raneem Sawaftah

Evaluate genetic information to identify patients or families at risk for specific genetic disorders Write detailed consultation reports to provide information on complex genetic concepts for patients or referring physicians

Bihan Wang

My advantage is my international work experience in three continents Asia, North America, and Europe . In addition, I have management ability of handling multiple projects in parallel, as well as experiences of communicating with international people in both daily work and formal presentations, and experience of training new members in the lab.

Madhuri Digmurti

Scientific acumen, Leadership and Management the rare skillset combination I have acquired and nurtured in my decade long career stint. I have an innate ability to think out of the box and focus on solutions rather than the problem.

Maria Alejandra Faria

My skills, education and passion are specially strong when working with local communities, stakeholders and environmental issues or challenges. My experience as Sustainable Development Project Manager for the past 22 years, between the Caribbean, Asia, America, Europe and the Indian Ocean, as well as my skills, passion for my career and my formal education make me an extremely valuable choice .

Saeed Ullah

I have studied each and every topic with details from very classified and professional teachers and that d why I think I can teach by new ways and wish to brought revolution in art of teaching that s the difference I think I have

Wahid Zaman

I always prefer updated knowledge. Every filed that we choose to work in, needs full enthusiasm. Thus my services are very much different from in that, that I always do practicals in my teaching. I believe that short cuts are not fruitful to any of the field in which we intend to excell our knowledge. However, hard work and compassion are the fuels for enhancing our capabilities. Thus gaining exp

Mirjeta deda

I have experience in Environmental Field, i used to work for govermental and international projects on different topics.Regarding my working experience has been in different fields as translation.interpretation, including translating documents , finances, procurement, personnel,administrative and environmental issues.Finaly, talking about my personality, friends would describe me communicative.

Shrutika Wadgaonkar

I have completed Ph.D. in environmental technology from UNESCO IHE, Delft, the Netherlands under the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Program. My research was in the field of bioremediation of contaminated soil and industrial wastewater. I have published 1 review, 1 book chapter and 5 reseach papers in peer reviewed journals. I am well versed in microbiology and analytical techniques.

Yusuf Azhar

An ardent postgraduate who is persevering in the world of scientific research that focuses on the complex nature of cancer biology. Adaptability in various lab environments/tasks and willingness to acutely understand scientific complications in the field fuels my desire to stride forward.

Abhishek Pandey

Though I am working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics, U. P. autonomous College, Varanasi but While doing PhD work I came to realize that Data analysis and Analytics is very nice job. As it provides many exciting situation to analye and visualize the situation. In India we can get many varities of data and situation in which Statician can be very handy.

Roberto Hernandez

I m an individual involves in the Material Science field, with a lot of experience in areas like R D for new materials, nanoparticles synthesis and applications in several areas, Electrochemistry, Lithium Batteries, Corrosion and the use of several analytical techniques and experimental setups for the mentioned areas. I have been involved in the academic and industrial area for more than 9 years

Harsh kishore

I am a working as a Senior Research Officer in clinical research field at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. I regularly work with highly skilled doctors and professors in respective fields of gastroenterology and hepatology.


My ability to observe, daring, perseverance and imagination have always brought me to the fore. Of course, imagination is important, but I can easily say that my daring helps me to use my imagination much more accurately and beneficially. If I start a business, it ends as it should and no one doubts its originality.

Ramesh kumar Krishnan

I m a postdoctoral candidate at Ben Gurion University. My doctoral dissertation involves the field of Drosophila fruit fly genetics. I have a strong research background with expertise in cell and molecular biology and developmental genetics. I m an experienced research fellow with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry and academic institutions.

Rishi kumar

I currently work on wildlife related research and monitoring. It involves data collection on both wildlife and marginal communities for devising strategy to ensure survival of wildlife and communities together. My work involve lot of data analysis, team management, community engagement etc. One of the major aspect of this work is Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation with Forest Departments and various stakeholders. I am also one of the author of various HWCM guidelines prepared by GIZ MOEFCC

Natália Santos

My name is Natalia. I am Brazilian and have been working in the chemistry area for years. Already work in several areas within chemistry such as cleaning products industry, environmental laboratories and food industry.

Silvina Bustos

Good communication and comprehension with people from other field. I m objectivity and good working with deadlines, respecting norms.I try to get new things, exploring possibilites in order to create more impact.

Lucas Mello

I m proactive, organized, like to word groups and develop idea importants for to increase employe. Estrategic vision of the market, in order to obtain improvements in the field of research to be developed.

Jay Dave

Analytical chemist, QC/QA/R D, Fmcg, food, dairy, chemical, Chemistry, Documentation, science, It, Hplc, GC, spectrophotometric methods, Dairy technology, Food Chemistry, Scientific Advisor, ETP, waste, Hazard Analysis

Elizabeth Fugate

I have a vast amount of materials chemistry and analytical chemistry experience. From my PhD research, I spent a long time in the area of catalysis and photocatalysis of first row transition metal oxides. I also have a lot of experience utilizing various analytical techniques as well as clean row experience with physical vapor deposition. I also have experience wiht plasmonic nano structures.

Martin Poirier

Canadian scientist with a passion for applied research that can lead to innovations in health, fitness, and wellness around the world. I am currently developing physical standards for law enforcement agencies as well as a business to provide access, direction, and support to the asipiring athletic community through a full range of foundational tools and resources.

Rabih Ajib

I am a vastly experienced, results driven and vigorous senior Physicist with a hybrid experience between academia and corporate R D.

Surbhi Du

I am a material scientist who has taken products from the lab to production and generated revenue for one of the largest science companies. I have a strong intellectual property portfolio. I thoroughly enjoy working and learning from people, from all over the world.

Chrisanna Coelho

Excellent knowledge of Microbiology assays Neutral Red Uptake Assay and Bacterial Mutagenicity Assay

Paolo Benigni

Highly analytical mindset with careful attention to detail.

Emmanuel Teye

Experienced biomedical scientist, drug and biomarker development subject matter expert and people leader with excellent technical writing and interpersonal skills

Nagaraju Moram

Expert in retail sales,Softskills, customer service, behavioral and leadership training

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