Supriya Mana

13 years of experience as an Assistant Professor, working on over 30 projects related to pre clinical toxicological screening, as well as serving as a pharmacologist at Emami Ltd, where my primary responsibility is to deal with product safety and efficacy.

Abhishek Pandey

Though I am working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics, U. P. autonomous College, Varanasi but While doing PhD work I came to realize that Data analysis and Analytics is very nice job. As it provides many exciting situation to analye and visualize the situation. In India we can get many varities of data and situation in which Statician can be very handy.

Madhuri Digmurti

Scientific acumen, Leadership and Management the rare skillset combination I have acquired and nurtured in my decade long career stint. I have an innate ability to think out of the box and focus on solutions rather than the problem.

Roberto Hernandez

I m an individual involves in the Material Science field, with a lot of experience in areas like R D for new materials, nanoparticles synthesis and applications in several areas, Electrochemistry, Lithium Batteries, Corrosion and the use of several analytical techniques and experimental setups for the mentioned areas. I have been involved in the academic and industrial area for more than 9 years

Harsh kishore

I am a working as a Senior Research Officer in clinical research field at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. I regularly work with highly skilled doctors and professors in respective fields of gastroenterology and hepatology.


My ability to observe, daring, perseverance and imagination have always brought me to the fore. Of course, imagination is important, but I can easily say that my daring helps me to use my imagination much more accurately and beneficially. If I start a business, it ends as it should and no one doubts its originality.

Ramesh kumar Krishnan

I m a postdoctoral candidate at Ben Gurion University. My doctoral dissertation involves the field of Drosophila fruit fly genetics. I have a strong research background with expertise in cell and molecular biology and developmental genetics. I m an experienced research fellow with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry and academic institutions.

Manuel Umberto Romeo

Italian Marine Biologist with 7 years experience in the Middle east. I have been working with aquatic animals, corals and aquariums now handling a coral farm doing experiement and studies on them. I am a PMP qualified Project Manager and I used to collabrate in open public aquariums and private aquariums in the region.

Vibhuti Mishra

I am a scientist with more than 10 years of experience in research. My major subject areas are Biochemistry and Industrial Biotechnology. I have published 8 research papers on different topics that include toxicology, clinical biochemistry and microbial biotechnology. My research experience includes both academics and industry. I also have 4 years of experience in quality control.

Rishi kumar

I currently work on wildlife related research and monitoring. It involves data collection on both wildlife and marginal communities for devising strategy to ensure survival of wildlife and communities together. My work involve lot of data analysis, team management, community engagement etc. One of the major aspect of this work is Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation with Forest Departments and various stakeholders. I am also one of the author of various HWCM guidelines prepared by GIZ MOEFCC

Natália Santos

My name is Natalia. I am Brazilian and have been working in the chemistry area for years. Already work in several areas within chemistry such as cleaning products industry, environmental laboratories and food industry.

Silvina Bustos

Good communication and comprehension with people from other field. I m objectivity and good working with deadlines, respecting norms.I try to get new things, exploring possibilites in order to create more impact.

Lucas Mello

I m proactive, organized, like to word groups and develop idea importants for to increase employe. Estrategic vision of the market, in order to obtain improvements in the field of research to be developed.

Jay Dave

Analytical chemist, QC/QA/R D, Fmcg, food, dairy, chemical, Chemistry, Documentation, science, It, Hplc, GC, spectrophotometric methods, Dairy technology, Food Chemistry, Scientific Advisor, ETP, waste, Hazard Analysis

Elizabeth Fugate

I have a vast amount of materials chemistry and analytical chemistry experience. From my PhD research, I spent a long time in the area of catalysis and photocatalysis of first row transition metal oxides. I also have a lot of experience utilizing various analytical techniques as well as clean row experience with physical vapor deposition. I also have experience wiht plasmonic nano structures.

Martin Poirier

Canadian scientist with a passion for applied research that can lead to innovations in health, fitness, and wellness around the world. I am currently developing physical standards for law enforcement agencies as well as a business to provide access, direction, and support to the asipiring athletic community through a full range of foundational tools and resources.

Rabih Ajib

I am a vastly experienced, results driven and vigorous senior Physicist with a hybrid experience between academia and corporate R D.

Surbhi Du

I am a material scientist who has taken products from the lab to production and generated revenue for one of the largest science companies. I have a strong intellectual property portfolio. I thoroughly enjoy working and learning from people, from all over the world.

Hassan khalid


Chrisanna Coelho

Excellent knowledge of Microbiology assays Neutral Red Uptake Assay and Bacterial Mutagenicity Assay

Paolo Benigni

Highly analytical mindset with careful attention to detail.

Emmanuel Teye

Experienced biomedical scientist, drug and biomarker development subject matter expert and people leader with excellent technical writing and interpersonal skills

Nagaraju Moram

Expert in retail sales,Softskills, customer service, behavioral and leadership training

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