An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The process of setting up a business is known as entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures.

Abhishek Singh

Global Indian and also founder of Headstrt. I am here to learn from as many talented and empathetic people as I can. Humans best learn from each other s experiences and I am always available for a session to help you out in regards to any of the Insights I have published.

Head of Content, Growth and Product. With 15 years of experience in GCC and APAC regions of heading teams of some of the largest media networks in the region. I have also been consulting with various startups globally

Jami Nash

I come from a horticultural backround with anthropology as the foundation, I am passionate to create a sustainable model centred around training and skills development within the EEE sector, we have been servicing the industry for 15 years and feel that we know what would be required for any individual or startup that is wanting to reach the milestones compliantly and find the sustainability.

Dori Bon

Speciality Blender of 25 B pest controls and chitosan adjuvants We also blend products that clean soils restore benifical living soils Products for cleaning algea out of the gulf and oceans

Linda Muchuchuti

I do not offer readily made diet plans because I believe that individuals are different in their preferences and metabolism. My goal is to offer sustainable lifestyle changes that clients can still enjoy on their healthy weight management journey. I am a strong advocate against FAD diets as i find most of them to work in the short term but are not sustainable.

Mehedi hasan

i am mehedi hasan , i am from bangladesh , i am a biotechnologist.hire me , i want to work online.. i have four year work experience in research related works.i want to become a trainer ..............

Federico Granci

Sono specializzato in Ricerca Keyword e Localizzazione con tutte le loro declinazioni SEO e SEM dalla creazione di un piano editoriale all ottimizzazione dei tag e dei copy fino all utilizzo delle migliori keyword per le ADS

Sejjal M

Having worked for more than 5 industries 4 markets, I have started my own company to let owners know the recent strategies to grow their business and what platforms shuold they opt for in terms of Digital Marketing.

Vinod Sridhar

We at Sense n Sell, provide end to end solution for you to Create the Sales process and Sales cycle. And also to Set up, Train, make the Sales professionals fit for your company. Helping people to become a successful and happy salesmen

Sridhar Karra

MBA in International Marketing MBA in Global Strategic Management Gained expertise in managing all phases of Sales Development Cycles, from Prospecting, Detailed Presentations Negotiation to Closing following up activities. Possesses a solid understanding of a diverse range of Business Management Activities including Market Analysis, Sales Marketing Operations Team Building. Holds th

Teleki Tibor Csongor

These past years I ve gained a lot of experience as a broker to reach a level where i can satisy all the needs and demands of my clients. I am working hard to make sure that I can offer you the best solution for every problem you may have or to answer all your questions regarding the insurance field.

Sandip Das

Entrepreneur and Analytics Professional with 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing Products and Services , Direct Marketing Campaign Design and Measurement, Marketing Analytics, Project Management, Business Solutions, Business Development, Client Engagement, Niche Talent Acquisition and Development.

Sai Raja Avinash K

I m Avinash, a young Entrepreneur with a founding scaling a startup from 0 10 and a professional with branding, sales, lead generation, growth, customer acquisition, marketing, retention and product strategies. I always think like a customer which helped me to prove that all my strategies are true and shown significant amount of growth within the time for which I served.

Omar Ard

Started up 6 different companies from ground up. Learning curve,failed in a couple and rose to learn from mistakes.Willing to share my experiences with the community to help grow and sustain profits along the way

Devangana Mishra

I run my own Y combinator program for kids on the spectrum of autism to push them to giftedness, I also lead Asia Community building for a global procurement firm and strategically advise a good company. I ve recently published my debut book of poetry, Desierto Florido.

Immanuel Joseph

Personal Experience, hands on knowledge, 10 years of experience

Isha singh

I am a highly enthusiastic and a passionate professional. I learn from my experience and hence in a very short span of age I was able to start a business of my own. I am here to teach but to share my experiences and learnings which could further help others.

Mugdha Y K

I can help you build a fulfilling career by gaining clarity, capability and confidence to 3x your productivity and make your time count I am Mugdha, a productivity trainer coach, an independent management consultant and the founder of Timekeepers Consultants. For 7 years, I m part of the work from anywhere community that allows me to experience flexibility and financial freedom.

Rodrigo Alonso Vazquez Hernandez

I m focused on both developing strategies to make teams become more effective in communication skills and team building strategies to increase teams integration. I m also focused on help team leaders to deal with situations that may put in risk the team s relationship.

Sarah McKee

aka Sair using Social Science data, research and theory to guide marketing tactics that influence persuade online conversions. Digital Psychology is a user first approach that drives the front end design and the user experience, for example. User

Mqondisi Mathuthu

l have been in the property industry for 5 years and am keen to share and help on that respect. For rental management, property sales, and property development l am able to assist with those hightlighted

Udit Khanna

Co Founder CEO Root Bridges Specialist in Ecommerce, Retail, Growth Hacking, Bootstrapping, Fundraising Startup Strategy Ex Investment Banker CFA Charterholder All 3 Levels Boston Unviersity LSE

Kimberley Cunningham

Demonstrated history of success within fundraising, strategic growth, membership, and with external opinion leaders. Have worked with large, intl nonprofits and small, kitchen table groups. I build momentum.

Ilakkiya Jeyaseelan

Our story starts with a simple dream of creating a platform where businesses can get customised digital solutions. We can help you with web design, marketing, content creation, social media management, virtual assistant, SMO and anything and everything that a business needs in this digital era. Starting from our first conversation to the final day of delivery, we listen to what the client has to

Mohammed Rifai

professional in sales and marketing management and more

Swapnil kapil

Founder of SAAHASH PROJECTS. Saahash is Study and Analysis of Human Anthologies for Social Happiness which transform passion into the profession. Working on two subjects The Future of Education and The Future of Politics we encountered and design various projects on Media, Education, Cafes and Politics. We are most courageous people to bring change. We are here to create HAPPINESS.

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