Keneilwe Tsotsotso

Gender Specialist, Gender Subject Matter Expert, and Assistant Community of Practice Manager at Digital Frontiers. Has 9 years of experience in the education sector specialising in student support and managing the global Community of Practices. Served as a Senior and Humanities Faculty Student Coordinator at the University of Pretoria and as a research assistant at The Centre of Sexuality Aids and

Veronica Demasi

I am a life, corporate and executive coach with diploma approved by ICF International Coach Federation / the most important international body for the accreditation of professional coaches and coaching schools. I do sessions only in italian language.

Punam Agarwal

Experience, knowledge, result oriented and ability to connect with leaders and people and enable them to reach their desired goals distincts ke from others. For me each client is unique and one size never fits using varied techniques and tools also helps me stand out and leads to results.

Shivanki Chauhan

I use a holistic approach of Vedanta Philosophy to help my clients or truth seekers to connect with their Body, Mind, Intellect and Soul. An individual has many layers to his/her personality, hence including the spiritual aspect to the life coaching is essential to see an overall personality transformation.

Nazira Moosa

I dont just see things in black and white but I see the many shades of grey in this colour realm that helps me get the best out of you as the coachee. You will a very high degree of comfort with me as your coach as I have walked down many a path in my life. I believe in setting good foundations that spell empathy and a very high ability to listen not to just your voice but it extends way further .

Venkat Balantrapu

I am a M.B.A, B.Com, FLMI, AIII, A.R.A, ACS, CTLC, CICC is the Founder CEO, QSAI. I am also an Author, a Customer Retention Strategist, a Career Coach Counsellor assisting senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs in professional performance and personal transformation. I have a rich global senior corporate experience of over 35 years in the insurance industry. I am also an ex banker and have worked in the private sector too. I have over 10 years experience as a Trainer and Coach.

Hrishikesh Karwa

I have worked on end to end cycle of product implementation right from the product creation stage to the point that it gets sold to the consumer and the after sales experience along with the technology Process and product development for applications and websites and medical services sold through them.

Paola Serri

My approach aiming at consciousness and empowerment and learning. My unique background as manager consultant and entrepreneur

Sergio Brijandez

I work with Human development techniques, Yoga, Breathing, Mindfulness and Meditation. Transpersonal Therapies. Massage, Cronic Pain Management, Courses and Workshops, In English and Spanish, In person and virtually. Language and translation courses, English and Spanish. Bussiness Management and Human Resouces. Sales and Marketing.

Ruchika Bothra

I use the seven step PERFORM model to help working professionals to become high achievers and manage emotional health. Leaders aren t just the ones who are at top positions in an organisation. Leaders are everyone who wants to strive and make things better . Moreover, being humans we have emotions and when we learn to regulate these emotions, we can be our best selves. looking forward to helping.

Nitten mahadik

I have 14 years of experience in training and coaching. using mindfulness I coach people on how to get out of your own way of happiness and well being. Having practiced mindfulness for over 10 years I help people to see its relevance in their daily life and also learn ways of integrating mindfulness in their routine.

Gireesh Balasubramonya Pillai

Purpose orientated and lively Mentor/coach with an expertise for motivating individuals with enthusiasm and encouragement. Considerable history in coaching and mentoring. Ambitious and self inspired professional with over 35 years of professional experience. Certified Career Analyst /Coach , Life Coach and Parenting Coach .

Anumita Singha Roy

I am Computer Science Educator.With more than 7 years experience , I am skilled in teaching different domain of CSE , including Python,C,Scratch,Php,Web designing,HTML,CSS,Javascript,Matlab,SQL,Roblox and many more.I aim to transform a student from consumer to inventor of technology.

Percy Vaid

I help corporate executives overcome career stagnancy with my 12 week individual success program.

Hemsingh Patle

Hemsingh Patle is an Author , Habit Coach and Cofounder of GroKalp Ltd. He believes in building sustainable long lasting habits. He is an author of The 5 Minutes Magical Habits. He believe in linking the habits to purpose and invest small amount of time like 5 minutes daily to inculcate the habits. His clients are in dubai and nigeria. He deliver talks in Industries Education institution also.


