Sujeeth Patil

I am Expert in the FInance field, and hve an extensive experiance in the fintech, banking and crypto industry. I have ability to teach the finance courses and topics for exams like CMA US , CFA and Accounting

Gus Cavalcanti

I am a Financial Professional, Harvard educated, with more than 20 years of exeprience in Financial Planing and Analysis FP A , Valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions M A , Business Strategy, Business Planing, creating Pitch Decks for Startups, and Consulting. I was the CFO of a Private Equity fund for more than 4 years and lately I am mentoring Startups in the US.

Ankur Singh

Niche experience with portfolio management operations and traditing floor Currently completing an enterprise wide compliance project which will result is ease of business in the United States and rest of the world.

Roshni Vinnakota

Attention to detail and smart work. 8 yrs of exp. In investment banking, attribution analysis, portfolio management, Python Test and performance Analyst, in progress with Automation Specialist Level 1 and completed Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma

Ivan Annicchiarico

I am very passionate about Data Analytics, complex statistical analysis, and the design of instruments to measure human behavior. I am keen to make recommendations, suggestions, and observations based on my understanding of the data. My strong background in behavioral sciences not a prevalent path in Data Science is an aggregated value that translates into better business performance.

Salomon Pimentel

I m a highly skilled data scientist with a strong background in mathematics, statistics and computer science. I have a proven track record of success in data mining, machine learning and predictive modeling. I m a quick learner and have a strong ability to solve complex problems

Magendran Radhakrishnan

A dynamic and result oriented Human Resource professional with around 12 years of experience in provinces like SAP HR Implementation and SEA Management in Shared Service Center Industry. Adept at handling different segments such as Employee Management, Administrative Operations and Predictive Analysis. Expertise in Process Improvement, Strategic Initiatives and Reporting.

Pablo Argandona

Mr. Argando a is an economist, business analyst and Geographic Information System GIS specialist in Cadaster, Land Information and Natural Resources Management, with technical abilities in Mathematics and Statistics. He has over fifteen years experience in GIS, Cadaster and land administration Projects. As an International Consultant he worked in countries such as Bolivia, Uganda, Nigeria,

Julian Silk

My particular fields are econometrics and energy. I have published in Energy Central and the IAEE Energy Forum, as well as the Journal of Applied Econometrics I can do forecasting, but will need data. My Offshore Wind article in the IAEE Energy Forum in 2012 was viciously criticized, but has proved a useful forecast, especially regarding grid interactions.

Jason Mgabhi

I am an SAP FICO Business/System Analyst, I work with the business in resolving issues when working on the FICO module. My experience is mainly working ith projects and support within the finance and procurement departments. My work has been within FMCG, Logistics and the automaker industries.

Ankit soni

helps with Data analysis quickly and also share the details as per the requirements. You can share the requirements in any type of data and will share all possible sort of Analysis which can be used to identify any gaps or improve the process

See Ya


Abhishek Mathur

An experienced and dedicated operations professional and effective leader who excels at using proven methods and innovative technology to successfully cut costs, streamline operations and increase productivity. Assertive and enthusiastic, with extensive knowledge of process optimization and an unsurpassed work ethic.

Farrukh Ali

Hi, With due respect, currently I m working in VAVA CARS as a Compliance and Fraud Specialist , I have 5 years experience in Banking , Compliance Risk Assessment, Compliance and Audit Monitoring On Site and Off Site , Internal Control, Policies and Procedures Development , Quality Procedures Implementation, AML and KYC Specialist, Corporate Governance ,Monitoring Purpose, Regular , Problem ,

Bradley Basker

I m artist turned entrepreneur researcher who has transformed his love for story telling and culture and

Sonal Tiwari

Extensive experience in project coordination, superior reasearch skills, exceptional client servicing skills, relentlessness to achieve goals, team spirit to work towards a goal, hunger to learn more, excellent communication skills, and best in industry content writing skills.

Anjali Balan

More than 7 years of experience as a QA Analyst. Expert in ETL Testing, Report testing, performance testing etc. Have worked on healthcate, life acience and revenue verticals. Good at catching bugs and root cause analysis.

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