Joy Broto Nath

I am Harvard Business School certified HR Professional with 5 years of extensive experience as an HR profession 2.7 years as a Global Corporate Trainer and 3.10 years as World Class Expert. Being an avid reader, I have a vast knowledge related to various subjects like self growth, productivity, business career, happiness, money investment, leadership, negotiations, etc.

Rositsa Gyulemetova-Banev

Self developed and goal orientated personality as a life coach, who strives to help people develop themselves in their full potential, set and reach their goals.

Gregory Derderian

I have over 15 years of education and experience in the field of human relationships, relationships is where my expertise and training truly shine. My credentials paired with my experience managing companies makes me an ideal consultant for small businesses such as yours. In the end, I work closely with owners and their teams to develop a custom approach to helping their business flourish.

Charlie McCann

9 years of experience across Business/Ops, Corporate and Organizational Strategy, and Product. Operator within businesses from venture backed startups to the Fortune100. Have launched ventures within corporate structures taking business from ideation to launch. Entire career has been spent in roles working across entire organizations in a cross functional capacity. Skillsets range across financial modeling, growth and business strategy, analytical skills, managing and building teams.

Dr Lakshmi K Nair


Varnika Prakash Singh

Doctorate by credentials. A passionate researcher and learner. Expertise in electrochemistry, graphene materials and electrochemical sensors.

John Crowley

I m an adviser, but also an entrepreneur. I don t just talk about CSR or SDGs. I have a hands on commitment to making things happen in the renewable energy space, with over 30 years of experience in energy, research and international public administration. Call on me to define practical steps to produce better and consume less.

Neil Mann

I am a seasoned digital strategy, technology innovation, and business transformation expert with more than two decades of leadership and management experience, bridging the gap between business and technology. I apply a business first lens, objectively demystifying and pragmatically advising on how best to strategically invest in future forward technologies to deliver outcomes with tangible value.


Expert of Security Guarding and Manpower Specialist. Present in DELHI NCR, Chandigarh Haryana and Punjab. Tailoring of Security Guarding Manpower as per your requirement. We provide Security Guards,PSOs,Bouncer, Inspectors Security Officers from Services or Civilians as per the budget. In Manpower ie Drivers, Computers,Bikers and ITI NON ITI Skilled,Semi Unskilled Manpower

Rajesh Parekh

I am a Certified Resilience Coach. My coaching approach is based on the belief that resilience runs across 6 domains. These are vision, calmposure, reasoning, health, tenaciy collaboration. I conduct a psychometric assessment which enables me to understand your strengths and areas of improvement. The coaching sessions involve creating insights through questioning goes on for 12 weeks. The ourcome is to enable the client to build resilience and advance despite any adversity

Surekha Nair

I am an astute HRBP Leader offering over 25 years of prolific experience in developing strategies and implementing world class programs alongside creating an engaging and productive workplace experiences. Over the years, I have been leveraging my professional background driving effective business partnership on both strategic and tactical management and employee related needs.

James Giggs Ogosi

A passionate, person centered professional UX Designer, who is also able to work autonomously and confidently, with an in depth range of experience leading HSE within high risk, complex, and fast paced construction and oil gas environments. Experienced working at operational management level but equally capable of dealing with and communicating issues at grass roots level. I love learning and helping people uncover their needs and collaborating with the team to solve complex problems.

Jeanette van Dalen

My focus is physical wellness with the objective to help you to achieve your fitness goals. weightloss fitness weightgain bmi exercise training motivation online fitness

Abhishek Singh

Global Indian and also founder of Headstrt. I am here to learn from as many talented and empathetic people as I can. Humans best learn from each other s experiences and I am always available for a session to help you out in regards to any of the Insights I have published.

Sophie Jayamaha

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in self discovery of science of happiness, understanding of root causes of mental and physical illness and suffering. I now know how to overcome stress living with freedom, inner peace and fulfilment.

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Jarlem Nascimento Junior

Clients feel safe and flabbergasted with such a precise workout volume of training that meets their needs. You do not need to spend hours at the gym. whenever you need a trainer just get on touch See you soon

Busisiwe Tshetlhanyane

What distinct me is my ability to easily empathize with and relate to people. This skill helped me as an educator in understand that every student is unique with different abilities and students should be handled differently to bring out the best in them. Because I can quickly identify and understand students potential and challenges, I am able to establish trust and build relationships.

Brij chauhan

I am brij and give answers to questions through Astrology and bring smilet to the face through remedies and modifying your deeds. You can ask questions in regards to the career, finance, health or any other walks of life. At times results get delayed but the main motto is to stay committed , dedicated and honest in the life and let luck give support to you. Things do take time and teach a lesson,,

udesh sharma

Flutter is an open source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop cross platform applications from a single codebase for any web browser, Fuchsia, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows

Dr Shibani Dixit

Dr Shibani Dixit is a spine specialist skilled in Physical Therapy,Pain management,delivering community and corporate health talks.After her Bachelor s degree focused in Bachelor in Physiotherapy B.P.Th from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences,she opted for becoming a Certified Spine Manual Therapist C.S.M.T .She s also skilled with Kinesio Taping along with Dry Cupping and Hijama techniq

Tapan Jatakia

A Chartered Engineer and Associate Member of IEI in the Computer Science Division. Professional Cyber Security Engineer Threat Intelligence Analyst, Passionate Software Engineer, Data Science ML AI GIS Practitioner, Web 3.0 Evangelist, and RPA Enthusiast. Experiencing the IT sector for the past 10 years and involved in Cyber Security for the past 8 years.

Preeti Sachdeva

I am a Certified NLP Practitioner, Parenting Coach, Memory Coach, and Mind Trainer. and an Educator. I have experience in the education sector of 10 years handling various responsibilities as a Teacher and Academic head in Schools. Till now she has impacted the lives of 1000s of children. Being a Coach I am on a mission to help the parents and children in having a strong bond between them.

Paula Villarraga

Dieting doesn t work. So, over the years I got to put together a simple system that transform your food believes and habits I help you to change he psychology about food. This system shuts down the marketing advertising or social pressures. It guides you through an easy step by step process to make a permanent and lasting change without feeling hungry and instead feeling with freedom

Antoinette Bent

I m different from many other professionals because of my years experience and personal training and most of all my passion to help others. I have help meet the needs of women, children and families for well over 20 years in multiple aspects of life. Advocacy and outreach has been my foundation for this field and I stand strong on what I have learned from others and what I can bring to the table.

Ajay Singh

Life Insurance, Stock Market, Investments

Yagnesh Patel

Energy which runs universe is the most fundamental and foundation of creating balanced life. Yagnesh Patel believs on positive psychology. Which helps the person to focus on strengths building and accepts the flaws and work around them. The energy comes from universal source which has ability to create anything we want. As per HBR insights Energy Managment is on the top of the list for Leaders.

Veena Brar

I have been consulting and coaching entrepreneurs in finding work life balance and living authentically for the past several years. I have an extensive background in mental health clinical and forensic psychology . I went into the field of mental health because I had intrinsic need to understand the human mind and help others identify daily challenges and improve their lives. My coaching superpower is transforming the lives of entrepreneurs and professionals in any industry.

Udes sharma

To be a good girl in the world and I am a good girl in the year of the world and I am a good

Nirupama Sapkota

Nirupama Sapkota Clinical Psychologist with 3 years counseling experience, CBT and EMDR knowledge. Empowering individuals for lasting well being.If you re ready to take the first step towards a healthier and happier life, I invite you to reach out to me. Together, we can embark on a path of self discovery, healing, and personal growth. Thank you for considering me as your mental health ally. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Rajive Nair

Experience in HR setup, Operations and Transformation across Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Aviation, Retail, IT and ITES Associated with conglomerates like Etihad, du, RAKBANK, Al Futtaim, ILG, Infosys and Cisco

Pete Rosa

High Performance Aviation and Aerospace Industry Leader with a strong focus on Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Operations. I have been honored to led several Successful supply chain transformations and developed servant leaders. Expert in Mentoring new leaders and future leaders around accountability, authenticity, critical thought skills and organizational structure and design. Labor relations and delivering results

Jonathan Okanlawon

What I do I help Organisations to Create Value, Maximize Growth, and Improve Business Performance. My Approach I work with Corporate Organisations, Business Owners/Executives and entrepreneurs in all facets of Business/ Management Consulting, Corporate Strategy and Development, Learning Change Management, Executive Coaching, Organizational Management Leadership to Achieve the Goals an

Lindsey Paholski

I focus on driving leads, conducting audience research, and developing content strategy. I consult business owners, marketers, and product owners with their digital marketing as well as coach individuals to better themselves, their focus and their career. I m also a certified breath, cold immersion, and yoga teacher.

Steven Lustig

As an experienced supply chain and operations executive who served in multiple operations leadership roles in companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to a startup, I have the real life experience to improve your profitability through improved supply chains, better inventory programs, optimized manufacturing, make or buy decisions, and implemting risk management programs.

Lisa Harpalani

Lisa is a professional Innovation Consultant trained with a master s degree in research for design and innovation. Passionate about spreading her learning by doing expertise and driving education through change for the future, she uses multiple agile innovation tools to create unique user centric experiences. She is service designer, facilitator, educator and can be your tailor made consultant

Dave Juday

Agriculture economist expereinced in commodity markets, ag tech, global trade and food processing and manufacturing. Experienced with startups and Fortune 100 companies. Also experienced with policy and regulatory issues affecting the agriculture and food industries.

Abdulmannan Kauchali

Business Strategies, Corporate Performance, Organization Design, Organization Effectiveness, Corporate Governance, Organization Authority Design, Business Process Management, Process Efficiency/Effectiveness, Business Process Productivity, Business Analytics, HR Transformation, Policies Procedures, ERP Design, HRMS Implementation, HR Critical Reporting, Business Structure, Strategic Workforce Planning, Business Hierarchies, People Cost, Nationalization, Talent Acquisitions, HR Operations

Dr. Tareq Genedy

23 Years Experience, C Suite Level, Strategic Consultant, Executive Coaching Training, Associate Professor. Out of the box mindset with proven record. Western Education, DBA MQM MSHR. Professional Certifications in Consulting, Quality Management Systems, Learning and Development and Organizational Excellence

Vishal verma

A guy who code

Kate Ginsberg

I ve worked with large organizations and small PE owned companies. I ve found being honest and building great transparent relationships are the keys to success in procurement/sourcing roles. I am truly passionate about helping companies and people succeed through thoughtful procurement and supply chain.

Mitakshara Shirgaonkar

Mitakshara is a Coach who guides individuals for transformation on personal professional front. Being a science postgraduate, PMP certified management professional, alumnus of IIM Lucknow, NLP master practitioner, and a Tarot Reader, Mitakshara uses a well structured customized combination of Spirituality, Psychology Management Concepts to enable balanced and holistic growth for her clients.

Sudershan G

Can guide and implement complete management of the flow of goods, data, and finances related to a product or service, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the product at its final destination namly the Customers.Supply chain activities span procurement, product lifecycle management, supply chain planning including inventory planning and the maintenance of enterprise assets and production lines , logistics and order management.This includes Global Sourcing.

Pallavi Rao

I provide a safe and supportive environment for my clients to express themselves, address their challenges and progress towards their goals.

Jeff Bush

A PhD qualified Education Manager, Lecturer and Consultant. Highly experienced in teaching, training designing curricula for a range of subjects and levels. A proficient linguist with some fluency in the French language. Skilful writer presenter with the ability to write copy that is well researched, clear effectively matched to target audience.


I have 27 years experience in HR at leadership role in diversed industries. I am also a qualified Coach and Mentor for Corporate Professionals and Entrepreurers. I am MBA in HR Marketing, and M.A. in Psychology. I have a good combination of Corporate World as HR Experts, understand People from mulltiple segments and background at all level.

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Flutter is Google s portable UI toolkit for crafting beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source.

Neha Milind

Myself Neha and I have 09 years of broad Sceintific as well as Regulatory authority experience in the field of Bilogicals testing and quality control, in terms of both Bioassay and Analytical. I was working with National Institute of Biologicals under Goverment of India. What makes my profile valuable for your is that i have capability to establised laboratory from scratch till fully functional. I am open for providing true councelling and my expert advise and looking forward to it.

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Flutter is Google s portable UI toolkit for crafting beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source

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Flutter is Google s portable UI toolkit for crafting beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source

Sudhir Gupta

I have over three decades of corporate experience. Have been mentoring and coaching for over two decades. I come with experience of both militias national as well as Inisa top corporate. Worked as Business Head as well as global HR Head.

Darshan Narayanaswamy

A professional coder with experience of 2 year as ios app developer and flutter app developer as well ........................................................................................................

Ajay Chandra Sadhuneni

Iam a specialist in helping individuals, teams and organizations to renew and reinvent themselves to be successful and impactful. Combining my deep knowledge in cognitive sciences, psychology and organizational sciences, I design and deliver evidence based coaching and technology powered human capital management, talent development and OD solutions to my clients.

kohila ramachandran

I have 4 professional qualifications and have been CFO and IT Head for more than 20 years, been entrepreneur and have started manufacturing and IT companies. I am good at workflow automation, budgeting, costing of goods and services, funds managment and compliance. Good in settting up team, delegating work and meeting deadlines in reporting. Have worked in MNCs

Vijayanta Parashar

I am a passionate and enthusiastic Human Resource Professional. 13 years in this profession has given me hands on experience in all HR activities such as Recruitment, Induction, Developing Talent, Compensation and Benefits, Performance Management System, Grievance Handling and Exit Process. My strong leadership, Communication skills, Persistence has helped me achieve constant growth in my career

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Flutter Developer is responsible for running and designing product application features across multiple devices across platforms. Flutter is Google s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase


Senior professional with leadership and business skills, hands on experience in SCM/Logistics, IT consulting/SAP, Manufacturing/Operations, Profit Centre Management, and business development in Indian MNC organizations IBM, BOSCH/ MICO, GE Medicals, TATA Motors . International exposure, excellent communication skills and academic background. IIM Ahmedabad.

Sunil Shah

I am an astute management consulting professional with 30 plus years of industry experience including 26 plus years in widespread financial systems, retail and corporate finance , investment and insurance products. My expertise areas cover managing distribution of Multiple Loans, Investments, Insurance, Corporate Finance, Capital Market products, Alliances Worksites, Management consulting,

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lutter is Google s portable UI toolkit for crafting beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source

Kruti Dharod

A certified Psychologist who has pursued M.A in Clinical Psychology from S.N.D.T University. I believe that Mental health is a journey not a one stop destination. And it is a part of our physical health so it should be equally focused upon. I provide non judgmental space and I m empathetic and compassionate, so they can express themselves freely in front of me.The aim is to develop resilience.

Anand Raj

Results driven and visionary leader with a proven track record of driving sustainable social impact and operational excellence in the non profit sector. Skilled in large scale program management, team leadership, and government advisory roles. Strong expertise in program design and implementation, accreditation, stakeholder management, and financial sustainability.Thrives in fast paced environment

Ramandeep kaur

I am a HR professional with Btech and MBA. Also I am a counsellor and a Trainer. I am fond of writing and a professional subject matter expert associated with this profession since years.I can take up any subject and put my soul into it to make it be the best.


Marketing Partnership Manager Global Luxury Goods Sevices Expert Entertainment Industry Workshops with Leading Luxury Brands in Europe India Professor for Business Communication

Sukhleen kaur wadali

I am masters in Economics and done mathematics and statistics along with it .My passion for learning new things helps me to qualify for this .I did trainings in junior software development and java certification.Always eager to upgrade myself with new ways and technologies.

Abhishek Banerjee

My expertise lies in Verbal Aptitude, Test Prep, Soft Skill Training, Communication Skill Building, Content Development, Mentoring, Motivating and Guiding students. Analysing a prospective student in terms of various parameters, mentoring and teaching

Manisha Varma

I am a Counselling Psychologist with 25 years of work experience in India and overseas. I use a need based eclectic approach towards therapy to suit individual contexts and personalities. My vision is to support and facilitate individuals and communities towards their emotional wellbeing and psychosocial health.

Ashish Pal

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Prarthana Sethumadhavan

As your certified Coach licensed in Neurolinguistic programming also, together we will discover your personal or professional problems Stuck states which are often a result of a much deeper internal incongruent state.Facilitating this change in an individual/ groups through identifying this ROOT CAUSE,/S will help YOU transform yourself into your best versions and rewrite your current reality to their desired one by eliminating self defeating thought patterns, beliefs through Neuroplasticity

Sowmya Rajan

Namaste I m an English Language Trainer specializing in General and Business English.

Emmanuel Abuhson

Diffusion of Innovation Strategist, Agroprenuer and Media Facilitator with over a decade work experience in Agribusiness, Media content creation and production. with strategic partnership, I have mentored and empowered youth participation in Agriculture and leading a group of young people reinventing the Agro Ecosystem in Africa.

Hisham Harmalanee

As a graduate with 12 years full and part time jobs in managing, installing, maintaining and teaching computer networking systems, I am excellent in working with others to achieve objectives on time with excellence.

Ashima Gupta

Hi, I am a certified Psychologist with a specialisation inn clinical. I have dealt with more than 100 clients. I have an in depth knowledge of the subject and I am a good listener. I have an experience and expertise in clients dealing with depression, anxiety disorders, relationship problems and psychological issues with old people.

Ann Simmons

I treat every client business as a new born baby. We will never tell you that your business is ugly, i will tell you that it might need some special care. We work with Miltary Veterans who want to start a business and become leaders in there community .

Johnson Okeniyi

Dr. Johnson O. Okeniyi is an outstanding result oriented and award winning professional. He pioneered Africa s largest class of PhD graduates from one department in November 2021 as Director. He is a Project Manager, Crisis Manager and Change Manager. His workmaps are unique and highly profitable.

Riti Sinha

With 18 years of experience in corporates as well as in training and coaching, Riti is a Self Architecting Trainer, Psychological Safety Coach Mentor, Managing Talent and Employability through SkillWyze , DISC Certified, Certified Counsellor, A journalist by heart , An Engineer by brain.

Rakesh Sinha

I am vedic Astrologer. I have completed Jyotish Praveen from Jyotish Vidya peeth, the Asia pacific Accreditation Forum and than did Phd in astrology gold medalist . In my view Astrology is a science and by good calculation, I can solve the problem and sorrow of people and I am doing it since 21 years. I am also grand Master of prasana Kundli, Numerologist and Palmist. I suggest remedies to every

Constanza Roman

I help women Entrepreneur reconnect with their positive, determined, and empowered voice for self her business, regaining work/life balance, restoring well being, building confidence which as a result increases happiness.

Beena Singh


Satyam Arora

Satyam is a senior HR leader and Coach, directly working and advising senior stakeholders on areas of personal leadership transition, leadership transformation, change management, organizational restructuring, and HR functional excellence. Having worked in both well established and start up organizations across sectors, for India and APAC, Satyam is able to drive transformational HR solutions.

Carolina Migliaccio


Amitabha Ghosh

I am an UI developer having around 4 years of expeerience in web development. I have worked on UI development using skills like Angular,HTML5,CSS,Bootstrap and Javascript.I have worked on domain like Retail,HealthCare etc. I am a great problem solver, have focused mindset and good communication skills.

Ashique Bin Iqbal

This is Ashique Bin Iqbal. I have gathered more than ten years of experience in four different industries News media, Legal, IT, and Agribusiness sectors. I consult sustianable solutions to Corporations, Businesses, or individuals.

Mohammad Jamal

Good and indepth research makes a big difference. Gaining knowledge is very important and it is crisp when it is authentic. Reference plays an important role in acquiring true informantion. So, I believe in research with authentication. Author of 3 Books and still believe in learning and researching to guide others with more authentic informations.

Tanve Joshi

I am a Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner and Neuroscience Coach Practitioner, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, with years of experience, helping clients create meaningful, lasting change in their lives. I am a Psychologist Clinical with over 5 years of successful experience recognized consistently for performance, excellence and contribution to success by developing realistic goals and life plans, motivating them to make positive and life altering changes.

Ruchi Narang

A calm, laser focused and a compassionate coach with a flair for understanding the problem and charting goal oriented paths that are executable, sustainable and fungible. A certified NLP Coach with 20 years of professional experience in dealing with people. Whether it is with a personal or professional relationship, an event/situatiom, healding involves reminding us of our power, breaking self belief barriers and igniting our true potentinal.

Fisnik Behxheti

A highly operations professional with repeated success in projects and people management across a Varity of business areas. Experienced in implementing productivity initiatives related to continuous improvements, increased efficiency and employee motivation and development. An experienced operations manager with 20 years of working experience. Worked for over 10 years in management positions in

Wing Commander Satyendra Kumar Chauhan

I am a war veteran Indian Air Force officer , now an ICF Certified Resilience Personality Life coach, Executive Coach with MBA in Marketing HR. I focus on Cognitive Behavioral aspects of humans for success. Have 1500 hours of individual group coaching consultation experience, working with aspiring youth, entrepreneurs professionals on Resilient Lifestyle, Leadership, Management Business matters through a process of inquiry, examination, awareness, self discovery transformation.

Bushra Salahudeen

I have been in experienced, and have overcome abusive situations and people of various kinds, and would love to share the knowledge with those who may still be stuck in such.

Madhuri Jha

An academician with vast knowledge and varied teaching experience of 14 years.I have catered to various grades of students ranging from school student to students at undegraduate and postgraduate level.I am very much entusiastic to explore new growth platforms and opportunities

Head of Content, Growth and Product. With 15 years of experience in GCC and APAC regions of heading teams of some of the largest media networks in the region. I have also been consulting with various startups globally

Bertrand Delagneau

I am a true global leader with 25 years of truly international experience. I lived in 8 countries. At Reckitt , I have occupied for 25 years various C level positions, in senior general management, global strategy committee, M A, operating model design and implementation, transformation, global strategy, 3 years plan committee, regional NED, CMO and other marketing positions, across the Europe, Latam, Africa, Middle East and Asia. He worked on 100 categories and 100 countries.

Pragati Kavilkar

I practice a Mathematical Vedic Astro Analysis System developed in Ancient India circa 3000 BCE. It is far more precise, accurate and gives concrete results when applied to any problem areas of life. My specialization is in Career Consulting, Trauma Management Relationships. I have experience of 11 years in total. Out of which last 3 years have been full time as a practice Astro Analyst.

Urja Dhagia

Through my work with vulnerable children and adults, I have been able to improve mental wellness in more than 5000 people. I am trained to deal with people with patience while employing an empathetic approach and active listening skills.

Anaita Veigas

hi, am a psychotherapist with a PhD in the area of mindfulness and self compassion. I help people reach and live by their true potential by working with their mindset, feelings and behavior. My spiritual journey as well as my very own struggle with mental health anxiety, depression helps me be truly present and create a safe space for healing and growth. Looking forward to working with you.

Jens Casten

I am a Business Coach/Consultant and my areas of expertese include, but are not limited to, Leadership developement, Sales Training, Executive Coaching, and Conflict Resolution. I have been in the Business for over 15 years and I bring vast experience to the table.

Rajsree Gopal

I have a rich balanced experience of over 3 decades in the hospitality industry in both operation and academics in senior position as HOD and corporate roles in The Taj Group of hotels and other International chains .I am now a Coach,Mentor ,Trainer ,Advisor and Consultant with an intension to share my experience,expertise, knowledge and positivity and help others globally and leave a legacy .I was awarded Shiksha Ratna award , Women of Significance , Unstoppable Wominaya recognition i 2022

Grace Dagres

Dale Carnegie Certified Instructor and Coach for 18 years. Senior Trainer. International Trainer Quality Board member. Executive Coach for 15 years. Global experience in working both in person and online in all business sectors and industries providing organizational development and professional skill development

Amit Kumar singh

human resources recruiter/financial expert/startup expert at jobsforher/content writer/content creator/YouTuber/Facebook content creator/twitch gamer/long and short videos content creator/apps and websites tester/podcast

Shae Hall

I am a passionately dedicated life coach entrepreneur with experience with people who aim to do their best. As a life coach I help you tap into your full potential. You were born with dreams, aspirations, unique characteristics, motivation i coach to bring those amazing qualities in alignment with your goals and bring strong sense of purpose to your everyday life.

Stephanie Hilborn

I believe each moment is a chance to start fresh. As a former diplomat and polymath, I offer perspective on stress that helps clients to understand the bigger picture. and find peace in challenging situations and uncover depth that might be otherwise overlooked. I have been called better than therapy and each sesssion a mini mastermind. I also weave in experience studying with indigenous elders from the Andes. It helps to look at root causes of deep afflictions that keep us in pain.

Anushri B

I am an enthusiastic and committed individual with a broad knowledge of nutrition and food science. I have worked in food and nutrition based corporate firms for the past 10 years and continue to do so to bring a positive change that benefit people s health/nutrition and at the same time achieve organisation s objectives. I have experience working with a wide set of client audience and envir

Anthony Mottley

We all need a safe space to vent and reflect on our challenges continually putting others before ourselves, sacrificing time with friends and family, and feeling unappreciated, cause anxiety and stress. We may even be considering a career change, and I can help you reset your perspective and release the issues weighing on you so you can restore your love and passion for your career.

Rodolfo Parlati

What I do is to help people who want to undertake some paths aimed at discovering their potential to achieve their personal and professional goals. In short, giving shape to these. I support those who want to start such paths to help them overcome obstacles and set themselves new challenges. My clients experience improvements in their leadership skills, work life balance and productivity.

Kavita C

I help businesses achieve growth and build memorable brands through marketing initiatives. I have deep expertise of 14 years in brand, digital marketing and customer initiatives across sectors Acko, Portea, Marico Dell India. I am passionate about all things marketing start ups. Alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad NITK. Strengths Customer Acquisition, Brand Identity, Performance mrktg Retention.

Saraswati Pradhan

Hi I am Saraswati Pradhan, I am a Psychologist. My expertise also involve various other therapy modalities like Eft, Matrix Reimprinting, META Health, Colour Therapy and Past Life Matrix Reimprinting. I have always felt that there is an opportunity to grow when we stop thinking we know it all and accept that no matter how experienced we re, we can make mistakes. For me, when my clients improve their present situation with their own skills and when they grow, my career grows with them.

Helen Müller

Helen has been featured in various media for her science backed technique, DNA Upgrade, whereby she uses energy to clear mental blocks, helping people become unstuck and also unlocking the hidden potential of their DNA, all done remotely Testimonials https // v cAxPgjZHSXI t 5s . She focuses on true inner fulfilment and super efficiency and only uses natural non invasive biohacks.

Jim Davis

Executive Coach working with individuals and groups on language, communication, expansion, and effective action. I work in the distinctions of ontology, ecology, and mindfulness coaching. I work with various industries.

Arun Muraleedharan

Commitment to the work

Brajadulal Ghosh

I am highly educated chemistry professional who is a assistant professor along with consultant in company. Additionally, I have my doctorate degree from the United States of America. Moreover, I have enormous research experience in renewable energy during my research in USA.

Faisal Khan

Mathematical Scientist with a multidisciplinary research background and over 15 years of global experience in academia, government and industry consulting, and entrepreneurship. My primary expertise and interest lies in quantum computing and communication technologies and applications of their first generation platforms for superior processing and security of big data in fintech, supply chain, and epidemiology. I have expertise in mathematical modeling in science, engineering, and economics.

Shabeen Mazher

I empower executives, business owners and growth seekers to take back control of their lives, master their mindset and tap their true potential for more career fulfillment, financial abundance, inner peace and success in life My coaching transforms people, jolts them out of their comfort zones, empowers them to achieve their goals and live their dreams. Over the last 4 years I have coached and empowered over 250 professionals, executives, and business owners from diverse industries.

Julio Maria Muhorro

Julio is an international multiple award winning coach, mission driven entrepreneur and a lifetime learner. He uses his 10 years of experience in management, training and research to enable entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations to tap into their power so that they earn the income they deserve and make the impact they desire with integrity. Remember, it s time for you to LiveInPowerNow

Sapna Jha

Avid entrepreneur, performance coach, career strategist, passionate about impacting students lives, she envisions to spread happiness to generations ahead. Apart from her experience in the academics globally for more than 12 years, she is tech savvy, innovative, self reliant and an eternal optimist.

Sachin Sharma

Hey I M Sachin Sharma here and I M Astrologer. Are family from three generations are famous as Astrologers. I have master s in jotish and karmkaand and yajurveda.I have 20 years experience and I have many customer all over India and overseas who have trust on my predictions. If you have any problem regarding Astrology any accure disease... you may visit or apply for an appointment ..thnku

Rebecca Orlando

I work with women who struggle with self esteem, finding their voice, navigating their career, balancing being a mom/wife and work, having it all and who just want to be heard. If you re ready be seen, heard and find solutions to transform, then we are a perfect match because I can help right your sails in the storm.

Prashasti Pritiprada

I m always open for learning. My education and experience are so diversified that will definitely help an organization to grow. At the same time, I will be happy to learn new things from new challenges.

Neeraj Yardi

Let s make football fun Working with kids and players alike. Expertees in kids coaching, understanding of kids psychology, story telling based sessions, fun filled way to learn and/or improve technical and physical skills

Priyanka Solanki

My approach is holistic, as I consider all aspects of life that contribute to healing. I work with all kinds of communities. I have experience with a lot of different kinds of work fields, which helps me now to understand perspectives from different angles.

Sree Gandhi

Experience, Expertise, Coaching, 25 yrs of Cyber experience, coaches multiple teamsI am Cyber Security with over 25 yrs of experience, a Ph.D, M.Tech., MIE with honors in Engineering. Reach out to me for any strategic, professional or personal coach you might require.

Orianne Gambino

Helping leaders and entrepreneurs thrive Managing new level of influence and leadership Working better with people clients, partners, employees, or supervisors Sharpening focus Building better strategies, aligned with their ever changing roles and conditions Increasing their ability to overcome roadblocks fast seamlessly Achieving a better balance

Saraswathi Laxman

I partner support ambitious women leaders to excel in the boardroom, while finding the right harmony in the personal lives. With over 2 decades of experience in the corporate world a mother of a 9 year old girl, who better than a fellow partner in crime, to help you shine showcase your true brilliant self.

Divya Gupta

Divya Gupta is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of experience. After completing her master s in psychology, she completed professional diploma in Clinical Psychology from Sweekar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences, Hyderabad. She specializes in treatment of Anxiety Disorder, Depressive Disorder, Personality Disorder, Anger and Stress Management, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Anupreet Vig

I am a passionate and empathetic Mindset Transformation Life Coach from International Coaching Federation.I strongly belief in each person being unique having infinite potential to achieve all the dreams and desires.I specialize in Life, Relationship,Transformation Coaching focusing on understanding the values and mindset of clients and support in bringing transformation

Neeraj Chowdhary

Experienced in setting up the Training Quality Function. Managed the knowledge transfer to outsource the business from Inhouse. Have done analysis in enhancing the customer experience for new set ups. Indulged in Trainer quality folks KRA setup. Handled the clientele from Healthcare, E Commerce, Energy, Banking, Cards, Hotel etc.

Shanti Sharma

Developing and Growing people is my passion. I am a Leadership Coach, Performance Coach, and Team Coach. I am an ICF certified coach. To nurture my coaching skills I am also pursuing Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP certification and Transactional Analysis TA . I am also a certified Harrison Assessor, Belbin Assessor, and Interaction Styles Assessor. Each of these reports offer holistic awareness about oneself and can complement several learning interventions.

Tulika Rana

A full time Coach Trainer, I am committed to Inspiring, Enabling and Transforming the youth and women to tap their full potential and achieve their personal and financial goals. I have conducted workshops and webinars for Corporates and youth at Universities, Polytechnics, Medical Nursing Colleges and K12 schools on soft skills for Personal Growth and Job Readiness.

Junius Rodrigues

I have worked closely in the education sector for over a decade and have been a part of the growth story of all of them. The secret lies in the pain areas of the consumers. 21CC Education provided e learning modules for on boarding and training of staff remotely without the intervention of a classroom set up. Curiosity Gym implemented Innovation Hubs ATL Atal Tinkeing Labs in schools which is e


I am multitalented personality having expertise in Social Science research,data analysis,wellness and mental health and expertise motivation career advice. I know the art of effective writing and presentaton techniques. I can help young person on how to write story ,novel and academic articles. I can help you to monetize your profesion and talents in sports or arts and visual media

Jatin Luthra

Constant learning and reinvention, reading and positive attitude

Debdutta Bhowmick

HR Lead with 12 years of rich experience in hiring, driving employee engagement, policy formulation, employee coaching, learning and development

Priya gomati Mahadevan

Am a therapist and counsellor with over twenty years of varied work experiences in training, coaching and enabling individuals to overcome their blocks and move towards happier, fulfilling lives. I use a combination of therapies CBT, Transaction Analysis, REBT, mindfullness and breathing and relaxation techniques as per what i perceive to be the need of the hour for my client.

Andrew Nelson

Passionate experienced dynamic educator and Head of School with International experience Love working with kids, teachers and schools Tech savvy Apple Distinguished Educator Google Certified Trainer Helping schools integrate technology in their teaching/learning Sharing Parenting tips especially with the thoughtful use of technology Online educator Aim to excel in task at hand Teaching Coding / Programming

Deepa Rao

Deepa is an experienced Corporate Training Consultant Behavioral Coach, training coaching employees of all levels. Her background prior to consultancy was working with the L D department in the corporate sector. She moved into a Training Consultant role 10 years ago and has a total work experience of 17 years. She is known to make her trainings insightful, engaging and experiential. She delivers end to end solution in training right from analyzing training needs, creating and delivering con

Mridul Nischal

I am an Infra. business dev. consultant with 5 yrs of full time work exp. I had been part of various International and National assignments in various domains. I am an intrigude explorer and traveller who can advise you through the various chapters of life professional and personaly. Apart from my subject matter expertise, I can guide you on Food and tr

Joana Cavaco

My main goal is to help you feel balanced either physically or mentally. With several techniques that you can do it yourself you can achieve great results and feel amazing. I m here to help you achieve your own goals. Let s work together and achieve greatness Take care

Priyanka Dani

I am Priyanka. I help Professionals Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Start ups to boost their relationship with money success by introducing them to perfect combination of control balance resulting in success and growth in their life. We do this by Transforming your dreams into reality, elevating your Value.

Bharti Venkatesh

Dr. Bharti Venkatesh is an academician, practicing Psychologist, Life Coach, Psychometrician, Profiler, Graphologist, and an expert facilitator in teaching Psychology, HR Management specifically Training Development and Organizational Behavior . She is alumna research scholar of FLAME University and IIM Ahmedabad, and has over 25 years of teaching experience in higher education from developin

pankaj sharma

21 years of varied experience which spans many industries, entrepreneurship, consulting and training. I am a certified sales trainer and certified Emotional intelligenve coach. I am passionate about creating solution to empower people and organization.

sidhartha mohanty

My biggest strength is to be able to persevere. Believes in delayed gratification. I love to network, and I am good at it I love to innovate and think out of the box I love to build relationships I believe in real human connections than online I am good at managing people especially large teams I can visualize usage of technology in real life applications I am a Sustainability evangel

Neha Aggarwal

I m a certified diabetes educator with 10 years experience in building Digital health care platforms, counselling patients and being a business owner. I m different as I m technofunctional knows how to build, grow any healthcare related platforms

Sylvia Avila

I ve helped women achieve their goals throughout my career since my leadership journey started back in 2014. My purpose is to help more and more women live better lives. My role is to be a catalyst for your journey to create and build the life you deserve. I m a Business Manager and Economist with seven years of experience in leadership and teamwork related to sales, ops and marketing.

Rahul singh

i am a software developer ,graduated from NIT Rourkela ,I have ability to work 16 hours a day ,I can complete any woek within time .I have also worked as a freelancer during my college days. I have done projects for other countries.

Raakesh Desai

1. Numerology I have been working as a Numerologist from past 5 years. Every person do hard work as per their capacity but only hard work is not important. Luck and Smart work gives success. That Luck is obtained by Lucky name, Signature and Lucky dates to carry out works. I am giving guidance into Name correction, Signature correction, Career guidance, Love and Marriage guidance

Deepshikha Tripathi

Highly driven and compassionate Psychologist/Life Coach who thrives to bring out the best in clients through facilitating them with world class service which includes a wide range of therapeutic modalities, and a huge range of experience at the global level.

Danny Leonidas

Creating a safe space to explore the possibilities Discover clarity and align it with client needs Encourage and facilitate self discovery Client generated solutions and strategies Observing and listening and then offering feedback and perspective Action plan to achieve goals Commitment to and from you to work toward those goals Disciplined accountability

chuck schad

I have studied and practiced modern and ancient meditation techniques for over 40 years and founded The Inner Theater to use these techniques to ease people s troubles with life in general, relationships, depression, anxiety, addictions and other compulsions. I adjust the techniques to suit each client s particular needs. I specialize in giving individuals the tools they need to be happier and

Aanchal Chauhan

I am Aanchal Chauhan and I am a qualified counselling psychologist . I specialise in resolving relationship and family conflicts, issues pertaining to social anxiety, grief, childhood trauma, depression, low confidence, anger management, academic stress and burnout. My therapy practice is insight oriented and eclectic in nature .

Trina Howard

A Senior Agile Coach with over a decade of experience implementing and helping organizations, teams, and individuals adopt and scale agile practices and methods while embedding agile values and mindsets.

Renee Joshua-Porter

Executive Director for a not for profit. NYS Chaplain, Certified Christian Counselor. Dedicated to helping families, parents and entrepreneurs. Artistic Director creating multi media platforms and facilitating groups for wellness, empowerment, personal development and edutainment

Luciana Mascetti

Life Coach/ Expat Coach/ Psychologist. Vast professional and personal experience in Intercultural Programs and Expatriation Processes. Countries Argentina, USA, France and Mexico. Cultural Adaptation/Interculturality/Relocation.

Animesh Rishi

As a attorney I have practiced in courts of law and dealt with multiple clients and since more than one year I have shifted towards the academic field and have been working as an assistant professor teaching Law to law students and legal subjects to other branches making me well versed in people skills and understanding what are the needs of my students. I believe this makes me well qualified to lend my advice to people who need it in field like Career, Personal or legal.

Victoria Matlala

In summary, I am a passionate Talent Acquisition geek with a love of all things tech and a specialty for connecting awesome technology talent with amazing tech opportunities. Over a 10 year recruitment career, I have come from the trenches. Learning my trade initially as an Internal Consultant to taking role of Talent Partner across multiple domains.

Meridith Jacobs

I am an Ivy League educated Lawyer turned Life Coach. I primarily help mothers manage the challenges of parenthoood while preserving or rediscovering their identity. During coaching sessions my client and I engage in confidential and collaborative conversations to provide support and solutions. I believe in goal oriented work in a safe and judgment free environment.

Susan Sjolund

I am the larger than life connector who helps those feeling blocked, lost and lonely to walk the tightrope of acceptance. Innovative and compassionate, I create resourcefulness and resilience. A writer, a marketer, a coach, I help others understand themselves by amplifying the uniqueness hidden to them and holding space for all of it to be okay.

Rich Rogers

I have had the fortune to develop highly successful athletes and teams. My age group swimmers enjoyed hundreds of NAG Top 16 rankings including multiple NAG Champions, my senior swimmers have had success on the National and International levels and my programs have been Bronze, SIlver Gold Medal Clubs incuding a USAS Jr Nat l Championship. My Masters programs have had equal results.

Dipanker Bose

As the Project Manager designated at my current company, I consistently plan, execute and deliver projects on schedule and on budget, whereas I have successfully supported several projects. I am skilled in project planning, communication, and risk management. I am eager to bring my passion and expertise to the Project Manager role and have experience handling all aspects of the project cycle.

Suchithra Mohit

Hello My name is Suchithra Mohit. I am a Psychological Counsellor and a Personal Development Coach. I have 4 years of experince in this field. My motto is to help people live the best version of themeselves.

Yogesh Sakunia

My passion for training and unmatched student engagement.


Working with varied agri based start ups in their innovation journey with respect to proposal screening, technology road mapping, regulatory needs and market connect Collaborate strategically with various external stakeholders including academia, industry, investors, startups and Government with respect to technology development, commercialization, funding management and capital facilitation

Jyothi Iyer

Coaching transforms your life in a big way.If you are ready to change your life then reach out. With a strong background in corporate HR I support mid to senior professionals with their Career Development, Leadership skills, Career discovery, Resume development, Interview Coaching, Networking, your first 90 days in a new job or post promotion, Outplacement coaching, confidence building and more.

Deepak Mundada

Offering 25 years of professional experience and the expertise in Sales, Service and Leadership areas. Own extensive business, consultation, and management experience, Deepak knows and understands the business conditions and requirements at the economic and human resource levels. He, therefore, accompanies companies with a practical business understanding. Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring areas

Rajesh Vijay

Highly accomplished and focused global Senior Finance Advior having varied and versatile experience with Indian and MNC companies with proven competencies in corporate finance, strategic financial planning and control and expertise in operational management and legal compliance

Isabelle Bart

Broad expertise in impact business strategy, leadership and management experience, believe in a holistic approach and entreprenarial mindset to reach higher success. I also teach ideation, business fundamentals and entrepreneurship at various universities and I am a public speaker. I am a highly creative leader who likes to empower others.

Dima Sawaf

helping you deal with anxiety, stress, overwhelming emotions. Get you to tap into your ressourcefulness to overcome your challenges and achieve your desired outcome. I use different modalitites and techniques as NLP, and hypnosis to help you. There are powerful techniques to help you find innerpeace.

vaibhav chandolia

Hey testing description description descriptiondescription description description v v vvdescription description description description description description description description description description

Elizabeth Masterton

25 years actual experience building, developing and managing high performance teams that accomplish ambitious ojectives. Throughout career at Twentieth Century Fox and CBS, has consistently demonstrated her skills in organizational and business development and strategic planning, often developing policies and practices from the ground up. Excellent coaching and conflict resolution skills.

Srikanth V M

i am basically electronics and communication engineer, by heart i am a entreprenuer on agriculture, biotechnology, climate tech. solving superfood value chain with recurring income for farmers with proven model for farmers. i also help students or new entreprenuer by advising and mentoring in agriculture and biotechnology especially in algae farming and organic farming

Alok Bhushan

Im a certfied Dale Carnegie Trainer on Training Facilitation and Content Development primarily in the BFSI space . On the other hand , i have facilitated workshops on the Image Consultancy Skill Areas too as a industry skill set catering to Corporates, Professional Bodies , Forums respectively.

Lisa Taylor

Holistic Certified Coach, Healer and Guide I m intuitive, creative and business savvy, I m able to guide clients to the best version of themselves, overcome blocks and achieve their goals. I love working with business owners, C Suite professionals and high achievers.

Neha Bhatnagar

Certified in People Analytics and Digital HR by IIM Indore 2022. Certified in Compensation and Benefits Planning by CHRMP 2022. Executive Program in Leadership Change Management from XLRI, Jamshedpur 2020.

Anu Kabir

Bonjour and hello there Being a people s person, always an on the go profile with Sales and Marketing, Speaker and a Trainer at Schools, Universities and Corporates in India and overseas handling diversified teams, I feel today I m able to help and asssit people in their soft skills in order to progress further s they are already very well versed with their technical skills.

Bojana Dujkovic Blagojevic

Project manager in national and international projects where capacity building and conflict prevention were key drivers. I have built strong relationship with 1000 teachers, researchers and CSO activists in the WB. My expertise includes association governance and development, cross border cooperation, fundraising, advocacy and public discourse on education improvement in the WB area. I am a M.Sc

Nicholas Chan

Been in the crypto/blockchain industry since 2017. Love to meddle with new technology and learn from smart minds. Right now managing a portfolio of 18 companies for my current company. Investing in companies that are innovative and creating something different in the space, ranging from DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, L1/L2 and NFTs. Understand and advise on tokenomic related matters

Kavya Pasnoor

I am someone who doesn t zone out during the discussions. I can engage the individual not just in an intellectual discussion but can talk about random interests. I mean when I say I understand to any individual and believe in both ways of learning and leaving a lasting impact on the individual and vice versa.I am sensitive vigilant to the information shared.I believe in non conventional ways of providing therapies I don t believe in distressing therapy takers with heavy jargons.

divya sood

The way of seeing and talking about reality in a manner that aims to better understand the interconnections between parts of a systems, making informed choices and to synthesise this into a unified view of the whole because systems are large scale, and system changes now need to be at a globalised level understanding system mapping, complexity, uncertainity and its implications.

Anuj Kulkarni

My hands on experience working with diverse clients globally in areas such as Innovation, Design Thinking, Org Change Management, Project Management and IT Consulting. I also have international certifications and recognitions in all these areas.

Victor Familia

Empathy, love and passion for what I do. Work Empathy, love and passion for what I do. Work ethic. More than 15 years of experience collaborating with companies and helping people. Helping to position themselves in the market and discover their potential. To find meaning in life and give direction to your dreams. Awarded as international speaker. Author Bestseller

Samah Badran

I help peaople to overcome their issues step so they can turn the obstacles into opportunities. In the journey of healing I make sure the clients can see the transformation they want and aim to. Iife coaching helps everyone to know beeter about themselves and notice the missed and good angles in their life

Ahmed SaQr

With a work experience spanning over 4 years in training, development, and coaching in which I have a track record of high achievements, I wish to pursue my passion for Community Development, Volunteering, Training, Corporate Development, and Coaching by working in a creative environment that challenges me, where I can contribute to reaching growth and better results with my knowledge, enthusiasm


I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master,Karuna reiki Master, Money reiki Master, Karmic reiki Master besides I do Tarot reading, Crystal healing, Angelic healing, Merlin healing as well.I have 8 years of experience in reiki and I am an Enthusiastic reiki healer where I kept all my efforts, hardwork and attention during healing for the successful outcome.Offered friendly and efficient services to the clients and handled challenging cases as well

Deepak Saini

I primarily help shift their relationship of aging in less than 30 mins a day so they have more energy, better relationships and reverse the aging process. With my vast corporate experience I also provide Executive coaching for those lookign to make a difference in their personal and professional lives.

Howard Hughes

20 years corporate, 10 years into life change and rural business. A highly adaptable executive manager having held a wide range of roles throughout my career including Finance, Sales, Marketing, Project Programme Management, Strategy and Business Transformation. I have also created and owned successful businesses of my own. Strong experience of leading culturally diverse workforces, building and leading teams in high profile and demanding environments.

Chendil Nathan T Vijay

Experienced and accomplished Professional with overall, 41 years in the industry. The last 15 years at the Senior Leadership level. Measurable achievements in Management Consulting and Business Leadership across a diverse set of Industries and Solutions. Key strengths are Strong customer relationship management, developing and sustaining strong relationships with stakeholders in managing complex

Sumit Sharma

I am Qualified Chartered Accountant with experience of more than 13 years. I can handle the finance department work end to end of an organisation

Kinisha Sanghvi

My name is Kinisha Sanghvi and I am a mental health professional. I deal with clients who go through mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, relationship issues . I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with my clients. I like to dance, bake and explore places

Anaïs Skoutariotis

Multilingual NeuroMindfulness coach specialised in Anxiety and Stress Management. Grounded in the latest scientific research, my Coaching includes Neuroscience, NLP, Psychology and ancient Mindfulness and Meditation practices. Available in English, Dutch Flemish , Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Joseph Tropper

I am a highly trainined, mental health therapist who deeply understands human needs, desires, challenges and frustrations. Bringing together twenty years of experience and a doctoral degree in psychology, I learn how to motivate people with insights based on evidence based psychology.

Marcelle Kaswalder

Influenciada por la Psicologia Positiva y Neurosciencia, busco maximizar el potencial del profesional demostrando su SINGULARIDAD para que, ademas de ganar confianza en si, tambien gane criterio para la toma de decision de carrera. Busco ratificar la presencia de los Talentos de cada quien al descubrir toda experiencia que genere estar en FLOW a modo de un desempeno destacado, luego busco exponer dicho talento a situaciones de carrera que le hagan fluir a diario.

Nancy Weekley

25 years corporate experience, sales and sales coaching training facilitator, expert in technology Project/Program Management, Disciplined Agile, Ways of working, transformation coach helps you see and develop insights, problem solver focusing on experiential learning. I love helping you see yourself and the world differently.

Moriah Coleman

Provide strength based support approach to encourage improving mental/emotional coping strategies and positive self expression. I strive to create a safe space to allow individuals to be open and honest in exploring their needs and discovering how to achieve their desired outcomes

Anubhav Mukherjee

I have been in the start up Ecosystem for last 5 years now and believe that my skill set and Generalist work experience will come in handy. In my last role I assisted the founder s in their daily strategic decisions while leading 3 departments. Have helped the company grow from 0 to 170 customers, 3 to 50 Employees and started and nurtured the entire Data division.

Barry Khan

For those coming from atypical backgrounds and credentials into the healthcare industry, I have experience coming into healthcare administration leadership. Anyone with discipline and work ethic willing to put in the time can be successful in the growing healthcare industry without certifications and licensure.

Aparna Raghavan

I am a counselling psychologist with 10 years of practice. I specialise in counseling young adults and children. I do therapy using CBT, Talk Therapy, Play Therapy and Expressive Art Therapy. If you would like to know more, visit my profile.

Andrea Miller

Andrea is a coach, consultant and advisor focused on creating future ready workforces using evidence based wellbeing and L D solutions. She trains and coaches people and companies in proven best practices for engaging employees at all levels, as well as in building healthy, thriving and more meaningful company cultures great employee experiences.

Aniruddha Pathak

A Sleep Coach, a personality sculptor, a certified Happiness, Goal Success an award winning Career Parenting Coach. I m on a mission to impact 1million lives of young people from 20 to 45yrs to have good sleep using SLEEP framework so that they don t have lifestyle diseases and also help them with a structured approach to enjoy life to become successful in every aspect of life.

Madhu Tiwari

My name is Madhu Tiwari. I am Tarot Card Reader, Astrologer, Numerologist, Vastu Expert, Signature Analysist, Crystal Healer. I help people all over ther world. I help them in their problems like career, finances, health, marriage, business, kids etc. I give simple remedies to solve their Problem.

Tajana Velikinac

I am not only asking you Why and What , but I will also teach you How. Coaching helps you achieve your goals and find true happiness and unlock your potential. Empowerment coaching helps you access your inner power to transform your life. I will teach you how to be aware. It s a proven way for you to improve yourself.

Shaila Rao

I am a counselling psychologist with experience in helping clients deal with anxiety, depression, break up, relationship issues. I also help teenagers deal with peer pressure, parental pressure and academic stress.

Dr. Shweta Sharma

I am an empathetic and compassionate person and a psychotherapist. I use client centred psychotherapy coupled with mind body approaches to help client achieve deep healing and transformation. I provide a safe, non judgmental space where client can learn how to have secure relationship with self, others and life. I believe that healing can happen with inner wisdom.

Shraddha Attal

I design and conduct individual coaching interventions for professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives to empower them to accelerate their growth with clarity, courage, consistency and conviction. Let me help you become the best version of yourself.

Tarek Abou Zeinab

An accomplished leader with over 20 years of experience in successfully delivering transformational change across the flexible office solutions, hospitality and FMCG industry. A great Arabic English communicator able to cultivate mandates across the MENA region and a strategic thinker with a proven track record in leading international organizations in business development/growth.


I am a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor and SEBI Registered Research Analyst. During the past year , when most of the fund managers have not beaten their benchmarks or out performed, I have consistently outperformed and delivered more than expected returns. Currently I am Co Founder Strategic Advisor to a Fintech Platform Gochanakya

Stephanie Il

Chemical Engineer with a creative spirit that develop innovative solutions and implement them from inception to distribution. Always able to flexible in the changes of being successful and being the most efficient with minimal waste.

Venky Kosaraju

A global business leader with a successful entrepreneurial track record in driving business growth. Expert in business start ups, in managing subsidiaries and in profitably managing businesses

Alejandro Filippin

Material scientist with experience in academia and industry doing R D in the fields of thin films and Li ion battery materials and coatings. Moreover, I am among the few people who has experience on PVD methods such as thermal evaporation, e beam evaporation, Remote Plasma Assisted Vapor Deposition RPAVD and Reactive Magnetron sputtering. Moreover, I also worked on Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition PECVD and temporal and spatial Atomic Layer Deposition ALD .

Emily Wang

My name is Emily Wang, I am a ICF certified coach and now on PCC path, I have coached more than 200 professionals since 2019. I believer everyone can find their own path to successful life and career through coaching. Since 2021, I have narrowed down my coaching practices to engineer and product leaders including VP, CTOs. I look forward to have a chat with you and see if we are the right fit.

Joy Salameh

Gold Medalist Fitness Champion, body positivity advocate, body transformation coach, motivational speaker. with The Fit Boss Woman Project, I am on a mission to empower women to be the best they can be, hoping to inspire them to push their boundaries when it comes to weight training, healthy living, clean eating and balanced living and simply being the best version of themselves.

Haniya Siddiqa Naveed

A few aspects of my career distinct me as a Communication Trainer Coach . My diverse professional experience in the UAE, France and Pakistan, training clients from diverse backgrounds e.g. business executives, students, jobseekers, factory workers and teachers. I offer complete learning solutions identifying areas for development and designing customised solutions through training sessions, coaching or mentoring. I am able to offer these services in English and Urdu and intermediate French.

Samra Azhar

Responsible for changing lives of many by imparting behaviour and habit altering coachings. I have living proven examples who wo be willing to testify about my expertise in providing them clarity, perspective and vision in their lives.

Katarina Skendzic

Katarina is certified corrective exercise specialist She has 6 years experience working with kids with multiple spine deformities as scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis and correcting flat feet Dedicated physiotherapist experienced in counselling clients on preventative care and positive lifestyle changes Areas of expertise electrotherapy corrective exercise pain relief

Devika Vashisht


Kai Stowers

I provide organization development and executive coaching to identify your areas of strength and future opportunities. As a former scientist, I value evidence based tools and approaches to get you where you want to be. I believe shame is a terrible teacher and create confidential, safe spaces for you to explore the challenges you face.

Rangamini Werawatta

Advisor with over 15 years experience in public, private and development sectors in EU, Middle East, South Asia and ASEAN regions in ICT, Education, Tech Startups, Leadership, Strategy and Business Development

Preenu Prabhesen

Healthcare Technology Management Professional with 8 years of Medical Equipment s Management experience and solid knowledge of Biomedical Engineering. Reputation as a self directed professional with superior problem solving, communication, and management skills. Successful in managing time, prioritizing tasks and organizing projects to improve the quality of healthcare.

Melissa Quick

Always being ready to learn a new skill and being excited about change.

Maria Allshouse

After a life long battle of disordered eating and chronic dieting, I finally broke free. I released 130 pounds and have kept it offer for over 11 years. Today, I empower women to break free from a diet focused life so that they can release what is weighing them down, fall back in love with their favorite selves and live the vibrant, healthy, active life they crave.

Gary rossi

Professional Career Management Consultant Coach

Sally khalaf

Inspiring speaker with 11 years experience in the workforce and 5 years as Trainer, enthusiastic about motivating professionals to pursue ongoing development. Leads sessions and coordinates training activities based on organizational needs. Approachable, encouraging and informative leader adapts to different situations and environments. Extensive experience training for different ages in both Ar

Eman Hassan

I hvae worked with more than 100 nationalities all over the world. I m an expert in delivering the information to all mmy audience in a very simple way. Training will always be my passion as i don t consider it as a job.


I am from Education field with 30 years experience. Can help build better bonds between Parents Children/ family members

Evangelia Panou

I have received industry recognised training on coaching and learning and development and have worked successfully with many people and organisations across the world. I am passionate about empowering people and uncovering what holds them back, so they are able to realise their their potential with ease and joy. I have successfully supported people to shift things in every area of their life.

Shilka Agarwal

Life Coach to help you get out of your own way. Recover. Reconnect to your inner wisdom. Redesign your life your way. My work is not to advise you but to empower you so that you can find your own strength and inner guidance and set afoot to a life you want. If you are looking to work with yourself, and not against yourself, and somewhere in your heart believe that you are capable of more more happiness, more meaning, more satisfaction reach out to me.

Rahaf Ibr

Hello I am Rahaf, have you ever dreamed of havingg someone to listen to your secrets and figures without judjing or someone you needed someone to only listen to you without giving you millions of advices have you ever had a very big secret that you wanted to remove it out of your mind but didn t have the courage to tell that s why I am here

Legal Adviser and Lawyer with 7 years experience and who strives for a progressive, professional and challenging work ecosystem comprising a blend of legal, compliance and secretarial profile which will enable me to do justice to my potential as well as to the development of the organization.

Aditi Koli

I have completed my Master s in Applied Psychology Spec in Clinical Psy. . I have two years of working experience at a psychiatry clinic and with a renowned mental health platform which has made me adept to handle a diverse range of concerns related to anxiety disorders, mood disorders, stress management, adjustment issues, love relationship issues, family issues, etc. Moreover, I address self improvement concerns such as personality development, enhancing soft skills, etc.

Dilip Nandkeolyar

Being out of the box and pragmatic in my approach, I usually find an innovative solution to address pain points for all those who choose to associate with me. Have either been part of the team or managed quite a few turn arounds in my corporate avatar. As an academician and researchers, my forte has been in strategic initiative for Entreprenuerial ventures and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

Liz Harlow

As a coach, I work with clients globally to identify and transform their experiences of stress and dis ease in the work place, and in their lives. Working with clients optimizing wellness and walking through medical crisis I am a master energy healer, mindset and embodiment coach.

Meredith Graham

Ms. Graham has over 15 years of progressive human resources, talent management, and leadership development experience, practicing and leading these functional areas across several industries. Ms. Graham serves as a people and strategy consultant focusing on goal formation and management, performance assessment, targeted development planning, succession planning, and systems related project design and execution. She has proven success in leading projects to achieve business objectives.

Imon Ghosh

I am an Author, Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Development Consultant. I help Leaders, Managers and their Teams as a Business Coach, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer and Energy Worker Third Degree Master Reiki Healer, and Ho Oponopono Practitioner . I have written books on Ending Inflation, Reducing Poverty to Accelerate Economic Growth, and Making Democracy More Democratic with Tax Innovations.