I am an L D professional having experience of more than 11 years. I am currently based out of Delhi, India. I hold experience in conducting Training Need Analysis, Instructional Designing, Content Development, Facilitation, Project Management, Stakeholder Management, DE I, Content Mapping, Quality Management, Mentoring, People Management, Branding and Communication, Administration, LMS, and SOP De

Onyi Anyado

My name is Onyi Anyado and I am a UK based global Leadership Speaker, Futurist and Corporate Trainer. From my message of Cutting Edge Distinction I coach and train leaders, organisations and entrepreneurs on how to lead with their creative distinction.

Sunny Matani

A Management Professional who is deeply passionate to help entrepreneurs and businesses of India to start and grow their business. Currently working as a business coach at Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. An Initiative by Dr. Vivek Bindra where my role is to give business consulting to ideation stage startups and SMBs small and medium sized businesses

Abhinav Srivastava

My name Is Abhinav Srivastava Coach Abhi Sriv .I am into teaching and training last 10 years. I am a founder of digital agancy and helping others to expand their business online. Being a coach I help people in PERSONAL BRANDING LINKEDIN TRAINING DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE CREATION NETWORK BUILDING COMMUNICATION and GROWTH STRATEGIES

Helen Müller

Helen has been featured in various media for her science backed technique, DNA Upgrade, whereby she uses energy to clear mental blocks, helping people become unstuck and also unlocking the hidden potential of their DNA, all done remotely Testimonials https // v cAxPgjZHSXI t 5s . She focuses on true inner fulfilment and super efficiency and only uses natural non invasive biohacks.

Ashiq vk


Kevin Williams

I am uniquely prepared to help fathers balance work and family, because of my experience building/running my own business, my experience and training as a coach, and 19 years as a father now 4 kids .

Mitakshara Shirgaonkar

Mitakshara is a Coach who guides individuals for transformation on personal professional front. Being a science postgraduate, PMP certified management professional, alumnus of IIM Lucknow, NLP master practitioner, and a Tarot Reader, Mitakshara uses a well structured customized combination of Spirituality, Psychology Management Concepts to enable balanced and holistic growth for her clients.

Lerato Dube

I have done it all. I managed to grow my career to be filling while working in a toxic work environment, creating a healthy and growth orientated environment for my team. I enjoyed the luxury of negotiating for my ideas at all levels of the organization and having an influence with global stakeholders. Through my coaching approach I encourage your growth personally and at your career.

Jaya Girdhar

I am a passionate learner and explorer. I am an internationally certified Soft skills trainer and an Image Consultant from a counselle of image consultant and SQA respectively. I have completed the TTT certification from NABET. I have a corporate background of about 5yrs with AON  which has been a wonderful learning journey throughout. I am a founder of Transmify jaya which solely believes in en

Rampriya Sridharan

I am a seasoned HR Professional with global expsoure in the Talent acquisition and Talent Management functions. I have a great affinity for people and have been successful in positively contributing to people s lives and making a remarkable difference. My areas of expertise are Career Coaching and guidance, Life Coaching and working on Executive Presence for first time Managers.

Rashmi Nagasubramanian

Hello there Thank you for taking the time to click on my profile. Here is an information nugget for you to know more about my profile as a Coach Clients tell me I am an Authentic, Pragmatic coach with a strong intuition A few others say that I am Insightful Creative and Candid Of yes If you are not committed to your goals, I will hold you accountable And here is what I would like

Nidhi Shri

I work with people on their inner resources, resistance and readiness, so they can achieve the next level of performance in work life. I am here to truly listen to you, challenge you invoke actionable plan for you by enabling you to work on your skills situations, covering holistic aspects. I have extensively worked with corporate employees.

Kavita Rathod

I have been a keen and consistent learner through my three plus decades of rich professional experience in varied fields such as Education, Media, Corporate Facilitation, Coaching, Therapy and Counselling. This has lead me to interact with people of diverse mindsets and made me proficient in supporting individuals to overcome emotional issues and empower themselves to achieve their desired outcomes with absolute ease.

Piyush Somani

As a Life Coach, I help people achieve personal goals like personal financial planning, developing a hobby, developing / getting rid of a habit, improving performance at work, finding spiritual peace, improving physical / mental health, etc. I also help CA, CPA, ACCA or other Finance professionals with exam prep, resume, interview, career pathway and organisation selection.


