Dr Bindu R

Hi, I am Dr Bindu. I am a Criminologist by profession and very passionate about teaching and research and have over 15 years of experience in the fields of Criminology and Psychology,. I am also a Cambridge Assessment Specialist for Psychology. I can be approached for teaching and research guidance and life coaching as I am also a certified coach and NLP practitioner.

Gaathier Mahed

I have worked across multiple sectors and various Resources on many aspects of sustainability. This has included consulting, tech startup, Education and even training for corporates. Furthermore I have seved across multiple Boards in order o advise companies.

Sayanika Mitra

I did MSc in Physics from Calcutta University 2019 , I did project internship from SAHA INSTITUTE OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS. Currently doing Ph.D. in Materials science centre IIT KHARAGPUR 2ND YEAR . I am from Kolkata,West Bengal

Anjana Singh

I am pursuing Doctor of Philosophy from Jawaharlal Nehru Univeristy, prior to that i have also completed my M Phil and MA from JNU itseld. I have done my Graduation from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra. I have published three papers and two chapters in Edited volumes.

Pooja dembani

I m a market researcher with an year of experience. Having IT skills. Being able to think visually. Having interpersonal skills. Being detail oriented. Having problem solving skills. Being proactive. Having good written and verbal communication skills. Being persistent and patient. Having advanced analytical skills. Being able to develop original research agendas.

Dr. Arpita Sharma

I am an integrated educationist researcher with over 12 years of experience in teaching, research administration in the area of Biotechnology, Microbiology and Agriculture. I have over 25 Research Papers published in various NAAS rated UGC journals. I have over 12 years of experience in various government universities and colleges. I am an effective communicator and have earned praise from post graduate and undergraduate students for my ability to explain complex ideas in a simple fashion

Research, produce, edit and deliver in a timely manner all required qualitative and quantitative data under tight deadlines. Develop scientific communication materials presentations, medical reports . Strong statistical skills. flexibility and quickly adopting for all kind of situations.


i am assistant professor by the profession and also enthuaistic researcher i am unique in the way that i can teach and can give practical exposure for the research. i am sharp minded and problem solving person.

Vinit kakkar

I Have done PhD in theoretical Plasma Physics. Having 5 years of research experience and 5 years of teaching experience as a Physics facilitator. At presenr, Teach Physics to high school students and do career counselling as well.

Dr.Nupur Pandey

I have done PhD on the topic of Analytical study of opportunities and challenges of health insurance in Uttar Pradesh from Department of Commerce, University of Lucknow.I have also cleared NET exam in 2015.A life time members of Indian Commerce Association.

Alka Maurya

Alumni of Indian institute of Foreign Trade, india. Expert in the area of international business. Have worked with Trade Promotion Bodies in India. Currently teaching subjects in the area of international business to MBA students

Ravi Agarwal

I am an IITian By education and teaching from last 4 years out of passion. I love to deliver concepts in a way that ensures that students never let go of them. My methodology, exprience and passions makes me a well qualified teacher. Looking forward to see you soon in my class.


Preparing lessons, leading class lectures, presenting research papers and conducting both independent and peer based research papers are just a few of the areas in which I excel. By teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds and learning styles I will hone my communication and creativity skills, enabling me to heighten student interest, participation, and motivation. Additionally, I have d

Goutam Aryabhusan

I am a solution focused Development Professional with over 19 years of experience within Humanitarian Response programs including Child centered Disaster Risk Reduction CCDRR , Community based Disaster Risk Reduction CBDRR , Urban Sanitation, Climate Change Adaptation, Child Protection, Policy advocacy, program development etc. I am result oriented multi tasker to handle simultaneous h

Minerva Das

Minerva Das is a Project Management Professional and a researcher with in depth knowledge in Strategic Management, Business Management, Organization Behaviour, and Leadership. She is a very detail oriented professional with 6 years of middle and senior level management experience. She has an impeccable record of 7 years of teaching and research activities too.She is a regular guest speaker at vari

Elijah Goodrich

Financial Markets Analytics and Business Operational Management. Financial Markets Analytics includes Econometrics, Quantitative Financials Stocks, Bonds, Foreign Exchange, Statistics. Financial Engineering, Algorithmic Trading, Quantum Finance, Portfolio Trading, Business Environmental Volatility, Black Scholes Assumptions Delta Hedging, and Stock Market Sentiment and Narrative Analysis.