Soumendra Karmahapatra

I am a PhD in Biochemistry, with two MS degrees in Plant science and clinical research. I have more than 12 years of experiences with scientific research and developement/scientific data analysis/mentor,supervisor/writing/information and dicovery, lab management/setup. I have published more than 30 articles in different peer reviwed journals with new discovery.

Jae-Lex Linsey

I work with business owners, CEOs and Project Managers helping them to communicate with greater impact and confidence. My specialty areas of expertise are Defining your brand message Networking online and offline more effectively and Speaking to your team, Board members, stakeholders or a wider audience with confidence, authority and power.

Dr Preeti Sharma

I am Dr Preeti Sharma from India. I have done my MBBS, Emergency medicine from RCGP UK , and my post graduation in Pathology from Manipal University, India. I have also done my Executive program in General Management from IIM Bangalore. I have traversed the healthcare industry for 20 years working in Hospitals, Pharma companies, Biotech, Medtech devices, Health tech and consulting firms in Medi

Bhavnish Sharma

Let s revive the most important thing in today s rapid racing world, The Spark of the soul. Hii I am Bhavnish Sharma Your complete Health Wikipedia with some human emotions. Pleased to be your assistant in a phenomenal change in your life.

Srishti Malhotra

I love what I do and try to give my best everytime, never let a day pass without a challenge. It s all about creating memories to make the moment remember you did everything you wanted, that is why you will always come back for more. My motto Do what you love, eventually you will grow into loving what you do. Do it for the first time, if you can t do it at the first time

Viji Menon

Accomplished Enterprise Transformation Specialist Business Excellence Leader with capability of executing large scale transformation by effective Consulting, Coaching, Training rich experience working with Leadership, Midlevel and Geo teams, Vendors. Expert in driving adoption and implementation of various Models/ Frameworks/ Industry Standards/ Methodologies like SAFe, LeSS, Scrum, CMMI, etc

Lorenzo Cappella

Sesoned company director across different industries specialised in process streamlining and resources management. Assisting clients reaching their goals through accurate and sustainable step by step SMART action planning. People is the Core, Strategy is the Key, Data is the Truth

Pinal Sawansukha

Pinal is a flexible, professional therapist who caters to different types of psychological disorders. Her day to day work deals with resolving issues relating to dealing with intense emotions, anxiety, depression, and relationships. She likes to use a lot of creative elements in her therapy like art and music. If you re not sure about what irks you, Pinal is the go to person who will definitely h

Harsh Deodhar

I help founders plan, strategize and execute their fund raising activities by Pitch deck advisory, financial framework, valuation advisory, whom to pitch, how to pitch, the pitching story. At ah Ventures, we get 600 startup application every month, of which I meet 35 40 entrepreneurs every month. I review 50 60 pitch decks every month, I m an sweat equity mentor for 3 startups, active angel Inv

Radhi Rajpal

I am an M.D doctor with Diploma in Therapy and Counsellingfrom Karma center.I have 10 years experience in treating clients with PTSD,trauma,depression and anxiety.I have a high rate of success ,I own my clientts am empathetic and practical

Rutveez Rout

A strogn sense of Generalist being able to grwoth hack and solve problems using the vast expience from working,advising and mentoring different startups across vaarious sectors.

varsha gehlot

Life Coach NLP Practitioner Certified Associate Leadership and Executive Coach Organizational Development Coach Training Development Digital Marketing Enthusiast I want to enable any client to find a clear purpose in their life, release the power within them, reach their goals and fulfil their life long dreams

Sukrut Patwardhan

Sukrut Patwardhan has completed B.E E TC and PGDBA HR Sukrut Patwardhan is ICF approved Certified Leadership Coach He is an internationally certified Soft skills trainer by Pebbles hills University USA He is Certified learning and development manager from Carlson University USA He has 12 years of experience in training and development and has catered 55 clients in various in

Cornelia Bogatu

I have been trained as a systemic coach in 2016, after completing an ICF accredited coaching programme. Since then, I have successfully coached salespeople, managers, entrepreneurs, scientists and students in achieving personal and professional goals such as coping with transitions in new roles, dealing with pressure and anxiety, boosting job performance or finding new jobs. My MSc studie

Stephanie Benfield

ICF accredited business, performance and creativity coach as well as a copy strategist, helping brands to step into their voice and create compelling campagins that deliver results. I work holistically and empathetically for greater productivity and wellbeing.

Suparna Chatterjee

With more than 15yeaes of diverse experience in the field of architecture, design, art, education, training development and relevant certifications, I can connect coach through mindfulness and meditation. I have a natural instinct to understand and empathise, which have got further enhanced through professional training. My intention is to help others achieve their desired goals.

Donna Desrosiers

A passionate and innovative Retail Advisor, Business Coach, Mentor and Peer Group Facilitator, Donna has successfully provided guidance for growth, transformative and turn around companies which have resulted in significant bottom line revenue results. She is a growth minded leader who has never been satisfied with the status quo. Open for new challenges, Donna accepted executive roles in the publ

Mohana More

I am a certified Professional Coach specializing in Transition Coaching helping clients work through the changes in their lives , anxiety, burnout and transitional stress.I work with executives, women and young adults

Tolulope Fakehinde

I work with people to bring out the best in them, enabling them to see and focus on their strengths and what makes them tick. I have been able to guide career professionals across levels to gain clarity and make the right decisions while charting their respective paths.

Amly K A

I am into Social Media Lead Generation and I get quality leads to the clients. I does it through Social media sites like, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc and I am so happy that I am doing something useful.

Mary Beth Hazeldine

Presentation Expert who can help you craft powerful, persuasive and concise presentation. I turn your content into exciting and compelling pitches/presentations and help you overcome public speaking phobias/nerves.

Ashwin Das

An entrepreneur from the core, having experience in FMCG, Banking, Training, Staffing and Software Product Engineering. Have worked in the US and middle east. Have run three owned enterprises. Got my last business acquired. I am an adventurist and love to drive and explore.

Shreeya Pande

I m a soft skill trainer with more than 5 years of industry experience in Retail and Hospitality. I m also a visitng faculty with leading colleges where I train the students on personality development and Corporate readiness. My major goal is to train the frshers to be service industry ready. I have trained more than 3000 students till date.

Monisha Singh

I am an expert in consulting and talent sourcing for the manufacturing and services sectors with 25 years of managerial and leadership experience in one of India s leading steel manufacturers Tata Steel and a chemical manufacturer Atul Ltd. Lalbhai Group . I am also a POSH trainer, change management and manpower consultant. My LinkedIn profile is https // singh 2b5333

Anthony Nielsen

I come with 15 years of experience including 6 years of research and development with Chevron. After going on to receive my Chemical Engineering MS, I shortly started my chemical consulting career. I have worked across various different industries like aerospace, polymers, nanoparticles, coatings, consumer products, and cannabis. The diversity is what sets me apart from other professionals.

Lani Gerszonovicz

Mindfulness Coach since 2004 who leads interactive sessions for business leaders, teams and forutne 500 companies Experience 26 A Z Mindfulness evidence based proven practices for stress reduction and wellbeing. Be guided through engaging, easy to follow mind, body, breathing strategies used almost anywhere at anytime. Enhance mental clarity, peace of mind, greater focus and resilence. Learn techniques to feel your best while improving communicaton, productivity and efficiency.

Corinne Lebrun

I love to research topics that require evidence based facts to back them up Im working on my Ph.D in Psychology, and have an M.S. in Psychology aas well. My expertise spans through consciousnes, spirituality, meditation, social psychology, media psychology and... general fact checking. This stuff is fun for me

Michael Ziemba

Extensive experience in multiple engineering disciplines including electrical, mechanical, and sytems engineer. I have woked on design and development of aircraft flight an engine controls, early Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and locomotive controls as my primary experience. I have taught electrical engineering and Fundamentals of Electromechanical Systems at the university level. MSEE, PhD in BME.

Adenike Makinde

I have helped more than 1000 people find work they love at the right pay in the corporate world. What makes me different from other coaches you might ask Well, for one building confidence is my specialty. I not only help you execute the most effective career strategies and tactics, but I help you to overcome imposter syndrome and build confidence that gets you noticed

Michellea Millis Rucker

I have over 30 years experience coaching CEOS, School Leaders, and Entrepreneurs. I am a Master Certified Coach and have a Master and A.B.D. for a Doctorate in Leadership. I also have over 25 years as a successful leader.

nirav shah

i come with 14 years of experience in digital advertising on the product and business strategy side. I am an expert in mobile, display and video advertising. I also have expertose in digital advertising products whoch include the dsp ,ssp, cdp and the exchange business as well

V Pradeep Kumar

After 40 years of corporate career, entrepreneurship and consultancy, I am now into start up consultancy, management and career consultancy. I do Business Plans for start ups/early stage emerging firms and assisting to raise finance through Angel Investors/VC Funds. We specialize in providing strategic advisory services to EdTech, FMCG others. I am also a prolific writer and corporate trainer.

Kathleen Fariss

I am the Co Founder/CEO of FC C and a certified coach. With over 20 years of experience as a change agent, I love to develop strategies for professional transformation at the individual and organizational levels. I am most passionate about pouring into young professionals, the next generation of leaders, by serving as a mentor, role model, and guide empowering them to step into their brilliance.

Daniel Attinger

Consulting activities are in bloodstain pattern analysis, heat transfer and fluid dynamics. My unique know how is based on 20 years of faculty level work in research heavy universities, where I led Government funded research projects, evaluated peers in Government panels, developed educational curricula for graduate and undergraduate students, and produced 100 peer reviewed publications.

Fareed Qureshi

Having a teaching, training and counseling experience of more than 15 years with a diverse group of students and trainees. a culturally aware and responsive individual. an effective listener at your service.

Arijita Mukherjee Chakraborty

I have a Ph.D. in Physics/Materials Science where I studied battery materials using advanced characterization techniques. After my Ph.D., I worked at Intel Corporation as a Failure Analysis R D Engineer, contributing to identification of the root cause of physical defects in semiconducter devices. I now teach Physics, Maths and Statistics at various levels at the institute I co founded.

Sonal B Chhibber

Sonal is a Holistic Therapist, dedicated to assisting her clients to uncover their hidden blocks and patterns that are deeply embedded in their subconscious mind. She focuses on deep healing techniques that empower her clients to be free to choose and embrace a life that they aspire towards.

Marcelo Bigliassi

Dr. Bigliassi has been active in the field of psychophysiology and applied psychology for over a decade. He has published over 50 research articles in scientific journals, delivered several guest lectures in national and international conferences, and published hundreds of articles in newspapers and magazines.

Sarabjeet Kaur

am an inquisitive computational chemist who mixes an analytical outlook with a creative approach to solve research problems ranging from radiation polymer chemistry, RNA and nucleobase based QM and MD models to inorganic mineral synthesis. The origin of life and exoplanet habitability are the topics close to my heart but I am equally intrigued by drug design, RNA and Modified RNA Modelling.

Jason Tan

I focus in Health, Wellness and Relationship to provide solutions bringing you from your current state and condition to an improved version of you with better overall wellness in 90 days or less. My methods are holistic to each unique individual and most importantly we have proven results.


I am a dedicated dental professional who loves to teach students from the very basic level so that learning for them becomes bit easier and interesting. As a researcher i spend a lot of my time in literarture review and planning a research project well taking into considerations various kinds of challenges that one might face during the execution of the project.

Ankita Vasudev

Career Transition coach with over 3 years of relevant experience helping professionals identify their passions and make career changes that lead to fulfilling lives. Specializes in working with individuals in transition, including those who are unemployed, re entering the workforce, or considering a career change.

deepak marathe

Polyglot Fullstack Software Developer, Big Data Platform Engineer, Cloud Solution Architect, Polyglot Fullstack Software Developer, Big Data Platform Engineer, Cloud Solution Architect, Polyglot Fullstack Software Developer, Big Data Platform Engineer, Cloud Solution Architect

Neha Patil

I am an editorial scientific advisor with an experience of 2 years in mentoring and assisting in editorial process. As well as I have an expertise in Pharma/Healthcare domain with total experinece of 4 years

Linda Lambert

Dr. Linda Lambert, NMD is a naturopathic doctor and an advocate for natural and preventive health care. Her goal is to help educate patients about alternative health resources, help them obtain optimal healthcare solutions and maintain vibrant health. Before embarking upon her natural health journey, she worked in senior financial management for several fortune 500 companies.

Swetha Sarathy

Employing a growth mindset, treating every obstacle as a learning opportunity and asking for help when I need it.


Fintech Leader with over 18 years of experience in building Digital Businesses in Remittances, Payments, Lending, Mutual Funds, Equity, Taxation and Platform Sales. Engaged with Regulators for approvals and driving the Legal, Compliance, Risk, Audit and Due Diligence functions. Regulatory Challenges Disruptions were turned into opportunities to embed finance for large organizations. I like taking a different approach to challenges, enjoy connecting dots and help people punch beyond boundaries

Catarina Vaz

Behavioral Training Consulting and Coaching Individual and corporate coaching and consulting for the development of behavioral and communication strategies. Insights into body language, micro espressions. Specialized in conflict mediation and interpersonal personal and professional communication.

Sujeeth Patil

I am Expert in the FInance field, and hve an extensive experiance in the fintech, banking and crypto industry. I have ability to teach the finance courses and topics for exams like CMA US , CFA and Accounting

Flor Alvarez Mitre

I am a Scientist in physical chemistry holding over 13 years of experience in structuration of soft materials with emphasis in lipophilic and amphipathic systems. I have a high expertise in formulation, crystal design, development of analytical methods and stabilization of colloidal products involving oils and fats. I have been a Scientific consultant since 2016 for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and

Lakhbir Kaur

A passionate HR Professional with Over 13 Years of experience in HR Operations/ HRM / HRD Training / Gen. Admin./ IR / Establishment/Service Matters Retirement, Resignation, Pension /Appraisals/Time Office Payroll Management/HR Policies and Procedures /Employee Engagement/Grievance Management/Team Management.

Samson Robert-okorie

I am a profound Peoples Manager as well as a Development specialist that enhances organizational brands using employer branding and culture alignment my keen interest in organizations is to actualize business growth and bottom line results.

Aparna Gunda

A scientist who could offer expert advice in biomarker discovery, product development using artificial intelligence based approaches, validation of products in the appropriate clinical trials using relevant statitical approachesin the field of oncology. Also could offer services on indepth technical knowledge on technical platforms like immunohistochemistry, Q PCR, antibody development.

Iris C.Y.

I Help companies reduce expenses, and add revenue through management consulting, process improvement, market research and sound business plans.

Sandra Berral

I help people by guiding them to a transformation experience in their lives in areas as mental blockages, procastination, personal blockages that prevent them to enjoy their lives or take decissions, in their inner peace searching, etc not only using coaching and new Code NLP skills and techniques but also through my voice always considered amazingly relaxing with meditations. I also provide transformation through changing inner habits through food and healthy recommendations using Ayurveda.

Gautam Kumar Baboo

A recent graduate with a PhD in cognitive Neuroscience. With a Bachelors in engineering specializing in Biotechnology. Further have gained close to a year of industry experience from Biocon India. During the course of my research I have designed pipelines for early detection and management of Alzheimer s disease and its comorbidities with the help of neuroimaging modalities. Plus teaching 5Yrs

Parul Nimesh

I am a human resource professional with enterprenure mindset and worked with various startup as strategic advisor and planner . can help you in achieving various goals in the organization.I understand the requirement briefly and then research and provide best and practical aproach required for same.

kimberly burton

Specializing in couples and individual counseling building Sellf Esteem, decreasing Anxiety and unloading PTSD issues that is due to stress in the home and workplace to maintain stability in everyday life with hopes of gaining a positive and productive life.

Giancarlo Cobino

10 years of experience in Data Science projects, from machine learning to Artificial intelligence, applied to real world problems. Development and implementation of customers profiling, recommender systems and Churn algorithms. Extensive experience in managing heterogeneous teams of Software Developers, DevOps, Data Scientists, Sales and Marketing.

Anna Ebrani

I have many years of experience working within the mental health field. I am also a relationship and career consultant. I work with adults who want to learn how to make positive and permanent changes in their lives. I have a holistic approach where I address the individual s physical and mental well being. I also have a strength based and solution focused approach. I am empathetic and patient.

Roya Saab

A skilled, business growth driven specialist with capacity, adequate skillet, and continued success in work within food microbiology and research. Highly energetic and devoted executive with pride and expertise in implementing excellent strategy and managerial skills in order to achieve the goals of the highest standards and profitability. Demonstrated ability to fulfill all achievable goals under

Rajesh Kanoi

Long years of rajyoga pranayama and meditation showed how breath could be used to heal different ailments and conditions including serious ling conditions like COPD. Having suffered ED breath showed an easy way to reverse the condition without side effects. The breath can be used effectively to control the mind and to help one overcome OCD and debilitating habits and raise one s vibrations.

Barbara Giacone

After ten years of experience as a company manager, I decided to devote myself to the freelance profession. As a coach, I help and support people and organizations to develop their awareness and potential. In addition to individual coaching and counseling sessions, I carry out organizational consultancy,corporate team coaching and supervision of group dynamics. I ve been practicing holistic disciplines for several years and I m interested in proposing activities that increase body awareness.

Khadija Arrami

If nothing feels right, you feel lost, and need support to find your purpose, or to get out from a bad experience, you feel that you are special and the usual and general advices doesn t suits you, you re right, my professional and personal experience taught me that we can pursue life and goals the same way, so I am a holistic counselor and I ll help you to achieve anything, in a unique way.

Leila Mourad

18 years of experience in commercial aircraft leasing, trading, transaction and contract management, including but not limited to monitoring lease agreements for compliance with all commercial terms by aircraft lessees reporting to investors, lenders and financial institutions periodic aircraft asset management reports and lease management reports aircraft insurance renewals letter of credit renewals...

Devyanshi Behl

I m a counseling psychologist. I firmly believe that every individual is whole and complete and you are not your illness, the illness is just a part. I am a trauma informed and Queer positive practioner with 5 years of experience working with different populations and modalities. My responsibilities include, research, content development, workshops, mental health training.

Rabindranath Markanti

Result oriented professional with 22 years of diversified techno commercial Global leadership experience in different Roles Responsibilities. Accountable for delivering and managing applications, products and their features, improve efficiencies, Releases and Build Management, establishing SDLC practices, org resource management and vendor management, Cross Geo collaboration and deliveries.

Burke Liburt

The ability to provide a perspective based upon a careful assessment of a client s challenges my approach is entirely contextual as opposed to a textbook analysis. Each marketplace is unique and the client s needs sculpted to its demands.

Thomas Mancuso

I have my MS degree in geology and have experience in all facets of mineral resource project exploration, development and operations. I have also started new private companies, loaded them with natural resource project assets and taken them public to raise money for development/operations. I worked directly in the mines for many years and have been CEO, VP, Board Member, Mine Superintendent and Chief Geologist.

Naji Mohammed

I am an HR Leader with around 19 years of experience in various facets of HR functions involving, Compensation Benefits, People Analytics, MIS, Policy Formulation, HR Strategy Planning, and Talent Acquisition. Along with that I also hold an MBA degree with HR as my specialization.

Nina Sharma

Pharm Gold medalist PhD Indian Institute of Technology, IIT, BHU, India , 1985 Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management CIM, UK 2007 Advanced Diploma in HR Management ABE UK 2008 Advanced Diploma in Business Management ABE, UK 2009 Top Paper Prize Global Award for two papers Certified Global Trainer for QA and Microbiology by Global C P Certified Auditor in J amp J Certified Vendor

Yanis Chiniah

ocus on helping businesses willing to grow their project management capabilities and put the human equation at the centre of it all. I work with technology and businesses who want to develop high performance teams to deliver the best projects and programs and value the best practices and principles to ensure quality and timelines are respected and also understand the importance of people first.

Diana Steel

I collaborate with leaders and organizations who want to create an environment where communication is fostered, employees are engaged and goals are met. I pride on providing leaders practical and high impact tools that can be applied immediately and obtain measurable results and business growth. My perspectives on leadership development and training are evidenced based and real world.

Chris Gage

I have been highly successful in transforming grossly under performing Support Services and Customer Service Centres, to the point I find that is what I thrive on. I love to develop others around me, I am strong forward thinking leader who still enjoys listening and developing alongside others.

Samantha Severson

I hold a doctoral degree in Teaching and Learning with an emphasis in Adult Education. I have an MA in Educational Leadership and a BA in English. I excel at teaching, coaching, writing skills, research, qualitative analysis and guidance regarding educational and career goals.

David Eisen

I help people achieve their professional and personal goals through proven methods I ve gained in military, government, and corporate settings. I have coached/trained/mentored thousands of people and organizations to take their visions and make them into reality.

Praneeth Kannarapu

Masters in psychology, 15 years of experience. Client centered approach. Open communication, corporate exposure. Bite size training. Adoption of new technologies, real world exposure, effective communication.

Amir hagos

I am one of the most respected heath care managers and influencers on the African continent, I am focused tirelessly on establishing a culture of strategic leadership, transparency, performance management, and accountability aimed at improving health service delivery in Ethiopia and Africa at large. A physician by training, with a postgraduate qualification in public health, I served as a medical practitioner worked to rise through the ranks to serving as Minister of Health.

Kenneth Johnson

After decades of suffering from depression when traditional therapy and medications didn t work, I found techniques and practices to ease depression and anxiety. Now I want to share my experiences and expertise on how to live your best life free from the suffering of depression and anxiety. How to train your mind to work with you rather than against you

Zehra Charlesworth

I use energy practises within Psychological Science therefore I offer holistic and integrative approach to my clients. I am not a Psychologist yet, but training to be one. The energy skills and Quantum Methods I practise impact people in a way that is very efficient because I offer individualised strategies, not just the textbook solutions. I believe in my clients ability to thrive.

Oldie Skn

Change the world with cusine therapy tummy at a time.

Shyamala Thangadurai

SHRM Certified Human resources Practitioner. I can help you ace your next job hunt, expert resume building, Linkedin Profile, Mentor you for life s challenges too. I have close to 12 years of experience in Corporate and as a Co founder of my own Venture, I can guide young people on choosing their career path and hold them until they are confident to be on their own. I also teach English grammer.

Amol Gulhane

Successful Techie Turned Entrepreneur who led the team to secure the Highest Honor for Entrepreneurship, the National Award by Government of India. Having positively contributed to the democratizing of Robotics, Automation, Internet of Things, AI, Domain of the Indian Education System through my previous stint at Robolab Technologies. I look forward to making an even larger and deeper impact

Dr Rakesh Varma

Dr Rakesh Varma is an Ex IAS V.R UP Cadre. He has 23 years of civil services spanning different sectors from IT, Health, Transport, Skilling, etc. He is Doctorate in Sociology and Master in Public Policy, LKYSPP Singapore. He is expert in Government Business and Strategy Planning for Corporates. Well versed with the government ecosystem he negotiates the bureaucracy political leadership easily

puspharaj selvaraj

I build software I build software I build software I build software I build software I build software I build software I build software I build software I build software I build software I build software

Nicole Spears

Very successful career, promoted early and successfully managed over 500 people within my organization. Rated number one company and managed multiple businesses on the side. Own multiple real estate properties and maintain a family with a retired husband and 4 year old son. Everyone with kids understands that is not a easy life to manage. I must admit, I m Blessed and want to share my experiences.

Johnson Ayadi

My style of interraction is unique, I listen more than talking. I am flexible and happy to impact, and also excited when my mentees do well. I have a wealth of Knowledge to enrich whoever wants to take from it.

Nidhi Sharma

I am a catalyst, who is your growth accelerator and turns your spark into a fire. I am convinced that We are not our behaviour and hence this behaviour can be modified and changed to achieve a fulfilling life. I endeavour to chart the uncharted territories that allow my clients and me to be better than our best and create Happy Livings.

Ziad Ghoson


Aakanksha Pathak

ISTD certified trainer with extensive experience of 9 years in end to end training management. I have successfully trained on compliance, behavioural and copmetency based topics. Also, have created organisation based Leadership Competency Frameworks.

Madhu Nagesh

An accomplished agile leader with overall 23 years of rich industry experience in Pharma, Investment Banking, Aerospace and Manufacturing sectors. Have demonstrated history of Setting up GBS from scratch Enhancing end to end capabilities. Core strengths include Finance, Accounting Analytical global operations, Business Strategy consulting, Digital Transformation Value addition

Jennifer Erpelding

I am a forward thinking and results driven Academic Leader with demonstrated success in curriculum development, educational technology, staff training and development, adult and special education, regulatory accreditation, and continuous improvement. Excels at developing, coaching, mentoring, and leading others.

Harsha Jankiram

Hyperlocal / slot based / Same day delivery Launch and expansion process design and setup process improvement and P L Management Specialist My KRA in specific areas. 1. Launch and expansion 2. Process design and implementation 3. Account management 4. Logistics and operations management 5. Setting up SOP and optimizing them 6. Order and route optimization

Vikram Pathak

Strategically focused, transformational, analytical, resourceful, result oriented, and commercially aware competent performance professional with 30 yrs , having an accomplished achievement of results in RevOps, VUCA Sales Cycle Management B2B, B2C D2C , Lead Management, Business Development, Channel Sales, Customer Relations CRM , Marketing Brand Management, Market Research Analysis

Soumyajit Ghosh

Varied experience across Financial field across Banks, Mutual Fund, Consulting..More than 12 years of experience across Retail and Coporate Banking, Risk and Compliance, Audit, Governance and Staleholder Management


Highly organized, motivated and detail oriented problem solver in healthcare ecosystem particularly in Health Insurance domain. Energetic leader dedicated to building strong team environments by mentoring/coaching and fostering open communications to ensure strong, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Revenue cycle management, pricing strategy, business analysis, project management

Zikea McCurdie

I am a health and wellness coach with a Masters in Integrative Medicine. I have experience in individual health coaching, group health coaching, corporate wellness, and wellness program design. My area s of specialty include weight loss, habit formation, stress reduction, and chronic disease prevention/management.

Rekha VV

Total 2 decades of People Development Experiecne. She worked with MNC Corporates and has enriching experience in Learning Individual Development. As a Certified Behavioral Coach, She has expertise in offering solutions to ehance Work Life integration. She helps professional to build positive Family Dynamics, design Time Management Strategies, Define Life Goals. She holds Bachelor s and Masters in HR from Mumbai University. She has certifications in MBTI,NLP,TA, Personal Counselling Therapies

Ibrahim Yusuf

I am a very focused, disciplined, and dedicated individual. Once i set goals, I ensure I work assiduously to achieve them. In essence, i am purpose driven with eyes for success. Regarding teamwork, I am a team leader with a passion for pursuing organisational vision and mission. My principle is that the whole team must succeed together or fail together. Hence, I ensure every team member is carried

Rupal Tapadia

Masters in Clinical Psychology, Advance Diploma in Psychological Sciences, Certified Sex Therapist, Counselled over 500 people and families over 9 years with close to 100 satisfaction and very high refferal rate covering wide range of pychological issues like abuses, addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, marital discords, self esteem, self awareness, self care and so on. Diversified experience with respect to different age groups, institutions, hospitals, psychiatrists etc

Ayesha Sikander

HR Advisor/HR Consultant having SHRM CP credentials alongside MBA. For last decade, have been working with start ups and organization who are looking for either building HR department or are looking to revamp the HR Department. Having knowledge of US, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and Qatar employement laws and HR best practices. Having expertise in all domains of HR functions

Mouna Boubdir

I use meditation and holistic life coaching to create more balance in your life. I have been working with women and men who want to create change in their life and to create more wellbeing. Through a tailored program I assist you to integrate self care and to create balance in your life.

Lynne Schwandt

Former business owner with extensive experience recruiting, developing and leading a diverse workforce, and creating and executing HR strategy and operational efficiencies aligned with business imperatives. Subject matter expert in developing a hybrid work place which is a blend of remote and in office work. Strong competencies in employee relations, change management, coaching, training and deve

Cortney Physioc

Resourceful coordinator with 10 years experience in delivery and support with superior communication and organizational skills. Focused attention to detail and sense of urgency when assisting executives, motivated by getting things done right. Specializes in overseeing operations and production, fostering relationships with vendors and teams, time management, and problem solving.

Reese Mackensie Keown

The Voice of ReeseN s main focus is to be the voice of reason through Life coaching. Think of me, your Life Coach, like having a best friend, a confidant. One that you can speak to at any time, about anything, with no judgment or biases. I listen, ask probing questions, and then provide guidance. Help me, help you find your Voice of ReeseN

Surabhi Paliwal

With 10 years of industry experience as an entrepreneur I have grown to be an opportunist, and problem solver. As an entrepreneur I have multi domain experience in Business Development, Technology, Logistics and Ecommerce. The journey of entrepreneurship has made me proficient with managing tasks like resource planning, inventory control, production planning, sales and negotiation and relationship

Nasser Khan

I am a HR professional with over 20 years of experience across industries. My last assignment was with in the Oill and Gas industry, where I was HR Head for the country operations an an Oil services company. I am also an international certified career coach and mentor. I have mentored and coached indiviuals on the career front. I am also an executive coach, doing executive coaching as required.

Matthew Fuller

Experience, education, and ambition.

shweta raka

Result oriented practical approach to implement real time strategies which are low cost and affordable on pockets. From understanding your Business ideas to complete execution we are giving full handhold support.

Sumit Yadav

A gold medalist in Mass Communication from India s top film school with an overall experience of more than 6 years. I believe the variety of industries I have worked in has given me an insight into adapting and modifying yourself and the content you produce to suit the client s needs.

Manish Parshuramka

Ingenuity and Insightfulness Manish Parshuramka with both the Wharton School Warwick Business School as his Alma Maters, is General Manager Corporate Strategy at Garware Hi Tech Films and an Advisor at McKinsey Company. He has managed the portfolio of Group Strategy in a leading diversified business enterprise in India, Sterling Wilson, and has also worked within well structured Corporate S

Shrabonee Paul

With over 17 years of successful experience in Organizational Development serving Fortune 100 companies leading projects on people and process enhancements to success, you can trust on the expertise and guidance.

QA Manager with 12 years of hands on experience in managing Manual and automation testing team. expertise in Agile methodology, test Management tools such as Jira, Jenkins and Jmeter performance testing tool

Jordan Weiss

Co Creator at Qtopia AlphaVerse, The First LGBTQ Metaverse. Experienced co chief executive officer with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Editing, Strategic Partnerships, Public Speaking, Startups, Consulting and Management. Strong professional graduated from New York University.

Eddie Reyes

Eddie Reyes has had the privilege of helping many people in many challenging situations and seeing their lives change for the better. He builds the therapeutic foundation with trust, honesty, and empathy. Eddie uses a common sense approach along with an eclectic utilization of many counseling theories to help clients push forward toward healing and behavioral change.


Designed and digitised the Go To Market Strategy for TCS at Corporate level. Served in various capacities including as Regional Manager Midwest Region USA and having 39 years of experience. A Sales and Relationship Process Subject Matter Experts. Designed and conducted many Workshops for Sales and Leadership. Doing lot of Consulting assignments. to many MNCs.

Amudha Ramakrishnan

I am from advisory or consulting background with hands on experience working across businesses advising them on their mergers acquistions. I come with rich industry experience and expertise in financial due diligence, where we disect the business models to assess sustainbility abd growth capabilities of businesses. I can apply all those knowledge to your business and solve your business problems

Shailendra Rai

Result driven Pragmatic Leader with 20 years of experience across diverse industries including Retail, Consumer Electronics Durables, Automotive Engineering Industry with exposure to National International market. I have extensive exposure across a gamut of functions including Organizational Leadership, Strategic Business Management, Sales Marketing, Business Development, Operations, Channel Development, Strategic Alliance, Manufacturing, After Sales Service, Supply Chain Management

Javier Calandrelli

Expert in Lead Generation Marketing and sales. I get the best leads and close the deals or prepare the sales team to do it like champs. Using all the digital marketing tools I get the leads, then qualify them thorugh different tools depending on the industry and only then they are ready for the sales team to close the deals.

Justin Vela

I have founded or co founded four small businesses, in addition to working as a consultant and employee for multiple larger firms. Today, I m super multidisciplinary, able to keep many balls in the air at once, and endlessly curious. I believe that information, analytics, organization, and passion bring success. I love helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their goals.

Mischelle Alvi

I can help you reach your defintion of uccess, stability, retention and upward growth in both my career and business. Continued success in developmentt of self, team and corporate structure of both job and business. I also have contuniued success in client servicing, engagament and risk analysis which will help you in your career or starting your new venture in any field.

Tyler Ludden

I have over a decade of sales experience, quality assurance, and currently e commerce. I can consult about every phase of business development, finding distributors, marketing, closing, web design, and even script writing. My degree is in business administration, so no matter what you need help with, I ve got you covered. My goal is not to waste your time it is to provide you actionable guidance and an achievable strategy.

Dennis Taibl

Dennis Taibl has over 40 years of successful experience as an entrepreneur, COO, and senior sales, marketing and business development executive. He has helped guide 5 different companies to successful exits and managed national and international teams of over 200 people. He has coached and mentored over 40 high performers who went on to become successful entrepreneurs and executives. Dennis has a MS from NYU amd a BS from Purdue and has been inducted in to the NJ sports Hall of Fame in 3 sports

Maribel Montes

Through the use of coaching tools, strategies are provided for the development of business or personal projects. Focus on implementation of plans or create new alternatives for the achievement of specific objectives. Business and personal support is provided under the methodologies like human to human, quality management system PHVA and life coaching.

Mark Milton

I have 22 years experience working as a Technical Program Manager within Security Compliance for the Department of Defense. I ve packaged that experience and now support OEM s and Government Agencies with their migraton to the FedRAMP Government Cloud.

Gus Cavalcanti

I am a Financial Professional, Harvard educated, with more than 20 years of exeprience in Financial Planing and Analysis FP A , Valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions M A , Business Strategy, Business Planing, creating Pitch Decks for Startups, and Consulting. I was the CFO of a Private Equity fund for more than 4 years and lately I am mentoring Startups in the US.

Garima Roy

Hi I m Garima Roy and I can advise you on your next sales and marketing plan for your business. I can help you devise strategies to attract investors and customers. If you are not clear on your business goals, I can help you define your niche too. Feel free to get in touch

Leena Bhardwaj

As a highly skilled HR professional with 16 plus years of experience, Below is a quick overview of my career and key strengths My Forte Talent Acquisition, Organization Development, Performance Management System Expert A strategic thinker with high analytical skills Expert in bringing the best policies, practices and procedures Led teams of charismatic members executing complex plans s

Ashwini W

I am a human resources professional with over 12 years of experience in payroll, recruitment, HR operations, counselling, and engagement activities. I would be able to assist in the relevant domain. Aside from that, I am an excellent motivator.

Sarah Pritsker

I have worked in multiple industries and with that wide experience I can consolidate general corporate advice. I aim for I do my job so well I am invisible. Often that is the case The goal of the corporate game, especially in administrative roles is to be quietly indispensable and that is exactly what I am.

Mark Jones

I have over 30 years of executive healthcare leadership experience, I m a very strong team builder and employee motivator as well as a process flow expert, saved steps helps easy workloads, stress and employee burnout.

Tanniya Das

I am a post graduate with an extensive experience of 6 years in the training domain. I have successfully trained over 3000 professionals in the areas of behavioral and leadership skills. I have always wanted to work with humans rather than machines . Delivering a session, coaching and counselling are my favourite part of this profession. I am also a TTT certified professional.

Wanda Floyd, PhD

I am a Executive Coach, Facilitator, Consultant as well as Veteran and prior Sr. Executive with over four decades of diverse experience. I facilitate the practices of continuous growth incorporating a multi dimensional coaching transformational learning theories with authentic and actionable practicalities. My approach aligns to my unique Pillars for Finding Your Voice Unleashing Your Full Potential Framework to ensure the specific and unique needs of each inidividual or team are met.

Mustafa Maan

Specializing in employment law and regularly providing advice covering the whole spectrum of employment relations in the UAE. Providing a track record of interfacing with HR and business executives on significant employment matters. Additionally, I manage the government relations department for the entire organization, handling all kinds of company transactions in connection to all UAE offices.

Mohammad Bagheri

over 22 years experience in finance and banking in different roles in three different countries. extensive knowledge of banking industry in Canada. I have been a coach and a mentor to many junior advisors and the ones who are interested to step into the banking industry specifically in Canada.

DeShaun Rash

A dynamic lifelong learner and motivated military veteran leader with over 11 years of professional experience in management which includes but is not limited to counseling, diversity and equal opportunity, logistics, education progression, and workforce development. A proven record of generating and building relationships within the community.

Hola, soy Paula Rodao, Magister en Innovaci n y Emprendimiento. Especialista en creatividad e innovaci n abierta. Actulamente me desempe o como Facilitadora y Mentora en emprendimientos y empresas. Busco ayudar y acompa ar a quienes busquen definir su porpuesta de valor, dise ar su pkan de negocios o generar innovaci n. Cuento con gran experiencia y felxibilidad. Adem s me he desemepe ado como est

Mona Puri

I am a motivated self driven Education Management Specialist with over 12 years of experience in handling and managing Higher Education Institutes. Contributing to the growth of the organization with strategic business planning, overlooking its implementation and ensuring smooth execution. I can plan prepare training modules , calendars/schedules.

Jade Greene, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP

MBA Business Consultant/Advisor with expertise in all phase of American business development and growth. Additionally, have expertise in all phases of HR and change management. I can assist from start up to selling or buying a business including sucession planning.

Jasmine Salmon

I develop too performing talent and have promoted 50 talented leaders under my leadership. I have enabled leaders to correlate specific behaviors to P L performance and drive behavior based on specific KPIs

I m willing to associate as a coach, mentor and advisor on HR and ER matters. If any professional wants any advice on paid basis they are most welcome. I m also having expertise on implementation of HR policies, practices and procedures for newly setup organizations. I m also providing online consultancy on legal and statutory compliance matters.

Rishikesh Kushwaha


Falak Chowdhary

I work for academics, research and study events of the past. My primary duties include obtaining historical data from libraries, archives and artifacts, determining the authenticity of historical data and teaching or researching about the subject.I will be responsible for determining the authenticity of historical data, preserving artifacts and documents provided to me. I m a critical thinker too

Chinmayee Abbey

Chinmayee Abbey is an Entrepreneur the Chief Optimist and a Professional Career Coach at Change Ur Story . A Speaker, an aspiring Author, and a Corporate Coach for many companies.Chinmayee is also a Resume Writing Expert, LinkedIn Profile Writer, an Interview Coach, and a Job Search Strategist.

Neha Kulkarni

HR professional with around 11 years of solid experience in the APAC region across multiple HR disciplines HR Business Partner, Organizational Development, Employee Relations, Compliance, Employee Experience, Organization Culture, Life Coach and Career counselling

Roy van de Vyver

I walked the long journey, thus giving me both practical experience as well as theoretical book knowledge. I am passionate about seeing people improving their lives and circumstances. I am a good listener and am a firm believer that no problem is too big to be solved. We all have a diamond in us, it just needs to be polished from time to time. Let me help you sparkle.

Abhishek Singh


Nancy Srivastava

I am RCI licensed M.phil Child and Adolescent Psychologist, with a Gold medal and i am keen to resolve the issues which are refraining you to lead a happy life.I am a non judgemental empathetic listener.

Amol Sharma

Geospatial Analyst using Machine and Deep Learning Algorithms. Phd in Transportation Engineering. Remote Sensing and GIS expert. Image Analysis. Research Paper Writing. Proofreading. English Editing for Publications.

Kristy Gregersen

Hi there, my name is Kristy Gregersen. I have my Master s of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis on Special Education, as well as a Bachelor s of Science in Psychology. My education and experience has lead me to a place where I want to help others be successful, happy, and balanced. My new role as a mom has allowed me to gain further insight into the importance of a balanced life

Traver Dougherty, DMin, PhD

I m a successful professor/professor/husband/father/writer who offers a biblical perspective on mental health, marriage, family, and adaptive leadership. In my various roles, I continually council people as they take next steps in working through relational, organizational, and leadership challenges.

Wilson Samson

A Business Connector and Strategist with over 15 years of experience working with professionals and over 8,000 entrepreneurs across Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Malawi, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Liberia, the United States, and the United Kingdom in industries such as construction, finance, oil and gas, healthcare, startups, ICT, and real estate. A Certified Professional in Enterprise Management CPEM by the Institute for Enterprise Management, International Award in Delivering Training IADT .

Rajiv Singh

My name is Rajiv Singh. I am currently working with a education technology firm,, legal entity named Girnarsoft Education Services Pvt Ltd as Head of E Learning business operations in India. I have 16 years of work experience across different industries and job profiles. At each company that I have worked with, I have taken up a new role and discharged responsibilities beyond m

Mahmoud Abouzaid

I have deep knwoledge in coaching, broad experience and the required skills. I train coaches and menor coaches. I have helped many clients to achieve great results and reach their full potential. Coaching is my passion

Alagu Lakshmanan

Hi, I am Ms. Alagu Lakshmanan, a Globally accredited, ABNLP Certified. NLP Life Coach As an empathetic unbiased Life Coach, have transformed over hundreds of lives using amazing NLP techniques along with the coaching skills. guiding them in different areas of their life, removing their road blocks. For reviews of my happy clients Google ALisWELL Beacon of Hope.

Arkita singh

When human being face stressors or life traumas, it is not easy to come out of such situations. My great passion is bringing healing to people eho have been through stressfull/traumatic experience or even feeling not so good in their daily life style. I have expertised on Aggression, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, self image etc and go forward with Positive psychology,humanistic and Behavioural psychology. And I believe we all go through issues and we can together come out of it as well

Ahmed Abdelwhab

I Canguide you to select best career path based on strenghs points and help you to desgin your career plan , I can help you to write your Resume and prepare you To pass interviwe also Help you acquire the skills needed for the labor market

Heba Abdelrahman

ICF certified professional coach help clients in their journey to achieve their goals ,decision making ,and to know more about themselves .client is the expert no judgement, no advices and sure confidential

Pramod Otham

I help Business grow, fully underdtand the verious stages of business, Assist in all aspects of business from growthto funding , i have grow small business to million dollar revenne , 20 plus years exp

Navin Kamble

Navin Kamble is a Passionate entrepreneur with 6 years of experience in the Indian Financial Services and Luxury Real estate construction projects. Providing Asset management and investment services to corporate clients and HNI individuals. In addition to this, he is the co founder of Akshant Infra Pvt Ltd a Construction company that leverages novel technologies, bold design and precision enginee

Emmanuel Isaac Ramos Velazquez

I am a sociologist and philosopher who love to look life in a different perspective. I am a husband and a father who like to develop strategies to improve lifestyle, to help people to be self motivated to make this world a better place. For me is not only about income, but also to be at peace with yourself and others.

Jeffrey Luke Walker

Your Wonderful And Powerful Life Starts With The I AM Unearth the treasure in you and evolve, continuously empowering and refining yourself to reach your goal.I focus on coaching and certified by the International Coaching Federation.

Sarat Chandran

I have global experience in HR across industries over number of years and I have worked and coached executives across levels. I focus on enabling transformational change at a personal and professional level, which helps people grow and develop and achieve whatever goals they set for themselves. My style is very centered on my client and my goal is to help you walk your journey.


I am a Land acquisition and Resettlement and rehabiitation expert with practical experience in clearing land with surface right for industrial mega projects and Mining projects in Inda. Teach land acquisition to practicing executives in IIT Kharagpur and ASCI Hydarabad. Helped Govt of Odisha in framing policy and Rules in LA and R R.

Rahul Limaye

I am a listener, who works with the business owners, companies management and professionals by walking with them from ground level, at every stage, in achieving 1. Business growth, positioning and transition, 2. Technology adoption and scalability, 3. Processes management and optimization, 4. Market research and competition, in order to bring Smile on the faces as a Smile Catalyst .

Jithu Kaiyath

Have experience in HR department with world leading companies and well versed with Policies and procedures, recruitment, payroll, performance management system, manpower planning. Can support in building up a HR department from scratch or support in assignments related any HR functions.

Srilakshmi Nair

My educational qualification helped me Kickstart my career. My steady experience in the M.I.C.E Indusrty helped me in Areas such as Market and Industry research, Event production and management, interacting with C suite executives marketing communication, branding, content development, creation of collateral, time management and team mange t. The experience of working for an FMCG company has helped me in honing my digital marketing skills, development of campaigns ATL, BTL, Social Ecommerce.

Tammie Deaton

MBA, SPHR, SHRM SCP with 20 years of HR leadership Adjunct Instructor in HR Management degree programs experience in leadership development, employment law/compliance, people operations, employee engagement, coaching senior leaders in employment matters, employee relations, executive HR partner

Karishma Rahuja

Yoga is connect to inner peace ,union or oneness. Yoga give you healthy lifestyle brings positive change in life ,in career . Every day do 30min yoga with meditation give you immense energy, strength, peace, positivity

Dr. Sandy Graham

I am an Applied Sport and Performance Psychology Coach and Consultant with repeated success delivering innovative, impactful performance improvement solutions involving positive attitudes and behaviors, mental skills, and mental resilience in meeting personal goals and objectives. A distinguished record of performing at the highest standards of professionalism.

Kenneth Onwuzolum

I have 12 years industry experince from automobile, to FMCG, gaming, advertising , healt tech and Software Tech, i have experince with emerging start ups, i run a start up, i am a product developer , a great analyst and a firm beiver of data. i have and lauched several great product most remarkbly my medical nd helth fitness mobile Apps

Akinola Obafemi

Being aware of the fastest, most economical, efficient and sustainable way to make electric power supply accessible globally especially in the African continent through Renewable Energy. Having a BSc. in Industrial Physics Renewable Energy and being a certified Solar Photovoltaic Supervisor has broadened my expertise in the field

Mark Oleksak

Mark s research to commercialization consulting services are differentiated due to three main factors His vast, unparalleled experience within education and research/innovation on the K 16 level His background with existing documentation, materials, activities, and useful information His wide network in the academic and industry spaces that allows most any requirement to be met effectively.

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The process of setting up a business is known as entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures.

sangeeta malhotra

I am an expert in vocational and academic educationist in buisness courses . Educationist for last 30 years. Vocational program head for business courses ans Internal quality assurer for business courses . 12 years experience with vocational education. Also trainer for soft skills for Corporates.

Himani Kulkarni

I am a Mental Health Professional working with a wide range of people from teenagers to older adults. I work most often with concerns of anxiety, self esteem, body image, relationships with partners and families. I use a trauma informed eclectic approach to work with clients.

Valeriya Krupenya

My passion and hunger for limitless opportunities around us, strong commitment and focus to make a positive impact in someone s else personal and professional lives

Harmeet Singh Khanuja

I am fortunate to have exposure to multiple projects in manufacturing and services. I have extensive experience in setting up the startup, greenfield brownfield projects. while working in a leadership role in top nifty 50 companies a startup, I have gained expertise in process dynamics, cost optimsation, building up long term strategy, Zero based budgeting, fund raining etc

Puja Sharma

Competent and diligent HR Admin Professional with over 10 yrs experience in the areas of handling Office Administration, overseeing Recruitment Process Includes Sourcing, screening, scheduling of interviews , manage entire Employee Lifecycle Confirmation, Appraisals, Grievances, Exit, F F settlement and assist Senior Management to formulate Policies in achieving organizational goals. Famili

Nadia Mari

Certified Career coach with an extensive knowledge of career planning, resume building, negotiation, and interviewing, current hiring practices because of constantly working to help job seekers, assists clients in planning strategic career moves and developing leadership skills

Dominic Powell

I am an experienced Customer Service professional in offering customer care via phone, email and chat. I have experience in handling calls, training new hires, monitoring for quality of customer service calls, managing training teams, managing quality teams, managing operation teams and managing call centre s. I have been involved in transitions of new businesses, building operating transfers

John Snow


Priya Mohana

Business HR Experience of 15 plus years in IT industry with overview of all HR Functions from hire to retire, onboarding, Talent Acquisition, Policies and Procedures, Exit management, Grievance readdressal, L D.

Heather Mellick

Rapid advancement in multiple industries. Extensive leadership experience opportunities. Experience in non profit, privately held smaller companies, and Fortune 20 large organizations.

Issam Aldahabi

NLP therapist who delivered creative and engaging solutions across depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobia. More than 5000 hours therapistic sessions, demonstrated through excellent observation, and deep root problem solving. The key qualities of my therapeutic personality are integrity, a totally customer focused outlook, and NLP first rate subject knowledge.

Damien Carlier

Trust, Experience, Anticipation, Gut Feeling, Observation, Curiosity, Humbleness, Stubborness, Creativity, Forward Thinking

Shekhar Bali

I am empathetic, I do a lot of handholding and my style of coaching is more of mentoring. I am a good listener and I come with a lot of patience. I have a good emotional connect with all my clients.

Hazlina Hashim

Founded and built a Public Relations consultancy company, H2S Consulting, since 2004 Serviced over 250 companies, media trained thousands of senior executives and CXO level management, ranging from start ups to conglomerates, locally, regionally and globally. I do media training, crisis communications and reputation management training and coaching for company media spokesperson

Sarah Wells

Sarah works to approach problem solving holistically, developing methods with limitless application beyond any one individual industry. Utilizing her relentless curiosity and directly relevant work experience, Sarah has developed a wide breadth of knowledge pertaining not just to hospitality, but to professional development in general as well.

marwa arafa

helping you to have clarity , discover ur inner valuable treats , your own solutions to the situations from your own prespective not anyone else , take action live the life you deeply want to live.

Jacques Benade

Admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa with experience in civil litigation, labour law, criminal law, eviction etc. Currently studying towards my Masters in Labour Law and working as an Occupational Health and Safety Legal Practitioner at a trade union. Assisting and advising members on OHS issues and injury on duty matters.

Shwetha Pinto

A certified soft skills trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry and corporate firms. Being skilled in Communication Skills, Image Management, Customer Service, Performance Management, Leadership Development, and Organizational Development I have been involved in grooming students and executives to prepare them for roles they desire to be in.

Cyril Prince

I use techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming Music to help my clients become successful in their work relationships. It all starts with taking care of yourself, knowing who you are on the inside, what matters the most to you. Structuring the thoughts, feelings actions of a person to achieve anything they want in life based on who they truly are is my coaching style.

Anjon Banerjee

A Positive Attitude, Diverse Management Trainer cum Corporate Trainer.lndia Overseas.Multitasking Risk Taker. Widely Travelled. Taught in B Schools Overseas giving my 101 in every assignment entrusted.

syed kabir

A sincere learner and practitioner with rich experience in teaching and training Management graduates and copy editing and proofreading books, research theses and journal articles for over three decades.

Tasneem Dhoondia

I am a person who loves to explore human potential and help individuals and organizations to bring out their best. I possess 20 years of experience which is a judicious mix of industry stints, academic assignments and counselling or coaching interventions.

Vineeta Tiwari

I think words are powerful, and healing. I am a writer with over 9 years of experience in the filed of digital content creation and the laurels I garnrered and my achievments are all based on my rebelkious cretaive mind while sticking with the company goals. I am alwaya for the reader and trying to tap in their souls. I also work as a mentor for a Government project for rural India.

Andrew Healey

I use Resilience and Solution Focused Brief Therapy approaches. Business sectors that I have worked in are Management Consultancy, Manufacturing, Not For Profit and Start up ventures. To compliment this, I have an MBA from an International Business School and completed my Dissertation on Leadership. Professional memberships include the Association for Coaching and Asia Pacific Alliance of Coache

Jessica Arroyo

Business coach and entrepreneur in the areas I am an expert in health and real estate. When you suggest people what they should do or change, in general it is dificult to believe if what they tell you is really something positive for your business, but in my case I can prove not only from my clients but also from my own experience that it works and you can obtain great results.

Punita Batra

I am Digital Marketing Specialist worked on Automation tool called MARKETO, I like learning new things. In my free time I read and watch movies. I also like creating reels. I have created both onsite and offline events. I also like teaching and cooking

Lara Zgheib

I am a dietitian with more than 15 years of experience in the dietetic field I believe each person has its own needs and a diet should be adapted to each individual taking into consideration the lifestyle and the preferences. There is a lot of kind of diets but not every diet suits everyone Have a unique diet with me

Mahesh Ponneth

I am a software Trainere specialised in java/android/nodejs. I have 12 years of experience in java training. my areas is core java, html5,css3,javascript,j2ee,mysql, jsp,servlet,hibernet,spring,spring boot android, node js etc. I am also ready to teach python too. I assure you that you will get qualitative training from me. I need more opportunities so i am approaching this site. pls . thank you

Pushkraj Deshpande

I Listen to individuals deeply. I connect with individuals to help them tackle challenges that hold them back. I believe that very emotion is precious and that every person is unique. There is nothing to be shy about as we are all on the same page of life. Thius is me. This is my mindset. Please feel free to get in touch with me. I would be happy to assist.

Dhanesh Solanki

More than 10 years of rich experience in Data Science with implementation of different critical business use case into product with knowledge of network graphs under Different Machine Learning Algorithm with help of Pattern Recognition and Data Mining. Implemented Markov Chain Probabilities graphs in many use case problems under NLP and Image Processing too.

Neelu GS

I am a Transformational Coach and Makeover Specialist. I work with physical, psychological and social aspects of appearance as a Certified Image Consultant and help people improve their soft skills as NABET SQA accredited Soft skills trainer so that they can project an Elite Image Inside out in all occasions of their lives. I am a Certified LIFE Coach and Avid Motivational Inspirational Speaker

Aruma George

Worked with amazing organizations where I learnt, grew and contributed within my field of expertise. Worked with great people, learnt from inspiring leaders and peers, and rolled out transformative initiatives.

Allen Spath

Al is the former Dean of the largest, online poker training site Poker School Online and with over thirty years of experience mentoring and coaching poker players Al can quickly help take your game to the next level without stress to the client. Al is a nationally published poker author. Al served 24 yrs in the USAF and has taught leadership/management/strategy/ and motivational skills.

garin gustafson

I m an experienced entreprenuer and marketer with 20 years of experience. Creative analytical thinker who s data driven and motivated by growth. I specialize in GTM strategy, content marketing, media buying and optimizing channels, funnels, conversion and spend/ROIs. I ve learned from both my failures and success and have worked with so many great leaders, companies and products.

Andreas Pratanos

I am bringing to the table more than thirty years of hands on experience in line management and human capital development in multinational organizations in the Banking, Automotive, FMCG and Oil Energy industry in Europe and the Middle East. Committed to excellence, I work closely with executives and high potentials to achieve desired results through a positive change in leadership behavior.

Aarshiya Seyth

I m Aarshiya Seyth, wellness/business coach with 11 years of experiance in working with issues ranging from stress, anxiety, depression to dishormonious relationships, breakthroughs in money/finance/business stuck ups , aiding with the inability to perform to the optimium most in everyday living.

Sasi Mallampalli

A Cambridge CELTA certified English language teaching educator with a PhD in English. Has over twenty two years of rich experience, which includes a two year overseas stint educating students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and possessing a wealth of expertise and skills in high quality instruction and training. Organised, empathetic and driven, with an innate ability to stay focused

Anaemilia Miño

Mi pasi n por ayudar a la gente y mi deseo de siempre aprender mas para poder llegar mas lejos.

Giulio Antonacci

I am an HR with international experience in multinational company. My areas of expertice are coaching, talent management, compensation benefit strategy, engagement project and operation management.

Karen Flynn, ACC

My 23 years of international business experience as a communications, marketing consultant and entrepreneur, brings a unique asset to working with people from diverse industries and backgrounds. By exploring your perspectives and limiting behaviours I help you to find clarity and direction. It s liberating to refresh your overall mindset and transition to one that welcomes growth and success.

Danny Crouch

Leadership may be defined as the ability to bring the best out in others. As a coach I help guide you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself, and you helping those around you becoming the best version of themselves. I am an expert in human behaviour and focus on strengths, communication and team engagement. I have a degree in Psychological Science, qualifiactions in life coaching, training and assessment, business leadership and management. Looking forwarrd to talking soon.

Richa Goenka

I work on deep emotional issues and core fears of my clients to ensure not just an alleviation of symptoms of a disorder or temporary stress, but an enduring improvement in the overall quality of life. I believe that each client and his/her problem is unique and demands a creation of a novel therapeutic approach using a unique combination of the existing therapeutic approaches.

Marinda Clouthier

I am a visionary learning and development leader specializing in transformational programs that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, and help others unlock potential to create self awareness, improve critical thinking skills, and build resources to overcome critical challenges they may face.

Karina Khider

During more of 15 years as Area sales Manager and International Business Consultant, I have always worked between Europe and MENA markets as a crucial bridge for the crutial operations. I provide my expertise support throughout the whole export products life cycle starting to Market research, Business Plans with Risk Management assessment, Business Development, the trade agreement implementation and negociation between parties.

Isra Tahseen

I ve more than 5 years of working experience, quite diverse in nature. I ve worked in all sectors as a Clinical Psychologist including Public Hospital, Clinic, National and International NGOs. Also been a Student Counselor and have been teaching and supervising upcoming psychologists in their training and academia.

Finbarr Buckley

I have many years of experience working with Business Professionals in various International and Cross Cultural settings. I have a through understanding of what it takes to be successful in a business setting that involves working with people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

Gabriele Dargyte

Healing your period, reversing PCOS, easing endometriosis, increasing fertility, rekindling your sex drive, improving sleep and digestion and bringing your body into balance is possible without medication and struggle. Together we will achieve it in a pleasant, energizing and natural way.

Volker Peter

I am absolute unique as my profile might not exist a second time. I am a former Teamlead and I worked for 6 years in the workers council wihle I studied Coaching. In case there are topics related to working and business, you can use my experience to help you. Last but not least I can do Coaching sessions 1 1 or Teamcoaching in german or english language.

Christopher Weber-Fürst

Christopher is a Norwegian executive coach with special focus on female leaders based in Germany. He is a highly accredited professional coach, certified by the ICF at PCC level, a professional coactive coach of the Coach Training Institute CPCC and a certified evolutionary coach from Richard Barrett Value Center which models where used by Frederic Laloux in his book Reinventing Organizations

Shelley Ugyan

Schema Therapy in addition to CBT is an evidence based integrative approach which might look at unconscious self defeating patterns if needed, using subconcsious techniques including imagery, dialogue, visualization and hypnosis as needed, to rewire subconscious thoughts and beliefs. Using both the top bottom and bottom up treatment approaches mentioned above, a person can find resolution to underlying issues.