Priyanka Paur is a life and mindset coach, motivational speaker, certified NLP practititioner and an author. Her forte lies in helping people live a balanced life and make the most out of it. She helps people understand their challenges and how to work around them to be their Best Version

James O'Connor

Solutions Driven Business Life Coaching. Tailored performance enhancing solutions, using specific tools to create habits drive accountability to ensure your success. I engage to create a clear vision. Together we implement positive habits to enable personal professional growth. Accountability is the key to your success it would be a honor to join you on your journey

Vaishali Joshi

Personalized and Customised training as i believe that one size doesn t fit all.

Mansi Bhanushali

Mansi Bhanushali, has been working as a integrative therapist in the field of Mental health, with expertise in Coaching, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Work place satisfaction and emotional support

Martha Blass

Ofrezco sesiones de Coaching individual a ejecutivos, gerentes, directores, empresarios y emprendedores que quieran generar cambios positivos para el logro de sus metas profesionales, laborales y personales. Incluyo evaluaciones psicom tricas para coachear a cada persona de acuerdo a su estilo de pensamiento, canal de percepci n, manejo de conflictos, inteligencia emocional, entre otras pruebas.

Yahya Mayet

I am deeply committed to supporting clients in transformational journey s of growth by allowing a safe space for self expression to become courageously compassionate . I am a certified PCC Professional Certified Coach through the ICF International Coaching Federation , Integral Coach through New Ventures West San Francisco and Centre for Coaching UCT Graduate School Business.

Dr Eleftheria (Ella) Egel

I mentor women who are starting new businesses. I offer a unique personalised learning experience with an academic structured approach that includes feedback, planned reviews and systematic progression

Kehla Guimond

Kehla is certified in NLP, Hypnosis, Law of Attraction, TIME techniques, EFT, Reiki and Human Design and Gene Keys Coaching. What lights her soul on fire is working with fellow Spiritual Entrepreneurs around embodying their true energetic essence through their Human Design Gene Keys, so that they get to thrive in their life business with ease flow.


Life Coach who talks about Live Life..about Parenting/spouse life/ Communications/image/ self healing/ selfactulization/ Manifestation/Day dreaming/ s effect power / Love s effect power ...thinking speaking on Being an Actor/Mode...much familiar with Bollywood Hollywood.. regional Cine world..

Gio Sardo

My human approach. For business coaching, it s not just about the results. It s about the people that drive the business. Their well being and mental health. For life coaching, it s about giving men a safe space to talk about whatever is going on in their life.

Irina Tarasova

Business Coach Training Facilitator, combining versatile experience from one of the fortune 500 companies with psychological literacy. Passionate about helping people to become leaders that are worth following.

paola serri

Paola leverages her long experience built covering managerial roles in large corporations and as management consultant. Passion for coaching brought her to focus on this practice.

Vineeta Neeraj Bedhotiya

Genuine and honest to a fault, I dive deep into details often researching over hours before outlining an initiative or project. As a leader for more than a decade now I believe in the limitless potential of all regardless of circumstances. Leadership lies in motivating one s team,the secret sauce being good communication a conclusion reached through painful experiences and reading Dale Carnegie.

Jeanette Teh

Having been a lawyer, Assistant Professor, writer, and legal and people skills trainer, I now help people design their career, business, and life. As a career transition, leadership, wellbeing, and innovation coach, I incorporate psychology, design thinking, my MBA, cultural sensitivities as an expat who has lived in four countries and visited 45 countries , and previous experiences to help cli

Jenn Dobbelaere

Intuitive / EFT tapping coach who helps empowers you to move out of toxic relationships or areas of your life you feel stuck. Using different methods of tapping back into your personal power create a life of growth and purpose.

Pratima Hebbar

Helping entrepreneurs come out of firefighting mode is what I do the best.

Raj vaswani

I am a true bred Entrepreneur, have deep dived into the education field. With a degree in Architecture Design I have focused all my energy in building 3 businesses which are profitable. From operations to marketing, product development and being an Instructor, I have really done it all.

