Abhishek Singh

Global Indian and also founder of Headstrt. I am here to learn from as many talented and empathetic people as I can. Humans best learn from each other s experiences and I am always available for a session to help you out in regards to any of the Insights I have published.

Sarah McKee

aka Sair using Social Science data, research and theory to guide marketing tactics that influence persuade online conversions. Digital Psychology is a user first approach that drives the front end design and the user experience, for example. User

Mqondisi Mathuthu

l have been in the property industry for 5 years and am keen to share and help on that respect. For rental management, property sales, and property development l am able to assist with those hightlighted

Udit Khanna

Co Founder CEO Root Bridges Specialist in Ecommerce, Retail, Growth Hacking, Bootstrapping, Fundraising Startup Strategy Ex Investment Banker CFA Charterholder All 3 Levels Boston Unviersity LSE

Kimberley Cunningham

Demonstrated history of success within fundraising, strategic growth, membership, and with external opinion leaders. Have worked with large, intl nonprofits and small, kitchen table groups. I build momentum.

Ilakkiya Jeyaseelan

Our story starts with a simple dream of creating a platform where businesses can get customised digital solutions. We can help you with web design, marketing, content creation, social media management, virtual assistant, SMO and anything and everything that a business needs in this digital era. Starting from our first conversation to the final day of delivery, we listen to what the client has to

Swapnil kapil

Founder of SAAHASH PROJECTS. Saahash is Study and Analysis of Human Anthologies for Social Happiness which transform passion into the profession. Working on two subjects The Future of Education and The Future of Politics we encountered and design various projects on Media, Education, Cafes and Politics. We are most courageous people to bring change. We are here to create HAPPINESS.

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