Gaurav kumar

my USP invludes extreme involvement an that i provide to my participantsd that makes me unique and help me stand out from the market always. that s the reason my students also call me 24hour result coach. esults in 24 houra

Ritwika Marar

Creating the zeal to learn before I begin a session is an essential part of my profession. I spend a great deal of time knowing my participants to understand their needs so that can deliver accordingly. My own life experiences that I bring to session through stories add to the dimension of training making it relatable for participants.

Zeina Baydoun

Certified Life, Relationship Career Coach my name is Zeina and I am based in the United States in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I am educated as an Attorney and worked for several years in law and consulting before transitioning to coaching. My focus and expertise is in life/relationship coaching and career coaching. I am certied as a Coach Mediator. My coaching beings with mindset work. I look forward to working with you

Mir Nur Alam

Despite having a terrific job and constant advancement in my career, I was unsatisfied with my life. Serving huge groups of people has always been a passion of mine. Everyone, in my opinion, has the right to have a happy life. Since then, Ive been researching the enormous potential to tap into human psychology as well as a mental element for rapid personal growth

Luis Cuadrado

Clinical Quality Management, Audits, Inspections, QMS, Good Clinical Practice, clinical investigations, clinical training, inspection readiness, vendor management, risk based approach to quality and centralized monitoring.

Nick Gravina

M. Ed. in Psychology. Nationally ranked Division I athlete in the NCAA. For years has been helping high net worth individuals reach their

Dave Wolovsky

Some people do high quality work for their company but don t get recognition for it. I coach them in the science of influence and negotiation, so they can get raises, promotions, and better jobs, without burning out.

Shibashish Mohanty

I have worked in the Insurance Domain for than 20 years in all the business verticals. I specialise in Business Roll out, it has given me the exposure expertise in setting up different verticals. That experience helped in Business Start Up Planning, Strategy, Business processes systems, Operations, Product Management, Talent Acquisition, Compensation, Training Development, Customer Service and Business Retention, thereby been exposed to both Hunting and Farming forms of managing Business.

Mausumi Paul

Mausumi Paul, Transformational coach who helps people create little transformations within for a greater transformation to take place outside with the help of NLP tools techniques Main approach is to create programs tools by combining cutting edge science with ancient wisdom along with very high intensity workshops coaching programs in the area of rapid transformation incorporating the con

Diplom Psychologe with more than 30 years of businbess experience. At least more than 50 cultural diagnostics, Leadership Training and Organizational Development. Living in Cologne, like to ride the bike and dancing.

Pria Masson

15 years of experience in investment banking and strategy advisory including EY, KPMG and JPMorgan. Expertise in business planning, startup planning and growth, advisory for alliances. Extensive working knowldge of business implications of legal agreements

Mohannad albatsh

Carry out responsibility of project management and governance financial analysis/ cost and schedule analysis, follow up on projects developments. Prepare and deliver technical report EIA Report and other studies i.e. Solid waste, Climate Change, Risk management, Monitoring and evaluation report, feasibility studies and business plans . Conduct site visits, interviews, focus groups and data

bhargobi gogoi

Experienced Operational Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. Skilled in Coaching, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Talent Management, and Microsoft Excel. Strong operations professional with an MBA in International Human Resources from Coventry University London and a Master s degree focused in Human rights from Indian institution of human r

Janet Moody

My life has been one wondorous search for deeper meaning in life. It has been my good fortune to study at several institutions that focus on spiritual, philosophical, and psychological wisdom. During my studies, I was trained in the arts of meditation, tarot, and dreamwork, often through the lens of Carl Jung s insights. I was able to earn a Master s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and a cerificate in Spiritual Mentoring and Guidance.

Larae Pierson

Hey there I m Larae. I am a Professional Certified Coach helping leaders and business owners in the process of self discovery and mastery to elevate their lives, leadership, communication organization. My passion project is empowering youth to become leaders and learn about entrepreneurship. In my free time, you ll find me playing a variety of sports, reading, or playing with my dog, Rosie

Divya Bharathi Bhandari

I m a passionate trainer who can teach any concept related to Digital Marketing, Business communications, Soft skills and Management subjects in a very interesting way. I use a Edutainment technique in my teaching, which helps learners to decode the concept.

Andrew Finch

I am a designer with 20 years of experience in branding, print, web, SaaS, game, motion, and anything else you can think of. I have also mentored and managed teams from non existent all the way though full design thinking maturity. I have worked in multiple agencies and inhouse for many different industries, including big name tech, realty, healthcare, food and beverage, and more.

Jeffrey Landau

Executive coaching for mid level aspiring C suite professionals. Jeff brings a wealth of industry experience from chemicals, coatings, inks and plastics and has worked in his career with hundreds of mid level and C suite aspiring managers as a marketing trainer and consultant. Jeff has expeience in helping managers improve self awareness, leverage their strengths leadership skills.

Joe Komara

I believe coaching is a creative process, and I use my creative professional experience to make transformation and personal growth fun, creative, and encourage a playground approach to positive and foundational change to be possible.

Prajakta Birajdar

A clinical Yoga Coach by profession. Served around 700 clients to date with various medical conditions and it s reversal.Coaching them to understand the importance of healthy and sustainable living through yoga meditation.Available for yoga sessions as well as health consultations.

Shelly Revach

Hard work, motivation, self confidence, personal development, determination and courage. I believe in growth, constant development and striving for excellence

Sarah A

Top notch HR management profissional. Leverage over ten years chronicle of success and building outstanding workplaces performance driven organizations. Highly qualified Advisor holding SPHRi , CHRM, CHRP, CIPD and MBA. Implemented Strategic and operational HR developing HR policies, procedures, and practices. Expert in applying international best practices.

Sandeep Dhasmana

I am highly creative and have a strong focus on driving user experience and sustainability. Being an avid learner of philosopy, my training and consulting methods are pragmatic. With my experience of consulting organisations and conducting workshops at colleges, I have a flexible approach on working with different generations.

dr sumera channa

i m a psychiatrist and helps people relieving mental diasoder with the help of medicine. mental disorders depression anxiety somatic complains psychosis delusions hallucinations episode of unconsciousness all treat with medicine. i can also help in psychiatric essay writings or i can tell u about use effects and side effects of psychiatric medicine. i can video consult and diagnose a psychiatric patient and provide infocare regarding their illness. for students i can teach them supervise them.

Rhonda Bowen

Rhonda L. Bowen is a communication guide with over 30 years experience in communicating across cultures. An American living in Germany since 1983, she has worked with people from more than 70 countries. Since 1988 her coaching practice has brought insights and support to thousands of BEST professionals business, engineering, science and technology . She specializes in helping them improve their

chaden diyab

has substantial experience in innovation and technology transfer. She has worked extensively on technological and environmental issues in Europe and the Middle East for 16 years, including risk management and impact studies of innovative technologies. As a Chemical engineer, she earned a Ph.D. in environmental sciences from the University Pierre and Marie Curie, France. She worked for various inte

Panchali Saikia

This is Dt.Panchali Saikia from Assam . Living in this profession since from last 1.5 years . Handled more than 50 clients till date .Served service to various body disorders paitents I believe in creating a healthy lifestyle within people . So join me to stay fit and healthy. Eat right stay light . Signing off Dt.Panchali Saikia

Brian Rutz

Brian is a dedicated and passionate High Performance coach that helps individuals overcome barriers to achieve their highest goals. Brian is compassionate and driven by his purpose to connect and uplift everyone he encounters. He effectively challenges individuals to understand their necessity for their dreams and helps them see new possibilities to improve performance.

Chrissy Cordingley, CRSP, CIHC

With over fifteen years experience in leadership and business coaching my superpower is my ability to build relationships and trust within a team in a way that makes execution of corporate goals and strategic plans seamless and perhaps even enjoyable. As a certified risk manager I have a keen eye for seeing all facets of a situation, scenario or vision and identifying potential roadblocks.

Syed Ziauddin Razvi

Finance Expert in Accounting, Fund raising, Carbon Credit, Financial Restructuring, Investments, Cryptos, Blockchain etc. Over 15 years of relevant experience in areas of Banking, Real Estate, Holding to name a few

Majid Lodhi

19 years of professional experience in leading companies in delivering results through people. Expertise in HR covering HR Transformation, OD, Rewards, Performance, Recruitment and Talent Management. Career coach and mentor to many, guiding and counseling professionals of all age groups and across career levels.

Medhat El Kourdy

HR Generalist with 12 years of experience in various industries in the GCC and Egypt striving on delivering excellence to any organization s internal customers while indulging in all strategic HR aspects including Talent Acquisition, Talent Onboarding, Talent Management and Engagement, Culture and Organization Branding and many other HR disciplines

Nabil Jomaa

A global HR professional, offering 23 years of extensive experience in driving world class HR initiatives, establishing policies and procedures and robust development programs. Cultivating HR Business Partnership with senior leaders to identify business needs, conduct capability analysis to help align culture and strategy. Empowering organizations to become their best by fostering a culture

Visalatchi Anjan Gurusamy

I am a Naturopath and yoga Doctor, seeking an opportunity to explore and implement my skills. I am pleased to present to you through this application, my interest, and knowledge, which are bound to guide me through the challenges that I will encounter in the professional environment. I am a Doctor of Naturopathy, graduated from Dr. MGR Medical University, in the year 2010, after which I had unde

Sam Ad

I can provide genuine directions to start ups and eCOM industry as I have experience with my personal start ups and social media companies even app dev. companies scam advise again with personal losses and exposure to insights. I have 20 yrs of exp. with collab. in retail, aviation, travel, CS, IT, Ecom, F B, Jewelry, Petro Chem, and much more. Choose wisely and let me help you with mutal advise.

avneet kohli

Avneet Kohli is an ICF credentialed Life Career Coach, Founder of The iOpener Project, and the Growth Partner at Female Startup Network, Encubay. Avneet specializes in helping ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs, 1. Achieve their personal and professional vision 2. Incorporate work life balance 3. Communicate with confidence 4. Help business owners with business growth

Nadia Adose

A mind shift is a change of focus and perception. It can have extraordinary power to improve your focus and rate of success, to make relationships more positive and healthy, and to build self esteem and overall happiness. A mind shift is an ah ha moment on steroids. It s the movement of the tectonic plates in your psyche, opening your mind to entirely new ways of thinking and acting.

Shafeeq K S

To summarize myself, most recently was Chief Manager with Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. Earlier was Senior Manager with The South Indian Bank Ltd having joined as Probationary Officer and growing to this role. Prior to this am a qualified MBA graduate in Finance from IBS Hyderabad which is preceded by a B. Com. E Commerce degree from Dr. GRD College of Science.

Asmita Saha

Hello I am a consultant nutritionist,Health coach currently working in GOQii technologies pvt. Ltd from 2021 I also practice privately in clinics from 2019. Both my bachelor s and master s are from Calcutta university specializing in nutrition. Till now I have worked/helped more than 200 people pan India abroad to reverse lifestyle diseases,stress/sleep issues many more with 100 success.

Rachna Yadav

For over 18 years, I have been coaching and mentoring achievers without even knowing I had the passion and skill for the same. I carry over 150 hours of mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and startup owners, over 100 hours of coaching HR professionals and over 15 years of Coaching managers becoming leaders in my various roles as HR professional. I am an Internationally certified Executive coach

Dr Dipti Yadav

I help people find true purpose and meaning in life using a dynamic pool of resources from Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness. Connect with me to embark on an amazing journey of inner growth... to lead a happy and fulfilling Personal, Professional, Social Emotional life...


Consultant Psychiatrist. Psychotherapist. Author. Writer. Columnist. Blogger. Palmist. Life Coach Guide. Owner CEO of DUAAGO THE COUNSELLORS. Centre For Mental Health Personality Grooming at NAZIMABAD Karachi Pakistan.

Geetika Agrawal

I am a Positive Psychology life coach. My strength areas are Emotional Intelligence, parenting and. wellbeing i am conducting various workshops for students, teachers, individual for life skills i am founder of NewMe Academy...

Cassandre Jean Francois

Dedicated change agent specializing in building and fostering relationships. I use a holistic lense to address issues concerning to client. I am dedicated and passionate and believe that one can always improve their intimacy. I am a Master level Social Worker wit h over 6 years of cultivatiing intimacy and spreading love.

Mariana Soares

I have a Solution focused approach to coaching and I use powerful questioning to support my clients journey of self discovery, raise their self awareness, and support them on connecting with their own inner compass to move forward towards their desired goals. Main areas of focus life mission and purpose, communication, big life changes, spiritual awakening, relationships, and self confidence.

Yash Bajaj

I am a realtor along with trainer. My sessions include real life examples and suggestions along with proven methods to perform tasks. I try to better trainer, every day with Growth mindset. I always do the tasks first myself, then I suggest them to my audience.

stuti kumar

im dr stuti kumar a consultant psychologist specilizing in clinical psychology with masters and pg diploma in clincal psychology and practicing active member of BCCT UK. therapeutic approches of cognitive behavioural therapy with practicing experience since last 7 years in the feild with over 1000 clients worldwide

Manju N

Internationally Certified Executive Leadership and Performance Coach Learning, Development Consultant and Facilitator Health, Wellness Life Coach Business consultant specializing in Mergers Acquisitions and Investments Leadership Coaching Development Certifications Dale Carnegie Associates, Inc. Licensed in Leadership Training, High Impact Presentations by Dale Carnegie

Patricia Eichler

My level of expertise is one of that small percentage who have risen to the very top of the field of endeavor. I have sustained international acclaim and my achievements have been recognized in the field of Biological Oceanography, Micropaleontology, environmental sciences but not limited to it.


I partner with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. I believe i use amazing tools and techniques that will be tailored just for your unique personality and most of all my fun, loving and caring personality.

Mario Andrea Campo

I m Mario Campo I m an Italian psychologist and coach. Thanks to my previous experience as HR Manager/HR Director in multinational companies, I can help you to focus on your potential, increase your self awareness, and reach your business and career goals. More info at www.campo

Simona Musat

15 years of international experience within the Employee Benefits and Total Rewards domain with exposure in multiple EU countries and Middle East. Certified Cognitive and Behavioural Solution Focused Therapist.

Waqar Azeem

I obtained my PhD degree from the University of Hong Kong QS Ranking 2021 22 . I have a good teaching and research experience of the top class universities of the world. I have a hands on experience of different fabrication and characterization techniques for the development of new materials and devices. I have also designed different new experiments for the applied physics lab.

Namrita Khurmi

It is always because one is themselves going through some mental hardships that one discovers a transformation. In 2012, I transitioned from a white collar role in interior design to a role as a professional counsellor, establishing a mind wellness centre by the name of Pram . Pram provides programmes in mind wellness and spiritual gain, along with an understanding of life and its aspects.

Zeenat Hasta

Zeenat is a veteran of the Learning Development and Coaching fraternity, with over 29 years of robust experience. She holds success in interpreting actionable plans for overall productivity through coaching. Zeenat is a Certified Success coach, trainer as well as an Image consultant. She is known for spearheading training initiatives on soft skills for corporates and coaching individuals for personal professional achievements at Pan India level.

Nabila Rehman

Experienced Nutrition Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in customising diet for weight management and lifestyle corrections. Certified as a Diabetes Educator for NDEP. Specialisations in Health Wellness, Food Allergies and Clinical diets. Providing Strong healthcare services, professional with a Bachelor s degree in Nutrition.

Madhurima Sappatti

Madhurima Sappatti is an amazing Freedom Soul Coach Burnout Coach who utilizes Spirituality and somatic techniques to carve the path to freedom with an aim to guide changemakers to manage stress so that they don t burn out. And if they do find themselves in the bonds of Burnout, she guides them towards their version of freedom.

Anitha Bakhtani

I m a senior HR professional 27 years experience , an ICF certified Professional Coach 7 years experience a Certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence NLP. I specialize in life coaching and leadership coaching. My coaching methodology leverages neuro science principles, well established human behavior frameworks and assessments.

Timur Alim

I help people and companies define their vision, create effective and harmonious strategy to achieve it and transform their mindset to fully enjoy the life they created. Certified Personal and Business Performance Coach ASCTH . Currently pursuing ACC ICF Associated Certified Coach to help clients better formulate their business goals, eliminate blocks, align core values with business goals.

Stacey Scheirer

I get to the heart of your personal leadership development to empower and teach you where your strengths are to grow your confidence and your self. Throughout my career, I have established credibility by forging a working relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

Fadi Moussallem

Gathers and analyzes information to determine learning needs. Evaluates training programs and materials as well as trainee performance. Facilitates and delivers internal learning solutions and develops in house training programs as assigned

Vikram Mahajan

A certified professional coach specialized in Agile transformation, a trainer, mentor, facilitator with 16 years of experience. A goal and solution centric coach, I provide consultation and training on increasing performance, predictability, efficiency, transparency and quality in delivering business value to customers experience with financial instiituion, e commerce, investment and telecom. Services are available for software development, operation excellence, performance and goal setting.

John Haime

John Haime is a world class executive and human performance coach who is trusted by some of the world s leading organizations and athletes. For over 25 years he has helped executives and athletes with a proven process guaranteeing results. See for John s full bio and experence. John is a published Author writing two best selling books in the United States and Canada You are a Contender and Ride Big .

Shipra Sharma

Shipra is a Career Life Coach, and etiquette training expert with 19 years of Coaching Business Management experience. She is passionate about life transformational training and has worked as a trainer, coach, and learning development expert. She has substantial experience with Educational Institutions, IT Corporates, and Hospitality Industry. She has trained over 15000 professionals and students on Etiquette, Career Enhancement, Leadership Skills, Corporate Business Communication.

Katia Lossano

I offer an assertive and effective approach, bringing my background as Human Resources Executive and internacional experience aboard. I hold a Business Administration and Psychology Bachelors degree and an Internacional Coaching Certification.

Suma Koralgundi

I am Certified Career Life Coach, helping people achieve their professional personal goals. Have 15 yreas experience in corporate world and had the pleasure of working with Google, Microsoft and other global companies.

Naomi Ardjomandkermani

Naomi Ardjomand Kermani is the founder of the capacity building assistance and inclusive and comprehensive safer sex education consulting agency, A Different Kind of Different, LLC. For nearly two decades, Naomi has been involved in social justice advocacy through their work in equity and justice as well as inclusive and comprehensive safer sex education and skill building.

Harsha Malaney

My speed and ability to multitask. I have been juggling three full time jobs for the last 15 years now, and I still live a full and balanced life and have managed to travel a substantial amount. I ve also read above 1500 books

Vatsala Mehta

I m an avid listener. Believe it or not, I m very empathetic when it comes to listening to people. I am highly skilled at coaching, mentoring, therapy or just a friend who you want to talk to. I have master s degree in psychology and also a president awardee. You ll be in good hands if you choose me

Frank Pearson

Qualified Accountant and coach with over 35 years experience in Industry and owner of muliple small and medium business and an franchise. I have started businesses from scratch with little funds and have had good relationships with banks by doing Business plans and cash flows, I have worked in foriegn countries and have worked for American companies, i understand IFRS and Transfer Pricing

Siva rajan

myself siva trained life coach a d therapist for who are in need of emotional eagerly waiting to lift people into their dream plane where they can taste their victory, success and content life.

Lina Das

I am an Executive Coach, Talent Management specialist, and Learning Strategist with over 25 years experience. I develop strategies and frameworks for improving organizational performance and capability.

Srividya Ivaturi

I m passionate about working with transforming organizations through individual transformations, who are willing to push their limits and re invent themselves. As a Coach, I conduct Individual and Group Coaching sessions for Students, Executives, Graduates, Women aspiring to re start their career, along with a few individual coaching sessions on career transition, leadership coaching, etc.,

Sangeeta Manglani

A Spiritual Psychologist and Connection Coach, I am driven by the desire to connect with people and enable them to become consciously aware of themselves. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients gravitate towards a more authentic way of life, and in tune with themselves.

Lynley Evans

I focus on areas of career confidence, bullying, overcoming a lot emotional beliefs which may be holding you back from achieving success in your chosen field. Not only can it affect your working life, but this also impacts your home life as well, as they are interconnected.

Adam Levner

I focus on new emerging leaders, particularly those who ve had little to no access to professional coaching. I ve spent 25 years developing the leadership of adults youth, including as co founder and executive director of a nationally recognized social justice nonprofit. Now I m doing it as a coach. I want to be the resource that I needed. Someone to help leaders recognize and build upon their strengths to ensure they and their organization have the greatest possible impact.

Nkem Mpamah

Since 2010, I have been coaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, and CEOs to improve their leadership, attract high end clients, and grow their businesses without stress. My proven framework helps my clients focus on their most important needs and achieve them. I specialize in coaching, leadership, and business strategy. My clients span the UK, USA, Australia, India, Nigeria, and Germany. I m an accredited coach, a chartered accountant, and have an MBA from Oxford.

Said Abushaar

Technology driven professional with 30 years track record of successfully delivering IT projects. Proven skills in overseeing IT Digital transformation and strategies, fintech, payment systems, and software development

Adele Sullivan

I am a cross functional collaborator who investigates, evaluates, and proposes solutions as demonstrated in the successful resolution of complex conflicts. I resolve underlying problems with in depth knowledge and advanced experience in conflict analysis resolution as evidenced by working with interdisciplinary teams and teaching conflict strategy.

Oscar Moreno

My job is to train you in transformational leadership skills so you will be able to conduct more powerful conversations with your team, customers. You will understand peoples mindsets that make them buy your products, my virtual sessions will be with shadow coaching and on the run feedback. At the end of each session you will have the confidence and skills you need to reach your goals

Vasco Furrer

Hi, my name is Vasco. I am a business and life coach. I also solve conflicts. With me there is no cheap talk, we go right away to where it hurts. I love to work with people and I hope you will give a try with me. Shall we start

jamaal "Trell" cottrell

As an administrator and educator, I have experience and expertise in leading and managing the Training program for individuals from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. My experience in educational programs allows me to effectively facilitate a variety of courses such as Teaching, Professional Development Education/Counseling Services, Career Technical Training CT .

Tasawar Hussain

LogoBrowse the menu Home For Scientists Science Technicians For Employers For Professional Bodies For Registrants Search the Register About us Equity, Diversity Inclusion Policy News, blogs events Application Portal Contact us Home About science Our definition of a scientist Our definition of a scientist A scientist is someone who systematically gathers and uses research and evidence, t

Vijay P

I am a unique trainer with blended experience of technology and psychology. I provide holistic wellbeing trainings in the aspects of Softskills, Leadership skills, Mental health, POSH, Emotional Intelligence, Cyber Psychology, Employee Engagement, Organizational Development , Campus to Corporate readiness and Mentoring for career development

Vera Urban

24 years of experience in HR Management, Consulting, Coaching and Executive Search. Executive Coaching stretch and encourage executives to fulfill potential Career Coaching leverage capital for up to C level to receive offer worldwide.Value drivers Create challenging and inspiring coaching environment where clients are empowered. https //

Jayant Vishnu

II come with Business Management background followed by B School teaching and consulting in the area of Talent Identification and Development. Got my PCC in 2014, now going for MCC. I believe in Every mind has potential, we just need to know how to ignite it .

Sneh Benjamin

Do you want effective English language training to win at work Look no further. I can help you learn, practice, implement and review your skills in English, both professionally as well as for your life outside of work.

Simran Mendon

Hello This is Simran I m a professional Fitness Coach Sports Nutritionist since 2018 I m a national level boxer and wushu fighter. I have also been a footballer for multiple clubs. I have studied Sports Nutrition from ACSM, Diploma in diet planning. I m also a Certified posture analyst and ACE Approved program designer. Kettlebell training Specialist and Olympic Weightlifting Specialist

Jimmy Coggins

Two decades of meditation and spiritual studies, combined with 40 successful years in hospitality operations, a Project Managment Professional certification, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Elevate Coaching Facilitation certification, a Master s in English, editor/contributor for the UTPB Composition Handbook, and finally Guinness World Records adjudicator.

Luciana Vieira Valim

I provide job search and career guidance specifically to immigrants and remote job seekers looking for opportunities in North America. I m an immigrant myself, I lived in the U.S and I m now a Canadian citizen. I ve landed a remote dream job in the past, so I have experienced the journey my clients wish to have. I also hold a B.A and a Masters degree in Psychology and a coaching certification. I also offer leadership assessment services to help companies hire top talent for leadership roles.


I am a mine planner trained by the famous Russian professor Alexander Ivanovich Arsentieve. I used my background in mine planning to solve problems in mining geology. I am the author of several methods on mineral property evaluation and investment analysis. I have 10years practical field experience and 17years teaching experience

Funda Karakimseli

Globally Certified Motivation Coach 15 years of Human Resources experience TESOL OXFORD ltd accredited English Tutor MA, Honor s degree Business English Language Coach Not able to walk but can fly

Ruchi Makkar

I am a CIPD professional with experience in all spectrum of Human resources and office management. Hold working experience in Diverse and dynamic environment. Have been involved managing HR functional areas like benefits administration, employee relations, performance management, onboarding, policy implementation, recruitment/employment and employment law compliance.

Tsogkhuu Iderzana

Experienced in resource estimation of mineral deposit. Using 3D estimation software with geostatistical approach. Teaches Micromine, LeapFrog, LogPlot, Strater, MapInfo Discover, Surpac, Snowden Supervisor in expert level. Virtual Geoverse developer. Machine learing and Ai developer for virtual geological metaverse. Machine learning for exploration criteria for mineral resources exploration.

Sasha Sullivan

I am both a wellness coach and counsellor so I can help with both mental health support and holistic wellness mind and body . I use an epigenetic health platform and tool to assess your individual needs and help you make changes to your everyday life.

Naomi Stacy

I am a highly effective coach who is able to connect with people and help them to see their potential. I have a deep understanding of human behavior and am able to help people to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals. I am also an excellent listener and am able to provide support and guidance to my clients.

Melissa Berry

My own experiences in life have been different than others. I have been working on my personal growth for the past 12 years and was able to grow as the person I want to be. This approach allowed me to help others by creating a safe environment for them to share their own story and what keeps them up at night. I am a certified life coach and yoga instructor bringing a mindful mindset to your life.

John Julian

John Julian is an American actor and voice talent currently working in the UK and Europe. He has acted alongside Hollywood stars Samuel L. Jackson , for Oscar winning directors Giuseppe Tornatore and in commercials for leading brands McDonald s . He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in acting from California State University, Los Angeles.

Omer Alhaaj

responsibilities include Devising technical training programs according to organizational requirements Producing training schedules for prjects management and project softwer tools , through Agile Methodology

Ahmad Hamdan

bilingual, well travelled and diversed cultural background, vast knowledge in Crypto/blockchain, 7 years of experience in luxury retail fashion home , I build gaming PCs for fun and as a hobby so I have a good knowledge in pc parts and components too and a decent knowledge in troubleshooting, I speak both English and Arabic fluently.

Urenwoke Amarachi

I am diverse and pay distinct attention yo details and assumptions are not acceptable to me unless with facts well proven after thorough research and analysis. I believe in also learning on the while also impacting others. No knowledge is a waste is a keyword or motor for me

Lelethu Masangwana

Proactive professional with experience in communications and media management within the public and non profit sectors. Proven ability to produce communications content, monitor and analyse media and trends, and liaise with key internal and external stakeholders. Skilled in media pitching, fact checking, media relations, narrative construction, and multipurpose writing. Adobe, MS, Google.

Karabo Molokwane

I have worked in all ranks in a contact centre , started as a Technical Supervisor then moved to up rank as Quality Assurer and Training Co ordinator then now i am a qualified Contact centre manager with National diploma and Bachelors of Technology specializing in Project Management , Customer Relations , Contact centre Management Contact centre technology. My experience is based more on the IT

Abdallah Nassar

Network Strategy Technology Innovation, Financial Budgeting / Investment Management. Strong analytical skills in assessing Financial Returns, Capex Opex impact on Cash Forecast Tracking. Budget Cost Management. Experience in the development of CAPEX/OPEX budgets and analysis of budget request business casing. Expert in Business case analysis with financial KPIs like NPV, IRR, ROI

Antony Shinu

IT Cloud Infrastructure Professional / Consultant / Lead / Manager / Architect / Operations Open To Discuss Full Time and Freelance Opportunities / Roles / Projects / Assignments Areas Of Expertise IT Cloud Infrastructure Management Remote / Work From Home WFH IT Infrastructure Support IT Operations Project Management Service Delivery Management NOC Datacenter Management

Kristy Bayley

Scaling any business is hard, and perhaps the hardest step is getting the engine running. I ve spent 10 years accelerating small teams with great ideas into successful businesses ready for their next phase. I understand that rockets need to be balanced and my breadth of experience across all operational areas means that teams scale quickly, efficiently, happily, and strategically.

Anjana Nambissan

I m a transformational life coach passionate about guiding my clients to their dream life through self love I m an expert in parenting coaching as well my life was transformed with the help of life coaching Im a life coach to serve you to create magic in your life

Geoff Greig

I help athletes learn how to Master Their Mental Game and coaches learn how to expand and improve their business with Mental Performance training for their athletes. The goal is to get mind, body and emotions working together for faster skills improvement and increased access to peak performance.

Saikat Adhikari

Applied Physics Terahertz Professional, Working on A.I. / Medical Research Aiming to Extend Human Life. Dedicated, resourceful Applied Physics professional offering a total of 16 years of extensive experience in Design and Characterization of High Frequency Terahertz Devices for Application in Bio sensing and Medical Imaging, Biomedical Engineering, Applied Physics, Remote Sensing

Rahul Soni

I have 14 years of experience as a SQL DBA and Azure Architect. I specialize in Migrating Customer s Infra from on prem to Cloud. My core competencies as a DBA include Insallation/Upgradation/Migration, Performance Tuning, Configuring High Availibility and Disaster Recovery, Indexing, Clustering, Log Shipping etc.

Adel Khalil

Adel has extensive experience in software development across a range of industries and systems. His technical experience includes leading the creation of large scale distributed applications, building consumer and business web and mobile applications. He brings more than a decade of experience in the tech industry as a CTO, VP of Engineering and business leader.

Christopher Esclanda

Allow me to assist you in customer support operations, client relationship management, business operations, process improvement, team development, change management, outsourced operations, remote team management, remote administrative tasks

Marwan Sughair

Adaptable professional with 10 years of work experience and proven knowledge of leadership, problem solving, and cross domain specialty in various information technology and telecom systems. Furthermore, long practiced engineer in the design, integration, and deployment of ICT systems in the military and commercial fields

Uday Gokhale

Complete product Design Concept to Launch, Value Engineering, Predictive and Preventive Maintainance, System Engineering, Field Return Analysis, Reliability Engineering, Safety Design, ISO 26262, Medical and Automotive Domain Knowledge

Md Danish Arman

I am a content writer as well as a teacher with two years of experience and during my journey I have came across a lot of students who were not confident. I talked to them, guided them and now they are preparing with all the efforts with positive mindset. This experience made me distict from others out there.

Haroon Abdullah

An engineering business graduate with diverse experience of 7 years in the Consumer Goods Technology industries. An innovative, holistic, and effective HR professional who is experienced in optimizing established businesses and scaling up early late stage technology companies. Key areas of expertise are Organizational Design Workforce Planning Budgeting Rewards Management Policies Career Planning, Capability and Coaching Industrial Relations Labour Laws Culture, Employee

Goodness Ireoluwa Odudu

Basically, i Make clear and specific recommendations, and explain how their recommendations will help you meet your goals. i also Explain the risks involved with every investment, furthermore, i do a lot of travelling so i familiarize with my community and know what challenges there face and find solutions to overturn them, lastly i Keep your personal information safe.

Abhay Karhade

ERPs Implementor, Business Outcome Orchestrator, Digitization and Digital transformation evangelists, Stake Holder Experience designer. New Technology use case explorer. Passionate Brand and Team Builder.

Fadi El Solh

Futurist, Government advisor for Innovation in government services and digital transformation, Capacity building and social impact, program manager for global initiatives, I lead One Million Arab Coders program along with One Million Uzbek and Jordan coders programs

Gaurang Bhatt

I am an IT Business Analysis Professional having 15 years of expereince in Project Implementation Support Projects, Team Management, Test Automation and even Analytics Reporting Team Management. I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and MBA in Finance. I have keen interest and experience around People Management, Development and Coaching. I have completed my Coaching Certification for ICF and can really work with any individual on aspects of Work , Career and Life.

Timothy Lewis

I love to help people to conceive their personal vision for their lives. I help them apply powerful strategies and practices that will assist them in creating effective goals to identify and remove barriers, and move them into to a place where they are thriving in pursuit of their dreams. New relationships and connections will develop in the process, which creates a team of support, and streams of resources, and opportunities.

Snehal kulthe

Strategic Executive with around 15 years experience in managing IT, Digital Cloud Transformation, Enterprise Strategic Initiatives, Agile Product development across Consumer Corporate Banking, Credit Cards, Payments, Channels, Loyalty and Customer lifecycle Management CLM . Adept at bridging the gap between Business and Technology to facilitate effective communication and deliver transform

Charles Allen

Curiousity about technology and helping others

Udyan Sharma

Technology professional with around 15 years of hands on experience in building elegant enterprise solutions for complex business problems. Have expertise in creating system design, technical architecture, integration architecture and also low level technical designs. Developed proof of concepts for helping clients/management reach robust conclusions.

Swathi Angel

coach who is passionate to bring creative and bring complicated process ,system, and work with in coordination and support the upcoming generation with flexible and fantastic way to implementation and experience the change in live

Saurabh Awasthy

I am a corporate trainer in banking and finance domain. I also look after the behavioural and soft skills training.Certification in data analystics as well.pursuing business analyst certification from one of the reputed LMS provider.

Ankur Singh

Niche experience with portfolio management operations and traditing floor Currently completing an enterprise wide compliance project which will result is ease of business in the United States and rest of the world.

Paola Serri

My approach aiming at consciousness and empowerment and learning. My unique background as manager consultant and entrepreneur

Jennifer McDonnell

I have a background in CBT, DBT, trauma informed and person centred care. Beyond that, I have experience in a number of setting from inpatient psychiatric to addiction to return to work programs. I have a distinct desire to work with client in exploring their inner workings and patterns, to find new ways of promoting their self care, building self love and self acceptance, but also understanding.

Nagaraja Upadyaya

Technical Consultant with 25 years overall experience, specifically 18 years as Solution Architect of Java, JEE, Microservices, Spring, Kafka, Angular, React, Node, NoSQL, Neo4j, OrientDB, BPM, ML, Python and AS/400 based solutions in Banking 10 years including HSBC, Wells Fargo etc , CRM SCM and Insurance domains. Expert in TOGAF, UML, BPM, Java, APIs, Spring, Angular, React, Node and Android.

Ali Hasan

Well Netowrk Security Data Secuity knoweldge certified network secuirty engineer from Sohpos Cetrified Network Profissonal from Huawei well knoweldge of IT infrastarcure server managment handling muti deplyoments fror ISP across gluf contries matter expert of sdwan technology certified Nokia SDN engineer

Shah Abdullah Raza

Information Technology professional with more than 18 years of diversified experience of learning, development and working in multiple industries like Telecoms, FMCG Beauty, personal care, Food , Oil Gas Marketing, Trading Exploration . Successfully delivered major and challenging projects in multiple roles. Accomplished continuous career growth in local and multinational organizations.

Erfan Shamohammadi Heydari

Senior Management , IT Management , Network Designer , Business Consultant , Business Development , More than 20 years exprience in IT Business , advise IT solutions to companies Governances , IT Pproject management

Tosin Elufowoju

Knowledgeable in environmental management/science with over 10years in corporate/commercial law practice and environmental law/policy consultancy. Budding researcher in the field of waste management as a tool for environmental protection.

Jose Antonio Diez Torricelli

I have more than 5 years on environmental and climate change management experience mostly on the public administration, also have a master s in Environmental Management and Audit. So I can be and advisor on this areas of expertise

Sudip Pal

Strategic Leader, with over 22 years of experience in Digital Transformation, Business Analytics, Business Process Consulting, Lean Deployment, Process Transformation, Operational Excellence, and Process Automation Programs across IT, Telecom, BFSI, CPG, Healthcare, Media domain. Proven excellence in providing digital advisory, devising a digital strategy for end to end transformational engagements in collaboration with SMEs, Consultants, Technologists, and other Cross functional Teams.

Narendra Reddy Guduru

Lead the development and execution of IT strategic objectives that support the overall corporate strategy. Key result areas include IT Infrastructure management, Data center Management, Cloud Management, Cyber risk management, project management, Program Management, Delivery Vendor Management, Business development continuity, Digital Practice. Well qualified technically, with a background of

Roshni Vinnakota

Attention to detail and smart work. 8 yrs of exp. In investment banking, attribution analysis, portfolio management, Python Test and performance Analyst, in progress with Automation Specialist Level 1 and completed Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma


Me working in Environment Field since many years and having great experiance in waste management, climate change sustainability, Environmental Pollution, Water treatment, Compliance Management, Water Treatment Etc.

Obaida Saeed

IT Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in providing IT services for different businesses. Utilizing my experience in IT I have been pivotal to ensuring that businesses under my control is running smoothly with all technology related Strategies and tools.

Bhavik Patel

Technical Solution provider, technical consultation, Strong Analytical and troubleshooting skills, Project management, ITIL4 Certified, Servers, Networks, Virtulization, VOIP, Enterprise Gateway solutions, Backup solutions.

Jami Nash

I come from a horticultural backround with anthropology as the foundation, I am passionate to create a sustainable model centred around training and skills development within the EEE sector, we have been servicing the industry for 15 years and feel that we know what would be required for any individual or startup that is wanting to reach the milestones compliantly and find the sustainability.

Shahrukh Sheikh

I believe that my experience with technology, specifically in multiple domains, makes me the best match for IT positions. In my current job, I m responsible for maintaining and updating the whole Infrastructure from Service Desk Support /System Analyst L1 L4 / Support to System Engineer / Network Administrator. This everything creates AD User to Secure network updating and continuously monitorin

Akash Ashok

Engineering solutions in the world of SAP Integrations and other Integration tools. Have about 10 years of experience on middlewares like Dell Boomi, SAP CPI with functional knowledge on SAP ERP, SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, 3rd Party payroll systems

Sanjeev Kumar

I am an experienced Environmental Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the Civil Engineering industry. I have more than 15 years of professional experience working in external aided infrastructure development projects funded by the World Bank, ADB KfW .

Naurose Ali

Mental health has become a cause of growing concern around the world in the light of fast paced living and growing psychological and social stresses. There is a dire need for mental health professionals who are upto the taI am a Psychiatrist working with people who face mental health issues and endeavour to provide evidence based pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments for their wellbeing

Dan Ardemer

I am a University Lecturer with specialization in Hospitality Management and its allied industries. I am currently taking my MSc in International Hospitality Management, I have a BSc Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and an Executive Education.

Herbert Nyirenda

Mr. Nyirenda is well experienced in the field of Natural Resources Management, Disaster Risk Reduction Management and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigations. In addition, he has extensive experience in Project Management and Monitoring, Community Livelihood and Resilience, and Water Sanitation and Hygiene WASH . Further, application of GIS Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing

Mangala Simpito

I am highly motivated and fully engaged in economic research topics. I have a strong understanding of economic theories coupled with specialized analytical and conceptual skills. I endeavor to ensure delivery of making complex topics simplified for any individual to understand

Mithugopal Mandal

Seasoned, Inspirational Leader with more than 24 years of experience in a variety of industries like Education, Pharma Life Sciences, Chemical, Textiles, Metal Mining, Medical Devices, Auto, Solar, Cement, Ceramics, Aviation, Infrastructure, Financial Sector, FMCG, NGO and Public Sectors A trusted CXO Advisor with diverse comprehensive experience in business building, service delivery, larg


Coming from an IT Infra background with rich experience in Incident , Problem and Change Management. Good Problem solving Technical skills mainly in Server Infra and Desktop Supports. Also good amount of experience in server patching using deployment tools like kaseya and Tanium.

Sara Phelan

I was an entrepreneur first I understand the journey. Today, I help Small Business Owners to get clear on where they are in their business, plan to correct course and be EXIT ready with Training, Tools and Resources to work ON the business. I was a corporate trainer turned entrepreneur, then business broker, followed by 10 years in advisory and coaching roles to help move entrepreneurs forward in an organized way with clarity.

Dastan Abdygali

Product Manager with experience in agile IT services development. Robotics Mechatronics engineer. Certified PMP Project Management Professional. Stocks investor. UAE Representative at Niska Robotics Australia

Roshan Tiwari

I have sound knowledge on botany along with leadership capability. I am young energetic well educated and well experience botany lecturer from Nepal. My subject of internet is ethnobotany. I am sound knowledge on the medicinal plants of himalayana region of Nepal.

Mohammad Sohail

I teache Biology at O level and Botany at Bachelors level. As a researcher I am an analytical minded person. I work professionally and I am well behaved with my co researchers. I am very clam, a good thinker and committed to my work. Beside these qualities I have an excellent writing and verbal communication skill.

Mércio Manjor

I m exerienced, tech savvy and IT expert with 5 yearsof experience. I m able to establish a good relationship with customers and employees. I m able to apply innovative ideas which satisfy business needs.

Abhilash CR

i have nearly 18 years of experience working in international markets for US,UK,Norway and India.I worked to build companies from the scratch,set strategies and process from the early stages and create a branding framework for the company to scale and enhance further.Also I have experience in vendor partnerships in international markets

Anthony Keyrouz

I am a licensed Systems Networks Engineer holding an MBA in Project Operations Management , a PMP and an ITIL v3 Foundation certifications. I have acquired more than 14 years of experience in IT Operations Management, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management, IT Infrastructure and Cloud Management, IT Network Management, IT Security and CyberSecurity Management.

Shivanki Chauhan

I use a holistic approach of Vedanta Philosophy to help my clients or truth seekers to connect with their Body, Mind, Intellect and Soul. An individual has many layers to his/her personality, hence including the spiritual aspect to the life coaching is essential to see an overall personality transformation.

Amir Syarifudin

I have hands on work experience Project Manager in NGO in Food, fishery, coffee, agriculture, trade facilitation, health, and nutrition sectors in Indonesia Food and Non Food Area , East Timor, Myanmar, and Lao to help organizations, Government and people growth by providing them knowledge throughout improving capacity by giving training and technical assistant to improve their capacity. I have

Faiz Ahmed

I m Faiz Ahmed from Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan, I graduated from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan. Here I want to make something new work on headstrt. Also done IOSH

Woyengiimomoemi torulagha

my name is torulagha woyengiimomoemi, I hold a bachelor degree in environmental biology, I am passionate about environmental sustainability and proper use of ecosystem goods and services by adhering to strict environmental laws and policies

Abeer Idrees

I was a former trainee at king Abdullah university hospital, member at genetics and bioinformatics association , volunteer in cooperation with Jordanian ministry of health, and I have worked on my a research project,still under study entitled Isolation,Identification,and Characterization of Staphylococcus Aureusfrom handles shopping carts in Jordan

Manojkumar Ayyappan

10 Years of experience in different industrial sectors like Automobile, Semiconductor, Precision Engineering, Packaging, Foundry, Electronics and Medical. Hands on experience in Automation Machine Building Division ,Instrumentation and Control System in Programming , System design, Detailed engineering from the scratch of the machine ,until Installation and Commissioning .

Sarath Kutathiparambil Satchi

Versatile Electronics Communication Engineer with 20 years of rich experience in embedded systems, networking, security protocols, cryptography, cyber security, telecommunications, submarine cable systems and satellite communication systems. I am well experienced executive manager in technology area, in creating periodic reports, budgeting, program management,technology management, advisory to CXO, Directors and Billionaires across the globe on negotiations, business strategie etc.

George Walter Kavuma

I have over 8 years of experience in hospitality systems. This includes systems like, micros 9700, opera, fidelio materials control, Active directory, microsoft products, azure, to mention but a few.

Ghazanfar Gul

Looking to pursue a challenging career by being associated with a progressing organization. Hands on experience in developing, maintaining, implementing, and monitoring different project. Proactive person with positive and open attitude towards work. Excellent leadership and team member qualities. Possessing a good understanding of the essentials of safety and quality.

Winston Johnson

I m a pragmatic problem solver and detail oriented IT consultant with comprehensive experience in transforming organisational operations by implementing digital initiatives, along with demonstrated history of guiding technical teams and developing strategic plans to achieve business goals.

Joan Rada

I am a Food Technologist, knowledgeable in wheat and flour analysis, quality control tests, product applications, and specifications with 20 years of combined experience in Research and Development work on flour, flour based products, and other bakery ingredients. I am also knowledgeable in food safety and sanitation. I am also skilled in social media management.

Issam Kaddoura

I offer you solid business experience, a strong customer focus, solid technical experience, and effective leadership skills, in combination with an only the best will do work ethic. I am skilled at working with clients, technical, and business teams to provide information and solutions to potential and existing issues.

Zain Ul Abedin

Being Environmental Health and Safety specialist I available to provide my expertise in training development of EHS Sector, I can be useful in making Environmental inspections audits. I have excellence in report writing providing subject specialist coaching to leaders. I possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Rizwana Anjum

Environmental management and compliance of environment and social safeguards policies and standards in development sector particularly infrastructure development projects is key area of concern at global level

Dori Bon

Speciality Blender of 25 B pest controls and chitosan adjuvants We also blend products that clean soils restore benifical living soils Products for cleaning algea out of the gulf and oceans

Maria Siddiqui

i am work as a environmentalist teacher and social worker..i am interested in any kind of online job as an environmentalist..i am from pakistan please let me know if any online job is regards...maria

Ifewunmi Ajao

I am an environmental manager and a consultant in environmental health with years of professional experience in environment, health and safety.

Rashida Hameed

Rashida Hameed currently works at the Department of Environmental Science, Zhejiang University. My research areas include 1 transport of colloids, nanomaterials, and plastics in porous media 2 adsorption desorption of organic compounds 3 dissolved organic carbon and its interaction in the environment 4 micro and nano plastic.

Latif ullah Khattak

I am medical research scientist, consultant Nutritionist and public health specialist. I have 12 years experience in medical research, nutrition and public health. Multiple publications and worked on diverse positions as Research coordinator in international organizations.

Khalid nawaz

i am belong to medical field ,,i have done MBBs and specialization in surgery,i can do independent surgeries,i can treat different disease, Medical cases like sugar, blood pressure,fever,UTI,all abdominal operations,all types wound management,All chest infections,And many more medical and surgical disease,i can advise peoples different heath related informations,,i am much sincere about my patei,,

Akesha Williams

I have excellent customer service skills that I know will push me past others in my field. I pride myself in all that I have accomplished in my field. I know if given the chance I will over succeed in any environment

Lin Min Oo

I am Dr.Linn currently practising as a nutrition specialist specialized in non communicable diseases such as cancer, DM, metabolic syndrome, obesity and weight loss for achieving targeted nutrition therapy goals and diet control.

flori bala

Efficient, results oriented, experienced Senior IT Manager/Architect/Project manager with more than 20 years experience in IT, including Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Systems , ERPs implementation , Accounting/Tax/AP Automation global implementations , BI implementations , Integrations, Database administration, Software Development, Networking. Led large global business transformation proje

Russell Lema

experienced in crypto mining, dApp design, Blockchain implementation into real world processes, DAOs, token creation, nft projects, various other knowledge when it comes to Blockchain and crypto. consulting and advisor for several different projects in the crypto space, NFTs, dapps, apps, tracking and logistics. Expert in lifecycle design and management. Mined first Bitcoin in 2013.

Kevin Mendonca

I am a life science entrepreneur and scientific advisor with a masters in Microbiology from India, Ph.D. in Medical Biotech fom Europe, two post doctoral felloships, one in Europe and the other at Hraverd Medical School, USA, with about 15 years of research experience in infectious diseases.

Ramacin Mysitol

zoologist by profession A very copmetent person having effective concepts wanna teach people worldwide .To spread knowledge and positivity is my passion .lets learn zoology Introduction to SCA Characteristics of Normal RBCs and Sickle cell History of SCA Epidemiology of SCD Pathophysiology of SCA Genetics of SCA Pattern of Inheritance of SCA Symptoms of SCA Diagnosis of SCA Treatment of SCA Daily Preventive Measures

Divya Saksena

Analytical, organized and detail oriented academic with 25 plus years expertise and experience in Higher Education Teaching, Administration, Research, Curriculum Design and Instructional Delivery in Anglophone Literature, Communication, Gender Cultural Studies, Writing for Academic Professional Purposes. Proven track record of delivering highest quality solutions strategies.

Yvonne Baldle-Agboton

I have 20 years of management experience in global cooperations on different continents. I led teams and individuals to success and growth. From my own experience and through my team leadership I discovered women in the workplace are challenged everywhere with the same issues of visibility, career growth, work life balance and happiness.

Sandeep kumar

certified scrum product owner, with 14 years of experience in IT field. have vast experience in growing a startup from idea stage to production stage. have vast experience in Node js, Dango, Flutter, React Js, mongo,

Isis Alves

Proven ability to build trust, provide honest feedback, and foster a supportive environment that helps clients reach their potential. Passionate about working with individuals and teams committed to personal and professional growth.

Danielle Medina

I am a Certified Welding Inspector and have specialized training in Welding Procedure Specifications, Welder Qualifications, and Procedure Qualification Records. Not limited to QA/QC manual implementation and training of individuals. I am a zest to your rut.

Suleiman Abdulsalam

I am not yet a professional but I am planning to become one in my field and I also have the plane and intention to become one if not the best amongst all. I am a quick learner and have a good instinct to thrives in what I have learnt.

Ilie Andrei

I am that type of guy who takes his work with responsability and seriousness, ability to work with people and integrate in team. The ability to find solutions for problems. The punctuality is another quality.

Linda Muchuchuti

I do not offer readily made diet plans because I believe that individuals are different in their preferences and metabolism. My goal is to offer sustainable lifestyle changes that clients can still enjoy on their healthy weight management journey. I am a strong advocate against FAD diets as i find most of them to work in the short term but are not sustainable.

Magnus Paul

A practising Veterinary Obstetrician and Gynaecologist dealing mainly with canine and feline breeding. Having a PhD in the area of canine uterine inertia, which is dealing with difficulty in canine delivery. Presently training young veterinarians in reproductive management of animals.

Isi Richard-Koko

I am very easy to talk to. my clients are comfortable with me and I take my time to listen and analyse. I have been mostly successful with handling issues clients have brought foward. I have studied broadly and have a wide range of experience.


2D Artist

Richa Rajput

I am a PhD in environmental science and postgraduate in microbiology. I have been a science student throughout my educational span. My expertise lies in the waste management, organic farming, soil microbiology and basic biological science. I have a strong hold on scientific matters plus I am good writer, I provide solutions to environmental problems from agriculture to waste management.

Vibhu Khera

I m passionate about helping people seeking inner balance, mental well being, and emotional coherence. My background is in therapy, meditation, and emotional health. I have worked extensively with people facing anxiety, mood swings, life issues, relationship difficulties and grief and have assisted many through recovery, restoring focus, inner harmony, confidence, and calmness.

Robert Rife

Conferred Post Graduate degrees in education, business, and information security as well as conferred doctorate with an information security focus. Over 60 industry certifications, many of which trainer designation is held. Unique abilities to translate highly technical methods to understandable business objectives through analogy and cross departmental discussion.

Muhammad Shahzad

Lecturership Online

Waqar Ramzan

I believe in quality not quantity, in prevalent situation creativity is preferred that is seen in only lab work of a good professor when he is carrying his research at ultra level.Definitely there is a huge difference from assumptions and reality that is what our profession is, it is in the form of God s text.

Yoannis Angelides

I am Geospatial Consultant providing consulting services relating to GIS and GIS strategies. I provide advice on choosing GIS software as well as assesing GIS needs, maturity devcelopment and advising on GIS roadmaps for organisations and individuals. I am also available for advise on GIS proposal writing and bid submissions.

Efe Işıkyüzlü

I am experienced in building a product from scratch, turning an idea into a product, and making growth plans at the scale up stage. I can collaborate with any stakeholder as I am strong on Product Management, marketing and technical side. I am a person who produces new ideas, can choose the right audience and realize the ideas.

Muhammad Irfan Rehman

I m working as a waste recycler since 2002, mainly handling Plastics and Metals. in Plastics, my major are PP, PET, LDPE, PP copolymer. and In metals, my main concerns are MS, SS and Aluminium. have been exporting these materials to different countries from Pakistan

Dhruti Sampat

To achieve holistic health, I combine diverse modalities such as EFT, sound therapy, colour psychology, metaphor analysis, and so on. These techniques aid in overcoming emotional barriers brought on by past, present, or future events, as well as giving mental and physical self care practises.

Shafi Ahmed

I have more than 10 years working experience in poultry sector speacialy in Hatchery sector.i m veterinary graduate.i have worked on single stage as well as multistage incubators .I have strong knowledge of incubation of eggs

Patrick Noel

CEO 5.0 coach helping futur Leaders to Transform and Scale their Business with Low Carbon Impact in 90 days using our personalized CSR program

Asad Bhatti


Mohamad Hadla

Expert with more than 7 years in the fields of biomedical, basic and preclinical research. With deep skills in problem solving and pratcital solutions for academic and industry base issues. Multilingual English, Italian, French and Arabic

Ayan Banerji

1. Globally certified Coach and Trainer 2. Working closely with corporate professionals. 3. Across nations on business focussed competencies. 4. For three decades.

Alkis Kastrisios

Software engineer with 25 years of experience who has worked in Big enterprises and huge projects and in medium level sized companies and projects. Have written uncounted lines of code in many different programming languages and more than 2 decades of experience working with databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB and others

Michael Chua

Independent digital technology and Cybersecurity consultant for banks, governments and tech companies in 19 countries across Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia, for over 20 years. Also a screenwriter director actor for films.

Kavita Freedom

I am a Therapist / Life Coach / Workshop Facilitator and Speaker for more than 13 years. I help my clients achieve perfect physical and mental health, loving relationships, excellent careers, financial abundance and prosperity and much more. My approach is completely holistic and energetic. I work on bringing the body, mind, emotions and soul into balance and alignment with each other.

Mpumi Matjila

When I train, I believe the wisdom is among my candidates my role is to make them realize it. I ensure fun sessions that are serious enough to drive the learning home while nutturing minds

Daniel Koren

I am a Co founder and CEO of a successful immigration company and a startup, I build it by myself and I would love to guide people and share my knowledge and what I ve learned during my work and experience

Volkan Gurcesme

Information technology leader with 15 years of experience, both in software product development and enterprise IT. Built and delivered technology solutions in various domains, such as Banking , Insurance , Aviation ,Travel , E commerce , Tourism , Retail Industry 4.0.Experience in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Turkey as well as working with vendors from various geogrphies, resulting in a broad

Beenish Salman

Psychiatrist by profession, with passion to learn, teach and research. would like to prefer teamwork with strong skills and competent people. like to help people suffering from major and minor psychological illnesses.

Izzuddin Hussin

Have knowledge and experience in multiple fields especially in IT and Startup. More than 10 years experience in IT field especially with Microsoft Technology. A startup founder and entrepreneur with experience of more than 5 years.

Diamond Fields

I have been working in IT for 7 Years now. I have hands on experience with set up workstations and helping users with their laptop issues. I worked in a call center solve20 to 30 tickets a day. I have experience using Microsoft Office 365, Active Directory, Service Now, Apple Macintosh Operating System OS, and windows laptops.

Belhassen Jelassi

Detail oriented Support Specialist with extensive experience in telecommunications, retail and customer service. Troubleshoots highly technical, complex issues with ease and patience. Delivers Tier 2 and 3 support knowledge.

Priya raman

Hi,I am passionate Teacher and a researcher who is here to make a change by educating the young minds .I believe as an educator we have the power to influence young minds and groom them in the right direction.

Umme Habiba Tanny

This profession is a noble profession. Because by this profession we can serve people. There are many types of people who are suffer from nutritional problem, obesity, diabetics etc. We help them and suggest them how to they lead a happy life only skip some medicine rather than the use of good food.

Marie Paule KAREKEZI

I am a production manager in food industry, a dietetic by heart. Am my daughter s mother. I feed her with noutritious, healthy and balanced diet. I like very much the kitchen. Food Products processing is my passion. Am really desapointed when seeing people suffering from malnutrition.

Rinky Patel

I help people grow their Digital Marketing knowledge and help them put the same knowledge into building their income sources. My approch towards digital marketing is practical and I train students in a way that it can help students to build their career.

John Anthony

If needed I go anywhere in person and I give away more sessions. I believe I am more passonate and understanding than most. Its always about the client. You have to give more than you receive. To become a person that others trust so much that they will tell you there most deepest secrets is priceless.

Mehmet Yildiz

More than 18 Years of IT experience IT Management / IT Project Management / Erp Management and Implementation / Web Design and Development /B2c and B2b / Network Management / Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Office 365 / Microsoft Azure Devops / Veam ...

Shashya Diyapaththugama

A practising, freelance dietitian/nutritionist from Sri Lanka with Bachelors honors in Food Science and Nutrition, and experience as a clinical dietitian. An academic in a Sri Lankan state university. A researcher.

Kgalaletso Mothooagae

I am a Food Scientist by profession who has rounded all the aspects of the Food chain through training and experience, I have over 15 years experience in the food industry, covering laboratory, quality assurance, standards development and Implementation, coaching and advising businesses in that regard. Currently am a coach for Women entrepreneurs through Trade Forward Southern Africa.

Megha Saini

I have 6 years experince in Public speaking on internationa platfrom all accross world and I am certified International Soft skill trainer. I am specialising in Emotional Quotient Training

Blessing Okufunwa

I was a victim of depression in the past which almost cost my life, but with the help of some materials and books, I was able to overcome depression and now I m totally free. I believe I can help people suffering from depression with the knowledge from my past experience that life is worth living and every life is valuable and important. Suicide is never the solution.

Joanne Tan

Before becoming a therapist, I worked many years in the media industry. The media industry is one that is not forgiving, demanding, and lacks a work life balance. It was the challenges and struggles that I heard and witnessed during that journey that got me thinking of how I, as an individual, can help others who are going through a tough time.