Dr Dipti Yadav

I help people find true purpose and meaning in life using a dynamic pool of resources from Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness. Connect with me to embark on an amazing journey of inner growth... to lead a happy and fulfilling Personal, Professional, Social Emotional life...

Reese Mackensie Keown

The Voice of ReeseN s main focus is to be the voice of reason through Life coaching. Think of me, your Life Coach, like having a best friend, a confidant. One that you can speak to at any time, about anything, with no judgment or biases. I listen, ask probing questions, and then provide guidance. Help me, help you find your Voice of ReeseN

Olha Petrivska

My clients say I excel at changing their perspective and my ability to listen actively and carefully makes them feel accepted, understood and respected. In addition, I never stop learning and upgrading my knowledge.

Arindam Das

I am a business consultant by profession. Over 30 years of Industry experience. Specialise in helping Individuals and organisations to succeed in highly competitive environment. Mentoring of Startup s from scratch is one of my strengths. Also can help organisation to enter new markets. Can help in conducting business research , use of technology to scale etc

Luis Ogando

My approach is based on the indidualization of the client working to reach their goal inside and out of their space of exercise. Under my scope Fitness is defined by the individual own version, since movement is essential.

Hira Masood

I have more than 5 years of work experience. Most of my journey has been in advertising of working in renowned local and global agencies known as Bramerz, RED Communication Arts and McCann World Group and currently at Technology4Business. I have worked on a plethora of brands such as FMCGs including Nestl , technology giants such as Samsung and Huawei, Telecom giants such as Telenor and ZONG 4G.

Helen Art

An ICF coach with utter love to helping people. Even though it is sometimes tough, I will always find the best way to deal with the request. Love it when my clients get insights. As a public speaking/presentation trainer I work in several directions structure of the talk selling point how to make people listen voice power inner obstacles. It ll be fun and productive

Cinzia Sgarlata

I am a ICF certified Coach and Happiness Trainer, using Positive Psichology, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience to help people focusing on wellbeing, developing strenghts and finding purpose. I am also a HeartMath Trainer, using Heart Coherence to improve mental and emotional balance, develop resilience, intuition, problem solving capacity, creativity and relational abilities.

Kumar Raam

trainer by choice loves and likes to go non judgemental with natural instincts carrying ample of honesty and truthfulness, in delivering what so ever may be topic in softskills, good at unbiased mentoring

Cynthia Pinga

I help men and women to discover what is blocking their happiness and how they can take actions to create a happier and fulfilling life. Remove negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and anxiety for a happier life.

Katherin Toribio Jimenez

bilingual life coach with experience in life purpose, relationships and mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. I have worked with clients of all ages and am passionate about the helping you become the best version of yourself

Sulata Satapathy

A Certified NLP Associate Practitioner, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Neuroscience enthusiast A Certified Product Owner with 17 years of IT exposure working in varied Domain Technologies in globally distributed programs. Working as an Account Manager in defining business strategy, identifying new opportunities, new age technology fitment, solution design and proposals.

Chinwe Nwosu

I am a Social Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Mental Health Ambassador and Business Consultant. I am the Founder of Andromagik Company, a Social Enterprise with the key focus of raising generations of self aware, impact driven and future focused individuals. I have recorded successes in helping individuals become the best versions of themselves through coaching, harnessing ideas and building businesses

Jorim Holtey-Weber

My mission is to empower people to be more connected with themselves, others, and nature. I coach entrepreneurs working on creating a healthier planet. What s unique about me is my diverse background. I have an MSc in Sports, another one in Psychology. I ve founded a language school, lived in six countries and speak five languages fluently. I learn from and with nature in our vegetable garden.

Praful Rayappanavar

I have been over weight my whole life fitness changed me after I did certification which helped me to understand the fitness better from which I gained knowledge which helped to transform my clients and give them results and understanding them how fitness works.

Sandra Bravo Jimenez

Sandra has been executive coach, management consultant, and trainer since 1999. She specializes in personal and professional development, leadership and team development, emotional intelligence, culture and change management, negotiation and conflict resolutions consulting and coaching. She has worked for companies such as Sony, JW Marriott, Loreal, Adams, Nestle, Cadbury Shweppes, GKN Driveline.

