Anushri B

I am an enthusiastic and committed individual with a broad knowledge of nutrition and food science. I have worked in food and nutrition based corporate firms for the past 10 years and continue to do so to bring a positive change that benefit people s health/nutrition and at the same time achieve organisation s objectives. I have experience working with a wide set of client audience and envir

Neha Aggarwal

I m a certified diabetes educator with 10 years experience in building Digital health care platforms, counselling patients and being a business owner. I m different as I m technofunctional knows how to build, grow any healthcare related platforms

Lara Zgheib

I am a dietitian with more than 15 years of experience in the dietetic field I believe each person has its own needs and a diet should be adapted to each individual taking into consideration the lifestyle and the preferences. There is a lot of kind of diets but not every diet suits everyone Have a unique diet with me

Panchali Saikia

This is Dt.Panchali Saikia from Assam . Living in this profession since from last 1.5 years . Handled more than 50 clients till date .Served service to various body disorders paitents I believe in creating a healthy lifestyle within people . So join me to stay fit and healthy. Eat right stay light . Signing off Dt.Panchali Saikia

Nabila Rehman

Experienced Nutrition Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in customising diet for weight management and lifestyle corrections. Certified as a Diabetes Educator for NDEP. Specialisations in Health Wellness, Food Allergies and Clinical diets. Providing Strong healthcare services, professional with a Bachelor s degree in Nutrition.

Lin Min Oo

I am Dr.Linn currently practising as a nutrition specialist specialized in non communicable diseases such as cancer, DM, metabolic syndrome, obesity and weight loss for achieving targeted nutrition therapy goals and diet control.

Umme Habiba Tanny

This profession is a noble profession. Because by this profession we can serve people. There are many types of people who are suffer from nutritional problem, obesity, diabetics etc. We help them and suggest them how to they lead a happy life only skip some medicine rather than the use of good food.

Shashya Diyapaththugama

A practising, freelance dietitian/nutritionist from Sri Lanka with Bachelors honors in Food Science and Nutrition, and experience as a clinical dietitian. An academic in a Sri Lankan state university. A researcher.

Marielle Mansour

An expert Dietitian and Nutritionist, seen over THOUSANDS of clients, appears on the National TV Radio and has contributed hundreds of articles to NewspapersA highly organized, professional and self motivated dietitian and nutritionist with a great passion and dedication for nutrition. Over 13 years of clinical, community, public health and academic experience.

Yash Bharucha

Being a dietician, I am helping people to making them a healthier and happier. I am providing free workout sessions on Zoom application and provide healthy nutrition to my client for their healthy body. I am helping in 1 Weigh loss/Weight gain 2 Healthy Nutrition 3 Child Health 4 Joints health 5 Athlet Nutrition 6 Skin Nutrition 7 Diet Plan 8 Free online workout sessions 9 Business Opportunity.

Sunanda chatterjee

I am a nutritionist with one goal to make healthy living simple, even for the most perplexed about nutritionAs your nutritionist, I ll help you keep your healthy habits on track. Let s work together to reach your goals

Pooja C

Am working in Firstcry parenting app as Consultant from past 2 years , dealing with health, nutrition of moms and newborns.Brand promotions related yo maternity and newborn baby products done across various social platforms. Live sessions Q A participated with renowned dietians and Doctors.Also posted several articles related to breastfeeding mom health and nutrition.

Dr Shambhavi Kulkarni

I have 1 year of experience as a Yoga, Diet and Naturopathy Consultant in SVYASA itself. Currently I am doing online Diet consultantion for Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Weight loss, weight gain, Preganancy, Hypertention since October 2020. I have also conducted 7 online webinars on Diet and immunity, diet and Diabetes, nutrition and diabetes. I plan diet according to patients disease condition, meal timing and availbility of food items. Regional and Seasonal Diet plan.

Dt.Neha Suryawanshi

Dt. Neha Suryawanshi is a Senior Clinical Dietitan/ Online Dietitian who has done her masters M.Sc. in Dietetics And Food Service Management from Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi and Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya Jabalpur. In her 10 years total working experience has covered different medical conditions diet like Weight Management Diet , Diet for thyroid and Diabetes. Diet for thyroid, pcos and others.

Pawandeep Kaur

Hi this is Pawandeep, academically a Clinical Dietitian. I ve rich experience in guiding people to stay healthy with the help of providing best quality nutrition and guiding with exercise to lead medicine free life

mattam aravind

i am an aspired nutritionist with good knowledge in clinical Nutrition diabetes, hypertension, pcos, thyroid and other chronic ilness and weight management as well with customised diet planning for everyone

Neha Srivastava

home cooked food options according to your medical condition and easy sustainable diet options. will be customized according to your likes dislikes and no supplements and crash diet.easy sustainable diet


we give Balanced meal plan as per your requirement

Urvashi Sareen

With a decade of hands on experience in planning customized, well balanced and nutritious diet plans, I aim to get sustainable results and aim for better and healthy lifestyle for you. I guide for a holistic approach through diet and other lifestyle factors.

Srishti madan

tailored modified therapeutic diet as per clients need and healthy balanced diet with proper nutreints being provided to avoid and prevent any health ailment. Let food be thu medicine, and food is the only key to prevent and treat diseases upto some extent.

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