David Rackoff

I help entrepreneurs, business leaders, and philanthropists get really good on camera... authentically. The goal is to have the real you show up on camera. Making a video live or recorded, or leading a Zoom meeting should feel just as normal as having an intimate one on one conversation. My background is as a writer/director of theater and film, so I work with people using play and games.

Federico Rossi

Are you having a tough time and/or trouble coping with a new change or situation My experience and education range a wide spectrum both in private and corporate counselling, specifically with anxiety, grief distress, career change, work life balance, low level mental energy, time management, and low self esteem.

Norman Adriano

I have more than 30 years of corporate management experience in operations and supply chain management. I do consulting engagements, develop and roll out training sessions face to face or online. I am actively helping MSMEs in the Philippines and I also teach in a business school.

Risa Daniels

WHEN YOU RE READY.. I can help you acquire the tools to launch BEST LIFE, Do you feel like your life could improve Not just improve a little, but massively improve Maybe even become your best life, Are you missing out on the rich, full, meaningful life of purpose and passion you have a sneaking suspicion is still out there, waiting for you Or do you simply feel stuck in the same old ways

Cece Rubin

I am a independently licensed social worker who specializes in Anxiety and depressive disorders as well as trauma and dual diagnosis conditions. I teach a method that empowers you to achieve rapid mood and behavioral regulation using somatic techniques that addresses Mind and Body as a whole. I provide life and career coaching as well as behavioral health interventions for the work place, leadership and management strategies for employers, employees and client success and retention.

Michelle Powell

Digital marketing expert with a specialist data and business transformation expertise. Working acfoss multiple digital marketing channels including CRM, Email, SEO, CRO, Audience growth and analysis. Workimg for top tier companies such as Telegraph and Virgin Media as well as consulting for start ups and SMEs.

Zohaeb Riaz

An experienced and multi faceted professional with rich experience in Information Technology, Delivery Management, Business Process, Team Management and Adoption of New Technologies, Over 13 years of experience in various roles of increasing responsibility and influence

Alicia Ho

Dynamic, outgoing individual with creative critical thinking skills. I enjoy working and communicating with individuals across multiple levels with diverse backgrounds and different cultures. I enjoy tackling any challenges that come my way with a flexible approach. In the ever changing world, I believe that change is essential and we should use it to our benefit.

Allen Selima Hossain

Selima has strong network in the Bangladesh Startup Ecosystem and having experience working in the development of Social Enterprise, Seedstar Ambassador. She is trained in Human Centred Design Thinking and an expert in Pitch Deck, curriculum building. Project Management Expert delivered numerous projects. Bid writing.

Sydney Smith

I am a psychotherapist with 22 years of experience with a specialization in Gambling Addiction and Gaming. I am also internationa speaker, trainer, and consultant on Responsible Gaming, working with the all levels of the gaming industry, corporations, Tribal Gaming, Government, and Treatment Centers. I enjoy speaking and providing trainings as well as working with clients individualy. My expertise is in the treatment of problem gamblers, their families, and working globally on Responsible Gaming

Saeed Anwar

I am a Clinical Psychologist with several certifications including MSc Applied Psychology , MS Clinical Psychology and Master in Education as well as 5 years of experience in my field and I am a skilled therapeutic Counselor. PhD scholar at Northeast Normal University China

Parrié Vonveron

English second language teacher with expereience in Latin America. I have taught multiple students to a succesful completion of the IELTS exam as well as learned a second language myself. Currently Im studying programming as a new challenge and specialize in conversation classes around technology.

Cheryl Mukadah

I am a people person. I spent 5years in the hospitality industry and part of my job was to give counsel to my surbodinates. This helped me grow and understand that everyone needs someone to help them with their job, finances, relationships. Therefore that makes me unique.

Michael Dsousa

I am a counselor and have helped many people come out of depression I hope I be of some help to you all I have gaind this gift by my own past experience... Anhelping hand to the one is needy I love to be there for the lonely the people who have no one to speak too

Salma Zeb

I am Salma.I have dome m.phil in medical biotechnology.I have 5 years of experience in research on daibetes and skin disorders.I have published research article in international journal with high impact factor.

Asad Aslam Khan

I have about five years of teaching experience in the field of veterinary sciences. Along with this I have good hands on practices in necropsy cases and their diagnosis. I have more than 7 published researchs and about 5 abstracts published in different conferences and international journals.

Mehedi hasan

i am mehedi hasan , i am from bangladesh , i am a biotechnologist.hire me , i want to work online.. i have four year work experience in research related works.i want to become a trainer ..............

Sheikh Imran Qayyym

I am Imran QAYYUM, CEO of HICO POULTRY Houses consultant SINCE 2000. FIRST Poultry extension Engineer of Pakistan. Ex Head of Electrical and Ventilation Sadiq Poultry and Islamabad farms.2000 2015. CEO HICO Hamza Imran Co. Ventilation expert. Dr of ventilation Group HICO. From 2015 till I delivered a Lecture on Ventilation Regards, entilation xpert oultry H uses, Consultant.

Raneem Sawaftah

Evaluate genetic information to identify patients or families at risk for specific genetic disorders Write detailed consultation reports to provide information on complex genetic concepts for patients or referring physicians

Sarabjeet Kaur Bedi

An Educator for life, savvy investor, and fervent blogger one line to summarize my professional journey. For 15 years, I taught young and diverse minds, and learnt the art of keeping things simple . Economic understanding of the market, created income. My blog is my expression. And my books are my window to the world.

Tehmina Lodhi

My practice comprises of adolescents, adults and couples. I work on personal, social or psychological challenges and am trained to use humanistic and integrative psychotherapy.I see clients of varying age brackets and diverse cultural backgrounds with a variety of issues ranging from depressions, stress, anxiety, bereavement and loss, relationships, anger, self esteem, suicide, psychosexual issues

Kimmo Granqvist

I am highly versatile. I possess excellent IT skills, and a broad range of linguistic skills, including Modern Greek, Swedish, and Finnish. I also work on Artificial Intelligence tasks. I am skilled a web designer, a professional writer, and a good data analyst. I have a huge experience in project design and management. I am a notoriously good fund raisor.

Santosh Lokhande

Core pharmaceuticals 22 years experience in Injectable, OSD, API. Expertise in all kind of microbiological analysis, bacterial endotoxin, Facility qualification, QMS , Laboratory Set Up Onsite training.Work experience from Reliance Life sciences,USV biologics, API Aand OSD, SUN Pharma etc

suerte lagmay

he right qualifications are an important thing to look for when seeking a good counsellor or psychotherapist. And yet therapy is at heart a relationship. Think about dating. Someone who has a great education will only make a great partner if they have a personality to match. So what makes a good therapist Good qualifications AND important personal skills. Just what are these essential qualities y

Pankaj Dixit

Financial coach indifferent from Financial adviser or Financial planner. As a coach I will help you take stock of your assets and liabilities, your incomes and expenses. I will help you to set your financial goals aligned to your values. and then build a strategy to achieve those goals considering all possibilities and constraints.

Leland Lai

Leland has advised Facebook Telecom Infra Project , GenMobile acquired by DISH , SBIE2 a former SoftBank company . Prior to this, he led GSMA through a major strategic pivot that grew its Asia business by 3600 over 7 years. Leland was part of the 2007 Terayon executive team Nasdaq TERN when Motorola acquired it for USD 140M and part of the 2001 eOn Communications IPO team Nasdaq EONC .

Nivethitha Somu

Solving real world critical problems, in depth understanding and implementation of the concepts and research outcomes

Daniel Barenboym

Over 20 years of running various companies in the role of a CEO. I have expertise building teams, sales, running a company, ideation, time management and all other aspects of creating and running a succesefull startup

Ohouo Goa

I am Ohouo, the Intimacy Maven. I have struggled with intimate relationships because of my demons. The truth was that I felt unworthy which cascaded into my relationships. I numbed myself. I created a new identity. I self sabotaged. I felt empty and lost. Everything changed when I reconnected to my essence. I was finally freed from my chains and my fears. Yes The key to your healing is self intimacy knowing truly who you are . So, I vowed to help women find self intimacy.

Dominik Jachimczuk

I am an operations expert in the pharmaceutical/cGMP field. I have expert experience working in sterile environments and fill/finish isolator equipment. My expertise extends to freeze drying, compliance, good manufacturing practices and aseptic techniques.

Rodrigo Codorniu

I m Rodrigo Codorniu Cofr . I m a Math Ph.D. from Universit C te d Azur. My thesis specialized in algebraic geometry. My experience in math research and in teaching math allows me to understand, summarize and build upon any concept quickly and succinctly, no matter how complicated it could be.

Prachi Yadav

Experienced L D professional with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry in India and Maldives. Certified Life coach with a focus on helping people grow and develop in their personal and professional lives.

Chisom Henry Onyema

I m Chisom Henry, and I work as an Ambassador for Interweave Solutions. I have a proven track record in brand and business strategy consulting, and project management. I work with, consult with, and coach brands of all sizes. I have strong communication and organizational abilities. I am also a good team player with a good sense of humor. Do you know who owns a business

Peter Kalinowski

I help people achieve their goals with most propoer coachig techniquest bymotivating themand by getting the best potential out of them to give them new independent life and fulfill thier personal and professional passions.

Rohail Khan

LinkedIn http // Senior Banker, CFO, CEO with 30 year s Multi Industry well rounded expertise Western educated with Professional Certifications in Economics, Finance, Investments, Marketing, Business Transformation Extraordinary Operational Consulting approach to mentor New and Experienced Business persons

Claudia Sanches

19 years of experience in Human Resources, with generalist experience in all HR subsystems. 5 years as Career, Leadership and Executive Coach Ability to align Talent strategy with organization strategy. Effectively identify and analyze problems, creatively develop and implement appropriate solutions.

Nathan McFarlane

I am a highly experienced financial adviser based in Dubai. I have worked in multiple financial verticals including insurance, investments, credit, crypto and Fintech. I take a holistic approach to Aiding my clients.

Charmaine Banda

I believe in rediscovering, rebuilding and redefining oneself as the key to achieving any measurable goal. I am unique because I believe positive transformation of oneself enables you to be able to adapt across all spheres of life. Charmaine in an active listener and applies ICF Code of Ethics in my daily life. This has helped me embed coaching and take it not as a career,but future of possibiliti

Anubhav Rohilla

i am an engineer turned into an enterpreneur becouse from child hood , i am attraced towards business. I have worked with many MNC in techno commercial department and experience of Projects, procurment, logistics, supply chain, Early eductation etc.i have devloped many sucessful businars models.

Jaison Sibanda

Master in linguistics and Transformational grammar. My methods clearly understand people s model of the world which makes me easier to enrich that model. I use various techniques selected from the client s representational structure.

Michelle Burrow

I take a very individual approach, getting to the root cause of your stressors addressing the problem at its deepest level for long lasting results you can feel I specialise in helping high performance professionals and business leaders to manage their stress enabling them to be productive and happy in life and relationships.

Ayesha malik

I can walk my client through the process of attaining unconditional love and happiness for themselves and others. I believe in nonresistance and nonatachment. I can work with clients toward past healing and future happiness. in my eyes all humans are beautiful and intelligent, we all can do anything. we all need directions to open the knots in mind and clear the energetic restrictions. contact me

Cekita Chambers

NLP Certified, Master Life Coach, Professional Coach, Goal Settings Coach, Life Happiness Coach Life Purpose Coach. Guiding clients effectively to accomplish set goals. Empowering, improving, heightening and holding each individual accountable for the progrsss they want to see.

Muhammad Adeeb

I am a clinical psychologist. I have skills in assessment, diagnosis, case formulation, and psychological treatment of mental health, behavioural, and emotional disorders across the lifespan. I can provide therapies to manage depression, Anxiety, Stress, Mood disorder and OCD

Lior Yadin

I have experienced the highs and lows of developing a startup multiple times. I have been in your shoes and can therefore guide you, as well as, ensure you don t encounter mistakes that can be avoided if led correctly. Most importantly, give you the tools you need to make confident decisions on your road to success.

Alysha Powell

I am a Certified Cognitive Behavior Life Coach w/ a background in neuroscience, psychology and Christian Counseling. My patent pending approach to meditation helps clients not only relax and manage stress, but infuse character, personal and professional development, root cause, spiritual development and accountability driving them to the next level of succes. During coaching we also explore the six life domains and create a success plan. Clients come away a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Raksha Pulipati

I m a Counselling psychologist, Hypnotherapist, and REIKI Master. I m also an EFT, mindfulness and meditation practitioner. I follow an eclectic approach in my practice to guide individuals to overcome their concerns. https //

Gabriel Katona

Very good rapport with clients, based on energy transfer between us. I have learned from top 30 worldwide gurus, consultants and mentors. Everything I have learned I applied in practice, in my own life. And I want to tell you that works

Izabela Paczesna

15 years of experience in tech world corporate as a highly sensitive engineer and manager. I turned my passion for self development into a new career. Today I work with women who cannot advance in their career as they wish to because of their stress levels. I help them feel calm and empowered. Majority of my clients are highly sensitive and ambitious women.

Lisa Darling

I have 30 years of experience in the field of EMS I have experienced the ups and the downs the ins and outs and so many different changes through out the years. I have a big heart for healthcare, it is my calling and caring about how I teach others is my second favorite

Nisrin P

Introduction About Nisrin Porbunderwala Nisrin Porbunderwala is the Founder of REPROGRAM, a celebrated award winning transformational Life Coach. She Helps busy, ambitious high achievers align mind body soul to overcome BURNOUT and take maximum action at life and achieve success understanding burnout and the associated emotions Since the past several years thousands have benefited from her coa

Poly sarker

because I suffered myself with overweight, depression and anxiety I know the feelings that s why I feel I can help better way my clients I can feel their pain I know how they can get better life how they can do self love it s very important for every person if you can t love yourself you can t love anyone

Pearl Mashabane-Tshabalala

I am a professional social worker with over 9 years experience in the field. I specialize in Life coaching by using the SOLUTION focused model as an intervention method. I also provide counselling servces with the focus on stress anxiety management mild to moderate mentla health management youth adults incuding students life management.

John Nolledo

10 years of Operations leadership experience with a wide range of processes handled from Customer Service to Tax reporting. 3 successful process migrations within target dates. Multiple multi million dollar savings project including one that saves 4 million annually as a result of my project that reduced annual customer service contact by 834,000.

Leticia Woodforde

I work healing the core issue and healing the mind, body and spirit. I specialise in working with adult survivors of childhood trauma working on the mind, body and spirit bringing them back into alignment to heal childhood trauma and overcome anxiety and low self esteem to become their best versions of themselves for a better future..

Roohini M

I am a PCC trained life coach. I transform People who are stuck in life purpose, relationship and business. I am empathetic and compassionate soul, creative and I.tuitI ve thinker

Liisa Marjatta Jokinen

I am a poet that can write great poems about humanity in one. I can also do acting, photography, fine arts and literacy in overall. My hobby is interior decorating and designing. I am inspired by all that I do.

Bernard Godwin

Experienced Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the B2B and B2C industries. Versatile senior technology executive with proven track record building business, satisfying customers, and delivering flawless execution. Deep experience with Data Science, Programmatic Marketing, Conversational AI, Cloud, Blockchain and other new technologies. Talented at building teams.

Cassidy Silbernagel

PhD in metal 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing subject matter expert with 12 years of experience in this field. Extensive use of AM software, design for additive manufacturing DfAM , advisor on additive companies / 3D printers / hardware and software. Hands on experience opperating machines, both metal / polymer / plastic. Multiple award winning designer for redesigning parts for additive manufacturing and 3D printing. I am comfortable public speaking and can taylor fit any message req d.

Sabrina Baker

Subject matter expert with over twelve years of experience in Contracts Commercial, Saas, licensure agreements Compliance, Regulatory, risk management, and legal professional. I have experience in contracts, insurance tracking and review, regulatory, compliance, intellectual property, mergers acquisitions, finance/third party governance, real estate, white colllar crime, and dispute resolution

Ivan Annicchiarico

I am very passionate about Data Analytics, complex statistical analysis, and the design of instruments to measure human behavior. I am keen to make recommendations, suggestions, and observations based on my understanding of the data. My strong background in behavioral sciences not a prevalent path in Data Science is an aggregated value that translates into better business performance.

Bihan Wang

My advantage is my international work experience in three continents Asia, North America, and Europe . In addition, I have management ability of handling multiple projects in parallel, as well as experiences of communicating with international people in both daily work and formal presentations, and experience of training new members in the lab.

Abdul Qadeer Saad

I am a science scholar like Biological science or live science.I am also a researcher in the field of Biological sciences.I have completed my research on Fish Toxicity Mammal Toxicity and Insect Toxicity.I had published many research papers in many journals which have good impact factor.I like to complete my work good early.

Ruchira Das

I am a passionate professional, love my work and commit to my words. I love sharing my knowledge and bring visible difference in the lives of people around me. I belief that a person is proggresive only when she is a life long learner. I am a keen observer and learn from every small experience in my life and try to implement it in my training sessions

Deep Gadhia

Hello, I m Deep and I m an professional cuber for the past 8 years and am teaching cubes for about 6 years now. I ve done more than 200 live workshops teaching over 1000 students and it has helped me to understand the different mindsets of different people and their approach to learn new things. So, with every new student I try to learn and make sure that I m able to teach cubes more effectively.


Laura holds a bachelor s degree in Psychology from Granada University, Spain, where she specialized as a clinical psychologist. She s been an active member of the Spanish Psychology School no CL 4261 since 2014. Laura has experience dealing with people from different cultures as she was born and raised in Spain, lived in Australia for many years, and is presently in the Middle East.

Attila Selçuk Uzun

Experienced over 20 years in Human Resources area Approximately 12 years as a Human Resources Manager at overseas companies with a demonstrated history of working in the machinery industry. Skilled in Talent Management, HR Consulting, Deferred Compensation, Personnel Management, and Compensation. Strong Human Resources Professional graduated from Marmara University Labor Eco. and Ind. Relations

Melanie DeNittis

Melanie is a certified life coach, for those seeking breakthroughs in healing and overcoming obstacles leading seekers on the path to greater self trust and fulfillment. She is like a flashlight showing the way.   Decades of personal development, integrating yoga science and philosophy and the search for Truth is embodied and reflected in her work.

Linda Blignaut

As a registered Industrial and Organizational Psychologist I specialize in behavior at work. This entails getting the best results out of structures, processes and people to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization. This can be at a macro or micro level. I excell at organizational design, team and individual dynamics, organizational culture assessment and change.

Madhuri Digmurti

Scientific acumen, Leadership and Management the rare skillset combination I have acquired and nurtured in my decade long career stint. I have an innate ability to think out of the box and focus on solutions rather than the problem.

ilya Komolov

Have 14 years of international HR experience. Expert in building HR function from botttom up, in start up environment. Expert in Talent aquisition strategies and retention programs. Certified Sales coach.

Killion Amollo

have a passion for coaching, advising, training, mentoring and conducting research for entrepreneurs and other professionals in business, finance/accounting, economics and marketing. I have exceelent Communication, presentation and report writing skills with a strong backround in working with numbers. This will be helpfull in analytical advisory services

Shweta Srivastava

I m a working professional in the Education field. My area of interest is Human psychology which is a part of HRM OB. I always try to be in touch with the industry people so as to provide a good blend of the theoretical aspects with the current industry demands to my students so they can build up their skills accordingly. I would love to serve as a guide to all those seeking optimistic advices.

Uchechukwu Amadi

I have enjoyed learning many new ideas and practices along the way in my long career as a Physicist, Educational Technologist and E learning consultant, and I believe that I can contribute significantly to the needs and goals of your school by implementing sound quality a

Harold Emerson Gallos

21 yrs working experience in Beverage Manufacturing, Preform and Caps Manufacturing, Water and wastewater Treatment, Bulk Water Operations, Water distributions, Project Management, Engineering Design, Procurement, Material Inventory, ISO9001 QMS, ISO14001 EMS, Occupational Health and Safety, ERP and SAP System

Harish Rawat

Dr.Harish Rawat is an international Laughter Yoga Guru and Founder of Lot of Laughter Yoga Foundation in India who engaged in conducting Laughter wellness sessions in different sections of society including school, colleges, corporate, slums, defense, societies and even prison .More then 60 k people took beneficially from his sessions. Dr. Harish Rawat is Phd in alternative medicine, Masters in Pharmaceutical Bio tech ,Bachelor in Pharmacy .

Federico Granci

Sono specializzato in Ricerca Keyword e Localizzazione con tutte le loro declinazioni SEO e SEM dalla creazione di un piano editoriale all ottimizzazione dei tag e dei copy fino all utilizzo delle migliori keyword per le ADS

Oluwapelumi Kolawole

I m a Pharmacist by profession but a teacher by passion. With over 6 years of tutoring experience and 20,000 hours of online tutoring experience in chemistry, I have been able to help over 30 students across the world overcome their chemistry fear. I ve an in depth familarity with international curricula such as IGCSE, SAT, Cambridge AS/A level, ACT and AP. My greatest joy is seeing you excel

Raj Kumar

Hello everyone

Parul Srivastava

Driven by an inherent need to help people around me be truly happy in their own zones, I use Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP models and techniques to decode problems and facilitate the clients to code their own success paths to problem solving. I have enabled my clients bridge the gap between their current state to their desirable state in a significantly short timeframe.

Naina Jha

Greetings I am Naina Jha, a counseling psychologist with a graduate degree in psychology honors and a post graduate degree in clinical psychology. It takes a lot of courage to take the first step towards a healing journey, but once done, I make it my sole motive to create a safe, non judgemental and confidential space for my clients to go ahead and bring positive changes in their lives.

Vikas Kalyani

varied experience in banking sector across different domain with big banks like hdfc bank icici Bank axis bank, i also have an experience of working with mnc like tata consultancy services for an American client

Rami Alnazer

Software Development, C , Python, SQL, CAD , Data, Integration, Solidworks, VBA, excel, mechanical engineering, ANSYS, FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS, MSC ADMAS, MultiBody Dynamics, NASTRAN, Flexible Multibody Dynamics

Joseph Wood

A Certified NLP Practitioner Hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience, I am the Master Therapist /Trainer at Mapps.Institute. We are presently using the Neuroscientific Breakthrough Discovered by Dr. Garry Flint, which uses the superconscious mind to give relief quickly and painlessly to over 100 conditions from Anxiety to Worthlessness. Sessions are conducted over the internet Worldwide. We presently only operate in English, but we are training therapists in other countries languages.

Carolina de Sampaio

My experience with English as a second language began when I was 7 years old and ever since I have been studying and practicing. I have a vast cultural experience for having lived in England and in the U.S.A. and travelled to other countries. I have worked as a translator, interpreter and English teacher. Besides being a language specialist I am a graduated graphic designer and I also do some jobs in this area.

Lara Ontiveros

I m a freelance fashion stylist and brand consultant with over 9 years in the fashion industry in multinatinonal companies such as Zalando, Inditex and Cartier, among many others. Currently, I help fashion companies define their marketing strategy and brand image, as well as supporting with copywriting and translations..

Abida Aslam

Hello everyone. I am Abida Aslam and by profession I am a teacher. I have 2 years of experience of lecturership in a well known institute. I have very good communication skills. Teaching and also learning is in my blood and my passion. You won t egret by choosing me as your tutor.

saykat ahmed

I am a professional legal advisor,i know about advise

Marielle Mansour

An expert Dietitian and Nutritionist, seen over THOUSANDS of clients, appears on the National TV Radio and has contributed hundreds of articles to NewspapersA highly organized, professional and self motivated dietitian and nutritionist with a great passion and dedication for nutrition. Over 13 years of clinical, community, public health and academic experience.

Sanath Herath

Experienced Business Development Specialist with 25 years expertise in the manufacture of Garment Identification and accessory products for National and International Markets. Provided Branding Solutions to Global companies.Competency in Japanese corporate management systems. Have spearheaded numerous successful Quality Control and Management Trainee projects between Sri Lanka and Japan. A strong leader and Communicator with Entrepreneurial and Business Acumen.

Venkat Balantrapu

I am a M.B.A, B.Com, FLMI, AIII, A.R.A, ACS, CTLC, CICC is the Founder CEO, QSAI. I am also an Author, a Customer Retention Strategist, a Career Coach Counsellor assisting senior corporate executives and entrepreneurs in professional performance and personal transformation. I have a rich global senior corporate experience of over 35 years in the insurance industry. I am also an ex banker and have worked in the private sector too. I have over 10 years experience as a Trainer and Coach.

Tiyasha Tiyasha

4 year PhD experience river water quality modelling, application of remote sensing data in WQ, data analysis and interpretation. I am quite proficient with structuring, writing, reviewing and editing research papers. Total 10 international teaching and research experience India, Africa, Vietnam . Publications in Q1 ranking Journals.

Eduardo Orozco

I help people how to manage their mind, time, focus, and attention so that they can set the standard for what s possible to achieve in their personal, professional, and business life, with less stress.

Riddhii Jain

I am a passionate and organised professional with proven teaching , guiidance and couselling skills with experience of 4 years who belives in collaborative teaching and learning.I possess a strong ability to effective and innovative pedagogies.

Munyaradzi Mawoni

Highly motivated, creative and innovative STEM, Robotics Coding Specialist, with a passion for teaching and learning. I am adept and proficient at delivering both theory and practical lessons. I am highly organised, with ability to work closely with students, parents and colleagues to ensure students are achieving to the very highest of standards.

Maritza Ruiz Medina

Hello I am Maritza Ruiz Medina, chemical engineer, master in Environmental Management Systems and I have 10 years of teaching experience in mathematics, chemistry, physics, among others. In addition, I have worked in consultancies for environmental and food technology

Angelica Fernandez G

I help women heal emotionally by building a wellness net to support their healing, their growth and their dream life. Working with me you will learn to create permanent, sustainable change, healing and growth.

Tamanna Chaudhary

Hi, i am Tamanna. I provide various kinds of therapy for my sessions. I majored in Applied Psychology because I wanted to learn about human mind and how it processes. However, I also knew that I wanted to use my knowledge to help others. Stocking your stories, Calming our mind. Let s get to know you little bette

Muhammad Ishaq I

To learn about basics of Biology especially Zoology and its all branches. To know about life and its expects. To know about Animals, its habitat, reproduction, behavior, ways of getting food for survival, inheritance and its interaction with environment etc.

Ayo Odeogbola

Analytical thinking, research and development, global citizenship and innovation are special distinctive features I possess to navigate into my world of engagements a professional in the field of education, technology and entrepreneurship.

Carlos Gonzalez

More than ten years of experience developing and executing projects within maritime digitalization, decarbonization and data analysis. Expert in thermodynamic and hidrodynamic analysis and also, expert in ship performance optimization both technical and operational performance

Salomon Pimentel

I m a highly skilled data scientist with a strong background in mathematics, statistics and computer science. I have a proven track record of success in data mining, machine learning and predictive modeling. I m a quick learner and have a strong ability to solve complex problems

Shady Hakim

Experienced senior HR professional with a demonstrated track of over 10 years of progressive experience in working with FMCGs, Automotive, Telecommunication multinational startup industries. This experience, coupled with in depth knowledge of the operating mechanisms and leadership, enabled me to support the achievement of business objectives by identifying and implementing different HR policie

Yohan Fernando

An expereinced HR Advisor counting 10 years of industrial expertise in diversified industries. Major skills in recruitment for IT Technical hiring covering any given technical stack, non IT Hiring, Payroll,, Grievances Handling, HR policy advisory support, HR talent retention strategies in new norm many other in human resources development.

Karl Martin

Hi my name is Karl Aaron Martin I am 27 years of age i was born and raised in Cape Town. I have been training for 12 years i started training like lifting weights since i was 15 years of age. I have passion for working with all different types of people and love watching people achieve their goals that they set out for themselfs. I very motivated individual and motivate people in every way.

Akansha Jain

An EI Performance Coach, with a 7years of varied experience in industrial, consulting, counselling and Coaching provide services in facilitating client s growth, self discovery, personal development, habits behaviour modification, goal setting, group/team coaching through various tools techniques...

Leonard Toci

I finished my studies in Economics and Law, with the title of Economics in the field of economy. I am also completing the EMBA for Business Administration at the University of Sheffield, as well as the C7 certification for management. In my career I can say that I have exercised several functions as a market analyst, business analyst, market studies, economic development, project implement

vishakha baliyan

i am an experienced design enginner in 2d cad and autodesk inventor 3d.I am able to do any task related to above software .I can also trained to students and can help in their college task related to mechanical engineering drawings

Natasha Singh

I help in enabling transformation through self discovery and mindshifts. My passion project is to help women grown up in broken/dysfunctional families and brought up by emotionally unavailable fathers to identify the impact it had on their personality, what limiting beliefs they imbibed helping them to forgive, heal and move to holistically happier and accomplished lives. Change is now.

Maria Alejandra Faria

My skills, education and passion are specially strong when working with local communities, stakeholders and environmental issues or challenges. My experience as Sustainable Development Project Manager for the past 22 years, between the Caribbean, Asia, America, Europe and the Indian Ocean, as well as my skills, passion for my career and my formal education make me an extremely valuable choice .

Aleksandar Tosic

Creative and energetic MICE manager with a background in administration and logistics for Government and private organizations. Planned and managed over 100 events in Montenegro and abroad. Extraordinary communication skills with proven ability to identify financial growth opportunities. Lately involved in exploring IT industry, specifically HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Denis Xhelili

My qualification as Chartered Accountant and my previous job experiences, especially those in the financial profile, have developed my skills on finance, analytical thinking, computer competences, communication with people . And I would be pleased to implement this set of skills in this platform

Amna Rasheed

10 years post qualification experience as Assistant Examiner with University of Cambridge International Examinations UK for Economics, Business Studies Accounting. 9 years post qualification experience as Assessment Specialist with OCR UK for Economics. 6 years teaching experience at AS A levels IGCSE. Joint Council of Qualifications UK Certificate of Excellence as examiner

Subbulakshmi Ramu

Researcher on Crypto

Fathima Sherin

Architectural Technologist brings 10 years of experience in planning commercial and residential buildings were developing, analyzing, and testing architectural solutions is a core specialty. Incorporating a creative approach and open to enduring challenges within each project and understanding each project as its own kind. Unique expertise in space planning, fa ade designing, and interior design.

Sher Sha Shaik

Sales Marketing Professional Copywriter and Meta Marketer WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Reiki Master with personal consultation to help people recover from their past traumatic incidents or haunting past memories

Punam Agarwal

Experience, knowledge, result oriented and ability to connect with leaders and people and enable them to reach their desired goals distincts ke from others. For me each client is unique and one size never fits using varied techniques and tools also helps me stand out and leads to results.

Saeed Ullah

I have studied each and every topic with details from very classified and professional teachers and that d why I think I can teach by new ways and wish to brought revolution in art of teaching that s the difference I think I have

Wahid Zaman

I always prefer updated knowledge. Every filed that we choose to work in, needs full enthusiasm. Thus my services are very much different from in that, that I always do practicals in my teaching. I believe that short cuts are not fruitful to any of the field in which we intend to excell our knowledge. However, hard work and compassion are the fuels for enhancing our capabilities. Thus gaining exp

Mukhtar Amin

Hello it is sheikh Mukhtar Ahmad from Gilgit Baltistan.

Maria Rhius

Energetic, hardworking and reliable English Teacher focused on going above and beyond to support team and serve students so they may reach their true potential. Trained in developing and implementing language and literature curricula for Secondary aged students. Implements technology and relevant texts to illustrate current issues and explore thematic elements.

Muhammad Noman

I am lecturer Biology in cadet college isakhel. like other professionals I m also the master in my field. But I m lecturer in a Cadet College, I train the young cadets also. Also I have the administrative experience in a educational institute.

Martin Fenton

I am a job coach specializing in preparation for interviews. I have over 25 years in recruiting and have interviewed thousands of candidates for a variety of jobs. If you are missing out on job offers because you lack the confidence to present yourself in the interview I can help. How Practice. I will be that interviewer with the goal of helping you show your best self and land that job


I am a Medical Informatics Expert, with experience managing IT Teams and European project. My background in Research Innovation, Medical Informatics Interoperability, Data Governance Intelligence, Software Data Engineering and Project Management / Business Technical analysis depicts my mindful and competitive approach.

koutilya chhajed

Founder of Divibe Healing a Counselling Healing centre since 2010, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer Energy Healer for more than 15 years. Academically, holds Degree in B. Com, LLB, M.A Clinical Psychology . MMS MBA , M. Com Diploma in Psychology, Training Development and Journalism. Apart from being a Corporate Trainer Guest Lecturer, Consultant Counsellor, He is also a Writer a Painter.

Matthew Ryan

EO, Business Operations Strategy Expert. Mitigating risk increasing business growth through technology innovation in NFP, Auto, Start up General Business. 2021 Top 10 Project Manager Innovator.

Majesh Tom Mani

Seasoned proffesional with 7 years of experience in Energy management and Energy Audit Field. Has good working knowledge of Ms office suite with sufficient exposure to advanced excel. Good in data analysis and has great problem solving abilities. Quick to learn new things.

Karl Patrick Mendoza

I am a Filipino doctoral candidate in media and communication whose mission is to generate well thought of insights so that organizations, communities, and societies can work better and more justly for everyone. I intend to achieve this through cutting edge research, teaching, and advising in media and cultural studies and political communication.

Thu Nguyen

Over a decade experience management consultant specialising in Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Health Foods/FMCG to expand retail and ecommerce brands internationally and locally across Sales Distribution, Manufacturing, Branding Marketing, Business Operations Strategy.

Iqra Afzal

Professional Clinical Psychologist and health care professional. I have also done international courses from London, leads University and other well known universities. Im doing online counseling sessions and health care assistants, feel free to contact me.

Ritik chopra

I help people in healing their broken relationships and fixing them from the root so that they can live happy, together, forever. I offer guaranteed success rate and provide the personalized book on their lifestyle and success.

Alley Abdullah

I help Coaches, Consultants and Service Based Entrepreneurs attract high paying clients without dealing with dreadful leads, and that too without spending a dime I m using my A.B.C pillars in my coaching, which are Attract, Build Converts

Surajit Roy

I am a behavioral Trainer.I conduct training upon performance enhancement by helping Participants through challenging their boundaries.My specialisaion areas of intervention are Self Organisation Beyond success it is significance How to stay ahead in life Sales planning Leveraging crisis for paradigm shift Reinvention through rejuvenation Live in sle Power of foresight and wisdom

Dina Fesl

During my studies, I majored in clinical psychology and individual differences, becoming an expert on recognising the subtle, yet powerful patterns which shape human behaviour. I am experienced dealing with various relationship issues, anxiety, self esteem issues, behavioural learning problems, etc. I have worked as a youth counselor, an adult counselor, and as a life coach.

Lawrence Maluleke

Life Coach, Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition

Johan Botha

I assist people with a holistic and natural solution to eating healthy, losing weight and leading them through a life coaching program to rediscover the greatness that they already possess My service is unique because I treat both the physical and psychological aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Aydin Sadigli

Experienced Audit Associate with 3 years experience of working in the accounting industry. Skilled in Presentation Skills, Time Management, Analytical Reasoning, Problem Solving, and Teaching. Strong accounting professional with a Master s degree focused in Finance and Financial Management from Qafqaz Universiteti.

Sayali Deo

I have been following up with field of Positive Psychology for some years now. Completing PhD focusing on social and emotional learning, resilience, emotional awareness and self efficacy strengthened my belief to build on strengths together when working with people. This belief is enabling me to connect at deeper level with anyone I come in contact with.

Anna Thellmann

I have years of experience working with clients on their mindset, helping them shift out of self doubt/self shaming even self hate into self respect/worth/esteem. I worked with them around their body, their careers, their relationships and life in general. I believe that our mind is the most powerful force we have in creating the life that we want.

Cathy Wagner

With over 40 years in varying industries, my experience allows others to feel confident in the support I give. My expertise is in compliance, policy and governance for new or existing business. I m a business coach and advisor as well as a supportive technical writer. After retrenchment during the GFC I realise what it s like to go from being a top executive to having to start again.

Peter Leuenberger

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Richa Mehta

A passionate people person who firmly believes that we all have immense potential we just need the way to tap into it. As a Behavioural skills trainer and an EI and OD practitioner. I effectively use my people management skills, passion for growth, NLP, theater games and stories to drive the desired results.

Ngong Hedwig Tvi

I help young professionals connect who they are to what they do and thanks to my past difficult experiences in the job market after my graduation, I easily personalise my work to suit a client s demands.

Nandini singh

I am a dynamic,forward thinking and patient English trainer.Learning is a continuos process,I am ever ready to evolve and progress with my learners.My methodology of sharing my knowledge ranges from the conventional way of books and materials to state of the art ways.My forte includes spoken English,Business English and communication skills.My work experience ranges from working with people from different strata of society,varied walks of life,adults,working professionals,special needs .

Sapna Tiwari

I am a bfsi trainer with an overall experience of 17 years. I am a Certified financial planner, Licenciate member of III, and holding masters in Economic administration and Financial management. My areas of expertise are financial management, personal finance and excel.

Arshia Khan

I help entrepreneurs improve their business performance. As a Business Coach and Entrepreneur, I am familiar with challenges business owners face when it comes to being a better leader, handling the stress of being a business owner, tackling performance problems, creating process based solutions, finding additional revenue and increasing your company s sales.

I am compassionate, empathetic and non judgemental. I believe that every problem has a solution and that we owe it to ourselves to be the best version that we can. Therapy is about trust, communication and different perspectives. I work with

Kerem Sokmen

10 years of experience in Telecommunications Sector, having deep knowledge in Team Leadership and Project Management, Ambitious, customer oriented, highly motivated problem solver professional with leadership proficiency and extensive Operations Management experience, Result oriented, creative, researcher, successful in problem solving and reporting, able to handle multiple tasks daily Advanced

Rex Haines-Henderson

I use different techniques like somatic release, breath work, edging, inner child work, embodiment, NLP and accountability. Our sessions will uncover your truest self which in turn will allow you to reach your full potential.

Manishaa Senggupta

International certified Appearance Coach and NABET certified Soft Skills Trainer. Currently holding position of Chapter Secretary from Bangalore for Image Management Professional Association. Trained more than 500 students National International . Trained corporate as well as students along with individual consultationI help individuals to gain visibility and create more opportunities for them.

Sejjal M

Having worked for more than 5 industries 4 markets, I have started my own company to let owners know the recent strategies to grow their business and what platforms shuold they opt for in terms of Digital Marketing.

Darshak Joshi

Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the filed of Aerospace, Automotive and Technology. Expert in Design, CAE analysis and validation for automotive industry. Proficieint in CFD,FEA and NVH analysis with powertrain and suspension. Knowledgeable in futuristic technolgy specifically Electric vehicles and battery deisgn.

Rakesh Jain

I am Belief Scientist delivers experiential freamwork workshops

Enock Mboya

My career growth envolve different processes. Fistly, I alligned with my purpose, I am Sales and Customer Service specialist so my purpose is to help potential customers. I always puting energy towards something bigger excellent service , then focused on fundamental skills I need for the role and continue to build process that deepen my fluency as a professional these are like customer servic orientation, time management, customer satisfication survey also embracing failure as growth opportunit

Andrew Danso

A PhD level researcher in music therapy and stroke rehabilitation, with start up business experience in the design, evaluation and marketing of new products for wellbeing. I have a passion for evidence based music therapy and the promotion of wellbeing interventions to empower individuals.

Michelle Levitan

Cognitive Behavior Therapist since 2005. Post Doctorate in Mental Health. English, Hebrew and Portuguese speaker.Coordinator of several Psychology Courses in Brazil. Expert on depression, anxiety and pain.Living in Israel.

Zarine Bharda

I work with women who want to improve their health and well being. I use concepts drawn from psychology, behavior change, movement and exercise, nutrition, and holistic healing to support the client in overcoming obstacles to create and sustain healthy habits for life. Integrating each of these modalities allows me to connect on a deeper level with each woman to guide them to dive deeper.

George Tsolakis

An HR Director with experience in the middle east and Europe. Can advise companies in rebuilding and promoting employer branding on social media, creating an onboarding program, policies and procedures manual, career programs, in house training and development programs, performance management

Magendran Radhakrishnan

A dynamic and result oriented Human Resource professional with around 12 years of experience in provinces like SAP HR Implementation and SEA Management in Shared Service Center Industry. Adept at handling different segments such as Employee Management, Administrative Operations and Predictive Analysis. Expertise in Process Improvement, Strategic Initiatives and Reporting.

Mitali Panchal

Helping those people who are stuck in their life, get rid of negative patterns and emotions and also Provide 1 to 1 Coaching to Pregnant lady who want to get healthy, happy, smart intelligent child.

Jian Wei Ng

I have various experience in the data analytics for Oil and Gas and Technology Industry. I have also setup my own Compliance Advisory firm after 1 year with Deloitte, working in the Financial Institution industry.

Leonor Teles-Grilo Ruivo

I am an equity, diversity and inclusion and science management specialist. With a PhD in Neuroscience and extensive experience in project management in academia, industry and education. An advocate for positive action to promote equal opportunities and fair representation. Can provide advise on career shifts, EDI policy development, grant program implementation.

Janelle coy

Certified as a Professional Life Coach through The Life Coach School. I have also been a RN counseling and coaching patients since 1984. I specialize in career burnout, stress management, and generalized anxiety and depression as well as many others

Anthony Warner

Uniqure Experience Transformational Process of my life. Gives me a unqiue ability to relate to individuals trying to change transform thier lives. I spent a number of years looking for persons to help me take my vision of becoming more than a young kid from the ghetto, with no father figure, and a single mother from the south. I had no positive role models followed my peers. But luckily my

Khurshid Jamshir

I have held responsible positions in Sales, Business Development, Training Operations Management, Learning Solution Delivery, Trainer capability and development. Coaching front line, second line zonal business manager on their functional capabilities. I have worked with Global Cloud Xchange, NIS Sparta, Reliance Communications, Centum Africa, Centum India, Win Medicare Ltd. etc.

Semira Khaleeli

Trainer, Coach Facilitator Selling Skills, Sales Management, DISC Selling, SPIN Selling, Negotiating with NLP, Communication skills, Presentation Skills, Etiquette, Body language and Non verbal communication, Customer service, Image Management, Personal Brand, Executive Presence.

Swati Lakhlani

I help ambitious woman to cultivate the confidence to create the life they want for themselves.Confidence is the foundation from which all achievement, success and happiness is built upon. I will help you build your confidence to achieve/create what you.I ll support you with the best proven confidence tips, tricks and techniques I ll make sure you take action and I ll be there to guide you.

Dr.shyamala Anand MBBS

I am a GP doctor , CBT therapist and sleep expert . I wish to express my interest in mental , emotional and behavioural disorder such as depression , Anxiety , insomnia , personality disorder , Anger .I take pride in my ability to perform diagnostic and prognostic exams to evaulate functional ability and my ability to customize traditional holistic therapeutical approach to benefit my each patient to overcome from ther drak days to colourful days .

Narayanan Suresh

Higly Experienced Engineer and Consulatnt for Multiphase Flow Metering with intensive rsearch experience. Experienced in Process and Industrial Automation and Digitisation. Advsiory for Difficult Process Flow meausrement and Custody Flow Measurement. Advisory and Consulation for Process Relaibility dn Efficiency improvement

shree prabha

With over 20 years of experience in the feld of people development, I hold Masters degrees in Math and Psychology.I have also been trained as a hypnotherapist, regression therapist and in NLP. Worked for 10 years in the corporate set up as a trainer and coach before starting one on one as a therapist

Janaki Sampath

An emphatic listener and skilled counsellor. Motivated communicator and an adept agent for transformation. An eclectic therapist with expertise in therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Transactional Analysis.

Divyadeep Kaur

I am India s leading Mindful Coach, Graphologist and Manifestation Expert with over 16 years of experience in personal transformation and Handwriting Analysis. I have served more than 30,000 people now across the globe. I use effective and proven techniques to overcome barriers and fears and raise energy frequency by addressing the psychological and emotional challenges that the trainees face.

Professor Sanjay Rout

I have 15 years above experience in Psychology, Legal,Education,Business,Innovation,Journalism,Project Management, Coaching ,NFT,Metaverse,Psychic,Fengsui,Reiki,Vastu,Numerology Vedic Atrology experience

Ramesh Mukherjee

I am a certified international NLP Neuro Linguistics Programming Master Practitioner psychological therapist, Life Coach, and Mental Counselor with international CTAA therapist membership. 15 years experience.I am also an assistant professor of education.I have counselling so many foreigner clients for there mental counselling through online sistem like UK, USA, ITALY, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN

Gayathri Govind

I work with people who wish to tread on a purposeful goal oriented path to success and happiness. My special levelled coaching programs are designed to work with your strengths and look beyond your limiting beliefs so that you can scale new heights and realise your dreams.

Netaji Mali

I am a passionate teacher involve wholly in students while teaching. Students also enjoys my creative teaching method.

Janice Da Silva

Senior International Development Specialist and Coach with 21 years of Experience in sustainable development and humanitarian field mainly in the UN System. Iam interested on providing executive coaching

Alvin Sharma

Strategic Thinker, Strong Leadership Skills, Demonstrated aggresive sales grower, good in finding new market, Hands On Person, Strong Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Logistics background, Decent Financial Background. I am a dynamic leader with the ability to leverage influence among industry stakeholders, a skillset that I have utilized to acquire unique sponsorships, and contract agreements.

Angela Collins

I am passionate about education and training. I aim to make educational information and resources as accessible as possible. I have over 20 years experience in education and training and the last 5 years have focused on the homeschooling community by assisting new homeschooling parents or those considering it. I create informational guides and practical tools to assist parents as well as consultation. I am a content creator, educational designer and influencer.

Shilpa sen

Hello everyone, it s a pleasure speaking with you and I am happy to see you happy and smiling. with my skills as Counselor and remedial teacher and social worker and Healthcare I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. With more Smiles you can surely win over everything

Mirjeta deda

I have experience in Environmental Field, i used to work for govermental and international projects on different topics.Regarding my working experience has been in different fields as translation.interpretation, including translating documents , finances, procurement, personnel,administrative and environmental issues.Finaly, talking about my personality, friends would describe me communicative.

Supriya Mana

13 years of experience as an Assistant Professor, working on over 30 projects related to pre clinical toxicological screening, as well as serving as a pharmacologist at Emami Ltd, where my primary responsibility is to deal with product safety and efficacy.

Gurpreet Singh

Relationships and Personal Transformational Coach

John Weston

I teach authentic professional communication for wellbeing, culture, and strategy. I combine expertise in sociolinguistics, pedagogy, and HR with technical, professional, and creative writing and speaking.

Pablo Montero

Industrial engineer with experience in process improvement in construction, lithography, medical devices and textile industries. Experience in the massive analysis of data for decision making as well as in the application of LSS, Agile, PMP methodologies among others. I have led multiple projects with cross functional teams generating savings that exceed 200K

Donovan Rabie

My name is Donovan and I am an online life coach. If you feeling stuck in life and you want to start achieving success and reaching your goals then I am the right person for you Together we will clarify your goals, develop an understanding of what success means to you, and strategise how to start the process of moving towards the best version of you.

Menard Quinto

I have been a supply chain practitioner for various companies of different industries from FMCG, retail, distribution, restaurant, pharmaceutical and construction industry handling planning, purchasing, importation, warehousing, distribution and supply chain process improvement.

Jassi patel

7 years of Experience in Hospitality Industry, Working currently as a Faculty in MSUniversity of vadodara. A certified Life coach where my main niche is Premarital Coaching other than i have my expertise in Soft skill coaching, Image consulting, Relationship counselling. Having diverse field experience helps me to coach guide people to become successful and to live life with balance and joy.

Zenub Babur Butt

Accredited certified PsychoAnalyst CognitiveBehavioralTherapy NeuroLinguisticProgramming Practitioner Theological Healer TarotReader. I offer online CBT and NLP Therapy sessions for Trauma, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, ASD, Childhood Trauma, Erectile Dysfunction, Addciction, Career Counseling, Couples Therapy and Lonliness Synderome. Come, Let s Talk

Pablo Argandona

Mr. Argando a is an economist, business analyst and Geographic Information System GIS specialist in Cadaster, Land Information and Natural Resources Management, with technical abilities in Mathematics and Statistics. He has over fifteen years experience in GIS, Cadaster and land administration Projects. As an International Consultant he worked in countries such as Bolivia, Uganda, Nigeria,

Anik Kumar

Product Development, Product Life cycle management, IoT, Industry 4.0, Startegy, Digital Transformation, Data Visualization, Consultation and 10.5 years of industry experience in different sector like foods,power distribution, municipal corporation, manufacturing, smart cities

Anuradha R

I am a combination of HR and finance expert having experience in various industries and working in a few countries. I enjoy taking a hands on and creative approach to solving HR challenges keeping people at the heart of the solution. I offer various services from recruitement , people operations and HR strategy with company policy formulation.

Muhammad Asim

I m Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Professional PsychoTherapist, I m currently Working at Private Registered Company In Pakistan. And want a bigger step to helping people s who has in anxiety and depression.

Chide Omovbude

A Lawyer, writer and business strategist with experience in Corporate performance management and Business Planning in the Distribution sub sector of the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry. Also has a strong affinity for establishing clear objectives and achieving the same through efficient and sustainable methods. Chartered Secretary and seasoned administrator, with a knack for details.

Ibrahim Tayeh

I work as a business unit, i have extensive experience in project management, sales and business development. successfully i closed 6 mega projects in MEA region. i integrated my skills by applying the knowledge i gained from international instiutes using traditional, lean and agile methodologies to get the best outcome in terms of time, cost and quality

Vinod Sridhar

We at Sense n Sell, provide end to end solution for you to Create the Sales process and Sales cycle. And also to Set up, Train, make the Sales professionals fit for your company. Helping people to become a successful and happy salesmen

Hina Fatima

My hybrid role, i am providing psychotherapies along with Mental Health Coaching. I am running my own business as an enterpreuner and i provide different packages for both the roles. i merge and customise my plans according to my clients need and i use holistic approach.

Shrutika Wadgaonkar

I have completed Ph.D. in environmental technology from UNESCO IHE, Delft, the Netherlands under the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Program. My research was in the field of bioremediation of contaminated soil and industrial wastewater. I have published 1 review, 1 book chapter and 5 reseach papers in peer reviewed journals. I am well versed in microbiology and analytical techniques.

Rafah Dadah

l love my job as a psychotherapist, and believe that we can really change lives and help anybody in need to live in peace and satisfaction and enjoy in each detail in his life and feeling grateful for having it whatever it is .

Alyssa Valerie Mae Alvarez

Highly effective human resources manager with eight years experience. Strived to increase staff retention and increased staff retention by 25 . Reduced lead time for recruitment by 46 . Increased staff effectiveness by 18 and training attendance by 15 .

David McDougall

Hi, I am David from England and I am a Business English trainer. I help people prepare for overseas assignments and dealing with customers/ clients in English. I was a Lloyds of London Underwriter and Insurance broker but have been training for the last 12 years now.

Nisha Gupta

Have you ever used ART of coaching to unlock your true potential I am a Transformational Coach and Artist with a passion to bring creativity in all of your lives. I have over 20 years of experience in corporate leadership and management consulting. If there are two things that I am truly passionate about that is coaching and creativity

Sridhar Karra

MBA in International Marketing MBA in Global Strategic Management Gained expertise in managing all phases of Sales Development Cycles, from Prospecting, Detailed Presentations Negotiation to Closing following up activities. Possesses a solid understanding of a diverse range of Business Management Activities including Market Analysis, Sales Marketing Operations Team Building. Holds th

Rhea Punjabi

Impacted 11,000 lives. I help people accelerate their careers with the help of my personalized job search, career growth and communication strategies. Featured in over 40 publications such as Times of India, The Hindu, Midday, Mumbai Mirror, Afternoon etc

Blaine Camilleri

Experienced economist having worked both within the public and private sectors. Skilled in economic analysis and research, taxation, EU affairs, the circular economy, policy advocacy negotiation and diplomacy. Easily adaptable, motivated and excellent work ethic. Having years of experience in data crunching, macroeconomic analysis, fiscal and environmental policy, sustainability and EU relations

Darby Jim Dejan

11 years in the outsourcing industry and looking to be a part of an organization that will provide me opportunities to grow professionally and allow me to make a valuable contribution to its growth.

Mayura Mahajan

I am a Freelance Soft Skills Trainer and a Spoken English Trainer. I also conduct training for Communication Skills, Personality Development, Campus to Corporate Training and Employability Skills Training

Adrian Holguin

My academic background includes an Industrial Engineering, MBA from ITESM, a Master s degree in Finance, and a Masters s degree in Coaching Leadership from the University of Barcelona. My communication skills are excellent, as well as my ability to solve problems.

Dr Tarak Vachharajani

I am A Clinical Hypnotherapist , with a medical background. i deal directly with the subconscious mind.I work with surgical precision and the time taken is way less than conventional counselling. i treat Mental, psychological and Medical issues.i have also immense experience in treating Addictions, and It goes to sports, Weight management , past life regression and sleep disorders.Also treat Kids

Vanessa Sesi

A Prolific Lecturer, a Teacher of Teachers, very resource oriented, and result oriented having 20 years of professional experience in consulting, lecturing, and training/development of people in organizations and educational institutions university and professional levels having excellent communications skills. My passion is taking you from the known to the unknown and bring you back

Borko Popic

I have experience in human performance as an athlete, educator, and coach of elite athletes and coaches . I have not only experienced the field of high performance from various perspectives, but I have a proven track record of building successfulf teams at each stop. These are the insights and expertise that I can deliver to coaching clients.

Nouzab Fareed

Seasoned CEO / Distinguised Toastmaster Public Speaker/ Investment Spealist Business Strategist. Can Assist to grow your business / investment portfolio. I Can help you to be an excellent presenter

Rafael Soten

I keep abreast of current industry trends and information and tailor training and organizational development programs accordingly. I believe you will find me to be part of your growing and well established company.

Erika Lara

Experience in the field of Revenue Assurance, IT Audit in telecom, Internal Control and Risk Management, I have worked in the field and technologies related to data Architecture, Data Management and Big Data.

Vijaya Maiti

Experience of 11 years in the field of market research and analytics. Project management and client servicing roles played for various projects. presentation of data in story manner is my forte. Analysis of data to answer marketing questions falls in my expertise.

Monica Swamy

Monica obtained her B.Tech and her aspirations for working closely with human resources directed her to complete her MBA degree in HR. She is also a certified Global Career Counselor from the University of California and has completed her Post Graduation Diploma in Guidance Counseling. As coaching, training, and counseling have been her passion, she has completed her ICF certification.

Marcos Fuenmayor

i have experience not only in my career Industrial Engineer also Marketing field and E commerce

Mariana Figueroa

Phd in process in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Masters in Industrial Organization Psychology with experience in different organizations in Puerto Rico foodchains and Pharma/Medical Manufacturers

Julian Silk

My particular fields are econometrics and energy. I have published in Energy Central and the IAEE Energy Forum, as well as the Journal of Applied Econometrics I can do forecasting, but will need data. My Offshore Wind article in the IAEE Energy Forum in 2012 was viciously criticized, but has proved a useful forecast, especially regarding grid interactions.

Deepti Dwivedi

I am particularly interested in this position, which relates strongly to my rich and extensive experience of 15 years in Corporate Social Responsibility, Rural Development, Livelihood Improvement, Strategy Planning Leadership, Program Planning Management, Budgeting and Financial Management, Communications, Advocacy Networking, besides others. I am presently associated with Lady Bamford Char

Teleki Tibor Csongor

These past years I ve gained a lot of experience as a broker to reach a level where i can satisy all the needs and demands of my clients. I am working hard to make sure that I can offer you the best solution for every problem you may have or to answer all your questions regarding the insurance field.

Abhinav Joshi

I am a medical doctor mental health professional, having experience of working in prestigious institutions of India, Singapore, Ireland United Kingdom. I practice a holistic or integrative approach to manage the issues of my client in addition to conventional Psychiatry. I also train government staff, corporates, senior school and college students in various aspects of mind and well being.

Francisco Pereira

Economist specialist in statistical tools and software. I have been working in time series analyses and microeconometric data. Moreover, I also can prepare economic analises of countries, economic sectors and regions.

Johan Aleman

Accomplished servant leader capable of delivering large scale software, IT and Telecom projects on time and on budget by effectively collaborating, facilitating, leading and coaching multiple Scrum teams. Expert at driving the adoption and enforcement of Scrum rules, removing impediments and fostering self management. Capable of bringing overwhelming enthusiasm and awareness to projects.

Carla Cabral

I have the IEMBA and I have a diverse academic path, I have experience on HR Management, on Financial Management, on Team Work Management, Project Management and strategic growth Management. I have strong numerical analysis skills because I have the Mathematical course.

Tapasaya Sharma

Learning is a power of brain. I love giving new challenges to my brain and hence acquired the skills such as worked as RJ for college radio VOW Voice of Women , career counseling, counseling, EEG and ERP techniques, also worked with a Clinical Psychologist in Delhi for a month as an intern, Also was part of BBC Classroom Connecting Project. Recently wrote a book too I had quite my job of assistant professor recently to seek new ventures in live

Kimberly Houser

I am an attorney to tech startups, privacy consultant, and teach tech law. I am a Certified Information Provacy Professional in European law and have published in the areas of AI, CBDCs, NFTs, GDPR, and diversity legal issues.

Emilio Toussaint

My name is Emilio. I have a a Bachelor s Degree in Psychology and a Master in Social and Cultural Psychology. My passion is to make science understandable and to reach the gap between academia and society. If you are interested in tutoring, classes or proyecto collaboration, contact me

Sonal Mishra

Enthusiast, Knows the subject and make proper plans and prepare lessons on daily basis, Punctuality, Support and understand the student needs, allows the creativity of the students and care about their success, friendly and courteous, always smiling, caring and encouraging. No Favouritism, also provide one on one personal help to students to achieve their targets. Have clear knowledge on conce

Sandip Das

Entrepreneur and Analytics Professional with 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing Products and Services , Direct Marketing Campaign Design and Measurement, Marketing Analytics, Project Management, Business Solutions, Business Development, Client Engagement, Niche Talent Acquisition and Development.