Alvina Zeba

I am a certified counselor and a life coach. Graduate in MBA Education Leadership from Christ University. Currently working as an intern for GreenMinds and TransHuman, to help them build online presence and handle digital marketing for both the companies

Simon Evans

I am an Australian born movement teacher, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and PTDC Certified Level 1 Online Trainer, who has practiced strength and bodyweight training since 2013. Combining years of personal experience in bodyweight training and strength skills with the latest research in movement and injury recovery, I design and coach individual training and development programs for any stage of life. The best exercise you can do is the one that you actually do.

Dinesh Kumar

I coach the Working Professionals to create supplement income by holistic approach of coaching them on Money Management, Capital Markets, Investing Trading Priciples, Mindset Training for deciplined Personal Finance Management, To acheive Self Actualization and creating Multiple Source of Income.

Roberto Bendana

As a psychologist and certified coach use my knowledge in psychology and experience over 650 hours of coaching to help leaders improve effectivness and performance outcomes, for themselves and their the teams they lead.

Louis Campbell

I have 15 plus years of experience in design, most specifically with AutoCAD and AutoCAD Electrical. I have a strong background in Solid Works as well as varied experience in 3D CAD programs or other mechanically focused CAD design programs. I also have successful management of a team of 1 4 other designers. Training and mentoring the new employees as well as checking their projects for accuracy. I was also a successful CAD manager for the Autodesk products utilized by my company.

Alina Likholat

My personality and unconvenrional life and work experience. At the age of 20 I moved to Italy totally on my own in order to build a life of my dreams. As a result, I have managed to work with with people from more than 40 different countries of the world, and also had experience of living in Arabic countries. Now I m back to Italy.

Stefano de divitiis

Aiuto professionisti e team ad invididuare le proprie eccellenze e a concretizzare le loro potenzialit . intervengo con il professionista tramite percorso di consulenze individuali di coaching, e con i team tramite percorsi di team building in indoor ed in outdoor

Muhammad Ali

I am medical doctor by degree,have MsC in healthcare management , have worked in corporate world for over a decade.I am also a certified Life Coach,NLP practitioner,a hypnotist and an easy person.I have seen the science of life changing over these years.When i was a medical student i was taught that our brains are hard wired. But the latest research in brain neuroscience has proven that our brain

Massimiliano Cavazza

Executive Coach helping leaders, managers and senior professionals achieve their goals with specific focus on leadership skills and effective communication development . International Human Resources senior experience HR Management and Human Capital Development . In depth knowledge of Banking and Finance sector through a professional experience in Retail, Finance and Corporate Governance sect

Mimi Lauzon

I help singles transform from the inside out to create the life and realtiosnhip they deeply desire.

Varsha Pingale

A decade long experience at an Indian public hospital working as a Psychologist. International life exposure , a strong academic background and multilingual proficiency. I have worked with people of all age groups. I understand the challenges of people from different sociocultural backgrounds. Lastly and most importantly, I m in the helping profession because I m passionate about helping others.

cedric delaumenie

Dialoguiste, agile, je vous accompagne dans vos projets. J ai 15 ann es d exp rience en accompagnement de personnes morales et physiques. Je travaille sur la valorisation de votre capital humain et je vous aide mettre en oeuvre vos transformations

Karen Taylor

As an ICF ACTP and ACCT trained and certified mBIT, Tiny Habits, Productivity Performance Coach, DISC and NLP Master Practitioner, together I bring a unique coaching approach, resource, and skillset to my 1 1 Group coaching which is also combined with extensive management and consulting experience as a business owner for over 20 years. As an expert in time management, productivity, and performance we partner together in a safe, supportive way to get to the heat of your biggest challenges.

Chelsea Hetherington

My coaching expertise is in supporting early career professionals during career and life transitions. I have a PhD in psychology and am an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.

Christophe Ginguene

I am a transformative coach serving people who wants to have a powerful creative life without the stress, the worries, the confusion but a life filled with love, peace, clarity and aliveness. Everyone needs a coach but not everyone wants a coach. Do you want one

Claudia Tappeser

I m paranormal since childhood. and use my talents to coach, consult and train my clients in the best way possible to awaken, strengthen and develop their own unique talents and their human gut feeling , better known as intuition.