Mr. DilipKumar Jang Bahadur graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Watumull Institute Of Electronic Engineering And Computer Technology , Mumbai University, Mumbai in 2004 and did Master s degree with specialization in Computer Science and Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University, formerly University of Pune in 2014. Presently working as Assistant Professor Departm

Lakshmi Gopakumar

I am interested to learn new things and has 11 years expertise in various fields of Environmental Research. I have exerience working in teaching research institutes like Indian Institute of Science and FAO, United Nations. I have UGC NET,JRF and publications international journals/ books I was also the lead author of one of the Chapters in Handbook of Soil pollution, United Nations.

sneha khadse

I am a microbiologist and Research Scholar. I have knowledge of covid testing, water testing, research on water, writing research papers, review papers. I am motivational person. I have computer also like power point , excel, ms word, ppt making etc.

Rashmi Srinivasaiah

I have both teaching and research experience with strong academic acumen. Experienced Industrial Engineer, researcher, and consultant with a strong background in process improvement, lean techniques, six sigma, and analytical and problem solving skills. 16 years of academic and research experience includes analytical problem solving, lean and six sigma methodology, design and execution of survey

Parinita Tripathy

CELTA and IELTS certified English teacher skilled in teaching English as a Second language ESL , Communication Skills, Training and Development, Soft Skills, Cross cultural Communication,Lesson Planning, Phonetics and Grammar. A strong education professional with an M.PHIL and Master s degree In English Literature. She has 7 years of experience in teaching/training adults.

Rasika R

I am a researcher who develops on Zebrafish humanized animal model. I have immense love for plants and animals, I hold Master of Philosophy in Plant biology and biotechnology. I want to be the change I wish to see in this world.

Dr Lakshmi K Nair


massimiliano scarnĂ 

In my teaching experiences I interacted with teachers and students very different from one another in terms of culture, age, education and goals. This gave me a practical approach to teach economic/legal subjects, based on clear presentations, keywords, structures, definitions, empathy and interpersonal relationships.

Shashav Sharma

I am M.Sc. Graduated chemist. The relaxing part for me during all my academic year was, whenever I got the chance to spend my time in the lab and explicating my curiosity with the analytical equipment. I am an expert when it comes to chemistry and chemical process. At present associated with the industrial R D group.

Ayodeji soyombo

Completion of projects in a timely manner, Vast knowledge base, Experience in both academic and industry research, Computer and IT savvy, several published works in reputable international journals, Research experience in education, insurance, finance, capital market and other sectors.

Samar Habib

With 15 years of experience, I am a research director focused on making an impact on mission focused organizations across technology, education, and non profit sectors. With elite knowledge of research frameworks and methodology, I bring a unique skill set which has equipped me to bridge the gap between academia and organizations to inform data driven decision making and develop solutions.

Suleman Ghaffar

Elevate your thoughts that assist in developing a connection between mind and heart to feel the aura of work

Nwosu Obinnaya Chikezie Victor

Doctoral Researcher Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science E mail 220117941 student.uj.ac.za Website www.uj.ac.za Campus Auckland Park Kingsway Campus

archak majumder

content developer

Lalit Pal

I am Lalit Pal, currently working as an researcher at National institute of immunology New Delhi. My most of reseach work is related to Immunology, tuberculosis, AIDS and Cancer.

Christian Claudel

10 year experience in advising scientific and engineering projects in academic, business, engineering competitions and startup settings

Shahzad Khawaja

ICertNEBOSH, EnvDipNEBOSH,IDipNEBOSH, IDipOSH, CMgr, CSM, PGDBM,DBA, BA, MBA, MSc Ph.D holder. OSHAD Grade A , Fellow of IIRSM,. HCT Westford College University Professor.

Subhash Bhore

Subhash is a researcher, educator, and biorisk management professional with 21 years of progressive working experience, 13 years in the academic setting and over eight years in the biotech industry.

Monika Dargis

I am a clinical psychologist PhD with extensive research experience, a committment to utilizing and disseminating evidence based practices, and experience working with mental health technology innovations.


I am a young enthusiastic Professor with vast experience of teaching Economics and other Finance related topics for more than 20 years. My educational qualification includes NET Commerce , M. A. Economics from Mumbai University, M. Com Management from Mumbai University and CFP Certified Financial PlannerCM .

Preeti Bhardwaj

I believe, being an educator is not about telling the answer, it s about showing the way through which the student becomes capable of finding their own methods and ways. It s not limited to knowing facts and reiterating them in front of a class, it s igniting the flame of curiosity in the student s heart.

Jeff Bush

A PhD qualified Education Manager, Lecturer and Consultant. Highly experienced in teaching, training designing curricula for a range of subjects and levels. A proficient linguist with some fluency in the French language. Skilful writer presenter with the ability to write copy that is well researched, clear effectively matched to target audience.

Dr Subhrendu Guha Neogi

I am CCNA Trainer, Reseracher in the field of Cyber Security, Professor and Trainer in the domain of Cyber Security, completed projects in the area of IoT implementation in Smart City and Cyber Security domain, Penertration Tester

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