Andrea Athymoolan

I am a passionate English teacher with 12 years of experience in both South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.Profound knowledge of the English language with a passion for teaching English using blended strategies focusing on 21st century skills and differentiation of experience both in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. I was placed in leadership roles during my teaching experiences.

Alejandra Fueyo Minutti

Psychoanalitic psychotherapist with artistic backgrounds. I have a wide range of expertise in different fields of mental health. I deeply interested in deams analysis and investigation. Love teaching and learning.

Gent Spahiu

I am Electrical and Electronic engineer with experience in power systems, electronics, computer engineering, teaching to University level and Artificial Intelligence. I am available to coach/instruct on those fields and especially in Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning.

Sheeba Nair

Masters in Emotional Intelligence and Life Coaching with International Experience of 2 decades makes me the most soughted Coach for Behavioural, Leadership and Transformations in the Executive arena. Maximising their productivity, bringing in the desired results of behavioural patterns, renewing thoughts and effective quality driven results.


I have done Masters in three subjects M. Sc. Ecology and Env. Science M. Ed. Master in Education and M.A. Psychology . I qualified UGC NET in Education and Psycholgy and CTET HTET Level 2 in Psychology AWES Psychology . I have worked as Assitant Professor in B. Ed. college for 05 years where I have taught, trained, mentored and counselled students. Currently I am working as CRCC.

Babu Tanneru

I am Coach by passion and Consultant by profession. Having worked with different enthenic groups, various locations around globe has made me a seasoned human being. Having this experience I got licence in Coaching for life skills, Certified to train and have proven ability to bring transformation in peoples lives. My niche is in building a sales person to industry standard. I listen to understand, analyse with judging, follow up bringing a laugh. Relationship/career/Financial challenges Try me.

Modesta Nyirenda

With over 20 years experience in non profit organisations, social enterprise and the private sector served in leadership and support positions. A Certified Management Consultant with acquired expertise in, performance management consulting, operations, business planning, strategic planning, program development also serves as a business coach, trainer and mentor.

Ajay Solanki

Seasoned, technically inclined and a highly empowered professional with extensive cross cultural experience in diverse areas encompassing Strategic Leadership, Consulting, Enterprise Application Architecture Management, running complex Product Engineering, Process Migrations, Automation and People Management. Versatile, Innovative and capable of Visualizing Big Picture , skilled in performing

Mhimma Negi

As an academic individual, my only focus ain t making people learn from what has been done. It is learnig from people, be it a 10 year old kid who teaches us how important is it to stay innocent in our lives to a 70 year old who is well versed with all the aspects of life and still chooses to be a kid.

Sai Raja Avinash K

I m Avinash, a young Entrepreneur with a founding scaling a startup from 0 10 and a professional with branding, sales, lead generation, growth, customer acquisition, marketing, retention and product strategies. I always think like a customer which helped me to prove that all my strategies are true and shown significant amount of growth within the time for which I served.

Gaurav Bhatia

I am expert in VMware virtualization. I can create, manage and troubleshoot infra. I am into VMware research and development and have performed testing on VMware versions. I have even worked on Convereged and Hypersconverged techologies like vBlock, VxRail, Cisco UCS. I can troubleshoot the issues with automated workflows on linux.

Halah Turki

I m an HR Specialist with 7 years experience in Human Resources Administration. I ve worked for international construction companies for many years which gave me a different perspective on employee adminstration and management. I have massive experience in recruiting talent, headhunting, and mass recruitment of laborers all of which are special skills to teach others and I m here to help you.

Keyur Jolapara

Experienced System Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the IT and Services Industry. Worked on Oracle SQL developer, Data Management, OIM, Security, Compliance and Audits with excellent communication, team work and leadership skills.

Muhammad Mustafa Shahid

Motivated software enginee with a successful career in software development and IT COnsultation and I can help in the delivery of state of the art software solutions and the Consultation as well. Experience includes coding, troubleshooting, and testing. Relevant skills include PHP, Data Structures, .NET, EPR, and Debugging.

Mohamed Sheikh

Dedicated and student focused teaching professional, who is committed to providing a well balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all students,. Proficient at tailoring lesson plans to incorporate student s diverse interests, and capture their attention and imagination. Talent for integrating thematic units, cooperative learning projects, and class discussions to generate indep

Prasuna Atreyapurapu

My passion to deliver training in an engaging, energetic and effective way that leaves a lasting impact on the learners. My commitment and dedication to prepare curriculum and content dynamically based on the learner persona and the learning needs. My focus on quality and structured learning outcomes. The excellent and outstanding feedbakcs I receive after every session.

Kuldeep Sharma

I use a spiritual approach to guide my friends, colleagues and clients. You don t need to belong to any religion to engage in the process of spirituality. In fact, the freer your mind is from any concepts, the easier it is to make progress. Spirituality is essential for a better, happier and more harmonious life, free of tension, fear and anxiety. I am a German Language Trainer and a writer.

Jennifer Joan Lopez Cruz

As a psychologisy i have lifelong learning, i have empathy with people.By emphazising confidentientality with my clients they can feel calm and trustworthy with me. Iam patience with my clients,Instead of telling my client what to change and how to change it, I patiently guide them in the process of self discovery. I consider myself cross cultural sensitiviy.

Kinjal Bhanushali

Career coach with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Highly motivated and resourceful individual with an extensive management, customer service and research background. Possesses strong interpersonal skills, demonstrating the ability to communicate well at all levels as well as build relationships quickly.


Hello, I am PhD in organic chemistry. What makes me distinct from other professionals is that along with theoretical knowledge I very well know how to amalgamate the practical experience and applicability of science.

CA Nooruddin Husain

I am a chartered accountant having 10 years of experience in the field of Taxation, Accounting, Finance, Banking, Account Recievables Payables, Statutory compliances. Recently i have done Business resposibility and sustainability reporting course which helps business to sustain in future.

Hanisha Vazirani

My flair for excellence and perfection is what I consider is what sets me apart from my peers. My determination to also deliver the same and not just expect it from the audience is what I consider to be my USP. All of this coupled with patience, which o consider is very crucial to our profession. I strive to help the audience amplify their strengths while minimising their weaknesses.

Sarah Shabbir Suwasrawala

A qualified Psychologist/Counselor with expertise in the fields of education, academics, and behavioral disorders. I am skilled at devising activities and exercises that aid in the development of emotional, transitional, language, communication, self help, cognitive, and other skills that clients use to manage their disorder.

Jason Mgabhi

I am an SAP FICO Business/System Analyst, I work with the business in resolving issues when working on the FICO module. My experience is mainly working ith projects and support within the finance and procurement departments. My work has been within FMCG, Logistics and the automaker industries.

Eimy Soto

Design of programs for special educational needs guidance, counseling and professional training, modifications or preventions for the educational process, family counseling development and proposals for socio educational interventions


I try to be attentive and quick in the answers. I am very committed to my work and I am happy to collaborate in the scientific works for which I am hired. I am always updating myself and have experience in reviewing scientific papers.

Swathi Angel

I take action at the right time, be empathetical and logical and apply six Sigma for result , i have being playing diverse role like HR, Advisor, Coach, Trainer, public speaker etc. I am glad to always shape people s career in the right way.

Kasturi Kulawade

8 years of experience in teaching IGCSE, and IB board with over 2200 students. I m an examiner with IB Swiss and IGCSE Cambridge board. I also have teaching experience in MNC, state college and, immigrants TEF/TCF examination, people who travel abroad for work, leisure or further studies. Maximum students have scored A or A at international boards.

Maher Watfa

My experience with some of the world s largest organizations including Amazon, AXA and Coca Cola. My knowledge of regional labour laws and best practices adds value to organizations. My hands on experience in managing challenging cases with local authorties is a value add as well.

Ravi Chandra

Ravi has played a prominent role and is a nationally recognized expert in the Livelihoods, farm non farm value chain, and financial inclusion ecosystems. Ravi has previously worked and co founded non profit and for profit companies in agriculture, microfinance, handloom handicraft and bamboo focusing on B2B B2C segments. His work has focused on mainstreaming gender in market facing roles in farm and handloom/handicraft sector.

Dr. Ritu kumari

i have 5 years of teaching experience and many

Amelia Antony

I am a Psychotherapist with 10 years of experience. I am also a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life coach, Mentor, Counselor, Guide, Relationship counselor and Family therapist. I identify as a Self love warrior and I am here to listen, reflect and help you with your growth. I am looking to cultivate a stimulating and supportive environment to allow you to reach you full potential.,

Joel Profitt

I have 10 years experience as a chemical engineer working with explosives, wastewater treatment, electroplating and surface finishing and chemical process optimization. I have been an analytical chemist, and am currently a chemical sales engineer working in the pulp and paper industry.

Mrinank Pandey

I, Mrinank Pandey am a Civil Engineer with a post graduate degree, and pursuing Ph.D. in Structural Engineering, guiding engineering students as well as providing consultancy services for construction projects.

Chandan Sarkar

As an Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consultant, I can help organizations by providing vision and direction for the decarbonization, carbon offsets, and net zero strategies to combat climate change through innovation and implementation of energy efficiency, renewable energy, grid integration, and storage.

Scott Glickman

As a neurosurgeon, scientist, athlete, and educator, I have knowledge and experience to help people through a wide variety of situations and scenarios, as well as help to structure plans for success, survival, and lifetime accomplishment.

Julie DeLucca-Collins

I am a passionate mental fitness coach who loves to empower and support women business owners or executives create the Tiny habits and Mental Fitness strategies to achieve their goals and feel proud of their accomplishments. I help them create simple habits, be productive and build the confidence they need while overcoming the sabotaging thoghts that rob us of confidence.

Jayjayanti Banerjee

I specialise in research, research techniques, current history, popular culture and digital humanities.

Venkanna Rupani

Quality Assurance, Establishing Implementing QMS, Auditing, Problem Solving, RCA, Data Analysis, Dashboards, KPIs, Training Advisory, Supplier Quality, ISO 9001, AS9100D, API Spec Q1, Tableau, MS Power BI, Google DataStudio, MS Advanced Excel, Data Visualization, Business Insights, SQL

Palak arora

I am Chartered Accountant Company Secretary by qualification. And having more than 3 years of experience in the field of education I.e teaching Finance Taxation subjects. Apart, into part time practice as Chartered Accountant.

Saheli Sengupta

I provide in depth answers for the question .I have more than 15 yrs experience. I can teach maths and science from class 1 to 10. I have done masters in physics in nuclear physics from presidency college Kolkata.

Pearlena Bharathkumar

Experience from various industries ranging from ariline to banking to automobile to IT, with a UK education, topped up with a purpose driven passion makes me a niche trainer.Hing trainers leadership on digital communication skills, cultural aspects in leadership, negotiation and influencing skills. The experience gained in all these domains makes training an interractive and fun experience

Tina Rispinto

My Doctors degree is in organizational leadership. I am an Army Veteran who has dedicated my life to the profession of leadership. I have over 30 years of leadership experience and organizational effectiveness.

Jiten Singh

I am an extremely hard working educational psychologist, with predominantly school based experience. I have knowledge and experience with working with children and adolescents who experience major psychological issues such as anxiety, ADHD, trauma and stress related disorders, autism, depression, PTSD, and a range of other complex psychopathology. I am a young and experienced Male psychologist in

Ibrahim Elgamassy

I m a self motivated individual with 6 years experience in the field of customer service and 4 years in the training field. I was the main trainer for different multinational profiles and delivered different training materials, soft skills and sales skills techniques to more than 300 hundred employees.

Pankaj Rao

I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi. I have worked across different areas. I have three years of teaching experience for competitive examinations. I have also worked as development banker with NABRAD. I have also worked as banking regulator and supervisor with RBI. I am currently working as Assistant Director in Govt of Rajasthan.

Swakshadip Sarkar

Swakshadip is currently doing their PhD at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington working on policy issues that affect transgender asylum seekers in the UK. They are a qualitative researcher with more than 2 years of experience. They also work as a DEI content writer at Backpac and run an NGO called Kontho.

Prem Thakur

I am currently pursuing Ph.D in subject Economics, I am a UGC JRF qualified in Economics. I have more than 3 three years experience in the field of instructure. i have been associated with an edtech company for 3 years

Sashin naidoo


Mohamed Abbas

Experienced Operational Excellence CI Senior Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the FMCG, Automotive, Crystal, Electrical and Electronic industries. Skilled in shop floor management, effective problem solving, Continuous Improvement culture, KAIZEN, Production, Strategic Management Lean manufacturing applications

Ankit soni

helps with Data analysis quickly and also share the details as per the requirements. You can share the requirements in any type of data and will share all possible sort of Analysis which can be used to identify any gaps or improve the process

Harris Sajjad

HR professional with over 10 years of experince in different industeries and roles. Currently working with 2 US based firms i.e Luxury transport provider and electronics store respectively. Looking after end to end recruitment, organization culture, HR policies and compensation.

Shalini SN

Coaching students and venture teams generate a value proposition idea of an enterprise through a structured process of Learning Management System LMS including timely completion of assignments through NU IDEA and delivery of the flagship VDC program Ready Set Go collaborated with North Eastern University Boston USA.

Krunalkumar Shah

I am Software Engineer, Mentor, Coach and Tech Enthusiast. I have done Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering and Master of Engineering in Information Technology specialization in Information Security . I am very passionate about Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, having burning desire to do research along with PhD. I am currently working as a Independent Consultant.

Ashish Anand

Apart from my core field i.e. biotechnology. I have also completed PG Diploma in Business Management in which I have learned interpersonal and soft skill which may be useful in administrative and coordination roles.

Priscilla Kamalin

Im a People Champion whose passion and calling is to see transformation in the lives of people, in workplaces and the society. I believe that people and workplaces are called to understand their unique purpose that can bring change. My long associations with international humanitarian orgs, my expertise in People Wellbeing, Culture People Strategies helps me bring change with a human touch

Tina Marshall

I come with 11 years of corporate experience across IT, Banking Automotive sectors. I ve worked on almost all facets of HR and have trained 40 employees on various domains of HR. I am also adept at HR Analytics and am a Certified People Analytics pecialist from AIHR and a Distinguished Rewards Analyst from Aon Hewitt. My specialities include Performance Management, Recruitment, Talent Management HR Operations

Sanjeev Kumar

I am a trainer with hospitality core and experienced in retail, amusement parks, airport operations, healthcare, banking operations, Standard Operating Procedures also. I have a keen scientific temper fluent in English Hindi. I easily connect to people at al levels.I help training design, development, delivery. I am also a Campus Recruiter. I work with reason logic to enhance understanding.

Harneet Kaur

I have 10 years of expertise in business and financial domains like credit, financial, personal finance, career guidance, financial trainer, expert in advance excel, business presentations , project management and risk management.

Himanshu Pandya

After spending 21 years in the capital markets, I have initiated my own private wealth management practice. I prepare, execute and monitor financial plans for several individuals and institutions. I advise investors across all ages and sizes on Mutual Funds, AIFs, PMS, Annuities, Risk Management, Equity Investing, Comprehensive Wealth Planning. Learn more about me on Linked In.

Anthony Raj

I have been instrumental in helping organizations optimize everyday processes such as recruitment, talent management, PMS, compensation and benefits administration as well as implementing strategic HR plans and technology. Initiate Digital HR Transformation, HR operations and lead human resource programs and projects, Provide advice and recommendations to HR personnel for resolution of daily issue

Gargi Datta

I have 12 year expertisein soft skills training, english speaking training, personality development, resume writing, interview skills, communication skills, etiquettes personal grooming. An avid researcher currently pursuing Phd. can guide people on nunaces of research and statistical techniques

Aditi Duvedi

With a Master s degree in Mathematics merit rank holder and 4 years of teaching math to students from secondary level to post graduation level, I am confident that I will be able to make a great impact on students. During my time in teaching,91 of my students achieved grades between A and B. Looking to contribute my knowledge and skills to an institution that has a genuine concern for students

Monica Bansal

Knowledgeable Soft Skills Trainer with experience of 8 years. Has a sound understanding of needed traits for workplace success and a strong ability to train students in improving those characteristics. I love to help people to become better in their personal and professional life and trained 30000 people. Looking forward, I want to impact many more lives in the upcoming years.

Manali Zunjarrao

I am a global strategic corporate catalyst with over a decade experience in transforming lives globally from campus to corporate. Impacted more than 5k lives across various industries like IT, ITES, Healthcare, Universities by mentoring and coaching in life skills and business communication.

Sanjay Srivastava

I provide the simplified and practical application based interpretation of the clauses covered in various Qualty Management System standards.I provide the complete guidance and hand holding for establishment of the AS9100 / ISO 9001Quality Management System.

Suman Mahadani

A Dynamic Professional with profound expertise in Subject Knowledge and proven Business Acumen having 20 years of Experience in Healthcare Industry. Specialized in techno commercial aspects of creating awareness for Clinical Genomics based on Next Generation Sequencing NGS and bridging the range of services according to the needs. Passionate in Sales Training and Business Consultation.

Divya Asija

Experience of 14.5 years in teaching, more than 50 research papers in international journals and conferences, knowledge of electrical engineering subjects, major project and dissertation guidance, mentoring students, teaching tough subjects

Shar Gracelyn

I have 30 Years experience helping people to find their connection to themselves, their true hearts desire, and spiritual and life goals. Also, learning how to accept all parts of oneself, and move forward with acceptance and increased awareness. I offered an extrememly integrated approach that deals with mind, heart, spirit, awareness. I have a vast amount of varied life experience.

Hariprasad M

Use of real life experiences and hands on experiments to breathe life for teaching learning process. Wherever I find scope then I never loose any chance of including applications and trigger creativity of child by posing contextual questions.

Lisa Hilton

Lisa is a leadership coach, curriculum developer, team facilitator, and growth mindset coach She is the founder and president of a coaching consulting firm operating for over 25 years. Lisa s emphasis is to help individuals and teams move beyond their perceived limitations to achieve goals and work through hurdles. Lisa has specific expertise in helping new and emerging leaders make a smooth transition into their new roles and new environment. Lisa helps her clients maimize their potential.

Simon Brackett

I have 13 years experience as a professional military and comemrcial airline pilot. I am the President of the National Guard Association of Michigan. I have attended Air Force Weapons Instructors Course and the Multi Domain Warfare Officer course, making me highly versed in planning. I have extensive experience coaching candidates for important job interviews. Well skilled in a variety of leadership roles and am able to help new leaders build rapport and gain trust in their organization.

Sowmya Ramakrishnan

i take practical

Jyothi M

I have lot of experience in Child and adolescent and Family Therapy. I have done lot of courses from nimhans psychologists and I learnt lot from them. I have attended many workshops related to mental health, which helped in develop perspectives about many things. I have CBT, DBT AND Mindfulness based therapies

Manish Upadhyay

I don t Give Solutions. I help my coachees to find the root cause of the problem. I help people to build awareness and find a permanent solution. I give Practicals Strategies that I learn while training more than 60K People across 18 Industry domains in the last 14 Years.I focus more on Asking than telling. I believe, Every human has unlimited potential, they just want Clear Action Blueprint .

Glenda Hodges

I have proven myself competent by successfully completing 5 in classroom degrees. I am able to provide research and instruction in a number of areas. I hold the following degrees B.A. English , M.A. Communication , Ph.D. Organizational Behavior , J.D. Law , M.Div. Divinity . I am a professor in the following areas, Law, English, Organizational Behavior, Medical Jurisprudence

Gina Mishriky

My extensive 18 years of experience in different HR areas with main focus on OD Planning Design Strategic Restructuring and Green Field Talent Acquisition Retention Performance Management Mentorship Design Culture Change Leadership Development within ME, NA, EU, India and SEA

Ashutosh Parvate

Lawyer turned into a Management Consultant, turned into an Entrepreneur and the Mentor now. I ve got acknowledged for my expertise and talent at various National Level competitions for Business model development, Startup development, held by prestigious institutions in India, like IIT Mumbai, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Chennai etc. I m an End to End Business/Startup Strategist, working globally including in US, Africa, South East Asia alongwith India. Fundraising being my next core, I m open for it too.

Mohani Kumari

Hello learners My name is Mohani, i have this unique way of teaching the concepts of Physics which fetches the attention of students for the whole lecture duration and I connect my subject to daily use and observable phenomena which help students retain the concept for long.

Rupali Jagtap

HR IS, HR transformation, HR advisor, HR business Partnering, HR operations, Training , Performance management, Chnage management, Employee engagment, system developemnt, polcies, greviance management, exit management, POSH coaching etc.

Monica Ricci

Professional development skills and mindset coaching. Helping business owners and executives learn skills to build teams s

Trushal Prajapati

My name is Trushal Prajapati Mechanical Engineer by profession with more than 15 years of core expertise in HVAC. I also have good hands on experience over the plumbing as well. I got chance to work over the Some of the reputed MNCs of the World. What i am capable to provide is Design and Build, Stage 4 and 5 related Services, BIM modelling to any defined LODs etc. Lets get in touch.

Taran Gujral

Taran has a decade long experience in the IT industry specializing as a Software Testing Corporate Trainer and in Digital Marketing both as an expert and trainer. Have worked with many startups to help them build their digital marketing strategy as well as execute them and see a positive ROI. Taran has also been training students and professionals in the area of digital marketing and helping them

Dr Swati Khanna

I am a professor by profession and am majorly involved in providing guidance and feedback to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to strengthen their skills and knowledge base. I teach them management skills to ensure targets are met and plans are completed efficiently by devising plans so that students stay focused to contribute to their intellectual life and academic conduct.

Kishore Rajpurohit

20 Years of experience in Human Resources Management, Business Development and Sales, Excellent advisor on relationships

Valentina DLima

No one is Untrainable , is an adage I firmly believe in. My ability to humour my participants and provide them with a practical and realistic approach to learning has always proved that there can never be a dull moment in my learning room.

Kumar Nikhil Bhaskar

The drive to learn new things

marian anugraha

I work 1 on 1 with Working Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, to improve and enhance their communication skills, so that they can express their ideas and thoughts clearly, and connect in better way with their Clients, Vendors and Team resulting in better Career Growth, and increase in Productivity, Sales and Revenue.

Roshan Shetty

Roshan Shetty is an Author, Corporate coach, and Business consultant. Roshan Shetty had been in the Indian corporate space for twenty years. During this period, he worked with some of the most prominent organizations where his expertise spans Project Management, Process Re Engineering, Service Excellence, CRM solutions, Training, and Sales.

aaron samuels

Straightforward / Open minded /Honest / Youthful life perspective. I possess the ability to connect to a wide range of people. I am genuine when dealing with peoples circumstances and possess enough insight to point them in the right direction.

Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari

I bring 9 years of bench work research experience in molecular biological techniques along with 4 years of teaching expertise. I am a subject matter expert in undertaking multi faceted research procedures in compliance with established regulatory guidelines and protocols. I am currently working as a Subject Matter Expert Freelancer for TCS iON in Fisheries field, where the occasional activity

Diana casarez

Bilingual actor spanish/english started in theater in 2013, since then I ve had the opportunity to continue doing theater, film, tv and commercials. I m a trained voice actor with experience in videogames. I m also an acting coach.

Alisha Netalkar

Alisha is a yoga and meditation practitioner for 12 years with a teaching experience of 6 years. She has taught at the SWAN Yoga Retreat in Goa and at the award winning spa, Ananda In the Himalayas, near Rishikesh. Alisha is a certified, 200Hr Classical Hatha Yoga teacher from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram and has also been mentored in the Bihar School of Yoga tradition.

P Srivatsa

I am a self made Anthropologist, Gold Medalist, Educator and Author. I have published more than twenty research articles and research papers in National and International reputed journals. I am guiding students for the last three and half years successfully towards their coveted goals through my teaching. I am an author and freelancer publishing good articles along with teaching.

Constantin Alexe

Strong abililities as advisor trainer and coach, given the expertise in People leading, based on a strong native affinity to share my knowledge to people. I believe in Leadership more than Management as well as Team sinergy vs IndividualTraining skills CURAS train the trainer Programme People Management Kaizen Calsonic Kansei internal standard Quality Tools implementation and training

Phil Wright, Jr.

I m a highly qualified track and field coach with specialist certifications for Sprints, Hurdles, Relays and Jumps. I have trained and coached multiple state and national qualifiers as well as athletes who progressed to collegiate competition. I teach advanced training theories and concepts including periodized training and energy system training. I can teach you to design advanced training plans.

Ula Rizvi

I have the ability to make you fall in love with maths science I am resolute and hardworking and knows exactly what I am good at An engineer turned tutor as I have a knack for teaching and enjoy the most while doing that and I promise you enjoy too

Prerna Madan

I am a competent Soft Skills and Business English trainer who can design and develop programs in line with the organisation s strategy. I bring along with myself, 3.5 years of IT sector experience, expertise in English language and Soft Skills training. Being a passionate trainer, i can guide and coach the talent pool and analyse the effectiveness of the trainings and workshops. Currently, i am i


I am experienced educator, with me you can simply your problems related to subject. My qualification is diversified so that I can be good in both science and commerce subjects. I can teach and develop self learing into the students after my attending class. I am good in statistics, physics, management subjects. research subjects, quantitative techniques and operation research.

Ibrahim Mamdouh

Experienced trainer certified TTT with demonisated hirstory in Talent Development and trainings in Retail and outsourcing services, Conduct training needs assessments under the consultation of the hierarchy prepare and deliver training courses in line with the Training Needs Analysis TNA and in compliance with the company,

Ankit Sahu

I have work experience in Start Up so I understand well about all the practical problems and I believe can provide better math consulatations for industries for this reason. I like to think about almost everything, so if your problem is challenging I would be very happy to solve it. I like explaining complex ideas to non experts as well.

Aya ElShahawy

I have an extensive academic and practical experience for more than 20 years at different fields which include Human Resources Management, Corporate communications Public Relations, Training development, Human Capital development, Projects Management and Organizational capacity assessment development.

Yash Bharucha

Being a dietician, I am helping people to making them a healthier and happier. I am providing free workout sessions on Zoom application and provide healthy nutrition to my client for their healthy body. I am helping in 1 Weigh loss/Weight gain 2 Healthy Nutrition 3 Child Health 4 Joints health 5 Athlet Nutrition 6 Skin Nutrition 7 Diet Plan 8 Free online workout sessions 9 Business Opportunity.

Myriam Montes de Oca

I got my bachelor degree in Pharamceutical Biology Chemist and a Master degree in Education. I have been teaching and working in Education for more than 40 years, since secondary to University.I did research in Food Industry for 12 years

Roxanne Rodriguez

I am a lifelong learner, who is seeking to enhance my opportunities through my professionalism, community, local government, street and educational experiences. I have earned my Master s Degree in Public Affairs and Administration and my Bachelor s Degree in Criminal Justice. I am Founder of a grassroots organization, located in the poorest Congressional District in the country, who practices bo

José Salgado

Are you looking for a patient statistic tutor Then I am the tutor you are looking for. I have helped Statistics Students for 3 years, I like to guide my students rather than giving them answers so if you want to learn in a safe environment feel free to contact me

Steven Swink

My name is Steven and I have been a supervisor in the Behavioral and Mental Health field for over 12 years and have worked alongside some of the top clinicians in the space. In 2012 I began supervising a team of clinicians who work with long term chronic mental health and substance use histories and in 2022 I began teaching Assessment techniques at a locakl University. My passion is people.

Arunsundar Mohanasundaram

I have excellent flair for teaching, research and a blend of business consulting which makes me unique in my field. I have about 14 years of experience with more expertise in medical market research and texhnical scientific research.

Sachindas V

Between helping my teachers after school, volunteering in the Tutor Center at my home town and the 20 years of my own education, I ve spent thousands of hours in the classroom. I enjoy generating new ideas and devising feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems. My colleagues would describe me as a resourceful individual who maintains a positive, proactive attitude when faced with adversity.

Anshul Nagdev

Professional English teacher with a focus on student learning and engagement. Experienced teacher and facilitator with 5 years of service in the postsecondary academic setting Online . Dedicated to teaching students the principles of college level writing, literature analysis, and close reading. Co founder of Official Humans of Chhattisgarh and work closely with the team as an English content wri

Vijay -

I am a mathematics expert having almost 2 years of experience with well known organizations. I can help in maths with my own way of teaching. You will start loving mathematics once you will understand the concepts behind the maths.

Céline Martin

CHRO Senior Consultant CEO and founder of the HR Zebra Company. International Solution provider. IT, KPI and HR Project management minded I m passionate by both Hard soft HR.With 10 yrs experience in HR I m specialized in recruitment, payroll, social law, conflict resolution, training, financial reports budget, fleet management and HRIS systtem implementation.

Sandeep Kumar Kanti

Having 17 years of Teaching experience. Working as an Associate Professor and Visiting Professor in Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering and Freelance for GATE Engineering Mathematics and Subject Matter Expert for Advanced Statistics and Advanced Mathematics for International University of Applied Sciences, Germany through UpGrad Platform

Reeva Kalra

I am an experienced and enthusiastic trainer and educator in the field of Sociology and allied disciplines, Academic Research, Communication skills and Exam Counselling and Strategy Building.I have a stellar academic record and cracked various competitive exams. My experience as a Research Scholar and Educational Consultant has given me unique skillset which makes a standout professional.

Rahul Thakur

I am an experienced data scientist with 3 years of experience in tech industry. Can help in advising and guiding for NLP and computer vision based problems or help in guidance for career transition.

Antonio López-Montaño

Accomplished and resilient human resources professional and strategic business advisor with a formidable history of successful initiatives delivering HR solutions to complex challenges in different sectors and countries Spain, UK and Sweden . Demonstrated expertise in all facets of talent managment, leadership, HR strategy or employment law. Lecturer at top universities and business schools.

Shivani Shinkre

We all deserve to be recognised, appreciated and respected at work, amongst peers, freinds and family, and in todays fast paced life it gets tough to maintain work life balance , tough to communicate effectively assertively at work, find the right job, speak up for oneself, showcase your efforts seek career growth , I am a Soft skill Coach and offer my expertise to help find solution to such problems in Career growth.

Stephen Bowes

20 years experience in the field of addiction and mental health. I coach dual diagnosis and have a full time practice in Australia. I am qualified in counselling and psychotherapy, workforce training, forensic assessment, qualified health counselor and have an open and non judgemental approach. I am expereinced in family and group therapy

Thirumagal Jayaraman

I am reasearch scholar pursuing my PhD from IIT Kharagpur. I am in the process of submitting my thesis. I am good at biomedical engineering, and other subjects like biology, anatomy and physiology. I have been working as subject matter expert for these subjects for the past 2 years.

sophie beyer

I am a intuitive emapthic life coach that helps you with your goals in life / company to help you suceed and acheive the life of your dreams

Anjali Solanki

Hello, I am Anjali Solanki a counselling psychologist. I beleive we all individuals have different things to share and things we bring into this world. I am here to help and understand you for betterment of your well being, emotional health and mental health.

Kat Truman

I am a Life Coach with certifications in stress and anxiety managment, as well as CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy . With 25 years of experience in the medical field as a Physical Therapist I offer a well rounded and comprehensive approach to getting clients where they want to be.

Omar Ard

Started up 6 different companies from ground up. Learning curve,failed in a couple and rose to learn from mistakes.Willing to share my experiences with the community to help grow and sustain profits along the way

Sara Haqqi

I am a psychologist and a researcher with an extensive experience of working with people with people from different ethnic backgrounds and ages. My expertise is in eating disorders, stress management, workplace related issues, and management of anxiety disorders. I believe in providing my clients with a safe space where they can share and discuss anything they want to without feeling judged.

Zuhair Shabbir

Award Winning Communications Marketing Pro Diversified Experience in Private,Public,Development Corporate Sector Radio Jockey, Videographer, Podcaster Occassional Entrepreneur Tech Savy Presently UN

Agustin Park

Elevator of human potentials, proactive international business executive with a proven track records of success and obvious failed stories to tell throughout various business industries and market segments over the past 15 years having cultivated excellent thriving teams. I inspire by leveraging personal experience with my background in clincal psychological studies to inspire results and colle

See Ya


Yusuf Azhar

An ardent postgraduate who is persevering in the world of scientific research that focuses on the complex nature of cancer biology. Adaptability in various lab environments/tasks and willingness to acutely understand scientific complications in the field fuels my desire to stride forward.

Dr. MiKi Kitchen

I use solution focused methods which center around your own strengths to achieve results. You are part of the journey and already know what to do, sometimes we just need someone on the outside to show us our strengths. This allows us to achieve full potential.

Aslaha E

Caring and analytical Psychologist with experience assessing and treating patients. Expert at observing and interviewing, developing treatment plans, and counselling. Specialist in providing relaxation therapies, behavior therapies, CBT, and cognitive remediation.

Mohamed Fahmy

I am a soft skills trainer who is in charge of delivering the Communication Skills and DISC Approach and The 7 Habits of highly effective people. I will help you to be more efficient and influencer into your life.

Elena Bikou

I am a licensed psychologist with a legal and clinical background and managerial experience in mental health and employee well being and organisational change. I have more than 7 years of experience in a variety of disorders. I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT , mindfulness and Schema Therapy.

Rakesh Radhakrishnan

5 years of transforming people to unlock their true potential through customized training programs that help realize the highest potential and create leaders of tomorrow. I have successfully trained over 2000 individuals from diverse backgrounds, work experiences, corporates, startups, and not for profit organizations

iti shukla

Being a sensitive person, I deal my clients with utmost empathy determined to reach common goals with mutual understanding. With my knowledge and experience in the field of teaching, mentoring, counseling, psychoeducating, and spreading awareness about mental health, I intend to take on projects and contribute into it to the best of my ability.

Diya James

Passionate to represent people s issues using contemporary methodologies. A communication enthusiast, event organize, team leader and personal counsellor. Various experiences in coordinating effective projects and campaigns deploying limited resources and using best practices.

Danial Shams

Experienced Occupational therapist, working in different rehabilitation clinics and medical settings. member of AOTA, IROTA. Skilled in sensory integration, ASD, ADHD, Neonatal Therapy,neurological Disorders such as stroke. And Expert in Acupuncture, Sport injuries, Manual Therapy.

Shimra Salsabeel

Thoughtful, patient centered associate psychologist with experience in hospital, clinic and private practice settings. Compassionately committed to working with patients suffering from broad spectrum of different types of mental health issues. Adapt at multi tasking and proactively addressing emotionally intense situations. Dedicated to serving patients in a meaningful way, listening to their concerns, and helping them learn how to approach their mental, emotioninal and behavioural problems.

Arao Gove

Ar o Gove is a high profiled M E Professional with demonstrated experience in designing, implementing and managing M E system for muti million dollar programmes focusing on development and humanitarian interventions. Currently, he is the M E Officer and CLA Focal Point for NCBA CLUSA and an active member of the Mozambican Monitoring and Evaluation Association.

Zoe Fortune

I have worked in mental health for over 15 years as an academic, clinician, and NGO lead. I specialise in workplace mental health research. I have worked in England, Hong Kong and the UAE and also worked in Human Rights. I bring my skills, experience and passion to my counselling practice, working with each person as a unique indiviidual.

Dr.Ahmed Abdelrahman

consultant, coach advisor at Business, marketing, communication skills, hr, self development, leaders building, life business coaching and development and change management. I can make your life, business and professional career more developed, influential and more profitable as well.

Juhi Saxena

Learning Development professional with an enrich experience of 13 year in training and training management. Endowed with Training delivery, Training Need Identification and Analysis TNI TNA , establishment of e Learning platforms, Training ROI, Vendor Management, pre sales activities. Insight of Project Management activities inclusive of scoping, resource planning and quality management, timelines, cost and procurement.

Chari V G

A senior 3 in 1 professor Banking, Insurance Finanace with 45 years of academic and corporate experience. Also qualified Life Coach. I acquired the best of qualifications ranging from PG in commerce M.Com to Ph.D. A 3 in 1 finance professional with industry oriented qualifications like CFA, CAIIB Banking and AIII Insurance . I am the first Ph.D. in Bancassurance in India.

Meghna Mudaliar

I have a PhD in English and have also completed a post doctoral three year project. Since I ve also worked extensively as a GMAT Verbal trainer, my knowledge of English grammar and the mechanics of writing is near impeccable. I teach courses at all levels from BA to PhD.

Ramesh KG

I am a serving sales trainer with 12 years of sales training a total 22 years of experience in sales and business development function at various levels in multiple industry sectors like FMCG,Banking, telecom, startups and E commerce sectors. Classroom training My expertise in classroom training modules include. 1. Induction. 2. Sales Spirit 3. Motivating the leaders Both front line Middle m

Devangana Mishra

I run my own Y combinator program for kids on the spectrum of autism to push them to giftedness, I also lead Asia Community building for a global procurement firm and strategically advise a good company. I ve recently published my debut book of poetry, Desierto Florido.

Nawaz Mohamudally

With long experince in academia and the IT industry, I am excited to work on emerging technologies and face new challenges. I am a team player and a pragmatic professional who is ready to go for the extra mile to support and find innovative solutions for the clients. My strength lies in research and development projects.

Julian Rippy

I am a political and data scientist who did my graduate training at MIT. My primary substantive areas of expertise are in geopolitical and military analysis, though I am also knowledgeable about American politics at the Federal level. Further, I have deep experience in research design and data science, including causal infrerence, machine learning models, and survey design and interpretation.

Cristina Toledo

Mis mejores superpoderes son la investigaci n, la estrategia, la creatividad, la comunicaci n y la transmisi n de conocimientos. Con ellos, te ayudar para que tu marca, empresa, o negocio, conecte emocionalmente con tus p blicos y/o clientes. La docencia es una de mis pasiones, por lo que estar muy gustosa de compartir mis conocimientos y experiencias para hacer de tu emprendimiento el mejor en su campo.

Sanjay Biswas

I m Sanjay Biswas and am Abundance Lifestyle Coach. I believe that right mindset is the key to live an Abundance Lifestyle. Certain balance is required in all four spectrum of life i.e. Wealth, Health, Relationship and Spirituality. How is it possible That is exactly what I train and coach. I m on a mission to help hundred thousand people to start living an Abundance Lifestyle by taking them though a process developed by me.

islam ibrahim

High experience in Sales and marketing specialy in medical field in local, national, international snd multinational companies in pharmaceutical and plasma derivatives industry with high training and coaching skills.

Seema Srivastava

Over 21 years of experience in handling Learning and Organization Individuals/Organizations create an emotionally intelligent culture, build leadership capabilities, scaleup/unleash potential through enhanced performance skills, strengthen relationships. Touched 44700 lives globally. I also support organizations and L OD professionals, develop expertise,in all the aspects of L OD

Bharani Vadrevu

I am a Civil Servant. I work in the field of Foreign Trade and help exporters on a daily basis. Prior to this, I worked in the private and governemnt sectors across engineering, analytics and export strategy. I have a Bachelors and Masters degree from IIT Madras in Mechanical Engineering. I am deeply passionate about Mathematics, Science, Statistics, Business Analytics and trade consulting.

Prasanna Gollamudi

As a Coach I will help you in reaching your full potential and achieve the outcomes you desire in both personal and professional life. my Coaching process ensures that you can give your best by learning your potential and develop in the way you desire

Immanuel Joseph

Personal Experience, hands on knowledge, 10 years of experience

Rakhi Desai

Specializes in Soft Skills training programmes like Business Etiquettes, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, and Voice modulation. Can also conduct workshops or trainings on Leadership, Teamwork, etc. Is a certified Youth Psychologist. Also does Mental Health counselling for adults. As a hobby pursues Art, specializing in textured paintings. On personal request teaches the same.

Priya Jayant

I am a positive person who cares for all. I conducted trainings at Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra DEI Conducted workshops on Leadership and Interview Skills for 300 B.Tech. Mechanical students, DEI Conducted workshops on Leadership, Stress and Time Management for 500 B.Ed. students CSIT DURG Conducted workshops on Women Empowerment, Security, and Safety for 350 students. I enjoy working with all age groups.

Parnika Bhasin Pande

Experienced Hospitality Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry.Skilled in Food Beverage,Hotel Management,Behaviour Management, Soft Skills, Tourism, Cabin Crew Training. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor of Tourism from the University of Lucknow.An alumnus of IHM, Kolkata, I have worked with hotel chains such as Taj,Oberoi,Sheraton

Shyama Mukhopadhyay

After completing 20 years terms with IAF, i joined in a organization named as Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited as lead Training Instructor and thereafter performed the jobs as Technical Training head, Product Manager, Engine Marketing, Document Preparation mainly O M Workshop Manual, OHSAS, IMS etc . In KOEL short form of the org i worked for 14 years and handled many departments along with trg

Anubha Sur

Anubha is a passionate Contrarian Leadership Coach, helping leaders to thrive on VUCA volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity challenges. She brings in a solid understanding of the dynamically changing needs of the VUCA world and her experience of having successfully groomed several leaders. 7 years of Coaching experience and consulting Organisations on engagemnt, behaviour and change

Efa Rimoldi

I traveled many different desserts love, work. sons, life after 25 years os training and expierienxing I developed a Method so to walk with my coaches their way My method integrates a varied tools mandala,

Jacob Cherian

I m a Radio Personnel TTT Certified Trainer specialized in Communication, Personality Development, Soft Skills, Voice N Accent Training, On Air Communication, Content Management and Team handling. An aspirant, always geared up and interested in meeting new challenges and a true solution hunter who is always eager to learn about the work environments in different sectors/companies.

Isha singh

I am a highly enthusiastic and a passionate professional. I learn from my experience and hence in a very short span of age I was able to start a business of my own. I am here to teach but to share my experiences and learnings which could further help others.

Dietmar Bohn

Valuable software business, SAP and digitalization experience based on my 30 years working in larger, renowned corporations as well as medium sized companies. Broad and deep experience in manufacturing industries.

Christina Zymvragou

The focus of my training is helping to heal the soul and body. Getting certified in various techniques, for I find it profoundly respectfully to help people through different ways because everyone is unique and needs are different therefore an individualized approach is what I shall provide with mindfulness techniques, coaching, hypnotherapy CBH , CBT, gestalt, art therapy etc. People face difficulties and what they are looking for is a safe place. I am here for you.

Ronette rodricks

A People First HR Professional who has had experience in scaling early stage Global and Indian startups by scaling and automating a plethora of HR processes from entry to exit while keeping the human touch intact.


I m a patient, smiling, quick learner, self confident and well educated person. Since I have been trained as a teacher, I have good communicating skills with everyone around me. I can get along well with everyone easily. I like to try and learn new things. I like to be happy and make others happy. I m good at translation in both Turkish and English languages.


Soft Skill and Learning and Development professional with over 8 years of experience, known for partnering with corporate and divisional leadership to maximize organizational and individual performance through process and program design. Specific strengths soft skills training, leadership development, culture and diversity education, organizational development, coaching, mentoring, team building,

George Kan

Apparel/Fashion industry veteran with 20 years experience. Expertise in product quality, inspection, testing, production, supply chain matters and sourcing. Can support with pricing negotiations, vendor assessment/screening. Any apparel/fashion company startup that requires expert guidance on regulatory, child safety, health and safety issues can contact. Proven problem solver and collaborator.

Juan Arriaga

HR Professional with broad experience in creation and implementation of HR processes in LATAM Talent Management, Change Management, Learning Organizational strategies and Project Management for the HR function, Disruptive HR Diversity Management.

Vrinda Garg

I am a counselling psychologist specialising in child and adolescent psychology by using dance movement therapy and play therapy to help children and adolescents deal and solve problems in their lives.

Sonia Nair

Certified Change Management Practitioner, Seasoned professional with 20 years of progressive experience in Organizational Change Management, OD and Talent Management. Experience in domains including but not limited to Healthcare Life Sciences, Manufacturing, BFSI, Public Sector Enterprise, Gaming, and IT/ITES. Currently, an entrepreneur, Counseling Psychologist and Psychotherapist.


My Sessions are Customised with an intention to heal. solve, evolve and make the Person or Team Empowered. It includes Neuroscience, Strategy, Practical tools and Healing everything. Spiritual growth and other aspects are also covered so that root level changes can be seen.


A Corporate Communications Consultant providing advise and training to leaders, corporates, not for profits on communications, sustsaininbility reporting and stakeholder communications. With 30 plus years of experience with corporates from across sectors such as telecom, healthcare, chemicals, agriculture, energy, and other. Clients have included startups, SMEs, large corporates and MNC s .

Joseph Shrestha

HR Trainer Job Description Identifying, examining, and assessing the training needs within an organization. Conduct training for employees for specific jobs. Educating trainees on skills such as computer applications, phone systems, policies and procedures, product assembly, and inventory Holding meetings and presentations on learning materials when necessary Planning and designing training activ

Kavita Prasad

I am a Policy Consultant focused on Environment Gender, and Water development Strategies with a demonstrated history of working for the Social Development sector including Govt UN bodies. I am a true Ecofeminist and works to draw on the concept of gender to analyze the relationships between humans and the Nature. I am skilled with a MA Socio, PG International Law, B.Tech IT certification.

Ahmed Wagih

I am a youth trainer and coach with a wide experience in personal and professional skills. I have worked with different multinational corporates and aware of the culture diversity. I have delivered training and coaching for corporates at all levels of employment.

VijayShree Attri

Vijay Shree , a passion driven result oriented person who is a NLP Coach and Dynamic Corporate Coach with Her Constructive Training Techniques. She is Empowering Individuals, Institutions Organizations AWARDED AS BEST YOUNG HR MANAGER BY PNGI IN LEARNING DEVELOPMENT DOMAIN. She is Certified Executive Coach Certified Life Coach Member of CCA Certified NLP Coach

Revati Nehru

Hi My name is Revati Nehru. I m an Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, also known as Tapping Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and a Breakthrough Coach. As an ex marketeer with several years experience in the healthcare industry, I have personal experience with stress and understand how it affects different facets of life. I now coach individuals to deal with the stress and anxiety in their lives.

Faheem qureshi

i am faheem tahir qureshi .A postgraduate in economics and have authored several books on economics ,political science ,international relations and more.i have been guiding aspirants for competitive examination from a long time .my special domain being the upsc ..i have worked with India s best educational centres and guiding aspirants to decode the exams. i am a certified consultant trainer too


Mexican Automotive Industry Negotiating expert, able to resolve differences. Expert in organizing events. Problem solving expert. Strong negotiating skills persuasive, persistent, and resolute. Strong organizational skills.

Aditya Awasthi

Aditya specialises in developmental training and consulting, from individual performance to organisational development. He works in the intersection between training, consulting, counseling and social sector development. Simply put, he helps with three key problems i How can you make myself better ii How can you make your organisation better iii How do you make the world better

Hugo de la O

Experienced executive and business owner with 20 years of experience in Small and Medium Businesses. With deep knowledge in Accounting, Finances, Human Resources, Supply Chain, International Trade and International Business, Facility Management, Indirects Management, TI Management, Customer Experience Operations, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Legal.

Remya Rajkumar

A qualified trainer that can help you to present confidently. Speak language with ease. I am TESOL certfified trainer and hence I can help you with improving your soft skills and everything needed to stand out from the rest.

Helen Art

An ICF coach with utter love to helping people. Even though it is sometimes tough, I will always find the best way to deal with the request. Love it when my clients get insights. As a public speaking/presentation trainer I work in several directions structure of the talk selling point how to make people listen voice power inner obstacles. It ll be fun and productive

seema Pandey

Highly customized training for working professional as well as freshers. Our course is specific to every student as every student has unique traits. Business Analysis can be learnt and acquired by anyone who has a Logical bent of thinking, attention and willingness to practice. Our Business Analysis course is detailed with the right content as per current industry norms with practical approach.


I am CaLP Network Trainer. I have long field level experience in cash transfers projects in humanitarian and safety nets settings. I worked for CAR refugees and most local vulnerable persons providing food security, nutrition, protection, education and livelihoods concerns.

manisha naruka

hi i m manisha naruka i am accounting anf finance assistant professors.I am from alwar,rajasthan. I completed my research on claims and settlement of life insurance companies in india a critical analysis of indian companies. I have more than 7 years of teaching experience.

Abha Singh

Teaching Experience of 20 years. Get Expert Teaching,Solution,Advice in Science subject for grades 4 to 10 . All boards CBSE,ICSE,IB,UP .Expertise in Subject Biology for classes 11 12 CBSE. Quick answers to any queries .

Srijitha Mohan

I specialize in providing softskill leadership workshops for enterprising professionals. My trainings are designed to ensure that you, your team and your organization achieve growth by driving behavioural changes. I identify and analyse your learning needs and create programs that align with your business goals. With more than 12 years in providing soft skill leadership trainings, I provide s


I am certified stress management coach. I help the executives for mitigation of work place stress, i help businessmen to resolve their daily stress of business as well as life. The area of my expertise is stress management in the businessman and indstrialist community. I help them to develop a calm leadership withoout stress


With experience in academia, corporate, and abroad education consultation, I am an alumnus of the University of Delhi, the British Council and NYU. I take pride in having guided well over 2000 individuals and lead over 20 corporate training programs. Via CCSA, I aspire to provide comprehensive solutions to individuals and organizations who wish to make better infomed professional decisions.

melike topcu

Hiring, Onboarding, recruitment and reviewing of candidates resumes. I was working as a consultancy replying candidates questions related with job description and contract. I was trying to guide them through whole recruitment process.

Mugdha Y K

I can help you build a fulfilling career by gaining clarity, capability and confidence to 3x your productivity and make your time count I am Mugdha, a productivity trainer coach, an independent management consultant and the founder of Timekeepers Consultants. For 7 years, I m part of the work from anywhere community that allows me to experience flexibility and financial freedom.

sudhir R

Iam multilingual person with diverse experience in my field with global certifications in Coaching,,leadership and NLP.I can connect with people at their level instantly.I do not package my coaching cost rather I tailor make budgets for all my customers.I dont niche since I have a vast experience in all the fields I coach.

Nancy Al Kayal

I am an Educational and Clinical Psychologist, and a trainer. I have many years of experience in different fields related to mental health and have worked with different population and group ages. In addition, to that, I combine different techniques during the sessions using cognitive exercises, art therapy tools, mindfulness, vizualization, mindfulness, etc that suit different profiles.

Shafaq Tirmizi

Shafaqis a Certified Mindset Success Coach Strategist based out of Toronto, Canada. Her strength lies in coaching the person behind the persona. Shafaq works with high achievers who are overworking themselves to earn their achievements. People who are ready to be challenged but need self compassion. People who get excited about the next big thing but can t celebrate their wins. People who want to play with their thinking but need validation. There s space for you to rest

Wendy Mahoney

Therapeutic Coach Master Coach Personal development, holistic wellness, and business coaching and consulting services.Skills Certified Master Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP Hypnotherapy Goal Setting Business Strategy Fitness and Weight loss. Wellness Coaching Mentoring.My Coaching strategies are customized to serve each client.

Suzanne Bernier

NAMED CONTINUITY RESILIENCE CONSULTANT OF THE YEAR NORTH AMERICA BY THE BUSINESS CONTINUITY INSTITUTE BCI IN 2016 Resilience Liaison Expert/Liaison to ISO Technical Committee 292 Security and Resilience Board Member, Heroic Imagination Project Global Ambassador, Stars of HOPE USA Board Member, Safeopedia A former journalist and government press secretary, Suzanne is now an inter


Expert in Risk Evaluation Alleviation, Defense Procurements, Product Evaluation Life cycle Management, Negotiation skills, Security Safety Management, Quality Reliability Mgt, Administration, Protection and Investigation skills with proven cross function expertise. Successfully implemented large number of visionary steps during 30 years of Military and 03 years of university service.

Dr. Dominic Ravichandran

Professor in Organic Chemistry with more than 25 years of experience teaching students from schools and colleges. Student centric and teach with lucid examples and illustrations. Assess the understanding of students and give timely feedback for improvement. Take the extra mile to make my students comfortable with understanding the basic concepts and build from that to meet their needs. I also help in writing research manuscripts for publication.

Natasha Bazilevych

I have contagious energy and teach others how to define, develop and demonstrate their unique speaking energy.

Twinkle Danish

An advisor or adviser is a person with deeper knowledge in a specific area who utilizes their expertise for the guidance and benefit of others. They bring their vital experience and knowledge to contribute to their clients short and long term success.

Mohannad Diab

Im a seasonal Supply Chain professional, i m APICS certified in multiple credentials as well as an authorised trainer, i ve also delivered no less than 400 hours of training which results in many people to be APICS certified. on top, i have a practical experience from international companies in the supply chain field, being a regional SC Manager, Africa, MEA, and CIS in FMCG international company

Suren Seejiram

Subject matter expert with more than 15 years experience in the IT, Document and Customer Services Industry as well as Instructional Design of training content and Facilitation.Adult Education Content Expert Needs Assessment Online Group Facilitation Talent Development Technical Training Training Effectiveness Verbal Communication Virtual Training Critical Thinking Problem Solv

Chaïma Tayssir

An Associate Certified Coach, Spiritual Coach, Self Care Trainer, Relationship Facilitator and Family Counselor, she got certified from the International Coaching Federation as a Human Transformational Living Facilitator and from the American Board as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. After a decade in trainings and workshops field and hundreds of coaching hours, she is still looking

Salaki Reynaldo Joshua

Best Research in International Conference, Best Graduate in Bachelor and Master Program, Part Time System Analyst for International IT Company

Abhijit Sutradhar

I am a Corporate leader who educate people about corporate culture, corporate policy, TeamBuilding, personality Development Japanese Culture, problem solving techniques.. etc

Reema Chhibberreema

i am a happiness and life coach.i will help you reset your happiness and tigether with you work on your happitude happy attitude towards life in general. i offer help, advice, support, and someone to talk to.

Gianluca Casarelli

I am a dedicated professional, I really enjoy teaching, talking to people, make them learn and having a positive and professional relationship. I love cultures and languages, history and geopolitics.

Sharon Lim

HR Advisor and Career Coach that advocates Mental and Well being in a person. Able to unleash potential through conversational and provides a approach to just looking at boosting the resume but on the Networking part as well

Mina Elgammal

l have already worked as a mathematics teacher for more than 5 years in a school and in some different academic centers as a mathematics developer so i have the experience in this field and i am able to mange the educational process in a professional way so i aim to grow and develop myself as a mathematics teacher in order to be able to obtain a position in an big organization.

Sher Downing

Sher Downing approaches digital learning needs through the relationship of people, technology, and innovation. After a thirty five year career with public, private, for profit higher education institutions and corporate training programs in online learning and technology initiatives, Dr. Downing now serves as a consultant and professional coach in the EdTech industry. Known for her ability to lead

Marlin Glenn

I am a sales trainer, motivational speaker, and life coach. Some of my accomplishments include creating a training program to increase sales and productivity. I have also designed an activity management system to track and measure activity to ensure the achievement of any goal that you have. I trust that my business development training program can aid you and your busines in achieving results.

Viraj patel

I am one of the youngest chief manager in top Indian Bank. I have interests and expertise in multiple areas of finance such as personal finance, investments, project finance, derivatives, mutual fund, real estate, equity valuation, basic financial education etc. I can help in virtually any financial matter and assist in very important financial matters.


Current and former Co founder/Executive Board Member/Advisor for several startups/Technical Colleges/Blockchain Projects in Estonia/Georgia/Australia/Saudi Arabia/Egypt/British Virgin Islands. 20 years of experience in education, TVET, blockchain, business, and project management. 3 Master degrees in International Education, Executive Business Administration, and Digital Currency and blockchain

Peace Emem Nwogwugwu

I am a Strategic Management consultant with experience in project management, Agile Scrum, Productivity management and Life Coaching. I help people accept their uniqueness and greatness. I Coach teams on how to stay Productive, organised and profitable. I am seasoned people development, executive coach.

Priyanka Samtani

Been in this industry for more than 3 years and have worked with MNCs. I believe in enhancing and not changing one s traits. My forte is personality development, Basic and business etiquette, communication skill and interpersonal skills.

paola serri

Paola leverages her long experience built covering managerial roles in large corporations and as management consultant. Passion for coaching brought her to focus on this practice.

Khalid aljaabari

Insurance Expert for more than 15 years experience in insurance industry covering almost. My experience extended to include Underwriting, claims and operations. Well known of the market practice, insurance companies, TPA companies, brokers, medical providers and regulators


Hi. I am Harprit.I am a Certified Public Speaker, Soft Skill Trainer Corporate Trainer.I am ICF certified Psychology Coach Life Coach. I am on a mission to inspire 10 million people around the globe through my Skills want to demolish negativity word impossible from this world.

Parag Gadhia

I have more than two half decades of rich and varied experience. My expertise lies majorly in following areas 1. Coaching individuals who feels stuck, lost and overwhelmed in MID LIFE 2. Coaching individuals who wants to GET TASK DONE on a consistent basis so as to achieve the desired outcome and perform at optimum level. 3. Teams who wants to ENHANCE PERFORMANCE BUILD STRONG BOND.

Nishita Ajmera

I am a Skill Trainer Coach . I train on Sales, communication, goal setting, time management, Strategy planning, negotiation etc Training.I have 10 plus years of corporate experience my last job with HDFC Bank India s no 1 Bank Training managers who in turn would cater to affulent customers.

Lucinda Harman

As The Growth Catalyst, I ignite people s potential. With 33 years experience in sales and entepreneurship, I use experiential training strategies to build your confidence and skills. As a seasoned sale hunter who keeps in the field, I know how to guide you. 2022 is a lot different to before the covid pandemic. I have the experience to assist you to succeed no matter where you are. I know what you need to succeed

Rodrigo Alonso Vazquez Hernandez

I m focused on both developing strategies to make teams become more effective in communication skills and team building strategies to increase teams integration. I m also focused on help team leaders to deal with situations that may put in risk the team s relationship.

Sunanda chatterjee

I am a nutritionist with one goal to make healthy living simple, even for the most perplexed about nutritionAs your nutritionist, I ll help you keep your healthy habits on track. Let s work together to reach your goals

Bijay Kumar Khandal

I empower professionals in their communication and leadership skills so that they can create an impact and live a fulfilling life. In my 14 years of experience in coaching I have helped 1000 s of professionals in their career growth. My clients worked in the following company Cisco, Intel, Cognizant, Accenture, IBM, Genpact, Continental, medibuddy and a few others.