Diana NDücker

Fully bilingual Spanish/English , more than 20 years experience in multicultural environments, facilitator in important events and successful in joining clients during implementation and strategies for their projects

Natalia Welner

Remote Work Consultant, with special focus on organizational culture and digital well being. I help co create hybrid work environments from the Remote First mindset with agile methodologies and a lot of focus on the emotional culture of the organization. I am an EQ coach and ve been working on the internet market for more than 8 years

Charlene Tharp

My life, and professional, experiences make me distinct over others in my field. I am a Social Worker and Certified Supported Living Coach who has raised three happy young adults on my own. I have experienced everything from being stable to being homeless with my children and learned many valuable lessons I have to share with those who are seeking some guidance.

Melissa Adendorff

NLP practitioner focusing on high performance in vocational sport and corporate excellence counsellor focused on biopsychosical wellness consultant for project design and implementation, group facilitation, training and development.

Ricky Sutton

Hello My name is Ricky Sutton. I am kind, hardworking, smart, and care about others. My goal is to help people in need. I am in college studying psychology at the moment. I hope in the future I become a social worker.

Chinelo Nkennor

I am enthusiastic about offering knowledge and skills that enable people thrive in today s world. I enjoy facilitating growth and learning in others. I am passionate about impacting lives

Tiffany Yearwood

experience based mindset reconstruction coach who utilizes mindset shifting techniques, the law of attraction, and personal experiences to help others achieve their goal of having a positive mindset, and achieving their goals.

Delphine Rochereau

I have a multicultural background. I have grown up between France and Brazil mainly , studied in England and worked in Italy, Brazil, Bolivia, Switzerland and France. I have been a serial entrepreneur creating travel agencies and service companies in Bolivia, Argentina and France. I now focus on having The Entrepreneur grow together with his/her business and develop a business aligned with them.

Malak Amer

Passionate about my major, about psychology, life and social sciences, I am a very fast learner, and an expert in communication, I have have an instinct skills to help others, and I use psychoanalysis school as a base in my work as an educational psychologist, and child psychology expert. in addition the individual and relationship counseling

Glody-Xavier MUTEBA

I help you become the actor of your own change and live a life tailored to your values. As a Mindset Coach, I attack your belief system and help you break down your limiting thoughts in order to live your best life. I believe that everyone has the right to become their best version Whatever your current situation is, you can fix it by changing your thought system. Book a session with me

Rutu Patel

I am a prenatal educator, being prenatal educator I help pregnant mothers during their pregnancy Emotional attachment with unboen babies, yoga, meditation and healthy diet to consume. Aprt from that I am a counsellor and help people to understand themselves.

Ashwin Thomas

I am an Entrepreneur having launched and built brands at scale. I am passionate about Startups and have worked with startup in various verticals such as Travel , Realestate and Healthtech. My expertise would be in Business Strategy ,Product Market Fit, Go to market strategy , Sales Process and Team Building. Localisation of Brands is very close to my heart.

Maluke Lethale

My coaching methodology aims to bring harmony within the individual thereby helping executives and professionals achieve an advanced level of self. I use NLP techniques for individuals and Organisational Relationship System Coaching for teams.

Alana Mowbray

I help people become top acheivers though mindset, helath and finances. Ofter we are not using our full potential to navigate life and create the lives we always dreamed about. I help people find their life purpose, fix thier finances and increase energy through health.

pedi Matthies

Want to find out who you really are ...what you really want So very often we submit to what society wants from us, without really knowing what exactly it is that is true to your very own nature. Let me support you in your quest for your true self.

Yasemin Iris-Brown

Yasemin found her calling in supporting her clients navigate change and their journey to self improvement. She is a Certified Professional Coach, following extensive training with the Institut de Coaching IDC in Geneva, Switzerland which is ICF, EduQua and EMCC accredited. Her diverse multi cultural background allows her to understand the specific challenges lying in front of her clients. Creator of Olfactory Memory Coaching method / Positive Intelligence PQ Mental Fitness Coach

Swa Test

free email service that allows to receive email at a temporary address that self destructed after a certain time elapses. It is also known by names like tempmail, 10minutemail, 10minmail, throwaway email, fake mail , fake email generator, burner mail or trash mail. Many forums, Wi Fi owners, websites and blogs ask visitors to register before they can view content, post comments or download some

Roxana Cardos

I specialise in Positive Psychology and I have worked in 5 areas of my field, giving me breadth and depth into the word of people at work. My success comes from my ability to forge dynamic relationships with key people across the business adopting a partnership mindset.