I am Communication Coach, Certified Tariner and Writer with 5 years of speaking/mentoring/training experience. I help students and working professionals enhance their verbal and written communication skills. So far, I have conducted 100 sessions and trained/coached 1000 people become better communicators. I am on a mission to enhance 1 million people become better communicators.

KG Anand

A competitive training professional with over a decade in conceptualizing, designing and leading Learning and Development vertical for organizations like Retail, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Logistics and Educational Institutions. Confident training leader with a proven history of planning, organizational and management skills focused on Learning and Development and Talent Management. As core strength

Vigna Vandita Ambatipudi

I have been into Soft skills and Behavioral skills Training for the last 11 years and expertise in client specific content designing and Training delivery with successful results that exceed client expectations

Sanjiv Tandon

An experienced marine expert that has a vast experience in almost all areas related to Ports, Maritime and Port Development and Maritime Business challenges. Master Mariner with an MBA, experineced in all operational aspects of shipping and post industry. Have also coached, mentored and provided guidance and training to persons engaged in the Maritime world. Online courses and mentorship, including consulting is available

Mamatha L

L D Consultant Advisor, 24 years corporate and academic experience. Soft Skills Mentor Coach, Corporate Trainer, Active Instagram and Podcasting Buzzsprout, Anchor, Writer, Blogger, Editor. 24 years with a wealth of corporate and academic experience, Corporate Trainer and Communication Coach. Soft Skills Mentor at IIITH, CMU, WICCI Karnataka Mentoring Soft Skills Council VP. Mentoring.

Nangamso Nibe

I am a training specialist and E learning specialist. My services include, Training implemetation strategy, E learning content design and development, Career path developmet and employee development consulting.

Neha Taneja

A competent professional with 14 yeras of rich experience including 8 years in the Operations sector and 6 years in teaching, academic and admission counselling. I have worked prestigious CBSE schools. Currently I am working as a Branch Head for an international Pre school.

Lacy Dixon-Escamilla

I have over 20 years experience in leadership, business growth and team development. I have had the oppurtunity of managing teams of all ages, demographics and backgrounds. This has allowed me to learn the best ways to coach and development employees. The companies I have worked with valued training and development and I have been able to utilize those learnings to consult start up companies.

Priscilla Kucer

I customize your coaching and consulting program based on my company s innovative OPLE system. I am a Strategic Business Coach with a professional background of 15 years in education, psychology, human resources, non profits, health, wellness, burnout, self doubt, leadership, and organizational development.


Te acompa o a lograr el equilibrio entre tu vida laboral y personal a traves del desarrollo de 4 dimesiones la vitalidad, el enfoque mental, la gestion emocional y la alineacion con el proposito de vida.

Juan Manuel Vergara

Juan Manuel Vergara, especialista en tarot e investigaci n en ciencias sociales. A trav s del tarot guiamos a las personas para mejorar su calidad de vida. Gracias al tarot encontramos respuestas y soluciones.

Kim Maritz

Passionate about developing people and helping them unleash their hidden potential. 12 years experience in training and development. Strengths include, excellent organisational skills, including time management and project management skills. Strong leadership and coaching skills great at managing and influencing performance. Excellent facilitation skills.

Christina Dalton

I combine years of experience as a counselor with my PCC training to provide powerful coaching experiences for my clients. As the Principal of, I design my coaching style to the needs of my clients. often my clients need someone in their lives who can be direct, partner with them to understand the self limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving inspiration.

Nicola Lester

With over 20 years experience in the health, wellness and Aesthetic arena . I love to advise on products, retail, training, business set up and management, staff recruitment and concerns, as well as customer care and customer service.

Kailash Kushwaha

I have 12 years of experience in education sales, training and development. I have trained front liners supervisors dealers operators and even blue collor managerial staff as well. Customer service behavioural training sales product and process training is been imparted successfully in classroom as well as on job training.

Judy Klipin

I have 15 years experience as a coach, trainer, facilitator and writer. I work with professionals who are not reaching their potential, either because of unhelpful often unconscious behaviour and thought patterns, or because they are overwhelmed, exhausted and burned out. I empower my clients to ask for help, to build better boundaries, and to feel and be more able and competent in every area.

Yahya Mayet

I am deeply committed to supporting clients in transformational journey s of growth by allowing a safe space for self expression to become courageously compassionate . I am a certified PCC Professional Certified Coach through the ICF International Coaching Federation , Integral Coach through New Ventures West San Francisco and Centre for Coaching UCT Graduate School Business.

Monalisa Kujur

3 years of expertise in child, family, relationship, and career counselling, as well as employee capacity building. I ve gotten a lot of joy out of guiding 100 students along their career paths. I ve spent the last few years working on psycho education modules and generating mental health information for parents, teachers, and students. I would love to support the clients in their life journey.


Strong urge to connect with the youth of the country and initiate change in mindset to help them walk along on a path of success. Empower and enrich the youth brigade with a powerful message that THEY can certainly make a lot of difference to the future of the country. My forte lies in establishing an emotional connect and LEADing in an enlightened direction .


Doctorate degree in Agriculture Major Plant Pathology, Minor Agronomy and Master degrees in Business Administration M.B.A. in HRM. Possess strong communication, liaison and organizational skills, rich international field experience in managing agricultural research, development and agri marketing 36 years . Performed internationally and managed projects and programmes and aiming to end hunger, minimize malnutrition and poverty. Team Leader and Coordinated of different Programmes.

Vynateya Iyengar

I am a goal driven, enthusiastic C level marketing business development professional with an accomplished career track of over 29 years of propelling the growth of organizations I have worked with in different industry domains located in the different geographic locations. Established track record of positioning brands as market preferred brands through creative cost effective strategies.

Puneet Parashar

Accomplished International training and management professional, Certified NLP Practitioner, Professional Firewalking Instructor, transformation coach with 25years experience Result oriented, skilled people developer adept at developing talent at multiple levels.

Rajesh pydi

I am a simple and optimistic coach in my subject in train and i am a person with an ability to motivate and inspire the coachee.I am directly involved in retail sales, operations, administration, business development, Customer service and handling multiple stores.I can also make the trainee or coach in work place preparedness module thereoticallt and practically.

Conner Blosmo

I take a sincere approach to each client. I know from my history that every single person is different, and there is no cookie cutter program. Each person has their own needs, and I strive my best to have a complete approach that fits each individual.

Jaime Garcia

I am an attorney and consultant who guides clients through complex regulations and government policies. My primary focus is assisting clients in the environmental and natural resources law and policy realm. However, I am comfortable preparing educational presentations on any aspect of regulatory compliance, or general interactions with government agencies.

Pamela Sánchez

Psic loga y Happiness Life Coach. Con m s de 10 a os trabajando en Desarrollo Humano. Apasionada por el desarrollo de otros, utilizo t cnicas de Psicolog a y Coaching para fortalecer equipos de trabajo y fomentar el desarrollo individual de mis coachees. Dedicada a crear experiencias de alto impacto para el crecimiento y desarrollo del ser.

Aryan Kumar Verma

I have crackes some of the toughest exams in India like IIT JEE, NEET, NDA, and KCET in my very fiesrt attempt itself. I also a National Merit holder which I recieved at an age of just 15 years. So I have quit deep knowledge in academics management.

Shima Hashemzadeh

I have a great passion for teaching Phlebotomy and Pre analytical errors. I have created courses, performed public speaking at conferences and provided inservice to Nurses, Phlebotomists, CLS, and other Laboratory staff in different hospitals over the span of 20 years.

Lisa Hays

After a successful career as a lawyer and lobbyist representing global corporations, Lisa shifted her energy toward her passion of coaching others. Lisa s training, coaching experience and her 44 Dream Cards help her clients free their minds of negative thought and emotional patterns so that they can feel peaceful and receive intuitive messages for inspired action, no matter their life challenges.

Elizabeth Hynes-Musnisky

Empathetic professional with more than 15 years experience helping individuals develop their literacy skills.I ve worked with children, adolescents, young adults, and adult learners. I believe in a constructivist approach to making meaning and encourage individuals to learn by doing.

Pramod Suryavanshi

I am presently working as Physics Teacher for classes 10, 11 and 12. I have, thus far, actively trained students to excel in Board Exams ICSE, CBSE Maharashtra State Board and prepare for Competitive Exams JEE Mains, NEET, SAT etc Skilled in fostering a healthy and competitive learning atmosphere in classroom offline online responding to all queries in a systematic empathic manner.

Nick Polzin

I ve worked with beginners all the way to Olympians, and specialize in making connections with my athletes. I can coach swimming, strength training, and conditioning as well as explain the why behind what we re doing

Laura Fidler

As a former teacher and recent leader of national and global training, my experience will help ehance any training initiative along with curriculum development. While the majority of my experience has been in the education sector, I have fostered relationships with companies, non profit organizations and college institutions. Through in person and virtual mediums, I have used various tools to reach targeted goals and objectives to help achieve college and career readiness for school age students

Jayshree Makwana

Distincts Maybe Instincts is my way. Intutively/Naturally drawn to live a wholesome mental emotional physical life, going beyond the ordinary realm of affairs was my thing since childhood. Quest and Best the only two gruelling wiring that my mind constantly connected to. The cat which once started with Curiosity Quest did kill itself but, only to be born again as a warrior Choosing and not Chasing Paths Best .Who is now here to sow the seeds of Quest Aware Align and Challenge you...

Piotr Kalinowski

Metallurgist, PhD holder from University of Birmingham, with postdoctoral research and teaching experience in metallurgy and materials science domain. Complementary industrial experience in heavy upstream downstream steel aluminium industries gained in research, technical and operational capacity at Tata Steel UK, Constellium and Aluminium Bahrain. Experienced as a leader.

Olga Fedina

I lived in last 15 years on 3 different continent and several countries. More than 2,000 hours of coaching. I helped clients Fear of public speaking Fear to ask more money for work that you do Fear of job interviews Fear of starting new project, businesses or relationship To solve hesitation to continue relationship or stop Adaptation abroad Question of femininity If you done everythin

Mira Mishkin

My holistic approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for my clients. I help my clients live their best life, by filling the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. By identifying where you want to see growth, setting goals and objectives, and gentle accountability, you will reach you highest goals. I am certified in CBT and life coaching. I can provide online text, audio, video and in person contact.

Shireen Dhar

I come from a background of premier institutes of the country and have studied a subject that has given me high observational, analytical, and research skills. I have a Master s degree in Applied Clinical Psychoog and I did my Bachelor s in Psychology hons .

Rebecca Bonanno

I am a licensed clinical social worker with more than 20 years of experience working with children, teens, and adults. I have a post Master s certificate in Child Family Therapy and was a tenured faculty member at a state college for many years. I am a certified trainers in the adult curriculum of Mental Health First Aid.

Inaam Al Baddawi

grants proposal writing advisor step by step, thinktank, problem solving, budgeting, grants proposal writer for 15 years, sustainable strategy, monitoring, and evaluation plan, action plan with geant Chart and milestones, business canvas modeling for the startup, project narrative and financial reporting expert, leadership skills and implementation of development projects for non for profit org. researcher

Arati Atre

Hello This is Arati Atre. I have been studying and working in Mathematics field for the last 7 years. It s been an amazing journey so far teaching and guiding curious minds. Teaching also opened some great opportunities like developing content, creative writing, SME. Apart from this, I am a certified yoga instructor and a freelance content writer

Riyaz Millwala

I have around 20 years experience in the finance industry in treasury front office and in managing the back office operations for various hedge fund administrators. I have also worked in the IT field as a hedge fund domain consultant. Currently I am conducting training workshops on trading derivatives in equity, currency commodity markets.

Suraj Shrestha

I have always believed that HR as a function in an organization is the most important and the leading function. My whole career I have tried to find work that adds value, and represent HR via numbers and logic.

Mohammed HafizurRahman

As a highly skilled TESOL professional, I realize that my experience aligns well with the qualifications you seek for your esteemed Institution. I apply numerous result oriented methods in the classroom through interactive, Student centered activities, Flipped Classrooms, Spaced learning, Gamification and VAK learning styles that maximize student talk time . I am recognized for excellence as an expert in ESOL mentoring, L2 research, Academic support, IELTS preparations and Paralinguistics.

Vijaykamesh Balakrishnan

I am specialized in modeling and simulation and have experience with various tools and models. I have worked in different levels of simulation platforms, from requirements to building physics based models to verification and validation.

Sameh Abdelmalak

I am a medical affairs professional with over 8 years pharmaceutical experience in clinical research, compliance, and regulatory matters. Medical Science Liaison experience in oncology specializing in melanoma, NSCLC, SCLC, CRC, RCC, UC and hematological cancers. Extensive knowledge and training in clinical trials, investigator initiated sponsored research and company sponsored trial management.

Andrew Smith

I am a former journalist with a skill for crafting clear and compelling narratives for all sorts of audiences, and adept at working with anyone at all with a sense of focus and mission. I have years of experience as a news reporter and editor, in which I ve mastered all kinds of subject areas, from criminal justice to nuclear power.

Upasana Dhankhar

I am a lawyer, enterpreneur and a social scientist who has worked in governmental, non governmental as well as startup ecosystem. With interdisciplinary expertise and multisector exposure, I have the ability to look at problems and goals from a systems and big picture prespective. Addressing your needs with a comprehensive approach that relies on diligent research and customised solution building.

O'Seye Oni

With 8 years of experience leading business transformation initiatives across Organizational Strategy Development, Culture Leadership, and Corporate Performance Management, O Seye helps founders and executives build high performing teams, winning cultures, and effective leadership for enhanced business success.

Govind Somsetwar

that analytical skills which I have and the problem solving skills the counter operations skills, root cause analysis,DMAIC, people management workflow management team lead team player, Deep thinking of any sort of problems.

Firas Ibrahim

Qualified Capable Human Resources Senior Professional with diversified experience in many industries across GCC good exposure to MEA. Experienced Corporate leader Consultant/Advisor serving the Private Public sectors. A qualified Trainer with own training library containing tens of advanced customizable soft skills programs. Qualified Experienced in Assessments Development of people

Praveen Saseedharan

I am a seasoned sales, marketing and business management professional with more than 17 years of corporate experience across diverse organisations and functions. My multi faceted experience has endowed me with excellent problem solving, negotiation and people skills which I use to coach and develop entrepreneurs and managers.

Vinod salkuti

Good at Unix and SQL and autosys,good team worker and an individual to learn new technologies .ITIL certified with vast expertise in banking and financial to take new challenges .

Anand Kumar

I am a passionate automation trainer with 12 years experience. I deliver training on Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mechatronics, Instrumentation, PLC and Robotics. Conducted training program from Junior level to senior level.

Rizwan Ali

I m a mathematics tutor not only interested in answering questions but also on how to approach problems and creating intuitions. I like to explain the concept very deeply so that student can solve many kind of problems by themselves

Richie Santosdiaz

A management consultant strategy implementation Commentator I have a focus and passion towards internationalisation international trade and foreign direct investment FDI and the digitisation and disruption of it as part of wider economic development. My strengths are in emerging markets and sectors like fintech, agriculture, tourism education, creative industries Ex PA Consulting. Clients included the Uk, Canadian, Saudi, Abu Dhabi and London governments.

Ricardo Bustos Gardea

I am passionate about collaborating in any initiative that helps improve the world, I am used to developing collaboration networks with government institutions, civil society, the business sector and academia. I have the ability to develop strategic alliances and find solutions in adverse situations, developing and analyzing multiple scenarios. I have multiplied by 4 the budget of my organization in 5 years and I have impacted thousands of entrepreneurs in northern Mexico in the last 9 years.

Maria Andreina Seidel

I am sale coach with 17 years experience, in the last years I have especialized in High ticket offers, communcation skills, leadership and digital marketing

Rawan ayasrah

I am a motivated person who keeps learning and improving their skils. And at the same time still up to date with all the technologies. I like to work professionally among professional staffs. I would like always to keep mysef busy and to help other people as much as i can with all the knowledge and expert. I am a friendly person with a good manner , I know how to speak well with people. Thank you

Eric Becker

I have a wide range of expert experience in various unrelated professional fields. I am an entrepreneur. My network is worldwide, on LinkedIn I have more than 16,605 connections. I designed a website that reached more than 125 countries in just over 10 years.

Katherine Ideke

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant who provides business social media strategy and other Digital marketing solutions to business owners, helping them push their business in the online space. With social media marketing you and your Brand s are exposed to so many opportunities online and it is a less and cheap form of Marketing. This is done through tailored content and captivating captions by providing the service of a social media Manager and also marketing Strateg

Mohammad Naser

I love to dig deep into problems and solve them with modern technology. I create, scale, and optimize businesses that matter. To accomplish this, I focus on delivering key outcomes, building new concepts, and adapting to new learnings. Eduction Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management, and MBA in Engineering Management.

Mervat Ktaifan

A passionate, dynamic, result oriented, and goal driven professional with a high level of exposure and vast experience. Experienced in business strategies, pricing, supply chain, growth, business improvement and ERP SAP implementation projects across 11 countries in the Middle East Region Turkey A passionate champion of women empowerment, workplace gender equality, I D and cultural awarness

Charles Campbell

I am a savvy and highly accomplished Educational Management Executive with a proven career track record and a deep knowledge of principles for curriculum and training design, operational management, and professional development for diverse organizations. I am sought after for my ability to demonstrate expertise in cultivating power sharing strategies for sustainable decision making processes.

Junaid A

Highly motivated Senior IT Support Engineer with 04 years of experience supporting multi platform computer software/hardware, networks, servers, and peripherals. Proficient analytical and logical troubleshooting skills as well as able to assess and recommend solutions that facilitate IT business processes.

Vipul Saxena

I am a seasoned HR Professional with 15 year defence background as Combat Pilot Aeronautical Engineer. Since Year 2001, I have been working in Top Notch Corporates of India and MNCs as C Level HR Leader. I also have been Business leader with P L Responsibility. In past 22 years I earned PhD, MBA HR, LLB, PG Dip in Journ Mass Com, Black Belt Lean Six Sigma, Expert TPM , TQM Data Analytics

Vanitha Raj W

I m an aspiring Counselling Psychologist i would create an confidential environment to let out all your emotions and thoughts and address them non judgementally and emphathetically. I have strengthened my skills as Counselling Psychologist for past 1 year which also includes Abuse Counselling, Student Counselling.

Katelyn Jones

Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership and Instructional Leadership with over thirteen years experience in international education, teacher training, and program management in South Korea, South Africa, the Czech Republic, and the United States. Offering expertise in leadership and program management with a growth mindset and ability to develop, implement, and evaluate programs.

Arslan Khan

I am UK, US Canada certified QHSE Professional CRSP CSP with 14 Years of progressive UAE experience in Ports Maritime Logistics/heavy Industry/warehouses/Break Bulk/RORO/LOLO/Container Terminals/Dry Bulk/shipping , Manufacturing Major plants and Construction High rise Building Projects Industries. A chartered health and safety practitioner CMIOSH and holding Master s degree in occup

Susan Ruckdeschel

I founded two companies, and co founded another international free zone corporation. My first company sold, I continue to maintain the second, and the third that co founded is a start up. All companies involved software development, instructional design, e learning consultancy, and LMS management for adult and K 12 learning.

Dr Nishant Khandelwal

.Tech Savvy, Teaching Basics of Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry ... To advance level... For Highschool, Intermediate, graduation, NEET, JEE, IB, Cambridge students. Special One to One classes for strengthening Foundation, Including GOC General Organic Chemistry , GIC General Inorganic Chemistry , and GPC General Physical Chemistry . MSc. PhD Chemistry 5yr Exp

Balaji Rajasekaran

My greatest strengths are analytical skills and knowledge in risk assessment process.Working as Regional HSE Manager with 11 years experience. Secured Distinction in Master of Industrial Safety Engineering NEBOSH IGC n Certified ISO 45001 14001 lead auditor n Specialist in HSE digitalization.Also I am a passionate HSE trainer with unique skill of explaining the HSE concepts with live examples and practical demo.

Hossam Wazzan

Hossam Al Wazzan is a project management transformation consultant with expertise in developing project management methodologies, establishing project management offices and managing transformation programs across organizations. In addition, Hossam is a recognized project management trainer having delivered over 50 courses for major and reputable firms in MENA region.

Doaa Zamel

I am not only scientific researcher who will provide you with the solid scientific information, But also science communicator who can simplifies the science to you in an easy way to understand and like. Furthermore, I can train you on research skilss including scientific writing and academic communication skills.

Ahmad Abu rub

Hello, my name is Ahmad Abualrub. I am Jordanian Citizen and I live and work in UAE, I have a Bachelor s Degree in Business Administration BBA and I have completed 21 Hours Master Degree also in Business Administration MBA . Objective I would like to use my knowledge and experience that I have gained in my Previous Work. I am a very active, energetic, and enthusiastic person. Certification

Dhruvi Soni

I am working in HR field for last five years. Along with that I am also an entrepreneur and artist too. You may think how it will possible all together But answer it YES Everyone can achieve anything they want if they actually willing to do it.

Sreenivas Reddy Bathula

I do have 22 years of Research, Teaching and Management experience in Clinical Biochemistry and Medical Biotechnology. I can help you with Medical, Pharma and Health care Sectors. I worked for UNDP and EU projects.

Anirudha Menon

I am a highly skilled researcher in the field of theroetical physics, with extensive expereince in theory and computational aspects of condensed matter physics focussing on topological materials. I received my PhD from the University of California, Davis, and my physics PhD tree has two nobel laureates in the last four generations. I have published 8 papers during my PhD career.

Raghu Kumar Chichhula

I am a K 12 Mathematics trainer and more into objective oriented Mathematics that caters the needs of UG Engineering Entrance Exams like GRE / IIT JEE Main Advanced Admission tests for top most Engineering colleges INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. I moulded myself to teach from zero level to advanced level. Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Geometry,Vectors,3 D,Probability,P C are my strong areas

Dr. Abhishek Srivastava

I am Assistant Professor of Law having 5 years of Experience, I have done my Doctorate in Sports Law and taught subjects like Contract, Torts, Taxation, Labour Laws etc. I am also inclined for suggestion for Research

Tarun Pal

I have 9 years of experience with students upto highschool level.I am engineer graduate with strong mathematics and science background. Tutored more than 50 students in past 2 years. Also a quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning expert.

Dr. Siddhartha Priya

Sales and Marketing professional in primary energy with teaching entrepreneurial experience. Worked with organization like Hindustan Petroleum, Yes Bank, UNIDO, WCL etc in various roles and been involved with setting up a private University and teaching B. Com. MBA students

Haitham Abdelhak

For 14 years, I ve been a forward thinking Performance Manager, Education Advisor and Executive Coach with an impressive track record of remarkable performance in the TVET, Coaching, Curriculum, and Training industries. Highly skilled in curriculum design, adult learning theories, basic education level, learning technology and virtual training. Expert in executive and leadership development.

Sushil Patil

I provide services very promptly and correctly. I am expert in accounting, auditing, return filing, gst compliances, project funding and financing etc. I am also providing virtual CFO services to various clients.

Rafik Dr. Aouane

I m Rafik Aouane, PhD in physics from the Humboldt University in Berlin. I have experience in particle physics and gravitational phenomena, I love physics and this is my passion. I also strive to teach physics and math to students of all levels, from the simplest to the most complicated concepts.

Vivek Desai

A post graduate in cyber security from Indian National Institute, experience of 6 years in cyber security in world s biggest companies. Served clients across variety of industries in Information Security Risk Assessments, ITGC audits, application security assessments, secure coding advice, supply chain security.

Zakaria Ismail

Professional in Teaching Physics for all levels University and school Simplify Physics Topics Solving problems Help in graduate project for undergraduate university students Help students is schools for undrstanding Physics well

Khaled Fallata

I have a wide experience in the field of Events Regulations and Codes in Saudi Arabia. I have participated in several large scale events in the country managing the engineering of records and Civil Defence approvals

Gaurav Agarwal

Worked on Excel, Customer support for US, Knowledge of GST , Filling ITR, worked on large data set. If given a chance can prove myself a key stone to your work and will give my best to achieve your target

Narayanan Kutty PR

I am Learning and Development Professional, certified Master Trainer and Facilitator with over 20 years of experience in the Human Resources domain. Training has been my passion and I am also an avid Toastmaster. I believe for a Trainer to be effective he has to really connect the with the audience. I am also a person who truly believes in the latest technology and be a constant learner.

Sahir Sharma

Advisor to CTOs 3D/XR Developer Computer Science Programming Lecturer Entrepreneur focussed on democratizing Education through Web3 and Immersive Technologies Currently Teaching Blockchain NFTs to Educators around the globe

Alex C

What makes me unique is my experience of six years in software development. Because I ve had first hand experience fielding clients questions, feedback and complaints, I know what client want. I know what it takes to create a positive client experience through meeting deadlines and delivering client its project chunk by chunk.

Danish Saleem

Experienced TA professional with over 16 years of experience in Hiring across diverse indutries like Retail , Banking services, Consulting and IT . Expereince in ATS Implementation and Process expertise , Job Analysis ,Policy Implementation etc

Divya Ratan

Hi Ive done my Masters in clinical psychology and have good, reliable experience in the same. I believe that human behaviour is very unique and hence needs to be understood well and I am here for the same, to understand better and provide solutions. My area of expertise include teenage and children counselling, relationship expert and working with mental health issues.

panth mehta

I talk about facebookads, ecommercegrowth, instagramgrowth, marketingautomation, and socialemediamarketing. I guide businesses and entrepreneurs with practical and easy to apply actions that can be used to improve their business online.

Pallavi Maheshwari

I am a driven individual who wants to excel in the field with time and help out others by providing my services at my best. I have been practising law from past 5 years. I have experience in conten writing and social media marketing as well. I want to assist people looking for a content writer, lawyer, and a creative individual.

Ramesh Gurram

I am a qualified Chartered accountant having 6 plus years of experience in corporate finance, Treasury, Accounts payable, accounts receivable and Taxation. I worked in various industries including Manufacturing, IT services and retail.

Mayank Sharma

I have 15 years of extensive experience partnering with business leaders to translate strategic organizational objectives into achievable tactical plans using gamification concepts to gain continuous engagement and drive from people, resulting in superior business performance. My passion is to support leaders and organizations to navigate their way through change, creating great places to work

Dr. Ajay Kumar

I am a doctor by profession, have completed my MBBS and currently teaching from last 3 years as a hobby or as a passion. I have faced many competition exams and i can understand the mind set of students during these exams and i can help them to crack exams like NEET UG etc.

tarek yousfi

My name is Tariq Yousefi, I work as an architect and founder of D Plus Construction in the Sultanate of Oman, a businessman, researcher and pioneer in business development and the establishment of engineering and contracting companies

Mohamed Elhaw

I m a bachelor degree holder, MBA holder 2015 from Ecole Sup rieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliqu esis, and now doing my doctor of business adminstration, CHRM, Prince2 project management.I have rich experience in retail SOPs, KPIs, HR process, HR workflow, Creating Task flow analysis, Job description, Delivering training and coaching on all soft skills, retail and HR operations.

William B

Education expert, advisor, consultant with extensive experience in education reform, the sciences, including earth and environmental sciences, geography, and meteorology. Worked as a teacher of science and geography, educational advisor, and assessment and curriculum development specialist in the sciences, as well as a weather forecaster in Australia.

Janet Sanchez

My 21 years of experience here in the UAE particularly Dubai and dealt with different cyst urea and nationalities. I have observed how the market trends are going up and down and could advise you of possible and best business to put up here. I even travelled overseas in the Middle East to introduce the products we are dealing with. i have good understanding of the legal frame work here in Dubai.

Hossam Elbanna

1 communicate clearly, accurately, efficiently, and courteously 2 develop and maintain positive relationships with clients, consultants, collaborators, co workers, and funders and 3 work collaboratively with colleagues to produce high quality products in a timely manner, demonstrating leadership and initiative.

Godwill Patrick

Godwill Patrick is a Social Media Manager who communicates brands to target audience through diverse medias. What s different about working with him He delivers content and build communities of buyers on social media platforms at lightning speeds.

My experience has been in the startup Industry, within E commerce retail. During this time, I ve launched 3 products, 2 of which are customer centric monetized products. You can ask me anything on how E commerce verticals can be expanded and how customer centric decisions impact your ROI and increase revenues.

Aaron MacArthur

SQL Server Experience, Python Experience, Windows Experience, Linux Experience, Mac Experience, SOC, Security Support and troubleshooting. All things you need in the world of IT. Is your computer running slow Do you have a virus I can help.

Jose Guillemot

Accomplished and focused lawyer with extensive experience in managing legal and compliance matters across financial private and public sectors, specifically within banking, securities, credit, savings, FinTechs and derivatives. Track record of revamping units through development and implementation of new products,strategic policies, procedures, and plans as well as leading successful negotiations

Daniela Pardo

Multidisciplinary project management consultant, with experience in fundraising, planning, executing and monitoring social projects and programs for various stakeholders. Passionate about social positive impact change.

Pooja C

Am working in Firstcry parenting app as Consultant from past 2 years , dealing with health, nutrition of moms and newborns.Brand promotions related yo maternity and newborn baby products done across various social platforms. Live sessions Q A participated with renowned dietians and Doctors.Also posted several articles related to breastfeeding mom health and nutrition.

Joy Nwachukwu

First and foremost, I am a results driven person and I am different. I always ask myself the questions what can I do to give my clients the best satisfaction they can ever get. How best can I keep lasting relationships with my clients and what can I do to continually improve and enhance my own performance. So everything I do will be focused on helping my clients achieve consistent performance.

Imran S Ahmed

Experienced Human Resources Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the various industries including hospitality. Skilled in Compensation, Administration, Management, Payroll, and Succession Planning. Strong human resources professional graduated from ALISON and Associate of CIPD.

Deepali Mahto

Eight years of all round experience in the competitive Global Construction chemicals/Polymer industry environment as not only a Business Manager but also a National Sales Business Development Manager. As a natural science enthusiast, I am extremely intrigued by scientific developments and innovation with an engineering Degree in Polymer Science and Technology further supporting this curiosity and getting me success in my business endeavours in the aforementioned field.

Pius Agada

I am simple, assesible and approachable instructor/trainer Tennis coach . who puts the goal of the client first and work towards achieving it. I am also a certified tennis coach and a Bsc Holder in Human kinetics and health education so I have a vast knowledge on human movement and can give advice on ways to have a healthy lifestyle

Alejandro Bravo

I m a Harvard Business School grad. I have a combined 22 year experience within the corporate arena as Senior Operations, Transformation and Innovation Head and an Executive Coach and Mindfulness Teacher

Samar ElMallah

Accomplished Human Resources leader leverages 16 years of industry experience to evaluate human resources operations and provide actionable insights for continuous improvement. Promotes acquisition of diverse and inclusive workforces while driving policies to promote respect and employee satisfaction. Excels in collaborative environments, applying superior communication skills to deliver industry expertise.

Charles Ukachukwu

An enthusiastic, skilled and well motivated mental health and research assistant with proven track record of safe guarding and promoting the welfare of patients who include children and vulnerable adults. Adept in providing specialist psychological assessments of referred clients based on the appropriate diagnosis, interpretation and integration of complex data from psychologi

Othman Alaqad

High caliber, entrepreneurial, resourceful business leader with 22 years of rich experience 11 years in the ICT industry and 11 years in services delivery and management consultancy with reputable organizations in the Middle East. Extensive senior leadership experience in management consulting, training, ICT technology sales and proje implementation, and services,

Cindy Hancock

Cindy Hancock is a registered Facilitator, Trainer and Ontological Coach and is the founder at Phlox Training. She has 10 years training, facilitation and coaching experience. Coaching takes the form of guided conversations during which clients explore their fundamental concerns and the constraints they may have placed on taking care of these concerns. Cindy has been training for the UN over the last several years specializing in Women s Leadership Leadership in general. Reach out to explore.

Dara Caulcrick-Odebo

Over the course of my career, I have gained practical knowledge in Innovation, Project Management, Product Conceptualization Strategy. I have a track record of being a critical thinker that is able to analyze complex problems and have an open mind to developing fresh ideas and turning them into feasible, profitable business solutions.

Amr Mashaly

I am a physicist and I do hold graduate diploma in nuclear physics.My field of interest is scientific and laboratory equipment and free energy as well.I can tutor university physics and high school physics as well.I have good basic mathematics background , one variable and multivariable calculus in particular.

Ibiyomi Ogunbiyi

I provide clients with hand on assistance and real world experience. In terms of over 20 years of experience, exposure to over 20 countries, and professional certification in pay, benefits, and HR operations management, I meet all of the criteria for being a consultant.

Sonia Singh Praveen

I am a Senior HR professional with more than 20 years of experience in India and recently Canada, worked for US hiring as well, in the IT vertical and multinational companies. I am proud of consistently being recognized as a trusted partner for the business, adding value and thoughtful advice. I am specialized in complex HR transformation projects Talent acquisitions, HRIS implementation and more


i have a different style of teaching, sense of purpose, positive attitude and expect my students to succed practical and theory wise to be independent and resourceful. I never try to be perfectionist rather I will remain as learner everyday which makes me feel better and different than others.

Suhail Bhat

Food Engineer with 9 plus years of experience in manufacturing operations, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory compliance, new product development and auditing in food industry. Expert in development, implementation and auditing of Quality Systems like BRC, ISO 22000, FSSC, ISO 9001, HACCP etc.

Mohamed Amin

I led the people agenda across the MENA region in multiple large multinational and regional companies such as Unilever, Cadbury, Hayat Kimya, Air Liquide, Bavaria, Sainsbury and Oriental Weavers. Previous board membership include those at ECDC the Egyptian Chinese Drilling Co and the Al Zowad Egyptian Jordanian.

Waleed ElMikaati

Works as Training Accreditation Consultant since roughly a decade. I received B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from The American University in Cairo, 1990 and is currently pursuing MSc with Heriot Watt University and is expected to graduate in December 2025. Eng. El Mikaati is a dedicated, creative and thorough international accreditation a

Cherine Muhammad

Expert at initiating organisational change and building top performing teams to achieve corporate objectives. Proven success in working within fast paced environments that require creativity, efficiency, and meticulous organizational skills. Skilled in directing HR affairs, including recruitment, training, and benefits and

Dr Bindu R

Hi, I am Dr Bindu. I am a Criminologist by profession and very passionate about teaching and research and have over 15 years of experience in the fields of Criminology and Psychology,. I am also a Cambridge Assessment Specialist for Psychology. I can be approached for teaching and research guidance and life coaching as I am also a certified coach and NLP practitioner.

Jesus Castro

Durante m s de 15 a os asesorando a empresas para que consigan aumentar su ROI a trav s del uso consciente, proporcionado y seguro de las tecnolog as. During more than 15 years I have advising companies so they can increase their ROI through the conscious, proportionate and safe use of technologies.

Marianne Gush

I am an HPCSA registered psychological counsellor with a Ph.D in Positive Psychology. This means that, while I do help people through difficult times in life, I also have a strong focus on growth and helping my clients build personal resources. In other words, I not only focus on survival, but also on thriving.

Keneilwe Tsotsotso

Gender Specialist, Gender Subject Matter Expert, and Assistant Community of Practice Manager at Digital Frontiers. Has 9 years of experience in the education sector specialising in student support and managing the global Community of Practices. Served as a Senior and Humanities Faculty Student Coordinator at the University of Pretoria and as a research assistant at The Centre of Sexuality Aids and

Jubina Mohammed

EdTech Master Trainer Design training for new and continuing teachers in the use of technology integration available to support instruction. Conducting various professional development training on e learning for example uses of Google classroom, Zoom, MS Teams, Classdojo, Classkick, Nearpod, Kahoot etc among students, parents and Teachers. Coordinates the acquisition of subscription databases and other information needs of the teachers in all content areas

sushree ranjita mishra

I am here as your hr advisor.i can show u right path,i can guide you.HR is a great career, particularly because it offers so much in terms of where you can specialize and grow your skills. You could become an expert in Compensation and Benefits, or in Training Development, and really focus on implementing best in industry practices for your organization.

Leila Rajab

I am a Marketing Communications Advisor that help B2B companies work on their messaging houses and comms strategy and help B2C companies inform, educate, or persuade customers about their goods and services.

Veronica Demasi

I am a life, corporate and executive coach with diploma approved by ICF International Coach Federation / the most important international body for the accreditation of professional coaches and coaching schools. I do sessions only in italian language.

Dr. Pathan Ahmed Khan

I trust in learning and carrying out what I used to do with the students and more spotlight on the practical. I have ten years of involvement, and I have been exploring my research for quite a long time.

Fayyaz Ahmed

I have great leadership and communication skills with the ability to effectively interact with clients and accomplish company goals. I have the type of personality that makes it easy to provide outstanding customer service and keep the clients happy.

Melinda Kovacs

Expert researcher and writer in social sciences and humanities, with a unique perspective from being bi cultural and multi lingual. Seasoned academic and freelancer with experience in writing / editing in financial coaching and lifestyle consulting spaces. Over the phone medical interpreter English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English.

Sindisiwe Ngcobo

i amcompassionate good listener and will guide you throughout this journey of finding yourself again.Available 24hrs to support you at a minimal cost.I have been in the healthcare industry for more than 30 yrs and love people.Passionate about Wellness

Gaathier Mahed

I have worked across multiple sectors and various Resources on many aspects of sustainability. This has included consulting, tech startup, Education and even training for corporates. Furthermore I have seved across multiple Boards in order o advise companies.

khaled elnakib

Highly accomplished professional with vast experience managing multi faceted construction, infrastructure, and telecom/security projects from inception to completion within planned time and budgetary constraints. Equipped with deep knowledge of project management best practices, PMO functions, and operational optimization. Proven success and expertise in commercial management.

Mahima Nagpal

I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards. I am results oriented, constantly checking in with the goal to determine how close or how far away we are and what it will take to make it happen.

Mohamed Mortada

carrying 22 years of experience in food and beverage and food technology with delivery applications combined. Business development and owner of consultancy company, with the ability to create new ideas. Conducted several coaching sessions in F B, sales and leadership training. I am well trained on working on people mindset toward positive psychology.

Sayanika Mitra

I did MSc in Physics from Calcutta University 2019 , I did project internship from SAHA INSTITUTE OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS. Currently doing Ph.D. in Materials science centre IIT KHARAGPUR 2ND YEAR . I am from Kolkata,West Bengal

Aayush Mohanty

Engaged with members of military, intelligenc, foreign ministry and academia from India and its partners including US and Russia. Main focus of research and output has been on impact on businesses due to geopolitical tensions as well as socio economic unrest in developing markets.

Doga Celik

I had worked Turkish Airlines Corporation that focus on Kiosk Product Department in Istanbul Atat rk Airport in 2016. I graduated from stanbul Y ld z Technical University Master of Business Administration Department in 2018. I worked on Orange Business Services Product Manager Turkey CIS Region position between 2016 2019.I worked on Vodafone Product Manager position 2019 2021. I am working

Saro Tadjiev

As an HR advisor, I oversee the human resources administrative procedures in a company and ensure that labor policies are implemented. They are responsible for the hiring, payment, benefits, and departure of staff and they have up to date knowledge of policies such as workplace safety, employee rights, and sexual harassment.

Prachee Sinha

Project Management and communication skills. Diverse bi cultural experience. 15 years of international development experience. Now a higher ed professional. Qualitative Research skills. Bi lingual in Hindi and English.

Anjana Singh

I am pursuing Doctor of Philosophy from Jawaharlal Nehru Univeristy, prior to that i have also completed my M Phil and MA from JNU itseld. I have done my Graduation from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra. I have published three papers and two chapters in Edited volumes.

Archana Kumari

I am a Faciliatator cum content developer. I love interacting with people and my inclination towards developing qualitative content started during my initial Facilitation time where I felt during taking sessions I also wanted good materials over topics related to Education, learning, SEL, subject pedagogies and many more.

Ankit Mundra

I am a financial consultant and a tax practitioner. With my degree in Law and Commerce, I can help startups to establish themselves. Also I was working as Assistant Professor and Lecturer in the top insitutions of India.

Farzana Fathima

Consultant Psychologist over 2 years of extensive experience in assessments, counselling and implementing effective treatment plans for people with various mental health disorders.

Smriti Mishra

Smriti is an ingenious Health Well being consultant. After serving the esteemed hospitals healthcare for more than a decade across India, she came up with her wellness initiative and named it FITGENIX. In parallel to this role, she is also associated with various corporates, health apps, news portals, and distinct health forums as a well being consultant. For health and wellbeing projects p

Sugandh choudhary

With more than 8 years of experience in the field of research, administration in the government and in academics, I have rich advisory to foffer to my clients. Academic content writing, thesis completion in social science, Economics in particular, is my forte. Connect with me if you are facing issues in research, data analysis and report writing in social science.

Harsha Sharma

Harsha Sharma is a management professional and research scholar with 7 years of hands on project management and team handling experience in the segment. Human resource management, operations and content are her expertise. Harsha Sharma also won Beauty Pageant Mrs. Mohali organized by Empress Universe in 2017. She has received the Rashriya Gaurav Samman Top 30 Icons in the year 2020.

Abhishek Rathi

Abhishek has deep geospatial expertise with a passion for communicating the power of geographic data, tools, analyses, and visualizations Abhishek has proven ability to teach geospatial concepts and principles delivering through educational workshops, presentations, and client training

Abhishek Mathur

An experienced and dedicated operations professional and effective leader who excels at using proven methods and innovative technology to successfully cut costs, streamline operations and increase productivity. Assertive and enthusiastic, with extensive knowledge of process optimization and an unsurpassed work ethic.

Mrunali Kataria

I am counselling Psychologist with 4 plus years of work experience in providing individual and group counselling services to clients across age , language , gender and sexual identities. I practice an integrative approach to psychotherapy using trauma focused, psychosocial and intersectional lens. I practice queer affirmative cousnelling thereby promoting diversity and inclusivity in my practice.

Navjot Singh Deol

A food safety professional with seven years of experience which includes delivering more then 600 training session for food safety. Enriched experience in conducting audits also which includes ISO 22000 2018 certification audits and hygiene rating audits.

Nazira Moosa

I dont just see things in black and white but I see the many shades of grey in this colour realm that helps me get the best out of you as the coachee. You will a very high degree of comfort with me as your coach as I have walked down many a path in my life. I believe in setting good foundations that spell empathy and a very high ability to listen not to just your voice but it extends way further .

Kartik Goel

I m a Coding and Mathematics Enthusiast who s delivered creative and engaging solutions for my students, curated curricula for the same. I am happy to say that at this age, I have changed a lot of young minds and have taught Python, HTML, CSS, JS Block Based Coding for ex Scratch, Thunkable, HatchXR to them.

Amith Kottayi

I ve been actively teaching the nuances of communication skills to undergrad and post grad students since 2017. I am fluent and English have an eye for detail and hence my employers have used my services for document editing too. Even before that I ve been into blogging since 2014 and have 48 blogs to my credits which can vouch for my prowess in English. I m good with spoken and written English.

Pooja dembani

I m a market researcher with an year of experience. Having IT skills. Being able to think visually. Having interpersonal skills. Being detail oriented. Having problem solving skills. Being proactive. Having good written and verbal communication skills. Being persistent and patient. Having advanced analytical skills. Being able to develop original research agendas.

Nisha Kumari

I am IIT kanpur graduate with strong professional experience of three years in IITJEE/NEET/IITJAM chemistry. I Hav mwntored and taught more than 2000 students in chemistry across the globe. i tteach from very basics to a advanced level.

Anuj yadav

Core knowledge of domain. Understanding individual needs and providing them optimal solutions and training. Passionate and feels proud about job. Always push to learn something new and always try to come up with some cool and new concepts.

Rajat thakur

I work as a physician assistant in New Staten Island California. Has devast experience in assisting people encountering with anxiety, depression, OCD, and bipolar disorders. Has experience providing treatment options including optional medication and therapy option.

Meghna Aggarwal

I have an experience of about 8 years with top firms in India, HCL and Deloitte India. I have handeled client side communications, timely deliverables, handled government clients, coordinating amongst the involved clients and many more. I hold a good experience in writing proposals and client deliverables.

Honey porwal

I am an engineer by education and consultant by profession. I will guide you regarding what to do next for your bright carrer. My advice is genuine regarding opting for carrer options in life and you will not regret for it.

Dharmveer Kayth

I am subject matter expert in the field of civil engineering. I am working since 2016 as an expert and having experience in all the subjects of civil engineering. I am a optimistic guy and having a positive mindset to resolve any problem related with civil engineeing.

Dr. Arpita Sharma

I am an integrated educationist researcher with over 12 years of experience in teaching, research administration in the area of Biotechnology, Microbiology and Agriculture. I have over 25 Research Papers published in various NAAS rated UGC journals. I have over 12 years of experience in various government universities and colleges. I am an effective communicator and have earned praise from post graduate and undergraduate students for my ability to explain complex ideas in a simple fashion

Makala Ashford

Makala Ashford, M.Ed. is a professional speaker, an award winning educator, and a humanist on a mission to facilitate a holistic balance between human development, education, and social emotional learning. With her first 10 years in education teaching Kindergarten through 6th grade students in both General Education and Special Education settings, Makala additionally taught internationally.

Henry Akubuiro

My unique skill is that I m creative minded and that helps me to see things from a different perspective my previous job, we had weekly team meetings, which were always held in one of the conference rooms and had begun to feel stale and unproductive. I know my best ideas usually come when I change my surroundings, so I suggested holding occasional team meetings outside the office.

Abu K S

I am a doctoral level educational practitioner with extensive experience as a Teacher, Librarian, Animation Instructor, Assistant Professor, E Learning Publisher, Customer Service Head and an Instructional Designer.

Peter Wamuigai

I have 12 years experience in staff/trainees capacity building and training/empowerment in project management,grant/proposal writing.Besides,I have a proven track record of achievements.Again Ibelieve this is positive for you because,I wil come into the team and add value through effective collaboration,hard work and an innovative approach to working.

A.N.M. Rafiqul Islam

Hi, I am a business mentor who is expert in solving any problems in any kind of legal business. I have worked directly in business mentorship. I am a Verizon Certified Digital Ready Mentor. Currently, I work as an External Consultant with European Bank of Reconstruction and Development Star Venture Program where I advise early stage enterprises. I hold an MBA in Finance.

Micki Fisher

Experience as a professional fitness model/trainer, one on one training and group fitness. Using various modalities, including TRX, Kettlebell, Resistance Bands, Weights and prescribed cardio. As a Type 1 Diabetic, also understand importance of a whole food diet approach.

Marisa Soulios

I have a disctict and clear voice that helps people discover strengths that did not even know they had. Interdisciplinary thinking and problem solving is where I excel research, planning and creating new and flexible systems or thinking.

JB Bonham

I m not just a writing teacher, but I m also a published author/ creator. I m an expert in and connoisseur of comic book fiction and the genre of Sci Fi Fantasy. I also hold a certification, as an English Language Arts Reading teacher, in a Title I area and Athletics Coach, I have a high ability to advise as a life coach and student advisor. My skills are varied and diverse.

Larissa Mairowski

I am specialized in cocoa and chocolate manufacturing industries with background in quality, food safety and production processes. I also have experience in certifications as ISO 9001, FSSC22000, Halal, Kosher, IFS and third part audit.

Sarah Ruby

I am a Doctor of Pharmacy with 15 years of experience and am currently enrolled in a UX Design program. I have experience in a wide range of MTM medication Therapy Management cases, focusing mostly on CMRs Comprehensive Medication Reviews . I have the expertise to evaluate your medication list and your health conditions and make appropriate recommendations that could potentially lead you to a better lifestyle, lower medication costs, and less side effects.

Najiba Yasna

I believe I have had the opportunity to work with international companies which gave me an exposure which was very necessary for my career growth. I like to be puntual, transparent, and responsible about my work. I have also had the opportunity to network with many professionals around the globe, which I believe is an added advantage that I have. Work from home is not going to be an issue for me.

Research, produce, edit and deliver in a timely manner all required qualitative and quantitative data under tight deadlines. Develop scientific communication materials presentations, medical reports . Strong statistical skills. flexibility and quickly adopting for all kind of situations.

Christelle Biiga

I left Africa 5 years ago, to pursue the American Dream. I barely spoke English and knew no one here. My American Dream almost turned into a nightmare when an immigration officer tried to deport me because he said I was coming to work as a prostitute. I was put in jail for 9 months before finally winning my case. I empower entrepreneurs to become disruptive leaders so they achieve success.

Rahul Chaurasiya

Being as a Mathematics Professor, I can guide students/faculty/others to get the best career options.I can motivate and i can guide that how to be a self motivator in life.I can also teach Mathematics and do research on any topic,can create content for Mathematics.

James McPherson, JD, MBA

Served clients in 56 countries executive in technology, higher education, health care, and government experience in 4 Fortune 500 companies as attorney, business operations, sales, HR, talent developer, diversity, equity, and inclusion ICF certified coach with experience with Center for Creative Leadership and Duke Corporate Education. Faith based entreprenuer and elder in 4 churches

Tanner Wolfe

Experienced HR/People Operations professional. I can help with compensation, recruiting, compliance, talent management, management training and much much more. I thrive on helping people and would love to learn about your team

Mayra Burke

Built and developed a professional carreer in Education. Expertise areas Enrollment, students retention, benchmarking, life at campus, costumer service and

Anushka yadav

I am a motivational speaker, counselor, inspirational coach, law of attraction coach and reformist. I inspire individuals to realise their true potential. I wish to help people so,they can have everlasting success,happiness,peace and personal growth.I am also an experienced subject matter expert Hindi,Business,economics at world s top E learning platform such as Chegg, Bartleby,and Transtutor.

Saurabh Arora

A L OD professional by profession and a chef by choice with more than 12 years of experience spanning across QSRs, e commerce, banking and food tech industry. With expertise in the field of Learning Organizational Development, Talent Acquisition, Process and content development, Operations and coaching . Over the last 5 years I have extensively worked on promoting digital learning.

Akanksha Jacky Samtani

Empathetic and intuitive. That s what I have been known for since the past few years of me being an young adult. Having been a part of several teams, I have learnt to play with the audience and analytical decide what suits best with the current engaging audience.

Shilpa Vishwanathan

With 15 years experience in BFSI Sector, services range from regulatory compliances, secretarial audits, internal audits, industrial audits, transaction advisory to legal documentation and legal representations. Knowledge in Corporate finance, credit, risk and securities markets acts as an added advantage to serve clients in a comprehensive manner. Have worked on Industrial, labour and Envionmental laws and enabled building frameworks for CSR, ESG and Ethical practices in organisations.

Hrishikesh Karwa

I have worked on end to end cycle of product implementation right from the product creation stage to the point that it gets sold to the consumer and the after sales experience along with the technology Process and product development for applications and websites and medical services sold through them.

Md Abdullah Al Mamun

Elementary schools

Manjulika Pandey

Industry knowledge and rich experience in various facet of HR. Result oriented professional delivering sustained organizational growth in dynamic environment with expertise in establishing structure, building employee value, driving vision and achieving critical strategic goals, targeting challenging assignments in Human Resource Department.

Bhasker Pal

I am a dynamic HR professional with 16 years experience covering end to end HR, including but not limited to HR Processes Policies, end to end employee life cycle management, HR Systems Technology, Automation, Reporting Analytics, HR Center of Excellence Special Projects. I also have experience in rolling out driving PMS initiatives, L D initiatives, R R and Engagement programs.

Uka Chijioke Godfrey

ability to manage difficult situations and proffer solution very timely and urgently. I take responsibility for errors concealed in the case of failure or missing identity. I am seriously a team player who is completely committed in people s orientation in ac

Sourabh Joshi

I am working as a Subject matter expert in chemistry. I have more than 3 years of experience in this field and during this tenure I have worked with various reknowned companies like chegg, Bartleby, Coursehero etc. I have gained good experience in online and offline mode.

Md. Tomizul Islam

Capable of managing multiple tasks with an emphasis on retaining quality standards. Proficient in evaluating the roots of problems and quickly devising practical solutions. Ability to quickly assess and prioritize projects and office tasks. Ability to meet tight deadlines. Excellent research skill. Solid communication skill. Excellent Verbal Written expression skill. Effective offi

Yvette Ramchunder

Yvette is a Chartered Psychologist with British Psychological Society and registered Psychometrist 2011 , Organisational Psychologist 2013 with the Health Professions Council of South Africa HPCSA , holding 9 years of experience in South Africa and the UAE. Yvette has successfully led numerous assessment projects and provided end to end project management. Designing competency frameworks, sele

Donel Baroi

Accounting, financial analysis, cash management, disbursing, financial reporting, funds control, reconciliation functions, risk assessments, Internal Audit, Commercial, procurement, Data analyst, Database software, Report writing, Administration, Logistic, Tax/VAT laws and business strategy reviews.

Sarah McKee

aka Sair using Social Science data, research and theory to guide marketing tactics that influence persuade online conversions. Digital Psychology is a user first approach that drives the front end design and the user experience, for example. User

Marjan Binte Rahman

An HR professional with 8 years of experience in Career Counseling, Organizational Development, Performance Management, HR Policies Compliances.

Pranav Jaipurkar

Experienced Data Analyst and Big Data Engineer with hands on experience in data manipulation, data wrangling, data analysis and in database administration. Dedicated to learning and leveraging cutting edge technologies in order to enhance business content and functionality.

Jimmy Brown

My purpose and my passion are making peoples work lives better. I focus on leadership development, organizational change, and strategic planning. I use data driven methods to help people achieve high performance, and meaningful work lives. I have 25 years of consulting experience and more than 1000 hours of coaching experience.

Yordan Radev

Professional experience in central banking, payment and securities settlement systems oversight, payment services, blockchain and digital currencies, European financial services regulations, banking and financial supervision, law enforcement, industry standards, financial analysis, legal compliance, legal drafting, risk management, business analysis, Metaverse technology, and research.

Farrukh Ali

Hi, With due respect, currently I m working in VAVA CARS as a Compliance and Fraud Specialist , I have 5 years experience in Banking , Compliance Risk Assessment, Compliance and Audit Monitoring On Site and Off Site , Internal Control, Policies and Procedures Development , Quality Procedures Implementation, AML and KYC Specialist, Corporate Governance ,Monitoring Purpose, Regular , Problem ,

Ali Ammourah

My experience in Human Resources is captivated through varying contexts and Business operations. Working with different cultures and learning how to adapt based on context to context situations is what I think got me to a different level in HR. Working with Local International companies, Local international organizations and different industries allowed me to have a different caps to wear.

Maryam Mostamand

Atomic Physicist with a PhD, specialized in lasers, ion trapping, anti matter, particle quantum physics. Experience includes working at 2 of the worlds most esteemed physics institutions CERN TRIUMF.

Técio Trindade

I have been teaching English for about 19 years, mainly in language courses. During this period, I have been responsible for a wide range of students from children starting their literacy to senior students from basic or elementary students to advanced and proficient students.

Sergio Brijandez

I work with Human development techniques, Yoga, Breathing, Mindfulness and Meditation. Transpersonal Therapies. Massage, Cronic Pain Management, Courses and Workshops, In English and Spanish, In person and virtually. Language and translation courses, English and Spanish. Bussiness Management and Human Resouces. Sales and Marketing.

Andres Aguirre Souto

I have a degree in Hotel Business Administration, with more than 20 years of hotel, administrative and excellent customer service experience globally. In all my professional experiences, I acquired skills and competences regarding good interpersonal relationships, leadership and team management, analytical skills in all processes, as well as organization in the planning and execution of tasks. I have a passion for training and developing people, as well as improving processes.

Carla Carmina Landagan

Licensed Professional Teacher of English Possesses 12 years of teaching Taught language and non language courses Freelance writer essays, theses, articles Freelance learning content writer PowerPoint presentations, modules, stand alone instructions Possesses knowledge in administrative related tasks HR, Government Finished a certificate course in Front Office

Luis Ricardo Mucciaroni

I am a very energetic and hard working person who loves talking and advising people in different challenges. I have a very strong background in science, maths, languages and cultures. Thus, I can offer good advices and coach different people from all over the world.

Paula Lazzari

I am an enthusiast of diplomatic History and intertantional Relations. If you need any services in those areas, you can coun t on me. I guarantee, you will not get bored at all. I am also interested in teaching languages English, french, portuguese, Spanish . Feel free to reach me, let s make learning fun

Luis Manzo

Consultant with experience in Compliance, PDL, KYC, Data Privacy and professional liability. Involved in implementation management, team training, information analysis, compliance risk management, legal risk management, Legal contracts, legal counsel, support for tech companies, entrepreneurs and Finthechs

Abdon Espinola

I ve an Organizational Development Masters, with humanistic orientation, wich lead me to the human growth field. Probably one of my bigger virtues is my analytic faculties, wich binds with a high empathy sense, makes me an excellent problem solver in the human growth field.

Ruchika Bothra

I use the seven step PERFORM model to help working professionals to become high achievers and manage emotional health. Leaders aren t just the ones who are at top positions in an organisation. Leaders are everyone who wants to strive and make things better . Moreover, being humans we have emotions and when we learn to regulate these emotions, we can be our best selves. looking forward to helping.

Julieta Romero

Acerca de Marketing professional with more than 12 years of experience in brand and product management FMCG as well as in sales and commercial development for the IT industry, with the objective of continue my professional development through a challenging position in the marketing/commercial area, while promoting the achievement of corporate goals. Highly motivated and results driven, dedicate

Rafael Vargas

Professional in Supply Network functions with 10 years of experience. Have performed in several areas within the Manufacturing Supply Chain, such as Direct Material Planning, Manufacturing, Master Scheduling, Material Sourcing and New Product Development. Experience in FMCG markets, especially in beauty health. I apply and encourage a strategic business approach towards teams.

Juan Manuel Ramírez Belloso

Director, consultant and MBA expert in operations, marketing, sales and strategic planning. I help strengthen companies by training people. I define myself as a professional oriented towards measurable goals and challenges. I manage to increase the productivity of the team and the company by implementing innovative and creative strategies.

Dr Anuranjita Dixit

According to me ,this field is the mission of academic advising is to assist students in their growth and development by constructing meaningful educational plan which are compatiable with their life goals

Yarin Brosh

Trained as an actor, writer due to occupational hazard, and someone who stumble upon deep ancient wisdom. Yarin Brosh can have a conversation about anything and everything, with a broad all encompassing vision. Fluent in English, Portuguese and Hebrew, Yarin will tell you what you need to hear in a way that will both comfort and challenge you.


i am assistant professor by the profession and also enthuaistic researcher i am unique in the way that i can teach and can give practical exposure for the research. i am sharp minded and problem solving person.

Shivalika .

HR Advisor to provide valuable guidelines on how to recruit, manage, evaluate and retain employees,Design and Impliment of policies ,Construct survey to gather feedback and area of improvement and address employee issue and grievances

Zukiswa Zantsi

I consider my people skills my greatest personality trait. In research I work with people from all walks of life and from that I learned to be more flexible in diverse spaces. I had the privilege to work in different research fields, such as social research, health research and in the education sector. Additionally, I filled different positions, while some roles required me to take the lead other

Sagar Udaseen

Experienced educator and career coach with a demonstrated history of working in the education and research industry. Strong education professional with a Master s Degree focused in Biotechnology from National Institute of Technology Rourkela. Skilled in Research, Management, Communication, Teaching, Leadership and mentoring. Conducted seminars to guide students for their career pathways and goals

Arun Kumar Nayak

Having 17 years of expertise in corporate HR, worked with distinguished companies with proven track record in Organization Development, HRBP, Talent Development, Learning and Mentoring, Psychometric scientific selection, HR Policies, Diversity and CSR. Qualified Trainer with excellent communication and sound knowledge of best practices in HR domain.

Vinit kakkar

I Have done PhD in theoretical Plasma Physics. Having 5 years of research experience and 5 years of teaching experience as a Physics facilitator. At presenr, Teach Physics to high school students and do career counselling as well.

Muhammad Jassat

Climate scientist with over 4 years technical and functional experience mainstreaming sustainable development principles in strategy development and execution, modelling, planning and policy. I have practical experience in implementing technology in the water, energy, and agriculture sectors from ideation, due diligences up to commerciality. I am current specialist for climate change at Exxaro

Maria Merchant

I am a CELTA certified trainer from the University of Cambridge and specialize in teaching English and have received a Certificate in International Business Communication British Council,Mumbai. I have worked with Corporate Companies, NGOs , Training Institutes and Foreign Nationals. I am commited to help learners achieve their goals.

Lakshmipriya Gurusamy

I am an expert in Risk adjustment coding for US insurance. I am certified risk adjustment coder providing consultation service for medical coding process. Providing training for freshers in how to code the medical charts. Provides audit work for any medical coding process.

Ashka Bhavsar

Hello, I am Ashka Dev Bhavsar Graduate, MBA Qualified in Counselling and Psychology from Harvard, Yale and other institutions Therapist Carkhuff, REBT TA Modules Plus 7 years of experience in Marketing. Worked with Times of India and many more companies. Please go through my website http //

Nishtha Ahuja

I am an Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science at JIIT Noida. I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Social Media Analytics from Delhi Technological Univeristy. I have an experience of 8 years in teaching and research.

Sergio De los Rios

Soy un consultor de estrategia y transformaci n empresarial y Coach ejecutivo y de vida con m s e 30 a os de experiencia. He asesorado a empresas desde microempresarios hasta corporaciones mundiales de las m s diversas ramas e industrias, tanto en reas administrativas como operativas. He provisto de Coaching ejecutivo y de vida a personas de todos los niveles.

Nilima Chaudhary

I am a Language Literature Professor holding a PhD. in English. I have worked with over 1000 resumes and cover letters in my career. I am adept at the following Resume writing Cover letters Academic Research writing Creative writing Biography writing Business writing Content writing Press release Proof reading Editing Interview preparation

Dipti Datye

Highly enterprising Development Professional with over 17 years of experience in decisive roles in Alumni Corporate relations, fundraising, talent management, event management with a long term association with IIT Bombay. Subject matter expert in strategic planning execution, program financial management, Fund raising techniques, alumni and corporate relationship management

A graduate of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, straight A s with a GPA of 3.97 for MA in forensic psychology. Honours Degree in Psychology from the University of Johannesburg. A communications degree from the University of the North West. Skilled at directing individual and group psychotherapy sessions, report writing, assessments, DSM5 diagnosis etc. Proficient in mental health serv

Gaurav kumar

I have good knowledge about all my civil engineering subjects as well I have an teaching experience of about 3 years and also 3 years of experience in construction field. I teach students for govt exams.

Sravya Chowdary

An MBA Graduate working as a Human resource, Finance, Accounts and Tax consultant since 5 years in various industries and various clients of different countries and hands on experience over different accounting softwares

Ntasha Bhardwaj

Ntasha Bhardwaj is a doctoral candidate at the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University and Founder at South Asian Institute of Crime and Justice Studies. As a researcher she explores the impact of gender and gender inequality on crime and fear of crime in South Asia.

Deepak Bidhan

I am M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Eglish literature. I offer my expertise in the form advise to those who are looking for research in English literature or aspiring to English teacher. I also offer my assistance to those who are preparing for teaching exams or seeking admissions in universities. I love to guide people. The greatest pleasure to me is to talk to people, listen to them and help them to achieve them what they desire.

Aniket Ullal

civil engineer , Architectural designer , Filmmaker ,I love construting affordable housing ,low cost housing.Working on eco friendly construction techniques and budget friendly housing . floor plans designer

sharad acharya

i train students and parents

Sathiya Janani B

I am a person interested in teaching English to students of all ages from all kinds of background. I have 3 years of experience in teaching.I have experience teaching students in both offline and online . I like exploring teaching with different kinds of students from all over. My way and idea of teaching is based on the students way of learning, so it would be enthusiastic to all the students

Deeksha Agarwal

My determination and dedication for any work that I starts, is key to my success.And I think that if someone is having these characteristics,that person can , compared to others, easily achieve goals,

Shagun gupta

A self motivated, goal driven professional with experience in Academic,Banking and Online Industry. I am passionate about my work and possess good interpersonal and managerial skills. Always interested in exploring new things and learning new skills. Currently, seeking an opportunity in a growth oriented organization that will provide me an opportunity to utilize my professional skills while provi

Milan Sharma

I am an Ayurvedic Dietitian to provide nautural diet to people without any medicines. I have been treating people naturally via providing diet with natural exercises to heal itself naturally without any side effects. My aim is to make everyone a doctor of itself via making them stronger mentally and physically. Come here to take out the key of happiness.

Dr.Nupur Pandey

I have done PhD on the topic of Analytical study of opportunities and challenges of health insurance in Uttar Pradesh from Department of Commerce, University of Lucknow.I have also cleared NET exam in 2015.A life time members of Indian Commerce Association.

Rashi Goel

I work with organizations in creating customized people processes to increase business effectiveness. I enjoy understanding an enterprise s business objectives and supporting them in designing / re designing workforce strategies in line with their vision.

Himani Mehta

I am a certified Soft Skills Trainer with more than 5 years of experience in training working professionals students. I love to help individuals to become the best version of themselves. Empowering people and enriching their skill set is my true calling. I train individuals on skills like effective verbal and non verbal communication, interview skills, personality development image management.

Usman Bukhari

My self Usman Bukhari 12 Years of extensive HR experience at different Positions. 1 HR Administrator 2 Recruitment Consultant 3 HR Planning and Development Assistant Manager 4 HR Project Manager Currently working in British Council as Transformation Change Manager I have done a bachelor s in commerce and Accounting Masters s MBA in HR and several HR prf

Anand Pandey

I am a trained academician in the area of Power systems. I love to do research and like to advise for the same. I have 11 years of experience in mentoring, guiding and training students and professionals in the area of electrical engineering and power systems.

Chandan Jadhav

3 years experience in B2C HR, Operations, Content, Sales, Marketing Advised 3 startup s Bootstrapped scale up of Ed tech, Fashion designing, Organic framing Social psychology certificate from Harvard 6 months experience in Field Sales model Research strategist for Schneider electric, Wika, L T, Essilior and Hero MotoCorp


Being a mentor and Educator graduated from IIT Delhi, I have been guiding, training and educating students from various backgrounds to make career choices and teach them for various Entrance and job exams from NTSE, IIT JEE, CAT to UPSC,SSC, IB ACIO 2, IES, States PCS etc.

Neha penumatsa

hi my name is dr.Neha i am peridodontist my profession , teaching is my passion. my speciality is i am fast learner and can explain complex topics in a simplified manner. every problem has a solution so if taught with ease everyone can understand

Hamid Riaz

12 years of experience in Telco industry, while developing B2B and B2C products and managing projects. Expertise in establishing the digital customer journey and empowerment for the complete value chain.

Ashley Dash

Global Human Resources Professional with expat experience in Japan leading and managing Executive Mentorship Programs. Previous HR experiences in Silicon Valley and supporting the corporate relocation of Mercedes Benz USA from Montvale, New Jersey to the Atlanta, GA metro region.

Alka Maurya

Alumni of Indian institute of Foreign Trade, india. Expert in the area of international business. Have worked with Trade Promotion Bodies in India. Currently teaching subjects in the area of international business to MBA students

Nitten mahadik

I have 14 years of experience in training and coaching. using mindfulness I coach people on how to get out of your own way of happiness and well being. Having practiced mindfulness for over 10 years I help people to see its relevance in their daily life and also learn ways of integrating mindfulness in their routine.

Natasha Patel

Analyse, define, design and develop digital learning solutions.Enabling organisations to drive their strategic objectives through learning solutions. Redeining organisational learning objectives. Implementing digital learning communications plans in organisations.

Supriya Bhaskar Rao

Building Business Strategy, Content Ideation, a strong marketing funnel, nd understanding media buying, social media and the digital space. Helping companies understand where to invest so they can maximise their RoI. Also helping create content.

Santanu Mukherjee

I have proven track records in leadership positions in the domain of IT consulting and Service Delivery, Project Management, CRM/SCM, Process Optimization and Change Management. I have successfully delivered various overseas assignments in USA Europe. My rich experience together with my managerial tech skills allow me to address functional/business problems from a techno functional standpoint. As an effective leader I could create an inspiring work environment for my team.

Isabel Flores

18 years of professional experience, as an expert on transforming business communication, generating strategies which involves a change of mind set, evolving communication structures, providing better results on timing, cost efficiency, engagement results, clients satisfaction and enhancing internal and external relationships. With a strong knowledge on strategies and communication, marketing.

Vaishnavi Pokuri

expert trainer CRT Training, IELTS training, SAT Prep. 13 years experience in soft skills and employability skills. 5 years of research experience and published articles in various literary magazines, conducted faculty enabled program for school and college teachers.

Absy Sam

A counselling psychologist by profession, Absy Sam has had her theoretical training from the University of Brighton in Community Psychology, followed by certifications diploma in Trauma informed Mental Health Care, Child Psychology Relationship Counselling. She specialises in addressing mental health concerns including stress, depression, loneliness,sexual issues, anxiety, relationship problem

Kanchan Kanojia

CSR interventions in livlihood, restoration, specialized in vulnerability assessment, Consultation in developing humanitarian and development policies in disaster management systems. Proficient in managing high impact humanitarian services and developing intervention programmes for response, recovery, capacity building, diversity and inclusivity and resilience building. Trauma counselling

Kruttikka Sindhkar

I use an eclectic, integrative, humanistic and client centered approach. I help you manage and address long and short standing issues of varying severity mild severe . I hold over 11 years of experience inclusive of working with mental health over the past 5 years. I also certification in mentorship and guidance. Talk to me about your distress, dysfunctionality, relations, career and work life

Mamta gupta

the way of teaching will prove everything i believe i have great style of teaching. I am having thorough knowledge of the subject i believe in understanding things rather than just read. people find my way of teaching most interesting.

Prerana Patil

Hello there I am a professional psychologist with an experience of around 8yrs in the fields of mental health. So far, I have worked with children, adolescents and adults helping them and their families to deal with mental and emtional issues.

Ridhi Murari

Global exposure, modern day understanding of challenges of varying age groups and an open mindset. I have a keen interest in solving problems authentically.

Sydne Kasle

I am an expert in Human Communication, having taught as a Generalist in the field for over 30 years. During my time as college professor, I have also coached debate, guided HR in workforce readiness and development, and advised students in matters related to student success. I have a passion for helping others find their voice and develop self agency. I am supportive and adapt to learner needs.

Vanessa DeMarinis

I have over 15 years of logistics experience with a startup company. As a team of originally 20 employees and now over 500 and 600M in annual revenue we are one of the biggest competitors in our space. My experience leading several departments the ground up allows me to view opportunities from every perspective and provide strategic feedback.

Kratika Singh

Certified Bookkeeper and IFRS Professional with 6.5 years experience in Operations, Accounting and Reporting, Payments, Order Management, Management Accounting, Fund Accounting, Private Equity, Corporate Services and Training. Seeking to leverage proven skills in accounts/finance domain demanding Team Cooperation. Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures SOPs .

Sinead Edwards

Commercial and strategically minded product, marketing and operations professional with 15 years experience in the highly regulated betting and gaming industry. I have enjoyed leading through significant business transformation projects during this time, including TOM, mergers, as well as many product and technology launches and migrations. A keen researcher, exploring new and interesting ventures

Ravi Agarwal

I am an IITian By education and teaching from last 4 years out of passion. I love to deliver concepts in a way that ensures that students never let go of them. My methodology, exprience and passions makes me a well qualified teacher. Looking forward to see you soon in my class.


Preparing lessons, leading class lectures, presenting research papers and conducting both independent and peer based research papers are just a few of the areas in which I excel. By teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds and learning styles I will hone my communication and creativity skills, enabling me to heighten student interest, participation, and motivation. Additionally, I have d

Divan Bouwer

Individual counselling, trauma counselling, grief counselling, work performance enhancement, marriage counselling, counselling to facilitate clients to wellbeing in their body, mind and spirit, supporting and assisting during life crises. Specialized counselling support towards life crises and trauma exposure such as natural disasters, accidents and assault.

Paul Tokun

A passionate and service oriented individual with 8 years of work experience in the IT and Packaging Technology industries. I am a team player who enjoys teamwork and collaboration. Bilingual professional in French and English, good listener and good communicator.

Goutam Aryabhusan

I am a solution focused Development Professional with over 19 years of experience within Humanitarian Response programs including Child centered Disaster Risk Reduction CCDRR , Community based Disaster Risk Reduction CBDRR , Urban Sanitation, Climate Change Adaptation, Child Protection, Policy advocacy, program development etc. I am result oriented multi tasker to handle simultaneous h

Ishfaq Ahmad Malik

I have done PhD in mathematics and have 6 years of teaching experience. I m expert in doing statistical analysis

Sukriti Jain

I m a communications professoinal with over a decade of experience. My strengths include internal and external communication, client servicing, project management, documentation, proposal development, maketing, social media, content management and stratey, marketing strategty. I have worked for the healthcare inductry, in a communication agency, for an international development organistions etc.

Kristen Palma

Kristen Palma is an innovation strategist that is dedicated to accelerating sustainable initiatives to advance the green economy. She also supports startups that can meet quantitative e.g. capital efficient, thorough PnL, comprehensive market analysis and qualitative metrics e.g., diversity, effective management, stickiness to drive both revenue and positive outcomes.

Anumita Singha Roy

I am Computer Science Educator.With more than 7 years experience , I am skilled in teaching different domain of CSE , including Python,C,Scratch,Php,Web designing,HTML,CSS,Javascript,Matlab,SQL,Roblox and many more.I aim to transform a student from consumer to inventor of technology.


I can contribute in the areas of Professional Learning Development Facilitator, Educator, Online Course designer, Course Developer, Teacher Trainer. I am an author of International Research publications and a Tennis Coach who has been awarded GTE, CED Global Teacher, and certified by Microsoft, Pearson Edexcel Cambridge International examinations as a Business Studies Economics Trainer

Brent Fuchs

I m a successful operations manager and advisor. I deliver Practical Creativity derived from over 17 years in the US military as Green Beret, and Explosives expert. I m passionate about operational efficiancy and enjoy working in developing programs, policies, and systems for strengthening organizations and companies, and building their internal culture.

Fatema Saify

Miss Fatema is a Psychologist and a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist holding Msc in Child and Adolescent Psychology from University of Greenwich, UK and certified in CBT from Beck Institute, USA. She has been working for 4 years Her main area of expertise include career counselling, therapy for anxiety, depression, stress and trauma.

Kripaali Shanker

HR Professional with 24 years of outstanding multifaceted experience in Human Resources at corporate level. Championed multiple HR Transformation projects in UAE and also have been an active member of Tech start up . Expertise Talent Acquisition Development Manpower Planning ,OD / Forecasting Benefits and Compensation Planning HR Policies Development Implementation Change Management Team

Greeshma Gopakumar

All rounder, with an excellent academic background, and experience across Aviation Management, Quality Control, Manufacturing, designing and maintenance. Proven work ethic with tenacious dedication towards continuous improvement of self and the organization. Recognized for leadership and organizational skills at various events. History of working well, both individually and closely with others.

Harmanpreet Kaur

I am very passionate and hardworking. I thrive for knowledge and to learn new things. I always complete my tasks before deadline. I know how crucial it is to work in a team and therefore had been a wonderful team player. When given a new problem I try to analyze the issue first then try to look for the possible resolutions.

Mqondisi Mathuthu

l have been in the property industry for 5 years and am keen to share and help on that respect. For rental management, property sales, and property development l am able to assist with those hightlighted

Craig Hardie

Highly skilled HR, Business Development and Operations specialist with formidable Africa in country experience. Sound technical abilities and consistent achiever and business income generator. Accomplished negotiator and prominent high level influencer.

Kshitij Asthana

I am a professionally chartered qualified individual with more than 13 years of work experience in urban infrastructure and public engineering with strategy management, especially in south east Asia

Minerva Das

Minerva Das is a Project Management Professional and a researcher with in depth knowledge in Strategic Management, Business Management, Organization Behaviour, and Leadership. She is a very detail oriented professional with 6 years of middle and senior level management experience. She has an impeccable record of 7 years of teaching and research activities too.She is a regular guest speaker at vari

Muraharirao Prem Chand

Well experienced in teaching, counselling and research related activities. Highly motivated and enthusiastic towards work. I am professionally well behaved person with high level of self confidence and good communication skills.

Ashish Jadhav

My study is deep and keen in terms of knowledge. Every bit try to learn, different perspectives for every details. 4 years of experience gives me lot more confidence to stand out differently, Famous for advising in group

Neha Parab

we talked with people monitoring their emotions and behaviors...try to find out their problem and help them to get solutions. psychological therapy is different from other medical field. we study about emotions and Cognitive behaviors. we are not prescribed medicines.

Percy Vaid

I help corporate executives overcome career stagnancy with my 12 week individual success program.

Elijah Goodrich

Financial Markets Analytics and Business Operational Management. Financial Markets Analytics includes Econometrics, Quantitative Financials Stocks, Bonds, Foreign Exchange, Statistics. Financial Engineering, Algorithmic Trading, Quantum Finance, Portfolio Trading, Business Environmental Volatility, Black Scholes Assumptions Delta Hedging, and Stock Market Sentiment and Narrative Analysis.

Hemsingh Patle

Hemsingh Patle is an Author , Habit Coach and Cofounder of GroKalp Ltd. He believes in building sustainable long lasting habits. He is an author of The 5 Minutes Magical Habits. He believe in linking the habits to purpose and invest small amount of time like 5 minutes daily to inculcate the habits. His clients are in dubai and nigeria. He deliver talks in Industries Education institution also.

Johnny Kline

I guide college students and recent graduates that want to land a purposeful and enthusiastic career domestically or internationally. I conduct 1 1 coaching sessions, in depth psychmetric testing using career assessments, discussing holistically your career, Ikigai, and how this plays into your life plan and responsibilities.


I am an L D professional having experience of more than 11 years. I am currently based out of Delhi, India. I hold experience in conducting Training Need Analysis, Instructional Designing, Content Development, Facilitation, Project Management, Stakeholder Management, DE I, Content Mapping, Quality Management, Mentoring, People Management, Branding and Communication, Administration, LMS, and SOP De

Dr. Amita

Counselling and Psychotherapy given to all type of psychiatry Patient. I have 20 years working experience as a Clinical Psychologist in India,I have 10 yrs.working experience in Govt. Doon Medical college and hospital at Dehradun,l have 10 yrs. working experience in Private Clinic at Dehradun as a Clinical Psychologist.

Ruchi Srivastava

Ruchi Srivastava I am an RCI registered Psychologist having over 11 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist. I have also acted as a resource person in workshops and seminars at CRC Lucknow and NIPCCD, Regional Centre Lucknow on topics like Depression, Counselling Techniques, Learning Problems in Children. I have also undergone training in DBT NIMHANS, Bangalore. MPhil in Rehabilitation Psyc

Mili M Das

ACT practioner who helps people to live their life by identifying their values, set value based goals to lead a meaningful life thereby improving their psychological flexibility even during the difficult phases of life.

Sirisha Susarla

I am experienced in imparting group/individual coaching, end to end recruitment, taking counseling sessions mentoring people by developing positive practices, and offering general guidance as well as indepth training.

Jasmeen Kaur

I am Licensed Clinical Psychologist from India with expertise in Adult Mental health and well being. I both diagnose and provide psychtherapeutic treatments for Mental Disorders. I follow psychodynamic and a client centred approach to understand the root cause of the problem and use various strategies to help clients change unfavourable thoughts and behaviours.

Onyi Anyado

My name is Onyi Anyado and I am a UK based global Leadership Speaker, Futurist and Corporate Trainer. From my message of Cutting Edge Distinction I coach and train leaders, organisations and entrepreneurs on how to lead with their creative distinction.

Akash Sathianarayanan

A seasoned nanotechnologist, with expertise in nanoparticle synthesis, Quantum dots, Perovskite and third generation solar cells. With hands on experience in X ray diffraction, Field emission scanning electron microscopy, ultra violet visible spectroscopy, PL spectroscopy, Electrochemical work station, Solar simulator, IPCE, Ball milling and various other characterization techniques

Koushick Patel

Experience telco devops engineer . Worked for top notch telco operator around the world. Indepth knowlegde on cloud native solutions. Open collaborate for new project and develope innovative solutions.

Swathi MS

Extensive experience of 11 years in planning, organizing, and leading training programs, ensuring proper execution at all levels of the department ensures consistency in the delivery and application of training standards across the business Adapt in overseeing the planning, prioritization, and development of new training programs and initiatives, ensuring that the programs and initiatives are

Manji Cheto

I started my career in consulting, helping businesses expand operations across Africa before moving on to work in capital markets supporting African based companies in raising both equity and debt capital on the London markets. I pivoted in 2018 to tech where I helped build and grow an edtech company from 0 to 150 employees and presence in 10 matkets, with a total of 10mn raised in VC funding.

Santos Akhilele

I am a scrappy Tech founder who relies heavily on data science, empathy, psychological knowledge, and an intelligent mind. I see the big pictures really quick and help improve ideas on every stage of development. I am that person you want in your corner.

Abhishek Pandey

Though I am working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics, U. P. autonomous College, Varanasi but While doing PhD work I came to realize that Data analysis and Analytics is very nice job. As it provides many exciting situation to analye and visualize the situation. In India we can get many varities of data and situation in which Statician can be very handy.

Yashveer Chopra

I have funded and Founded 1 firm in Thailand, 5 in India and 3 colleges in Bangalore, I have embed a good quant of experiences and connects across sectors, in my pre mid 30 s, prefres experimenting and to grow in business or life you just need common sense, in good quality

Bharat Kumar

I am a cyber security expert helping MNCs, startups and students with projects assistance, career guidance, advisor, mentor, trainer, content creator and Chief Information Security Officer with CISSP certification

Vidya Raikar

With a degree in Applied Psychology Counselling and Life Skills, along with her experience as a Life Skill Coach and Counselor, Vidya guides her clients in gaining clarity on what they want, what s keeping them from achieving their goals, as well as designing the actionable steps to take them where they want to be.Her goal as a Relationship Coach is to help others to flourish in loving relations

Udit Khanna

Co Founder CEO Root Bridges Specialist in Ecommerce, Retail, Growth Hacking, Bootstrapping, Fundraising Startup Strategy Ex Investment Banker CFA Charterholder All 3 Levels Boston Unviersity LSE

Sunny Matani

A Management Professional who is deeply passionate to help entrepreneurs and businesses of India to start and grow their business. Currently working as a business coach at Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. An Initiative by Dr. Vivek Bindra where my role is to give business consulting to ideation stage startups and SMBs small and medium sized businesses

Rajesh Rai

A Result oriented professional with 17 years experience in Sales with consistent success in driving marketing and sales enablement programs with high impact leadership strategic experience in Enterprise Sales, SaaS Sales, Strategic Alliance, Business Development, Key Account Management, Organizational transformation across all the verticals of an enterprise.

Rashmi Ranjan

I am a 17yrs experienced Sales Expert ,Trainer Consultant in the field of IT,ITES,Project Management,Digital Marketing,NGO,Change Management,Gems Jewellery,Power,Postal and Courier,Telecom.I have worked at various mid level management position upto General Manager Sales Marketing in both US Indian market.Since Dec2016 onwards I am working as Independent Trainer Consultant .

Mohammed pasha

Job Description Training is to educate new and existing employees on how to effectively perform theirs jobs and also addresses advancements in technology, the latest s findings form research and developments and changes in market place. Key Responsibility Conduct seminars, workshops, individual Train

Abhinav Srivastava

My name Is Abhinav Srivastava Coach Abhi Sriv .I am into teaching and training last 10 years. I am a founder of digital agancy and helping others to expand their business online. Being a coach I help people in PERSONAL BRANDING LINKEDIN TRAINING DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE CREATION NETWORK BUILDING COMMUNICATION and GROWTH STRATEGIES

Herat Maniar

Delivered result oriented growth in 2 startups, Set up and grew business operations globally with a global team, P L of D2C gaming company similar to e commerce , Digital transformation leader Guest speaker


Mr. DilipKumar Jang Bahadur graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Watumull Institute Of Electronic Engineering And Computer Technology , Mumbai University, Mumbai in 2004 and did Master s degree with specialization in Computer Science and Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University, formerly University of Pune in 2014. Presently working as Assistant Professor Departm

Sumana Sabu

Training Professional with extensive leadership experience in staff development, process and productivity improvements, performance management and curriculum design. Team oriented Process Trainer competent in developing and training processes and procedures for business processes. Strong project management skills with the ability to manage numerous resources on varied tasks and timelines. Expertis

Ali Parandeh

I help startups and entrepreneurs with fund raising. I examine business plans, re align business strategy, rebuild pitch decks and prepare entrepreneurs for delivering winning speeches at pitching competitions.

Nidula Mullappilly

I am a Scientific advisor who can give good advises on any scientific ideas, career,

Namita Maru

Giving 1 1 sessions, complete assistance and guidance. I try my level best to share my knowldge with the person who wants to enhance oneself. Required material is also shared as and when required, which helps in better learning experience.

Yamini punj

I am a Psychotherapist, with specialisation in Clinical Hypnothery, Past life regression, Graphologyt and reiki healing. I strongly believe that our thoughts are what we create in our lives and our subconscious plays an important role in that.

Janhavee Mandrekar

An empathic psychologist who specialises in clinical psychology is what I would like to highlight. Sheer dedication towards understanding human behavior on a continuum of health combines my passion. Resilience, self esteem, personality development, relationships, stressors, mental illnesses and mental well being taken care of in a therapy setting we will look forward to holistic well being.

Dr Abhinav Srivastava

I have in depth knowledge of research, its methodology, evaluation of research and data analysis with the thematic understanding of various sectors in the social and development domain. I am an experienced life science and biotechnology professional having a Ph.D. in Biotechnology with more than 6 years 10 years including Ph.D. of professional experience.

Dr Shambhavi Kulkarni

I have 1 year of experience as a Yoga, Diet and Naturopathy Consultant in SVYASA itself. Currently I am doing online Diet consultantion for Diabetes, Kidney Disease, Weight loss, weight gain, Preganancy, Hypertention since October 2020. I have also conducted 7 online webinars on Diet and immunity, diet and Diabetes, nutrition and diabetes. I plan diet according to patients disease condition, meal timing and availbility of food items. Regional and Seasonal Diet plan.

Era Sharma

I am a compassionate person who strongly believes in gratitude. Psychology has helped me deeply to grow as a person and gain confidence in myself which has inspired me to help others with their personal needs by providing a safe and comfortable environment to them. I am dedicated towards my goals and do not leave my commitments incomplete.

Debapriya Roy

Illustrator Graphic Artist Building my Art World Experimenting everyday and evolving Featured on Adobe Drawing adobedrawing Adobe Gen Create adobegencreate Indian Creators Club indian_creators_club An introvert trying to express herself through her art. Good listener.

Kunal Chaturvedi

commercial lawyer. legal research and advise, technology and dispute resolution.

Lakshmi Gopakumar

I am interested to learn new things and has 11 years expertise in various fields of Environmental Research. I have exerience working in teaching research institutes like Indian Institute of Science and FAO, United Nations. I have UGC NET,JRF and publications international journals/ books I was also the lead author of one of the Chapters in Handbook of Soil pollution, United Nations.

Rahul Jain

Experienced Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in system design, industrial design, ergonomics and human factors HFE , Data analysis, Statistical Software SPSS, Minitab, R , Microsoft family, and lean Six Sigma. Strong research professional with a PhD focused in Industrial Engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology.

Dt.Neha Suryawanshi

Dt. Neha Suryawanshi is a Senior Clinical Dietitan/ Online Dietitian who has done her masters M.Sc. in Dietetics And Food Service Management from Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi and Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya Jabalpur. In her 10 years total working experience has covered different medical conditions diet like Weight Management Diet , Diet for thyroid and Diabetes. Diet for thyroid, pcos and others.

Cassio Santos

Industrial Engineer an FGV Corporate Finance MBA graduate. For more than 15 years, Cassio served large corporations helping to improve performance and transforming the costs with more than 50 million as savings. Experienced in Procurement, PurIndustrial Engineer an MBA graduate, with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive and aerospace industry.

Gilles Pagès

Director of research specialist in innovative therapies

Omar Aly

BBA CAPM CPS Bachelor s degree in Business Admin and Management, Certified Associate Project Manager and Certified Public Speaker. 8 years of extensive professional experience in Operations, Logistics, Projects Management and Community Management. Consummate communicator and Innovative planner, work oriented and highly organized with a keen eye for detail to keep work flowing on schedule.

Rengasamy Raju

I am Practicing Chartered Accountant from India more than 5 years experience in the filed Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, MCA Compliance, Startup Consultancy, Direct Indirect Taxation, Incorporation of companies

Maria Sanchez

Nutritionist by profession and by heart, with 5 years of experience. I carry out my work from a place of respect for the body, understanding each person s individual needs in their search for physical, mental, and emotional well being. Through nutritional education and counseling, I work from a mindful eating and psycho nutritional approach. I work mainly with women and people who need to improv

Zenisha Shah

School counselor Life skills facilitator CBT practitioner Developmental Psychology mental health worker positive psychology holistic wellness

Ajay jindal

I am chartered accountant by profession having more than 6.5 years experience.I have vast experience in taxation especially GST advisory and statutory.compliance part. Analyse GST impact on various business transaction. Involved in TDS TCS provisions and guidance under Income Tax Act.

James Alastair Gunn

I open new markets for foreign investors, supporting companies scale operations internationally. An award winning British digital communications consultant with strong team building and business development expertise. Sector strengths include financial services, real estate, IT, defence, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. Engaged by leading international financial institutions to mentor start ups.

Pawandeep Kaur

Hi this is Pawandeep, academically a Clinical Dietitian. I ve rich experience in guiding people to stay healthy with the help of providing best quality nutrition and guiding with exercise to lead medicine free life

mattam aravind

i am an aspired nutritionist with good knowledge in clinical Nutrition diabetes, hypertension, pcos, thyroid and other chronic ilness and weight management as well with customised diet planning for everyone

Arwa Ujjainwala

I specialize in the field of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics. I believe balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle and I am here to help you strike the correct balance of foods and nutrients. No strict diet plans only gradual healthy changes to a healthy you.

Deepa Sarin

Hi I am Deepa Sarin.I am a Machine Learning Enginner with 3 years of experience .I have worked with a wide varety of industries.Telecom,Online News and Human Rsource to name a few.I have implemented Machine Learning in these industries and thus accelerated their business speed . If you have any difficulty related to implementation or even starting with ML ,I would be glad to help you.

Boris Quedi

Licensed chemical engineer with experience in water utilities and management, pollution control, hazardous waste management, leadership, and undergoing graduate studies in environmental engineering. Residing in the Philippines.

Solomon Anakhu

Responsible for managing and overall supervision of quality assurance and quality control and coordinate with project management team. Develop and establish quality system and procedures. Providing direction and instructions of quality matters to project coordinator. Review and ensure client quality standards and specification requirements are met. I also have extensive experience in piping and mechanical equipment installation as well as technical report writing.


An Economist of 14 year s experience with government and private sector development in Africa. I worked on customs, trade facilitation, and trade policy research projects for African Union Commission, COMESA and Japan Internation Cooperation Agency.


I hv just finished Ph.D. from Dept of History, University of Delhi. Area of interest includes Caste, Gender, Biographies, Cinema, Films, Movies, Migration, and Urban studies. I have provided consultancy service for Museum projects titled Azadi Ke Diwane Museum on unsung freedom fighters, at Red Fort, New Delhi and Icon of Nationalism from the soil of Bengal at the National Library of India

Sneha Gulati

I am a Licenced Clinical Psychologist, registered with Rehabilitation Council of India RCI , Government of India. I have been trained in providing counselling and various psychotherapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT , Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy REBT , Emotional Freedom Technique EFT etc to help people of all age groups having different kinds of mental and emotional heal

Sreechithra Cheruvakkara

I m a psychotherapist who is also a writer and well trained in yoga and diet planning. i have a 3 years of work experience in various hospitals and as well as i have my personal patients. my motto is to treat mental illness by designing a better lifestyle for them

Dale Houser

I am an experienced professional with experience in trading, reseach, and training. I invest and trade cryptocurrencies and research and analyze blockchains and Web3 projects. I can assist indivduals and companies with getting started in crypto and blockchain and provide presentations and education. I am a Certified Blockchain Expert CBE , Certified Bitcoin Professional CBP and Certified Cardano Expert CCE .

Shivani Bhaskarwar

I am a mental health counselor, proficient in diagnosing, assessing and providing therapeutic interventions to facilitate emotional well being and improve learning outcomes. I want to help people by spreading kindness and helping them through anything and everything .

Rotimi Ilesanmi

I am astuteProjejectmanageer with over two decades experience in Consulting, Construction and Manufacturing Companies. My years of experience gave me opportunities in Project Management, Asset Management, Records, Building/Facilities Management. The Tools I used for work include MS Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Project AutoCAD, SAP. I believe much in Team work, Drive for success, Results Proactivenes


Master in ChE,working in big business like Sabic in petrochemicals,professional sales manager, professional certificate in Digital Marketing and Business Administration.Worked as Analyst for developing industrial development in Jubail and Ras Alkhair ,SA.

Temple Okoro

I am highly skilled and proactive professional with more than 7 years of experience in maintenance and process engineering, project management and operations optimization, with sound knowledge of control automation. Proven record of accomplishment in upscaling engineering technologies, along with identifying deficiencies and employing quality management principles to drive growth as well as improve

Ahmed Salem

CEO, General Manager Operations, Operations, Projects and Development Manager Able to develop and succeed any administrative entity and achieve the highest rates of profits and quality at the lowest costs Leading the work team professionally developing professional strategic and marketing business plans finding radical solutions to all problems.

Mamta Verma

My Inquisitiveness to learn and explore concepts and ideas also as a therapist we need to ensure skills that can bring comfort and reliability in conversations with client. Moreover, i keep myself open to suggestions and feedback.

Mandira Das

Compassionate listener, empathetic attitude is what lacks in most of us. Sincerity towards any obstacle for overcomibg it is important. I use dialectic method and also i believe in understanding a person before deciding on the approach to go with.

Vivek Gopal

Rich operational and leadership experience of 14 years in Strategic and Operations Planning, Digital Health and Telemedicine in Primary Health Care organisations. A skilled expert in Change Management, Lean Management, Problem Resolution that contributes to Nurturing and sustaining patient well being and overall Health Care facility. Quality Evaluation and Analysis expertise for Problem Resolution

shivani rana

A counselling psychologist, a Ph.D. Scholar awarded with gold medals twice in this journey. Started with her own struggles of finding meaning, now helping numerous adolescents to go through this process with ease and more acceptance. A drop out from MPhil clinical psychology, but grateful of it as it helped me find my meaning of existence.

Manisha Soni

Hey, this is Manisha Soni. Your healer and supporter will help you in every case. if you are having issue then you can have complete confidential place, that is , here. if you want to ventilate something or thinking that you are not able to solve any problem in related to your life. freely ask here.

Manasha amar

Through counselling I intend to help address clients concerns, help to come to a greater understanding and learn different personal and interpersonal coping strategies. I am a trained professional who has the desire and willingness to help clients accomplish their individual goals. I m working towards a process that is intended to induce changes in clients life.

Nidhi Shah

I strive to do what is right and want my every step to move in that direction. I like to call myself as a learning feminist, who is constantly learning new things, recognising her own biases, trying to do better, unlearning things and taking it one step at a time.

Naman Maloo

I am a professional Chartered Accountant practicing in India for last 5 years in the field of Income tax for Individual s HNI , Non resident, structuring taxation for MNC and foreign company, tax compliance in India for foreign company, handling assessment and appeals.

Mahmoud Samy Zeyada

As a 16 years experience in the Maritime industry with many positions as an operation manager marine account manager the chief marketer chartering manager and broker, aiming to support, assist, and advise with all respect who needs

Ghanshyam Agrawal

1. Clear and transparent professional communication 2. Service delivery in defined period. 3. Support on digital communication channels 4. 24x7 live accessible system of service deliverable documents.

Florin Toma

18 year as leader with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry in Operations Fields with direct experience with new ventures / start ups, consolidations processes, project mgmt.

Ashiq vk


Busisiwe Mkwanazi

I have over 15 years experience in various industries. I am highly competent in providing strategic and operational direction in the B2C and B2B business environment.I have high expertise in Marketing, Advertising, PR,Communications,UX, Lead Management and CRM within corporates, professionals and entrepreneurs. I am part of some marketing and executive associations.

sneha khadse

I am a microbiologist and Research Scholar. I have knowledge of covid testing, water testing, research on water, writing research papers, review papers. I am motivational person. I have computer also like power point , excel, ms word, ppt making etc.

Roberto Hernandez

I m an individual involves in the Material Science field, with a lot of experience in areas like R D for new materials, nanoparticles synthesis and applications in several areas, Electrochemistry, Lithium Batteries, Corrosion and the use of several analytical techniques and experimental setups for the mentioned areas. I have been involved in the academic and industrial area for more than 9 years

drishti dhakan

Drishti is an accomplished senior investment analyst with extensive experience of 6years in fundamental research and analysis in wealth management, asset management private banking working with various asset classes like Skilled in Investment and financial strategies to achieve individual and business successes

Adam Elgabri

In addition to extensive insight into global equity, venture and credit markets, I bring a Public Policy background to private sector engagement working to assess, understand and communicate intangible risks and opportunities in capital markets beyond access of algorithmic and information infrastructure and through engaged hands on, observation, discussion, research and analysis.

Nihan Çavdar

My name is Nihan avdar and I am a Turkish citizen from Istanbul/Turkey. I have been working at the corporate tax team at PwC Turkey for 11 years. I have a degree in Econometrics at Dokuz Eylul University, and also a master degree in Finance and Accounting at the same University as well. I have 10 years of experience in local tax auditing structuring as well as double tax treaty implementations

Monther AlThaher

I do the whole ten yards concept design, supply chain study, detailed design with all the engineers architecture, civil, structural, MEP, low voltage, high voltage, fire fighting, AC, cooling, etc.. , building the warehouse with the contractor, testing and commissioning for everything, receive and install the racking, forklifts and MHE, and finally coach the warehouse individuals for 3 months

Kumar Vikash

WHAT I DO I help tech enabled Startups THRIVE in a crowded marketplace by providing them END to END BRAND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SERVICES. I do it by leveraging my deep knowledge of how a Brand or a Product is made and launched into the market so that they make a difference. WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE My agency Creative Days has been working with startups from its inception and have been providing th

Gargi Chandane

I am a research scholar and an independent environmental consultant. I am also an artist. I had worked as an ad hoc assistant professor for Life sciences dept. at University of Mumbai. My experiences, skills and knowledge in the field of environmental sciences are diverse. My varied interests and zest to learn has always helped me be creative at work.

Zeina Al Masri

I am a Marketing expert with 20 years of experience in different industries including advertising,telecom,real estate,retail hospitality. Creativity is my game, i specialize in creating creative ideas that are customized for the business based on the marketing objective adapt it accordingly to traditional advertising digital campaigns, activations or events that generate sales. I direct the designers with moodboards for inspiration ensure that the copywriting is clear and professional.

Bhushan Chandorkar

Marketing professional and Strategy Advisor with over two decades of experience in Business Operations, Brand Promotion Strategies, Events Exhibitions, Rural Marketing, International Domestic Corporate Leisure Travel, Community Development, Commercial Management and Sales Incentive Programs from concept to completion.

Ketan Vaidya

Marketing Professional with over 15 years of experience in Advertising, Events, Conferences, Corporate Planning, Budget, Promotions, Corporate Presentations, etc. Substantial expereince in Social Media Marketing for Corporates and hands on experience in Corporate Media Communications


I m an award winning neuromarketing consultant. I have many international awards and global experiences in the field. I am also the partner of worldwide neuromarketing company Neurons Inc. in Turkey and Middle East.


A CA with ten years post qualification experience in audit accounts taxation consultancy I am a qualified CS CFP and DISA also.HAve conducted the cyber audits and systemns audits also.have a office set up at Kolkata and will be shifting to Bangalore soon.

Bradley Basker

I m artist turned entrepreneur researcher who has transformed his love for story telling and culture and

Inês Sakaita

I am an enthusiast when it comes to design and the arts in general. Always looking for new inspirations and thingsto learn. The only thing I can t be without when I work are my headphones and my music.

Komal Maniar

Driven dentist leveraging studies in health care with keen interest in diagnosis and treatment planning..Offers strong interpersonal and task prioritization skills along with appropriate clinical advice

Emma DiGallo

I am a national recognized profit acceleration advisor and published author. Business owners hire me to help them recover revenues and profits they lost due to Covid. I triple their leads and double their profits, without spending an additional cent or new marketing or advertising. I utilize proprietary software that allows me to go through 497 million algorithms sequences that tailored to them

Harsh kishore

I am a working as a Senior Research Officer in clinical research field at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. I regularly work with highly skilled doctors and professors in respective fields of gastroenterology and hepatology.

Neha Srivastava

home cooked food options according to your medical condition and easy sustainable diet options. will be customized according to your likes dislikes and no supplements and crash diet.easy sustainable diet

Manaswita Biswas

I m an Anaesthesiologist and Critical Care Consultant with 12 yrs experience in the field of Medicine.I love mentoring and exploring medical world and always open to new challenges and learning.Thank you

Gordon Algoo

I am a highly motivated, results and client orientated IT professional with over 15 years experience in Enterprise Level IT Service Delivery providing Support and Technical Consultancy. I am a specialist in Blockchain and have a strong knowledge of the technology e.g. Ethereum, Decentralized Finance and NFTs. My LinkedIn profile can be found at https //

Nitin Bhardwaj

An innovative dedicated professional with a positive outlook and excellent analytical operational skills offering a career spanning 15 years of result oriented experiencein India s number one news channel Aaj Tak. Development, Training, Teaching Team management as well as knowledge of all production processes in the Media Industry.

Aneri Shah

I strive for excellence in the field of research in life science with dedication, positive attitude, focus and pro active approach. I utilize my knowledge, energy and skills in the best possible way for the fulfilment of organizational goals.

Aliasgar Babat

Passionate Digital Marketing Trainer who has Trainedmore than 1000 students till date in Digital Marketing across all Modules i.e. Wordpress Website Development, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Display Advertising, Ecommerce Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, ORM, Freelancing etc.

Hariz Fuad

Experienced in business development, project management, commercial and sales within telecommunication industry and general engineering service industry as whole. Able to consult from project planning, implementation, presentation and a lot more.

Panashe Tapera

I ve been working in Growth for 5 years. I currently work at Etome where I lead the Growth department which consists of one engineer. In the past 5 years, I ve worked on many areas of growth and have deep experience in Emails/Notifications, SEO, Paid Acquisition, Activation, Invites/Referrals, Analytics.

Kimberley Cunningham

Demonstrated history of success within fundraising, strategic growth, membership, and with external opinion leaders. Have worked with large, intl nonprofits and small, kitchen table groups. I build momentum.

Aadil Bashir Khan

Hi my name is Aadil Bashir Khan and I am a Trainer.I am Excellent in presentation and communication skills.if you require any assistance you can connect with me I will help you.Recently I got a message from CEO Headstrt about profile creation.

Ritesh Tandon

A dynamic professional and start up specialist able negotiator and communicator with 6 years of experience in Online Retail, Consulting, and Organic Farming. Proven expertise in Business Plan, Brand Consulting, B2B Business Development, Online Retail, E Commerce Insights, Sales Analysis, Competition Analysis, Sustainable Systems and Processes, Vendor Management, Product and Pricing Grid

Sylvanus Ekane

Crypto Options Sales, Crypto token listing Manager. I am also mentoring tech startups, Work as an executive at a Crypto Exchange Coinstore Singapore Pte Ltd, Blockchain and Venture Capital Consultant

Lerato Dube

I have done it all. I managed to grow my career to be filling while working in a toxic work environment, creating a healthy and growth orientated environment for my team. I enjoyed the luxury of negotiating for my ideas at all levels of the organization and having an influence with global stakeholders. Through my coaching approach I encourage your growth personally and at your career.

Gilles Pagès

I am working on cancer resDr Gilles Pag s is specialized in tumor angiogenesis for 20 years. GP received several awards Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer, Roche Company, the charity ARTUR dedicated to kidney cancer, the Est e Lauder group, the National Academy of Medicine and Amgen . GP published 200 papers H factor is 58. He created two startups Roca Therapeutics and Kekkan Biologics

gourav paliwal

Specialized in the architecting, engineering, developing business application using blockchain technology stack. Has exposure with enterprise blockchain platforms like go quorum, hyperledger besu, hyperledger fabric, corda R3, In the decentralized identity statck have experience with Hyperledger Aries, Indy stack. Have leverage ethereum, polygon for public blokchain use cases.

Ramy Tabet

I have been interested in the crypto space for 5 years, learning the basics PoW / PoS, coin / token, custodial / non custodial wallets, DeFi, stablecoin, Dex swapping, staking, liquidity pools / AMM, layer2, NFTs.... In addition to that, i have been self learning Solidity and can write ERC 20 / 721 tokens for any EVM compatible blockchain ex BSC using remix IDE. I also have the ability t

Pablo Corroto Pradillo

Demonstrated experience in working on international projects with cross cultural teams, in many countries such as Spain, Japan and China. Architecture for him is a mean of investigating the development of cultures, influencing social behaviour while having the priority on the engineering and functionality component of its application, without forgetting the importance of entrepreneurship and the sale of a profitable product for both a commercial promoter and a private client.

Dylan Roux

I am an ambitious, motivated and hard working individual. My skill set is diverse and I have been able to use it in a wide array of designing solutions. I have been a part of a lot of production teams, designing teams as well as innovation groups. I can add value in initial concept phase, prototyping, production and final product and outcome.

Liezl Frauendorf

I have a very good eye for detail and passionate about marketing, designing and working with people. I will always be completely honest and not just tell you what you want to hear. I will assist in any way that I can remotely.


My ability to observe, daring, perseverance and imagination have always brought me to the fore. Of course, imagination is important, but I can easily say that my daring helps me to use my imagination much more accurately and beneficially. If I start a business, it ends as it should and no one doubts its originality.

Ramesh kumar Krishnan

I m a postdoctoral candidate at Ben Gurion University. My doctoral dissertation involves the field of Drosophila fruit fly genetics. I have a strong research background with expertise in cell and molecular biology and developmental genetics. I m an experienced research fellow with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry and academic institutions.

Aarushi Malik

Among the greatest of all services that can be rendered,is the education and training. I want to invest my talent an organisationwhich will be great step in my career and help me grow. Focus Designing programs, Planning and Organizing learning experiences for students with special needs. Develop individualized, appropriate, behavioural programs. Define the use of specific techniques

Bramhavidya Mishra

12 years of extensive experience in designing and training new grads, professionals across the globe. Led and successfully completed 3 international projects funded by Central Govt of India CEIT . Designed, Mentored Evaluated 100 projects for Universities students.

Jaya Girdhar

I am a passionate learner and explorer. I am an internationally certified Soft skills trainer and an Image Consultant from a counselle of image consultant and SQA respectively. I have completed the TTT certification from NABET. I have a corporate background of about 5yrs with AON  which has been a wonderful learning journey throughout. I am a founder of Transmify jaya which solely believes in en

Breana Brownfield

I go indepth in your social marketing needs and help you apply solutions step by step. I explain SEO, copywriting, content creation, organic engagement, boosted posts and more. I work with you to complete understanding and implementation until your business is successful to your satisfaction.

Kiran Lagisetti

Unique combination of experience Indian origin with German expertise who has complex practical and successful experience over the last 28 years. How can I contribute Wide connection to top quality skills and resources, technology and IT specialists, advisors, service providers, consultants, and companies in Indian and in Germany/Europe

Rampriya Sridharan

I am a seasoned HR Professional with global expsoure in the Talent acquisition and Talent Management functions. I have a great affinity for people and have been successful in positively contributing to people s lives and making a remarkable difference. My areas of expertise are Career Coaching and guidance, Life Coaching and working on Executive Presence for first time Managers.

Rashmi Nagasubramanian

Hello there Thank you for taking the time to click on my profile. Here is an information nugget for you to know more about my profile as a Coach Clients tell me I am an Authentic, Pragmatic coach with a strong intuition A few others say that I am Insightful Creative and Candid Of yes If you are not committed to your goals, I will hold you accountable And here is what I would like

Nidhi Shri

I work with people on their inner resources, resistance and readiness, so they can achieve the next level of performance in work life. I am here to truly listen to you, challenge you invoke actionable plan for you by enabling you to work on your skills situations, covering holistic aspects. I have extensively worked with corporate employees.

Kavita Rathod

I have been a keen and consistent learner through my three plus decades of rich professional experience in varied fields such as Education, Media, Corporate Facilitation, Coaching, Therapy and Counselling. This has lead me to interact with people of diverse mindsets and made me proficient in supporting individuals to overcome emotional issues and empower themselves to achieve their desired outcomes with absolute ease.

Piyush Somani

As a Life Coach, I help people achieve personal goals like personal financial planning, developing a hobby, developing / getting rid of a habit, improving performance at work, finding spiritual peace, improving physical / mental health, etc. I also help CA, CPA, ACCA or other Finance professionals with exam prep, resume, interview, career pathway and organisation selection.

Gayatri Panda

I am hardworking, enthusiastic, energetic and confident.I can analyse problem and can provide apt solution. I have good interpersonal

Jeremy Banks

I m very passionate about helping others by solving problems. I have a diverse background and love to learn. I currently work in healthcare where I analyze data for practice improvement opportunities. Please view my LinkedIn profile to see more of my background http // banks 077a1031

Prashant Sharma

I am Design Engineer Expert in Indoor and Outdoor Electircal and Lighting infrastructure designing. am working as consultant as on infrastructure development projects. i amd Expert with CAD Drawing drawfting and Engineer drawing reading. i have good knowledge of 3D BIM model developemt and coodrination with different utilites and structure.


Priyanka Paur is a life and mindset coach, motivational speaker, certified NLP practititioner and an author. Her forte lies in helping people live a balanced life and make the most out of it. She helps people understand their challenges and how to work around them to be their Best Version

James O'Connor

Solutions Driven Business Life Coaching. Tailored performance enhancing solutions, using specific tools to create habits drive accountability to ensure your success. I engage to create a clear vision. Together we implement positive habits to enable personal professional growth. Accountability is the key to your success it would be a honor to join you on your journey

Angela Samanta

Research driven mind with high impact publications in the feild of Biology. I have research experince from bachelor s itself, with publications and specialization in Cell and Molecular Biology having experince of 6.5 years.

Dhruv Rawat

My therapeutic approach is Humanistic and the sessions are client centered. I take my profession with utmost sincerity and ensure that the clients get genuine help through the sessions. I use different aspects of different theraputic areas such as CBT, DBTand ACT but eventually the sessions are conducted keeping in mind the client s needs and their socioeconomic background.


I like counseling and love my work. counseling is a practical knowledge. one who has been into counseling practically also been in the same situation makes me realise how comfortable I am being into counseling and helping others to know their purpose and deal with it in ease . counseling is all about patience and wait for the result after using strategic method which may differ from one person to

Vaishali Joshi

Personalized and Customised training as i believe that one size doesn t fit all.

Faseeha Anjum

I hold an 5 years of experience in career counseling, psychology, personality development and soft skill.I hold a strong interest to help needy people who are struggling in their personal life regarding many physical and mental health issues.

Sandeep Sandhiri

My Business consulting knowledge is well honed by my experience of working with startup s in a variety of industries. Peers and clients consider me knowledgeable and positive which motivational to personal at all levels. I have deep Passion for technology and business .I m well versed in developing business strategies, Growth hacking, expanding global product portfolio, product Segment.

Mansi Bhanushali

Mansi Bhanushali, has been working as a integrative therapist in the field of Mental health, with expertise in Coaching, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Work place satisfaction and emotional support

Janice Wright

I am well versed in team building, leadership training and consulting. However what distinquishes me from some others in the Coaching field is my utter desire to walk along beside my clients. To be a listening partner. To be an inquistive coach. Also, I am formally trained in Leadership Coaching through the Kansas Leadership Center.

Izundu Ekeh

Commercially aware business leader with 4 years of experience analyzing, planning, and building out commercial strategy in the competitive, demanding, and regulated construction industry. Comfortable managing diverse and interdisciplinary teams of five people. Highly adaptable and accustomed to navigating uncertain business environments and markets with a calm demeanor to solve problems with crea

Meenakshi Meghana

I focus on the problem which is to be solved and work on different ways to solve it. also i am very interested in learning new things and doing the algorithms in a easy and efficient way. I also work on new things which add me more value to the current solutions in a smart manner

Eran Amir

Accomplished executive with 22 years of Information Technology experience in both small and large organizations in the US and abroad. Expertise in creating and managing IT departments and cross functional IT teams through personal leadership, mentorship, and training. Acute ability to learn, evaluate, and assess a company s existing IT environment as well as modernize work procedures.

Even creativity has foundations I can teach you. I can assist students. I am a good concept builder. To me architecture is a lifestyle not just a school to study in. I can guide you with hints in photography, drawings, technical drawings, arts, model making and study analysis of the existing context.

Dusan Rakovic

10 years of diverse experience in scope of furniture, itnerior and architectural design. Worked in European and Asian market. Developed projects from sketch, initial idea throug schematic design and final completation od of project. Workd on commercial, residential and corporate projects.

Richy Pratama

I am a creative designer with more than 4 years of experience currently focusing on marketing advertising materials and corporate branding for creative collaterals. I have been able to build my portfolio working with several companies in the industry.

Anca Budeanu

More than 10 years in the art industry. More than 7 as a fashion stylist and set designer. Aesthetic is my main language. A fresh mentality and constant burning creativity, I like to take the most outrageous challlanges and turn them into a lesson of succes.

Shaili Sonani

I am a Psychologist well versed in breaking down emotional and psychological concerns through lens of established psychology approaches. I apply depth of practical experience and am successful at helping clients unravel physical, mental and emotional layers to identify root causes of problems and develop strong coping skills for diverse scenarios leaving positive impact on client lives.

Roland Osei

I am a very good communicator and find it s easy for me to relate to other people. believe in Teamwork and to me a team wins together and lose together. My prior experience in IT Engineer, IT Administration, IT Team leader has provided me with unique technical skills that I can apply to this role.

Shubhendu Biswas

11 years of experience in Information Technology IT supply chain managing across the Enterprise with vast experience ranging from System and Network Infrastructure. Results oriented professional, recognized for taking on major initiatives, and adapting to rapidly changing environment and resolving mission critical issues to ensure bottom line success. Strong leader with demonstrated ability to

Manuel Umberto Romeo

Italian Marine Biologist with 7 years experience in the Middle east. I have been working with aquatic animals, corals and aquariums now handling a coral farm doing experiement and studies on them. I am a PMP qualified Project Manager and I used to collabrate in open public aquariums and private aquariums in the region.

Dr Vishal Gor

I am willing to give more than 100 for well being of our clients patients , giving proper mixture of medicine and counseling as per the requirement with minimum medicines and maximum results to give cure from roots

Sayli Jadhav

Design professional with 5 years of experience in brand and product strategy, helping organisations to hone and complement their presence by adding a visual story to their brands. I believe in bridging the formidable gap between brands and consumers through the disruptive and agile route of strategic Design Thinking.

Karthik Chandrasekaran

I m a freelance design consultant completed my Master s Degree in Sydney, Australia and want to work in India. Throughout my freelance experience I have gained diverse experience through offering my service to the clients. I prioritize being a generalist than a specialist and connect as much dots as possible for my personal growth.

Veerabhadram y

hii, iam a consultant psychiatristand having 7 years of post MD experience in dealing wide spectrum of clinical psychiatry cases. my strong points are psychopharmacology, addiction medicine, psychoeducation, general adult psychiatry.

Sidharth sood

I am a qualified doctor with specry. I believe in wholesome treatment and i expert in both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. I believe in establishing good rapport with all my clients. it gives me immense happiness to help and treat.

Divya Dharmapuri

I m a Creative UI/UX Designer. Creating user centered designs by understanding business requirements, and user feedback Creating user flows, wireframes, prototypes and mockups Translating requirements into style guides, design systems, design patterns and attractive user interfaces Designing UI elements such as input controls, navigational components.