Wilson Samson

Wilson Samson is the Engagement Director of Lystrab Consult, a strategy consulting firm offering advisory services to small medium enterprises on high level decisions through conversations and engagements to deliver the best results required to build healthy and sustainable organizations. He helps business professionals and entrepreneurs get through hard times in their career and business with ease. He achieves this by connecting and engaging with them during dynamic moments of transition.

Deepanshi Nandi

I am an Executive and Personal Development Coach, NLP Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner. I have overall 11 years of expience in Academics and HR Consulting out of which 9 years of coaching and training. I am also the President of Uttar Pradesh Training and Development Council WICCI

luciano paiva

I am a life and executive coach with over 1.000 coaching hours helping clients create alternatives, unfreeze, and progress their personal and professional projects along. I aim to help clients be free to see and hear what is, instead of what should be, was, or will be... say what they feel or think, rather than what they should feel or think... feel what they feel, instead of what they need to feel take risks on their own, instead of just choosing the safety of not rocking the boat.

Julia C

I believe in knocking down the pay wall to success, happiness, joy and fulfillment. I also believe that everyone deserves the above with absolutely zero exceptions. I love working with people to help them uncover and harness their incredible potential, no matter how they start out.

Víctor Reyna Vargas

Professional specialized in Organizational Agility for Business Transformation. Currently, he works as adviser, consultant, mentor, and trainer in Digital Innovation and Transformation, Governance of Information and Technology, and Digital Government.

Neha Tejwani

Meditation/Mantra Therapy Reiki Master/Teacher Angel Prayers and Angel card reader Lama Fera Healer/Teacher Access Bars Practitioner Cowrie Reader

Manuel Ohem

Director de m s de 10 a os de experiencia en reas comerciales, financieras, operativas, supply chain, mercadotecnia y producto. Tengo una trayectoria profesional de m s de 20 a os, habiendo tenido la oportunidad de colaborar en todas las reas funcionales de una empresa. He participado en varias mesas de consejo y actualmente apoyo a empresarios como Coach de vida y de negocios.

Rodney De Almeida

I am a healer of the mind,body and soul through spirituality. I do sessions on how to heal and bring your soul in alignement with your life. I practice iygengar yoga in the mornings. i have healed myself from problems and i would like to help others.

Maryam Hameed

I can help them find and carve thier Niche through finding themselves to create their own authentic story.

Michael Taifour

As well as a life coach, I am a Financial Advisor, Investment Analyst, Vlogger, YouTuber, affiliate marketer, public and motivational speaker, business strategist, and founder of the Transcendental Re engineering technique. Its main focus is on the thought, knowing that the mind is everything and we are what we think. The technique, this simple and effortless.

Crystal c

Do you have BIG Goals or HUGE Dreams that with a little support could catapult you forward your Ready for that I m Crystal a Life and Performance Coach here to help you achieve it all I have been in an intense year long life coach training program, I have experienced seeing the crystallization of dreams becoming reality with my clients and I love it Let s connect, first sessions in me

Dawn Sanders

I ve worked to support the wellbeing, lifestyle and transition needs of Great Britain s Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Corinne Badenhorst

20 Years as clinical Occupational therapy psychology Creator of corporate wellness programmes, have conducted 10,000 wellness presentations and group therapy counselling sessions.

Kapila Khindriya

connect naturally with people

purva chawla

Life Coach

Morris Njogu

Am a seasoned startup trainer and business development consultant who has great business acumen and vast exposure in management and deployment of projects in different sectors. I have 17 years experience with 9 dedicated to technical deployments and 7 in operations and consulting. Am familiar with the startup ecosystem and am able to help you walk through the journey from ideation to establishing your venture and eventually staging it for growth fund. My mantra is always Solutions first .

Pratiksha prakash

I am dietitian/ nutrition consultant, currently working for adults as well as pediatric cases along with nutrition consultant for specially abled kids

Kanu jain

15 year of experience, handling team of 90 nutritionist for gskch

jason warren

I am a Performance coach and professional Polo Player. My aim is to help athletes and young professionals find clarity and focus in their career, while working together to develop their performance.

Mamta Mehta

Mamta Mehta is a certified Soft Skills Trainer and NLP Practitioner. Her mission is to help people to enhance their self image through soft skills which inturn will help them to lead a better life.

Khyati Shah

I am CFA PCC with over 20 years of Corporate experience. A mother of two young adults, I have experienced the challenges on managing a career and personal life demands while pursuing my own dreams.

Patrick Noel

CEO 5.0 coach helping futur Leaders to Transform and Scale their Business with Low Carbon Impact in 90 days using our personalized CSR program

Anish Mukherjee

I have a hands on training method that creates instant results.

Dara Frye

I am working on an innovative project that will redefine how victims of domestic violence can end the cycle of abuse and lead their best life.

Avnish Srivastava

The Coaching Framework

Matias Marzocchi

Speak Spanish

Jayesh kulkarni

communication skill expert

Zuhail Babu P

Zuhail Babu is an experiential educator and Social Emotional Learning facilitator feel and emerge with their uniqueness to explore their purpose. He uses human with a demonstrated history of creating

Nupur Jain

I work with women and children in their them build positive self image, portray an impactful image in the society, set goals, work on their emotional intelligence and achieve their goals.

Srinivasa Rao Ch

Humor,analytical skills and patience.

Shiffy Srivastava

all coaching needs and training needs at individual and corporate level

Grace Cornock

I am passionate about helping people manage anxiety/stress, be more confident, love themselves more, navigate life relationships with ease, and get from where they are now to where they want to be.

Juanene Frydman

20 years of exec coaching/ author / enneagram and ontological approach

Misti Townsend

Ambitious, analytical, and purpose driven Life coach propelled by a deep sense of duty to inspire others, change lives, and create an impact ripple of change.

Jay Vincent

I have experience in a wide variety of people s needs and abilities ranging from neurotypical to special educational needs, as well as physical needs too

Dzul Abu bakar

Safety Performance coach. Human performance occupational safety coach with 26 years of onshore offshore experience. I have background in a variety of oil gas industry all over the world. My main focus is on human performance how it related to safety at the workplace.

John de Beer

I coach Organisations, Executives, Business Teams and Individuals to grow, using my gifts and skill set acquired from more than 15 years of Coaching.

F Jhahan

I am a Graduate myself in the fields of Media and Marketing, who has been there and experienced obstacles.

Tuğçe Yıldırım

I am an Existentialist Coach. I took ICF accredited trainings from CTI and also I took Logotherapy trainings from Viktor Frankl Institute. I am touching people after 17 years of HR experience.

Tania Melick

I am an accomplished Multilingual coach. By partnering with me you can truly begin to realise timeless changes and proceed steadily towards achieving your long standing goals.

Danish Raza

More than half a decade of personal experience in coaching, motivating and empowering Adolescent and young adults in order to set them up for a great start in life.

Graham Salinger

I coach individuals and teams through conflict and change so that they can think creatively about solutions to issues that are impacting relationships, work cultures and performance.

Nadine Zeinoun

I work with Leaders to help them create a happy and engaged team. I do that through Emotional Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence. I use empathy non judgement as a base for my coaching.

Kishore Thakur

Life Coach, Performance Improvement Specialist, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Mangement Coach, Leadership Development

Dennis Y

Gallup Strengths Coach, Certifed Mindfulness Teacher

Malavika Iyer

I help people take the journey to their inner self and in the process achieve self love and happiness, be happy with where they are, what they have, how they are.

Sn dorman

Marketing agent

Need Help


Sharon Pinto

I help people live fitter and healthier lives.

Daisy Hilbrands

Through transformative coaching I can help you to understand your patterns and work with them. Also, I can support you in your process to make the right decisions in your life or work on your relationships. This is intense work and by challenging beliefs and limitations I can help you to see your choices clearly. You determine how to make your decisions in your life.

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