Rashmi Srinivasaiah

I have both teaching and research experience with strong academic acumen. Experienced Industrial Engineer, researcher, and consultant with a strong background in process improvement, lean techniques, six sigma, and analytical and problem solving skills. 16 years of academic and research experience includes analytical problem solving, lean and six sigma methodology, design and execution of survey

Srimathy Viswanathan

Srimathy is a counselling psychologist who believes in adopting an eclectic approach in her practice to address the client s concerns. She has worked with clients addressing concerns such as trauma, addiction and substance abuse, depression, work life balance, anxiety, stress, emotional distress, infidelity and relationship issues.

Becca Beights

Cheers I am Becca, a PhD and BCBA with extensive knowledge and experience with behavioural research, applied behaviour analysis, child development, risk for and diagnosis of developmental disabilities, staff training, clinical consultation, and student and clinician supervision.

Jamison Rants

Strong love for computer since I was of young age, so have been thru the rodeo of knowing all different types of tech. The love of learning and creativity. The ability to be able to change the world through tech is what drives me to work hard everyday. The love for teaching others about what tech can do for them, as well as what they can teach me with simple questions that I would not have come to

Devashish Palkar

Having suffered from exam related anxiety in my Class 10 exams to taking therapy to deciding to become a Psychiatrist myself my journey has been one of self discovery and I am here to help people understand importance of mental health and the need to seek treatment for it and get back to living a quality life. Being a psychiatrist I have an advantage to treat with both words and medicines.

Giritharaprasad Rangasamy

A Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Trained Project Management Professional, enabling organizations to improve their Utilization and Efficiency using multiple levers like Lean, Variation Reduction DMAIC/DV , RPA, Analytics and Workforce Management. Improved efficiency, quality and client satisfaction by achieving more than 20 Mn cost savings by leading multiple improvement projects.

Barrett White

I have over 12 years experience in Automotive/Manufacturing continuous improvement and Project management of new programs from start to finish. I have a background working for many different companies from Japanese to German and have learned from their experience and knowledge of program management and manufacturing/process engineering

Ronald Gomeseria

I am working on great Engineering Designs, Construction Project Management and Supervision in industrial sectors for 20 years with exposure to Executive and Middle Management Positions. A Highly Motivated, Career Achiever and Working with Passion, Team Leader, Technical Excellent in Solving Complexes Issues and intensive hands on on Environmental Engineering, Civil/Sanitary Engineering, Utilities and Building Services Engineering, and Safety Engineering in more than 17 years in the Middle East

Puneet Agawal

I stand to provide support to people and organisations looking for people who can help them to improve the functionality and efficiency of their business processes and workflows. This includes process mapping for your business, project implementation in Lean Six Sigma, training employees, rethinking and redesigning your business practices and initiating and developing change mechanisms.

Ali waqas

I m Civil supervisor and I handling labour and dealing surveyer planning and management excellent communicators and relationship buildings skills fast learner adapt well to changes and pressures at workplace

Dr. Vatsala W Thakur

I have been working in the field of Mental health for the last 20 years dealing with Children, Adults and Elderly.My main focus is on behaviour and lifestyle modification bringing in a holistic development.I provide therapy for Stress,Anxiety,Anger Management, Depression, Loneliness, Adjustment, Relationship, Marital, various Mental health issues,Personality development and Life skills.

Mohammad Nasharti

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A highly motivated and well experienced engineering manager and leader with expertise in building and managing factory operations for manufacturing based industries, with strong organizational and communication skills.

Mohammed Alfaz Sheikh

I am innovative Mechanical Design Engineer /Draughtsman with overall 4 years of Experience in Steel, Sheet Metal, Aluminum cladding Structure industries having high skilled Knowledge in 3D CAD software like SOLIDWORK, AUTODESK INVENTOR AUTOCAD.

vigneshwaran chockalingam

Committed facility manager with 12 years of experience. Seeking to use substantiated leadership and interpersonal skills to drive cost, time, and quality measurements . At Samsung electronics applied lean principles to transform a 30L annual loss to 18L in annual profits in 18 months. Slashed maintenance costs 55 through predictive maintenance. Cut rework 40 .

Carly Parsons

My background is in heavy construction field logistics, specifications and drawings review, crew management, financial analysis, documentation admin, scheduling and water resources engineering consulting.

Batu Candan

Approximately 3 years full time experience in space and defense companies. World 1 team s leader in Space Mission contest of japan aerospace agency JAXA and Solid and strong academical and industrial background

jishad vally

B.Tech MECHANICAL ENGINEER MEP in with 9 years professional experience in Construction and Fitout projects HVAC,Plumbing,Electrical,Fire Alarm,Fire fighitng,CCTV,Lighting Control,IT system,Authority Regulations UAE

Ashraf rafie

I am team orientated but I have the ability to work alone and still meet deadlines while providing excellent service. I have outstanding communication skills with the ability to explain the functions of the computer systems in a way that anyone can understand. I also possess excellent time management and analytical skills

Hampton Black

I have a unique background starting my career as an officer in the US Navy on nuclear submarines, to a software engineer working on satellite simulation software. Now I m working in the Web3 space, as a blockchain developer. My interests are in DeFi, NFTs especially relating to gaming , play to earn games, and the future of the Metaverse. It s all extremely exciting

Vinit Sanjeev

My clients usually give me feedback regarding my genuineness and empathetic behaviour,i am very good listener,i am quite capable in prescribing medications and then taper off as soon as person feels better

Vaishnavi M

Im a certified yoga and naturopathy doctor and persude master degree in clinical yoga a enthusiastic person interested in exploring knowledge and skills to society ,also I m very glad to clarify all doubts


Quali ed Psychiatrist adept at treating patients with diverse conditions, including psychological, mood and addiction related disorders. Well rounded and culturally sensitive with commitment to providing rst rate emotional support to patients and family members.Over 3 years of experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of Psychiatric disorders across different age groups.

Anisha Shetty

I believe my willingness to contribute to the mental well being of people and apply my art therapy and interpersonal skills , distincts me from others

Christel Hendricks

Experienced Human Resources Specialist with a demonstrated background in the corporate and mining industry. Skilled in Recruitment and Selection, Psychometric Assessments, HR Consulting, People and Talent Management and open to learning opportunities everyday. Strong on building networks and holds Post Graduate qualifications in Industrial Psychology, Organisation Development, Management Practice.

Khushboo Dogra Datta

Khushboo is an energetic person, thorough professional and very passionate about her work. Her working career spans more than 18 years, which includes Training, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Development and Client Servicing. She has an Excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills. She holds 15 years of experience in the training field and has delivered thousands of training hour

Shadi Razavian

I work with REBT and CBT , modalities that work very successfully for clients having stress anxiety Bing eating or body image problems. I am also a Self Love Coach as the most important relationship we must cherish is the one with ourselves. working with women and girls who don t see their bodies with pride and love ,not through the eyes of the society or family and peers

Chrysa Tsoukla

I m a personal trainer and Pilates Instructor with a Bachelor degree in Physical Education and Sport science. I have 5 year experience in fitness industry and I have helped many client achieve their goals. I deliver Pilates and Yoga classes, corrective exercise, weightloss, cardio, HIIT workout. Let s start together your fitness journey and get a healthier lifestyle

Dr Eleftheria (Ella) Egel

I mentor women who are starting new businesses. I offer a unique personalised learning experience with an academic structured approach that includes feedback, planned reviews and systematic progression

Nikshipa Pandit

I have a Master s in Counselling Psychology. I am a CBT and MBCT practioner. I am an Active listner, who likes to provide a non judgmental and safe space for interactions. I believe that therapy is different for everyone as every individual is different and experiences their own set of challenges.

Martin J. Aust

Results oriented coaching, because you want to be in control yourself, professionally and privately in your family, group, team, organization, society environment, in the role of an expert or manager with a sense of performance and responsibility. Get going Martin J Aust

Mahek Ramchandani

I am a clinical psychologist who follows an eclectic approach of therapy assesing the needs of the client first and catering to them individually. I am a compassionate professional which helps me to be there for my client in full potentional and capablities.


Life Coach who talks about Live Life..about Parenting/spouse life/ Communications/image/ self healing/ selfactulization/ Manifestation/Day dreaming/ s effect power / Love s effect power ...thinking speaking on Being an Actor/Mode...much familiar with Bollywood Hollywood.. regional Cine world..

Delphine Rochereau

I help entrepreneurs and CEO combine growth and positive impact. I work with the SDD s in mind, the B corp impact assesment and many tools to streamline the processes within your business, highlight bottlenecks and find solutions.

Erika Nandwani

Certified Counseling Psychologist Child Psychologist. Caters to all mental, emotional and behavioral issues in all age groups. Has a great hold in family counseling and therapies, relationship counseling, adolescent counseling and more.

Simran Kaur

I am a Psychotherapist, who has worked with clinical and non clinical clients for over a few years. I follow an eclectic approach understand the nuances of crisis handling, while knowing that therapy is a journey which unfolds in a way where the client blossoms and believes in themselves. I am further trained in RE CBT and Transactional Analysis, and follow a Person centred approach.

Akhila chalil

I m interested to focus on client centerd therapies an d cognitive behavioral therapy. focusing on the blind spots of the client by motivating, listening and empathizing. in case of children we can provide more attention enhancement techniques and behavior modification techniques also.

Naina Jha

With a bachelors degree in psychology honors and a masters degree in clinical psychology, I ve successfully gained experience in counselling for anxiety, stress, self esteem, adjustment issues, personal growth and other related concerns. I have dedicatedly worked under clinical settings and also contributed to two NGOs as part of my learning.

Bableen vij

I have done my Bachelor in Arts with psychology as a subject and Masters in Psychology with Counselling as my specialisation. I am a trauma informed, queer affirmative therapist. I also have done a parenting course, which provides me with the knowledge to help parents.

Toi Curry

I have worked as a clinician, teacher, supervisor, and researcher conducting psychological, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological assessments, providing individual and group therapy, and working with multidisciplinary teams to develop and implement programs and school based initiatives. I have also worked a great deal in developing effective treatment recommendations and interventions for individuals, families, organizations, and educational institutions.

Marijana Nedic

Psychologist with a MA in human rights and a licenced mediator. I have experience working with different vulnerable groups, especially women victims of violence but also children, people with disabilities, persons deprived of liberty, victims of human trafficking. My passion is to educate and help people achive personal, professional and social awarness and successfully navigate through life.

Gio Sardo

My human approach. For business coaching, it s not just about the results. It s about the people that drive the business. Their well being and mental health. For life coaching, it s about giving men a safe space to talk about whatever is going on in their life.

Sonal Tiwari

Extensive experience in project coordination, superior reasearch skills, exceptional client servicing skills, relentlessness to achieve goals, team spirit to work towards a goal, hunger to learn more, excellent communication skills, and best in industry content writing skills.

Irina Tarasova

Business Coach Training Facilitator, combining versatile experience from one of the fortune 500 companies with psychological literacy. Passionate about helping people to become leaders that are worth following.

Anne-Cécile Graber

Leaders that work with me need clarity about their strategic decisions in a period of change. I advice them to embark their teams in the change process. Leaders have a sparring partner, a trainer and a workshop facilitator on their side who is a specialist in Organizational Development.

Rishal Gadakh

An Organization Development Professional having 13 years of industry experrince having hands on experience and strong theorotical frame work in areas of Behavioural Competence development and training, Skill Development, Skill Centres, Talent Management and Development Practices, Complete exposure to Organization Development Cycle, Culture change, Team building and Change Management. Have developed and rolled put end to end interventions with demonstrated organization wide results.

Dr lakshmi keerthi Gangaraj

I did PhD in People analytics/ HR analytics with a focus on usage and challenges faced by Singapore based companies. I have 14 years of blended experience in Teaching business management courses, research, consulting and HR tech. I am also skilled in people data analytics, Advanced Excel, Statistics, data analytics. I am a trainer, consultant and researcher in Business Management, HR and Organisational Development Research. I am here to coach, and train in the specified expert business areas.

Stuart Johnston

International business development professional with extensive network. My role is to guide my clients to achieve outstanding results quickly. Please join me for Business Communications, Career Management, Mental Fitness and Start Up business planning

Karthik Prathapachandran

Accomplished executive with domestic and international experience in Sales and Marketing, Operations, Client Management and building strategies for both startups and growth organizations. Competitive experience in Digital Marketing, Product Design Develop Deploy and UI/UX Vision

Parinita Tripathy

CELTA and IELTS certified English teacher skilled in teaching English as a Second language ESL , Communication Skills, Training and Development, Soft Skills, Cross cultural Communication,Lesson Planning, Phonetics and Grammar. A strong education professional with an M.PHIL and Master s degree In English Literature. She has 7 years of experience in teaching/training adults.

Vineeta Neeraj Bedhotiya

Genuine and honest to a fault, I dive deep into details often researching over hours before outlining an initiative or project. As a leader for more than a decade now I believe in the limitless potential of all regardless of circumstances. Leadership lies in motivating one s team,the secret sauce being good communication a conclusion reached through painful experiences and reading Dale Carnegie.

Jeanette Teh

Having been a lawyer, Assistant Professor, writer, and legal and people skills trainer, I now help people design their career, business, and life. As a career transition, leadership, wellbeing, and innovation coach, I incorporate psychology, design thinking, my MBA, cultural sensitivities as an expat who has lived in four countries and visited 45 countries , and previous experiences to help cli

vimala harikumar

Expertise in varied fields of operations, training and HR.Hands on experience in helping early incubation start ups across varied fields in operations,Training and HR.streamlining startup operations,hiring and training the operations team,preparing training manuals according to business requirements.Also a MIND COACH and a MENTAL WELLNESS COUNSELLOR .

Priyanka Lenka

One of my core belief is that All people are blessed with intelligence to think for themselves and have power to change and hence i devoted 10 years of work experience towards this journey with corporates and educational institutes as L D partner or Professor.Contact me if you wish to explore more on 1. Life Coaching 2. Executive Coaching 3. OD Assignments 4. Soft skills training

Jenn Dobbelaere

Intuitive / EFT tapping coach who helps empowers you to move out of toxic relationships or areas of your life you feel stuck. Using different methods of tapping back into your personal power create a life of growth and purpose.

Chintan Joshi

A Corporate and Brand Communications Professional with 23 years of wide ranging experience across Corporate Communications, Marketing strategy and Communications, Brand Management, Product Communications, Crisis Communications, Corporate Affairs, Reputation Management, Investor Relations, Stakeholder Management, Circular Economy, Sustainability CSR in multiple Industrial and consumer segments.

Pratima Hebbar

Helping entrepreneurs come out of firefighting mode is what I do the best.

Raj vaswani

I am a true bred Entrepreneur, have deep dived into the education field. With a degree in Architecture Design I have focused all my energy in building 3 businesses which are profitable. From operations to marketing, product development and being an Instructor, I have really done it all.

Toluwalase Odigie

A highly motivated HR professional with excellent strategic planning, implementation skills and a demonstrated ability to design and add structure to HR units and develop HR strategies to achieve set organizational objectives. An Associate Membership at the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development UK CIPD and Chartered Institute for Personnel Management CIPM with experiences and achievem

Resha Chambie

I have a degree in Business management and Entrepreneurship. I have been consulting business for over 4 years Varying in sizes and start points. I can help with growth marketing and plans. I do help small businesses grow and have long term results. I help big businesses problem solve and reach goals.

Chizaram Ucheaga

I am a Co founder of an Ed Tech company hardware based solution . I understand the product development process from conceptualisation, to selecting ODMs, to mass production. I have also supervised donor and government funded education interventions.

Chhavi Sharma

Artist with an experience of 6 years in Movie Post Production. While doing that I have been passionate about art and explored many traditional mediums. My goal here is to help you achieve what you want to express through art. I want to discuss and work with like minded people who share the passion for creating something extraordinary.

Mariam Chaudhary

Mariam is a positive and highly driven individual with a background in Computing and Business Management. She has valuable experience within the Healthcare, Retail and Higher Education sector pushing Digital Transformation and Strategy initiatives. She been involved in a broad range of projects, from strategy through to implementation, allowing her to develop strong capabilities in business analys

Farid Urbano

Solution driven Creative thinker Its possible attitude Yes mindset Turning No s into Yes es A thousand ways to skin a cat Extremely curious 80 20 rule Don t seek perfection at the expense of results

Paco Youssef Georges

Accomplished Sr. Project Manager, with 22 years of proven experience and a long standing history of success as a decision maker behind highly complex CAPEX and OPEX Oil Gas projects that include 14B portfolios in capital spend. Recognized as a resilient and analytical leader, with a proven ability to optimize cost, timeline and safety in all aspects related to Project life cycles of projects.

Yashna Rai

I am an experienced grief and crisis intervention therapist. I ve dealt with a varied range of cases from people who have lost their loved ones to anxiety, depression and panic attacks to relationship issues to marriage counselling.

Vibhuti Mishra

I am a scientist with more than 10 years of experience in research. My major subject areas are Biochemistry and Industrial Biotechnology. I have published 8 research papers on different topics that include toxicology, clinical biochemistry and microbial biotechnology. My research experience includes both academics and industry. I also have 4 years of experience in quality control.

Shruti Grover

Being an enthusiast of the arts all my life, I always give everything I make an art point of view. Be it clothes, graphics or a simple write up I cannot go ahead without a reference of a painter or artist. And in this day and age of dying arts, features designed with an artsy point of view stand out more than a mundane minimalistic view

Dani Waterston

I have worked in the corporate world for 10 years specialising in designing projects to help clients solve their people problems . As a Trusted Business Advisor I can confidently state that my clients have invested a lot of time and energy into me and the results have been incredibly positive. I help people identify the gaps and areas in their lives which they would like to improve and develop.

Thireshan Padayachee

Leader who has proven to be highly successful in driving organisational wide change for data, digital and analytical transformation.Have industry expertise in multiple sectors,Finance, Telco, Health, Property, Retail.

Insiya Lokhandwala

I have earned my Master s degree in Clinical Psychology with additional experience as a clinical counselor in a rehabilitation center. I have worked with all age groups with a variety of problems. Through my various exposure, I have been able to build an emapthetic approach and quick solution based approach, taking everyone s unique problems into consideration.

Maria Chishti

I am good a listener. I always eager to learn from my surroundings and people around me and try to build upon that knowledge to enhance my learning curve. An avid reader and have a flair to entwine my thought process in effective manner.I want to leave a legacy of empathy, care and kindness behind, as we can develop better human beings by reiterating such traits and their descriptors.


11 years of Total experience in FMCG Sectors, IT sectors, and several IT Projects whereas working as a Project Manager over 6 Years in Programming and Software developmentComprehensive experience in Web Applications, Windows Applications, and Databases. Experience in team management and a strong focus on people growth. Good understanding of Service Desk, and ITIL Processes

Sathya patharathil

I train both yoga and fitness with HIIT ,weights and in various types of meditation.. handling all age group.I understand the need of the students and plan accordingly, patient and pleasant ..flexible

dipti khot

Hi, I am Dipti Khot.. a Counselling Psychologist from Mumbai with an experience of 10 years in the field of mental health.. Along with this I am a trained Arts Based Therapy Practitioner and I use evidence based intervention for my clients like CBT and REBT.. I will b happy to help..

Pushpalata Chaurey

Total Experience 17 years, 8 years in Soft Skills Training, Facilitation, and Coaching. I am a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Certified in Transaction Analysis, Drama Theatre for Training, Game Oriented Applied Learning, Virtual Training, etc. Language English, Hindi and Marathi.

Shruti Rao

I am an artist skilled in both 2D and 3D medium of art, my keen interest in both makes me experienced in all its categories, from 2D illustrations and digital paintings to 3D modelling, sculpting and Visual Effects

Maya Misic

I have 20 years of the professional experience as a counsellor/psychotherapist. I can offer therapy for PTSD, Complex PTSD, DID, moood disordres and any relational issues. I have been trained in various apporaches, like EMDR, IFS, DBT, CBT and Mindfulness, to name a few.You don t have to be alone in this journey of self exploration and personal development. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Habte Bekele B

I worked as associate to public private partnership Pilot Project in Africa entry level , then worked as instructor and staff intern to American Buyer and production company, PVH. Then at senior level as youth personal development training project coordinator and facilitator, trainer, advisor and technical training expert. Now working at start up phase of private business on electronics

No One


Ankit Gupta

As an advisor I have 7 years of experience in corporate and litigation matters. I am an expertise in corporate laws, contracts and litigation advice, also in client consulting and structural framework for the companies.

Sanjay Sarkate

As a Master in law, I have a capability of interpriting a law very nicely and expert in legal research.Knowledge of Document review summarization make me very strong in analysis because of outsourcing experiance.Knowledge of judicial system and process in a Court.Overall it s a combination of both legal and paralegal

Teboho Tiiti

I m a growing research scientist that has experience with clinical laboratory work, Public health epidemiology and Biostatistics , Virology and molecular biology techniques. I have 5 years of experience as a research fellow. During this time, I have been responsible for clinical data collection, sample collection and data entry. I am involved in overseeing project administration.

Ishangi mishra

Experienced Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. Skilled in Counseling, Behavior Management, Written Communication, Quantitative/Qualitative Research, and art therapy.Strong healthcare services professional with a Master of Science looking forward to make a change in her client s everyday life.

Janaki Devi

I am a result driven, target oriented person with strong problem solving, analytical, and interpersonal skills. My areas of expertise include management of IP portfolios of various startups Companies, consultations, legal opinions, trademark/copyright/design registrations, Sub Consultancy/Consultancy Contracts, Employment Contracts, Power of Attorneys, Policies,NDA, MoU s etc

Beverly wilkes

Sincerity, honesty, genuine interest in helping others, experience, maturity, dedication, timelines, broad range of legal and business experiences giving me a comprehensive background, expert at contracts

Rishi kumar

I currently work on wildlife related research and monitoring. It involves data collection on both wildlife and marginal communities for devising strategy to ensure survival of wildlife and communities together. My work involve lot of data analysis, team management, community engagement etc. One of the major aspect of this work is Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation with Forest Departments and various stakeholders. I am also one of the author of various HWCM guidelines prepared by GIZ MOEFCC

Harish Wadhwa

I posses unique cracteristics and mix of Business laws with Labor laws and taxation laws. I served as Sr. Vice President Legal and Taxation with leading BPO in India called Teleperformence India for 12 years . Having good knowledge of Taxation with Commercial and Labor laws is rare to find.

Simon Hadley

A highly skilled and accomplished professional with extensive experience in business to business communications. Proficient in WordPress, content creation and digital strategy. A confident communicator who builds and maintains strong relationships quickly adapts to changing environments, is driven by the need for constant personal growth and development whilst remaining approachable.

Pooja Sahni

Through my previous positions in different industries, I have amassed and honed a unique skill set that makes me a well rounded and versatile worker. I am able to tackle issues with a wide perspective and formulate effective problem resolution options. In my jobs I have also had the opportunity to work with and under people with various personality types so I am able to understand and work with d

Vibhooti Purohit

I am Vibhooti and I conduct Love Money Money Loves you book facilitation. This book has helped me and other many to improve their relationship with money. It is a group book reading activity and after every session there is 10 minutes meditation with sound bath to increase our vibrations

charlie conn

Principal brand strategist with significant cross functional background in management and design disciplines with particular emphasis on building and refreshing brands, including Analyzing organizational, market, and audience needs to reach core insights Translating insights into recommendations for actionable, strategic brand platform Structuring traditional strategy deliverables.

Francois de Flamingh

Highly innovative, with a breadth of knowledge and experience. I have degrees in Chemical Engineering including an MSc. Chemical Engineering awarded with distinction . Having worked in multiple diverse fields, I can advise on a great number of issues, and am not afraid to say I don t know , getting back to the enquirer after researching further.

Rohini Manchanda

A Communication Specialist, Life Coach, Corporate Soft SkillsTrainer. I work to impact lives in a positive way. I believe that we as individuals need to empower each other for the world to be a better place to live in. Having a peaceful mind and positive surroundings are a key to life of Contentment.

Ian James

Ian is a Master Personal Trainer Sports Conditioning Coach who offers more than 15 years experience training fitness clients and high performance athletes. Ian s qualifications include a Master Personal Trainer Certificate, Sports Management Degree, National Sports Coach Certificate, two Olympic games, three World Track Field Championships, Commonwealth Games Bronze Medal.

Ravi kumar

namaste lovely people. it s me yoga master Ravi from india. last 10 years I living in Vietnam and teaching yoga I also had experienced some more country as Singapore, Thailand,China, Malaysia. I can teach all type of yoga classes. thanks

Sid Peimer

Over 20 years experience across numerous sectors, including education, healthcare, marketing advertising and strategy for private sector, government and NGO. Dricen by three core values of curiosity, creativity clarity and creativity to arrive at strategic solutions that are unique and practical.

Olha Petrivska

My clients say I excel at changing their perspective and my ability to listen actively and carefully makes them feel accepted, understood and respected. In addition, I never stop learning and upgrading my knowledge.

Neha Patni

I involve my students in lecturers by engaging with them on an individual basis in one on one sessions. I have a vast experience of 2 years into online teaching and have worked on multiple profiles all these years.

Rajeswari S Narang

An Experiential Fecilitator and trainer with 28 yrs of corporate experience with 15 yrs into training. NLP Practitioner, Certified Master Fecilitator from Blair Singer Training Academy, a Certified Life coach from India leading life coach Puja Puneet.A passionate DMIT counsellor on a mission to impact millions of lives by helping them transform their lives with a growth mindset.

Arindam Das

I am a business consultant by profession. Over 30 years of Industry experience. Specialise in helping Individuals and organisations to succeed in highly competitive environment. Mentoring of Startup s from scratch is one of my strengths. Also can help organisation to enter new markets. Can help in conducting business research , use of technology to scale etc

Luis Ogando

My approach is based on the indidualization of the client working to reach their goal inside and out of their space of exercise. Under my scope Fitness is defined by the individual own version, since movement is essential.

Hira Masood

I have more than 5 years of work experience. Most of my journey has been in advertising of working in renowned local and global agencies known as Bramerz, RED Communication Arts and McCann World Group and currently at Technology4Business. I have worked on a plethora of brands such as FMCGs including Nestl , technology giants such as Samsung and Huawei, Telecom giants such as Telenor and ZONG 4G.

Natália Santos

My name is Natalia. I am Brazilian and have been working in the chemistry area for years. Already work in several areas within chemistry such as cleaning products industry, environmental laboratories and food industry.

Silvina Bustos

Good communication and comprehension with people from other field. I m objectivity and good working with deadlines, respecting norms.I try to get new things, exploring possibilites in order to create more impact.

cristiana pacheco

PhD in Food Engineer. Expertise in microbiology. Certified by International HACCP Alliance. 10 years as professor in Food Engineering Graduation, and, for 7 years in corporate management. Consulting services in Food Safety and Quality Assurance, implementation, and evaluation of HACCP and GMP. Design, optimization, and validation of UHT, retort and CIP processes. Lay out of laboratories.

Lucas Mello

I m proactive, organized, like to word groups and develop idea importants for to increase employe. Estrategic vision of the market, in order to obtain improvements in the field of research to be developed.

Manasvi Joshi

I have Primary research experience of data analysis and interpretation for CQA of drugs along with MOAs, SOP and technical document preparation. Have also worked with the regulatory affairs team to resolve EMA and USFDA queries and report preparation

Cinzia Sgarlata

I am a ICF certified Coach and Happiness Trainer, using Positive Psichology, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience to help people focusing on wellbeing, developing strenghts and finding purpose. I am also a HeartMath Trainer, using Heart Coherence to improve mental and emotional balance, develop resilience, intuition, problem solving capacity, creativity and relational abilities.

Anael Alberto

I work with biology and nanotechnology about 20 years. I have PhD in molecular and cellular biology and developed some projects in pharmacology and immunology fields. I am very interested and I like new challenges. Some of characteristics of me resilience, team work, helpfull, friendly.


With a Comprehensive Training in studies, work and personal growth, I support individuals to find and exercise the strengths, capacities and optimal activities that encourage them to develop in a way that they achieve their objectives and goals.

Rasika R

I am a researcher who develops on Zebrafish humanized animal model. I have immense love for plants and animals, I hold Master of Philosophy in Plant biology and biotechnology. I want to be the change I wish to see in this world.

Rebecca Dsouza

Hi I m a Molecular biologist specialising in Oncology and cellular aging. I m extremely good at making complex biological research and statistics palatable to the common eye. I am here to help you with all sorts queries and inquiries you might want to have addressed. I would love to aid you with my scientific feedback be it of an approach or interpretating results.

Devendra Pandey

What makes me unique is my ability to easily empathize with and relate to people. This skill helped me in my previous role as an assistant professor. Because I was able to quickly identify and understand their pain points and challenges of learner, I am able to establish trust and build relationships both of which drive me to consistently.

Jay Dave

Analytical chemist, QC/QA/R D, Fmcg, food, dairy, chemical, Chemistry, Documentation, science, It, Hplc, GC, spectrophotometric methods, Dairy technology, Food Chemistry, Scientific Advisor, ETP, waste, Hazard Analysis

Ilakkiya Jeyaseelan

Our story starts with a simple dream of creating a platform where businesses can get customised digital solutions. We can help you with web design, marketing, content creation, social media management, virtual assistant, SMO and anything and everything that a business needs in this digital era. Starting from our first conversation to the final day of delivery, we listen to what the client has to


Branding consultant and strategic marketer coach for SMEs and startups. Expert in fundraising strategies and proposals writing. I have an extended experience in working with accelerators and incubators in the IT CCI sectors

Konstantinos Moustakidis

Enthusiastic Operations Strategy leader with a big passion for Digital Transformation and Innovative Products. Strong entrepreneurial mentality and passionate about market trends and technology, working to the highest of ability, eager to commit to any thought provoking project. My strong academic background and working experience have helped me develop competencies such as innovative thinking.

Samuel Desalegn

Enthusiastic IT Support Technician with over 3 years of successful experience, eager to contribute team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Clear understanding of computer Network and Information Technology, support and training technology software. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in technology

Yihun Sisay

I am an interactive person which has interest in building relationships that can create a safe learning environment. My passion for growth is so strong that I dedicate myself to learning new things everyday.

Rohail Lashari

Part of the globally award winning marketing team of Coca Cola Pakistan. Managed the creative strategy and campaign development of the biggest music platform of South East Asia Coke Studio for 4 years. Led the global campaign strategy for Vuse, which is now the global leader in the vaping category. Finally, led the global campaign launch of the popular ear 1 headphones for

Alexa Leigh Corbett

I had the pleasure of working with some of the most affluent people in Southern California fintech, including Walter Cruttenden acorns, e trade, Roth , and Robert Grant Allegan, Bosch Lomb . In the past I have also acted in a consulting capacity for a medical marketing agency that created content for multi billion dollar companies.

Prateek Sharma

Pragya Sharma Architects Avyukta Associates are interior architect specialists who are committed to delivering quality projects, on time and within budget. Our aim is to provide you with a professional service and a design that you will be thrilled with. Principal Architect Pragya Sharma has diverse knowledge and experience of architecture and Interior Designing.

Arthur Sarlas

A combination of experience, instinct, talent and having worked both for large multinational media organisations as well as run my own small businesses gives me a perspective from all angles that few have.

Swati Ghoshal

As a Cognitive behavioural therapist CBT , Swati facilitates her clients to manage the way they respond to situations by questioning and altering client s perception and habits, increasing their emotional control, and helping them develop personalised coping skills. This empowers individuals to address their issues ranging from stress to relationships and adjustment to academics making her client increasingly independent with every passing therapy session.

Rahul Ravi Kumar

Its anecdotes and the way I narrate them make me stand separate from other professionals. As a young teacher, I could understand the pulse of my students and helps to face the different circumstance of their lives. I love to listen to people and share my piece of advice if it helps them to boost up their optimism. As a teacher, I believe that its my duty to guid people who desire for a support.

John Botes

Diversity is my strong point. I come with a diverse work environment experience ranging from Mechanical work, to Web Development. Understanding not just the attitudes found in various work environments but also understanding the actual work and challenges facing SMEs. As an outsider affected by internal struggles I can advise you on out the box solutions for your business.

Saddaf Mehar

Throughout my career and experience as a talent development professional, I have strongly developed my relationship building skills, established trust and meaningful connections with each person I work with.

Kumar Raam

trainer by choice loves and likes to go non judgemental with natural instincts carrying ample of honesty and truthfulness, in delivering what so ever may be topic in softskills, good at unbiased mentoring

Sue Smyth

Professional nurse with wide range of skill,knowledge and experience in different areas, primary health care, ICD10 coding, occupational injuries and diseases, general psychology with organizational behavior and change health and wellness coaching are some with the ability to not only listen but here what people say. Emotional intelligence.

nada kamal

MBA, Marketing department 2020. Business Management Academic TA . Digital Marketing Instructor . Diploma in social media marketing from ITI. 3 years of experience in social media marketing. Experience in Business and social media marketing plans.

Maksym Bendeberia

Ethical security researcher white hat or ethical hacker . Founder at WebSafety Ninja. Ultra geek and cat lover. Lives in the Netherlands has a beard. Trying to make the internet a better safer place.

Megha Dwivedi

I have faced situations at their worst all by myself.. So i know the thought processes and dilemmas one goes through.. Been through a lot of judgement, I want to create a non judgemental space where people can comfortably vent themselves out. Also, coming from the darkest alleys of life, I think I can be a good advisor cuz Been There, Done That so I understand stuff up, close and personal.

Mbeke Waseme

I am an International Educational Consultant, Executive Coach, Facilitator , Speaker and Author.

dr mandadi srinivas

i have more than 22 years of teaching different computer languages to different age groups, like c, c , java, pyhton, web technologies, fullstack java, fullstack web technoglies and also as motivational speaker

eric erickson

Over 20 years experience in training and development, instructional design, and monetizing business ideas. I have a Bachelors in Business and a Master s in Education. I specialize in helping others to monetize their ideas and create ways to find your ideal customer.

Catherine Wilkerson

Seasoned Instructional Designer with LMS Administration, Support, and Implementation expertise. Experience with Instructional Technology maintenance and tech support through differening roles and tasks.

Saud Ahmad

Senior Project Manager with nearly 20 years of experience in executing ramping up projects within time, budget quality parameters targeting senior level assignments in Project / Program Management and Service Delivery with an organization of high repute

Pournima Barhate

I bring you a mix of variety of life experiences, professional experiences and qualifications in various modalities all put together to help you achieve the desired outcome. And many a times even help you choose what desired outcome. I have a unique mix of Eastern and Western philosophies that can suit you in a customised way. Would you like to join me on this wonderful journey together

Chethan Varna.N

I am a Creative Lecturer and a Academic Leader who is good in Planning and Execution in a proffesional way . I am well known for my motivational talks and training Students and Teachersand also i am an artist

William Cobb

I have held the office of V.P. General Manager Executive Vice President, Presisent C.E.O. and Managing Director. I have help start five new ventures and raised millions of dollars in venture capital. Exceptional track record for revenue growth.

Dr Lakshmi Mantha

English Language , Business Communication , and Soft Skills Consultant. GOAL Game Oriented Active Learning Facilitator. PhD in Business Communication English for Specific Purpose . Certified Professional Trainer in Design and Facilitation of Experiential Learning from IIPE, Canada, NLP and POSH trainer

Simon Levy

A leader in Asian/ Israeli private investment platform geared toward data science, business development, pharma and high tech, investing in new ventures, infrastructure and IT ventures. Demonstrating proven results to create profits in medical industry and anti aging, global trade contributing to the young global leader 2013 world economics forum, world urban leader 2015, and world entrepreneursh


I have MSc degree in immunology and bioth rapies from Sorbonne Universit Paris. I worked as a research intern at Institut Pasteur Paris and Institut Necker Enfants Malades. I worked as a professor assistant at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Alazhar University Gaza.

Cynthia Pinga

I help men and women to discover what is blocking their happiness and how they can take actions to create a happier and fulfilling life. Remove negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and anxiety for a happier life.

Mengistu Tafesse

I am an innovator and creative Trainer who always try to scan the exixting nature of my customers so as to come up with compatable training method. I also experianced in diverse areas with diverse stakeholders including Civil Societies Organizations, Professional Associations, government organizations and private entities in which I provided numerouse capacity building and awareness creation.

Sulata Satapathy

A Certified NLP Associate Practitioner, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Neuroscience enthusiast A Certified Product Owner with 17 years of IT exposure working in varied Domain Technologies in globally distributed programs. Working as an Account Manager in defining business strategy, identifying new opportunities, new age technology fitment, solution design and proposals.

Chinwe Nwosu

I am a Social Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Mental Health Ambassador and Business Consultant. I am the Founder of Andromagik Company, a Social Enterprise with the key focus of raising generations of self aware, impact driven and future focused individuals. I have recorded successes in helping individuals become the best versions of themselves through coaching, harnessing ideas and building businesses

Channpreet Bhatia

My name is Ms.Channpreet Kaur Bhatia. I have a blended experience of industry, research and teaching spanning over approximately 11.61 years. Inspite of teaching at a B School, I have had a holistic profile from academics to handling administrative work like event management, placement support, admissions, class coordinator, training, etc. My key competencies are Leadership skills, fast learner,

Jorim Holtey-Weber

My mission is to empower people to be more connected with themselves, others, and nature. I coach entrepreneurs working on creating a healthier planet. What s unique about me is my diverse background. I have an MSc in Sports, another one in Psychology. I ve founded a language school, lived in six countries and speak five languages fluently. I learn from and with nature in our vegetable garden.

Prasoon Gupta

Techlah Headley

As a Project leader it s my true belief that I must be able to communicate my visions, missions and articulate a project s goal in a way that everyone on the team can grasp for themselves, quickly and easily.

Pasha Mirza

Digital Strategist having 6 years international experience helping small to medium business grow digitally. I can advise on Social Media, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio CMS websites Financial Analysis eMail Marketing Relational Databases SQL . Extensive experience in international financial markets, financial reporting in my previous experiences.

Praful Rayappanavar

I have been over weight my whole life fitness changed me after I did certification which helped me to understand the fitness better from which I gained knowledge which helped to transform my clients and give them results and understanding them how fitness works.

Degol Gossaye Waktola

Having hands on experience in leading a business both small and corporate internal . Had advised many start ups. Worked as advisor, financer, and evaluator of businesses of different scale external .

Francesca proudman

I am a highly experienced Corporate Trainer with over 10 years international experience in business soft skills, emotional intelligence and leadership. Highly experienced also in the field of psychometrics in recruitment and people management. I speak fluent German and working Italian. I m driven by optimising performance with a motivational mindset.

david smart

ISO management system specialist and business coach and mentor for the Institute of Professional Excellence developing and delivering business course material. Currently coaching staff at local ecology centre on strategic development and management skills

Shikha Goel

he believes a little change in the person s inner personality can create a huge impact on their  outer personality. She trains people on various Soft Skillsd Topics based on their role

Ankit Bhatnagar

Entrepreneurship is the field in business world which can make you grow and develop or bring you down the bottom. Im a Business having great experience of launching multiple companies and will be your advisor in your Entrepreneur Journey.

Samantha Nop

I possessed great interpersonal skill and I have the desire and patience to teach and learn from start to successful completion. I receive great joy and satisfaction when I train and educate my clients and giving them the tools to increase their value in today s modern world.

Adam Essa


Jeanne Verwey

I am a digital marketing specialist in the formulating of effective marketing strategies and the creating of marketing assets in the digital age. My key skills include search engine marketing, web analytics, social media strategies and digital copywriting.

Praveen Kumar

I have got varied experience which will help me find requirements exactly and can explain how best audiences understand.I am also a certified trainer which adds on to my expertise and deliver training better

Amrita Achrekar

Amrita Achrekar, Clinical Psychologist by profession, practicing Hypnotherapy, NLP, graphology, drawing analysis and Bach Flower Therapist, concisely Mind Body Healer. I work with adolescents and adults helping them with array of emotional issues like relationships, stress anger management, anxiety, depression, phobias etc. I also conduct Learning and development facilitation for above topic

nazreen khan

Currently I am employees as soft skills and Personality development trainer at Dr. Reddys foundation. I gave completed my Master s degree in 2015 since then I am working, I was previously employed as HR coordinator then HR executive. I can say that I have a rich exposure in both Corporates and Teaching.My key skills and experience include A personable, committed approach to teaching and a drive

Sandra Bravo Jimenez

Sandra has been executive coach, management consultant, and trainer since 1999. She specializes in personal and professional development, leadership and team development, emotional intelligence, culture and change management, negotiation and conflict resolutions consulting and coaching. She has worked for companies such as Sony, JW Marriott, Loreal, Adams, Nestle, Cadbury Shweppes, GKN Driveline.

Girma Belete

I am a creative and resourceful individual with collaborative, communication, and multi tasking skills and 13 years of teaching, training, consultancy, and management experience. I am interested in teamwork with a broad knowledge of consulting, a high level of commitment to quality, problem solving and analytical skills, and strong project management skills.

Ahmed Habashy

Ahmed is Educational Consultant and Certified Corporate Trainer with over 8 years of experience in the field of corporate training delivery, instructional design, learning database, training gap analysis and strategic learning implementation. Ahmed specializes in Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Power BI tools programs delivery and design with effective implementation to his best selling course

Nigus Asres

Experienced Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Lecturing, Machine Learning, Information Technology, and Data Analytics. Strong education professional with a Masters of science focused in Software Engineering from Addis Ababa Science and Technology University

Fitsum Yisehak


Amit Kumar

ISSA accredited personal trainer, Nutritionist and website owner. Expert in weight management and body recomposition. Additional experience in conditioning and strength Training. I have trained client both online and offline to reach the body goals.

Sital Tripathy

Certified yoga, Pilates fitness Trainer having 6 years experience in both 1 1 group session, corporate session workshops. I have been taught more than 4000 students and counting.

Elias Hassen

Qualified Environmental Engineer from Ethiopia, with 10 years of experience working as a lecturer, researcher, production supervisor, and product developer among other positions both in academia and the industries.

Silpa Nayak

my passion to teach and guide, patience, my experience of Human Resource of around 4 years coupled with my passion to train and mentor, I am a certified soft skill trainer and an excellent communicator. I deep dive into the trainee s mind and understand their pain areas and strive to provide the best solution possible.

Major Harris

I m a quick learner but not only that. I m also an eager learning. Digital Marketing is an ever evolving field and there s always new methods and tactics being created. It s something that I genuinely enjoy doing.

Alvina Zeba

I am a certified counselor and a life coach. Graduate in MBA Education Leadership from Christ University. Currently working as an intern for GreenMinds and TransHuman, to help them build online presence and handle digital marketing for both the companies

Jomesh Joseph Veliyath

ICT Trainer in Databases Oracle 18c, 12c, 11g, 10g 9i, SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012,2016 Operating Systems Windows 11,10/8/7/XP, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, Ubuntu, Red hat Linux Applications MS Office Suite 2013, 2016,2019 Programming Languages C, C , C , Java, Advanced Java Concepts Hardware Desktops and Laptops, Basic Networking, Printers and Servers Scripting Languages HTML, DHTML, JS

Simon Evans

I am an Australian born movement teacher, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and PTDC Certified Level 1 Online Trainer, who has practiced strength and bodyweight training since 2013. Combining years of personal experience in bodyweight training and strength skills with the latest research in movement and injury recovery, I design and coach individual training and development programs for any stage of life. The best exercise you can do is the one that you actually do.

Josh Hobbs

Hobbs Fit Rx Merges healthcare and fitness coaching to improve overall well being. No matter your fitness and health goals, I am here to give you completely individualized programming and support. I will track your workout and nutrition progress to help you reach your goals

Anshul Sethiya

I cant say about what distincts me from other but I can say that in my over all experience of 14 years, i have experimented several sales and Marketing techniques which can result in conversions. This information would be like your armour and rest depends on an individual on how to use that.

William Esau

I am a former musical theatre artist, who has a lot of energy and passion for helping achieve their goals. Wherher big or small we can always do something great together. I like movement and sports, and finding a balance that will help you succeed, whether it s talking or moving.

Anurag Sharma

Employability and Job Skills Training, Behavioral Skills Training, Etiquette Coaching, Personality Development Training, Confidence Coaching Vocal and Verbal Communication Training ,Team Management, Motivation Training ,Public Speaking and Presentation Skills with Emotional Intelligence.TNA and mystery shopper. Process Enchancement and Data Analysis.Certifications on many domians visit https // sharma 771b6850/

Gunjan Pruthi

I am a TTT certified Process Trainer with a zeal for continuous improvement. I am punctual, who knows how to prioritise tasks. With my constant endeavour to learn I have developed a skill to manage time.

Yogesh Dubey

practical experience, provided training in soft skill/interview cracking skills/sales training. I have thirteen years of experience in hospitality. I want to benefits the students and professionals by providing training to students. So that they can make career as per their preference.

Dinesh Kumar

I coach the Working Professionals to create supplement income by holistic approach of coaching them on Money Management, Capital Markets, Investing Trading Priciples, Mindset Training for deciplined Personal Finance Management, To acheive Self Actualization and creating Multiple Source of Income.


A proactive and committed professional, with gained expertise in the fitness, sports and hospitality sector. Commercially astute with the ability to identify business opportunities and implement effective promotional/marketing activities to increase sales revenue in different areas. A change manager, capable of integrating strategies and streamlining resources to maximise performance and deliver

Michael Mitra

I have more than 4 years of experience in the fitness industry handling both athletic and average clients. Completed Diploma in Sports Sciences from ISST, Punr and recently finished my Posture Functional Corrective Exercise Specialist ACE Approved .

Ahmad Abu aqlain

I have passion knowledge and experience about fitness field ,I have 20 years of experience in this area with so many certificates..I play football and kickboxing and I read alot of books talking about my major.

Stephanie daher

I am a certified pilates trainer,i can help you to forget your pains and enjoy your freedom of movement again. Pilates is a way to be in excellent shape while working with your body, not against it.join my 1 on 1 training it can help you to trim and tone certain areas of your body especially your stomach, legs and buttocks. Classes can be tailored to offer either a gentle exercise program.

Rachna Mimani

As a difference maker in peoples life what drives me are two tiny questions 1. What needs to happen for you to achieve your dream goals 2. What is the change you are ready to make to achieve these goals I have been able to help more than 500 entrepreneurs, professionals and youth create and designs successful careers and build a progressive mindset to unleash the potentials within them.

Vishnu Pratap

Hi, My name is Vishnu Pratap. I m a certified level 4 personal coach From FCA Fitness Carvers Academy and CPR certified coach. My passion is to make every individual fit. According to me, If you want something that you ve never had, you must be willing to do something you ve never done. As a Personal Coach, I help every individual implement these theories in practice in order to achieve results.

Bhushan jagdale

I have a strong background of 10years in fitness industry . I have several testimonials of achieved goals which make it clear that the results are inevitable. and most importantly it is such an easy fix that people don t even realise it happened. I ll like to touch as many lives as possible by helping them achieve their goal. and majorly it s a lifestyle change so after a point you do it yourself

Roberto Bendana

As a psychologist and certified coach use my knowledge in psychology and experience over 650 hours of coaching to help leaders improve effectivness and performance outcomes, for themselves and their the teams they lead.

Louis Campbell

I have 15 plus years of experience in design, most specifically with AutoCAD and AutoCAD Electrical. I have a strong background in Solid Works as well as varied experience in 3D CAD programs or other mechanically focused CAD design programs. I also have successful management of a team of 1 4 other designers. Training and mentoring the new employees as well as checking their projects for accuracy. I was also a successful CAD manager for the Autodesk products utilized by my company.

Alina Likholat

My personality and unconvenrional life and work experience. At the age of 20 I moved to Italy totally on my own in order to build a life of my dreams. As a result, I have managed to work with with people from more than 40 different countries of the world, and also had experience of living in Arabic countries. Now I m back to Italy.

Uman shankar

I m a certified personal trainer from ACSM and certified CPR AED from American Heart Association as well and i have 10 year experience in fitness industry, Passionate Personal Fitness Trainer adept at making workouts fun and rewarding. Expertise in instructing and educating clients on proper lifting techniques and educating clients on proper nutrition and hydration needs...

Ved Bhardwaj

Hello everyone, My name is Ved Bhardwaj I m a Government Certified Fitness Trainer as well as Nutrition Coach. I have approx 3 years of experience in fitness industry and with time I gain more and more knowledge.

Stefano de divitiis

Aiuto professionisti e team ad invididuare le proprie eccellenze e a concretizzare le loro potenzialit . intervengo con il professionista tramite percorso di consulenze individuali di coaching, e con i team tramite percorsi di team building in indoor ed in outdoor

Muhammad Ali

I am medical doctor by degree,have MsC in healthcare management , have worked in corporate world for over a decade.I am also a certified Life Coach,NLP practitioner,a hypnotist and an easy person.I have seen the science of life changing over these years.When i was a medical student i was taught that our brains are hard wired. But the latest research in brain neuroscience has proven that our brain

massimiliano scarnà

In my teaching experiences I interacted with teachers and students very different from one another in terms of culture, age, education and goals. This gave me a practical approach to teach economic/legal subjects, based on clear presentations, keywords, structures, definitions, empathy and interpersonal relationships.

Massimiliano Cavazza

Executive Coach helping leaders, managers and senior professionals achieve their goals with specific focus on leadership skills and effective communication development . International Human Resources senior experience HR Management and Human Capital Development . In depth knowledge of Banking and Finance sector through a professional experience in Retail, Finance and Corporate Governance sect

Stefania Piscitello

Sono Stefania, Life, Family Business Coach e posso guidarti e aiutarti a trovare la fiducia e il supporto necessari per superare tutte le sfide. Da anni aiuto i miei clienti, genitori, professionisti e chiunque si trovi in un momento di passaggio o di stasi della propria vita, a raggiungere la buona salute e l equilibrio .

Vidhi Dwivedi

I m a mental health and a relationship counselor I help people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, phobias, any kind of mental illness or any kind of relationship issues.i will help in every possible way.

Swa Test

A Single Phase AC Power system consists of two wires known as the phase or sometimes a Line or Live or Hot and the neutral wire. In case a three phase system, you use either three wires or four wires for transmitting power no neutral in three wire three phase power and all the three wires are phases .

Andy Wheeler

Andy Wheeler founded Catandra to help business owners build the companies they aspire to. This means identifying the real source of the problems that are frustrating them, before developing innovative solutions to tackle them.

Iuliana Andronache

Experienced CEO, NED, CFO and business leader with extensive expertise in strategy, financial management, complex business transformations, M A, cybersecurity, corporate governance, and people development. Results oriented, able to adapt to changing business requirements.

Abena Pokua Oti-Akenteng

Having being in the client position a lot of times because of mental challenged experiences have taught me how well to relate with clients and how best to help hold the heavy bag of problems they carry. I m a very solution focused based helper who focuses on doing what works more and helping to empower my clients to be able to take charge and active part of their own healing processes.

Mohamed Nabil Khalil

I am driven by passion into tackling complex problems, where I always see them as an opportunity to elevate operational and business performance to higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness. I blossom when engaging with teams dynamics especially when focusing about a specific issue to resolve, so I am a team player and have a great tendency in the synergy that takes place...

Rajeev Nandan

Have a wide experience in the field of Fuel Management, Coal mining, Opening a new coal mine in NTPC Ltd, conducting Technical audit of Fuel Managenment system and Ash utilization. Have headed the coal producing coal mine of M/s TISCO Collieries. Have headed the Sales and Marketing of Explosives and provided Technical services.

Mimi Lauzon

I help singles transform from the inside out to create the life and realtiosnhip they deeply desire.

Varsha Pingale

A decade long experience at an Indian public hospital working as a Psychologist. International life exposure , a strong academic background and multilingual proficiency. I have worked with people of all age groups. I understand the challenges of people from different sociocultural backgrounds. Lastly and most importantly, I m in the helping profession because I m passionate about helping others.

cedric delaumenie

Dialoguiste, agile, je vous accompagne dans vos projets. J ai 15 ann es d exp rience en accompagnement de personnes morales et physiques. Je travaille sur la valorisation de votre capital humain et je vous aide mettre en oeuvre vos transformations

Veronica Lysaght

As an experienced 20 years and thousands of hours practice coach and leader, I believe in empowering people and organisations to grow and develop. I m a principled leader who builds a motivated and high performing team, whether I m a member of the team or their team coach. The sector doesn t worry me, results do. I ve created businesses, training programmes and created movements.

Karen Taylor

As an ICF ACTP and ACCT trained and certified mBIT, Tiny Habits, Productivity Performance Coach, DISC and NLP Master Practitioner, together I bring a unique coaching approach, resource, and skillset to my 1 1 Group coaching which is also combined with extensive management and consulting experience as a business owner for over 20 years. As an expert in time management, productivity, and performance we partner together in a safe, supportive way to get to the heat of your biggest challenges.

Carlos Fausto Díaz García

More than 15 years of professional experience and more of 8 years as business consultant in Talent Management, Marketing, Sales, International Trade, and Management. In more than 9 different industries in leading positions where I learned and applied experience and knowledge. I have a mayor in International Trade and an MBA, which gave me the educational background to achieve my professional goals

Juan Jose (JJ) Urbano Castelan

Financial, Accounting and Tax advisory for Medium and Large entities in Mexico, based on more than 50 years experience in several economic fields, including telecom, food and beverage, mining. Also including energy efficiency projects incorporating renewable energy when financial and environmental sound. Author of Breackeven point CASH FLOW BASES, amongst other experiences.

Claudia Kleidermacher

Soy Psic loga graduada universitaria, con orientaci n Organizacional, Psicoanalisis, Business, Familia, Parejas, Socios. Mi plus es el Coaching Profesional de ICF donde estoy credencializada hace casi 10 a os. Tengo experiencia con Ejecutivos, CEOS, Entrepeneurs, Empresarios independientes, Equipos de Alto Rendimiento y Lideres de todo tipo

Chelsea Hetherington

My coaching expertise is in supporting early career professionals during career and life transitions. I have a PhD in psychology and am an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.

David Matthews

We ve developed a revolutionary eCoaching and blended Coaching platform myCoach . It has been implemented by some large organizations, like IKEA and the European Central Bank. ECoaching has become even more important in a context of constant change, and the necessity of increasing resilience, motivation, employability and productivity of the employees, and of decreasing absenteeism and presentism

Rupam Kumar Saha

A life coach with 14 years of experience in Learning and development.MBA in HR, MTTM Dip in training and development from ISTD, diploma in business management from ICFAI Hyderabad and an EDP from XLRI in Leadership and Change Management.

Christophe Ginguene

I am a transformative coach serving people who wants to have a powerful creative life without the stress, the worries, the confusion but a life filled with love, peace, clarity and aliveness. Everyone needs a coach but not everyone wants a coach. Do you want one

Haydar SAHIB

Expertise in Entrepreneurship Company Creation, Acquisition or Transfer/Disposal. Setting up and management of Structures across EMEA. Management Building up and growing sales and marketing team from scratch, Training and Coaching, Recruitment, Onboarding, Tools/Technology, Back Office. Sales / Marketing Operation

Claudia Tappeser

I m paranormal since childhood. and use my talents to coach, consult and train my clients in the best way possible to awaken, strengthen and develop their own unique talents and their human gut feeling , better known as intuition.

Diana NDücker

Fully bilingual Spanish/English , more than 20 years experience in multicultural environments, facilitator in important events and successful in joining clients during implementation and strategies for their projects

Natalia Welner

Remote Work Consultant, with special focus on organizational culture and digital well being. I help co create hybrid work environments from the Remote First mindset with agile methodologies and a lot of focus on the emotional culture of the organization. I am an EQ coach and ve been working on the internet market for more than 8 years

Cristina Parra

I have 7 years of experience in the commercial area specializing in consultative sales and team management. I currently work at Google and advised my clients on their way to digitize their companies. How I can help In polishing your business skills, in improving your social skills, time management, unlocking false beliefs and imposter syndrome and helping you believe in yourself.

Nadira Saeed

Over 25 years of financial sector experience with top tier multinational local banks. Senior level consulting experience in formulating policies, lending, strategy risk management of SMEs.

Gareth James Hendricks

I believe that whatever you think about you can bring about. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. My approach to coaching is an integrated and practical allowing individuals to draw the answers from within to the surface providing them with innovative and creative solutions.

Charlene Tharp

My life, and professional, experiences make me distinct over others in my field. I am a Social Worker and Certified Supported Living Coach who has raised three happy young adults on my own. I have experienced everything from being stable to being homeless with my children and learned many valuable lessons I have to share with those who are seeking some guidance.

Sarah Rudasill

I m a Risk Manager, Mortgage Finance Professional, and Data Scientist. Fintech is one of my specialties. Mortgage finance and the future of the US Housing market is also a specialty. Furthermore, I m passionate about turning data into useful information and evaluating the best tools to do so.

Melissa Adendorff

NLP practitioner focusing on high performance in vocational sport and corporate excellence counsellor focused on biopsychosical wellness consultant for project design and implementation, group facilitation, training and development.

Kratika Gupta

I follow an eclectic approach with my clients which means that we discuss various types of approaches for the situation we are dealing with and we find the way that works for you as a client.I also center the sessions around the client client centered sessions which means that we move forward with the pace that you are comfortable in and work through things. I also prefer to focus on holistic well being of my clients which is their physical, mental, and emotional well being.

Ricky Sutton

Hello my name is Ricky Sutton. I am life/job/health and wellness coach. I am in colllege at the moment. My passion is to help people in need. Also, I am hardworking, nice, hardworking, and cares about others.

Ricky Sutton

Hello My name is Ricky Sutton. I am kind, hardworking, smart, and care about others. My goal is to help people in need. I am in college studying psychology at the moment. I hope in the future I become a social worker.

Chinelo Nkennor

I am enthusiastic about offering knowledge and skills that enable people thrive in today s world. I enjoy facilitating growth and learning in others. I am passionate about impacting lives

Sunita Babu

A National Teacher Awardee and a School leader for two decades, I am a teacher Trainer, Career coach and an accomplished singer.Have more than 200 recordings from AIR and Doordarshan to credit.A soft skill trainer my key teaching subjects are History,Polity, Sociology, Hindi and English an IELTS Trainer and Hindustani Classical Music.I have sung in Hindi, Punjabi, urdu,dogri and Kashmiri songs.

Tiffany Yearwood

experience based mindset reconstruction coach who utilizes mindset shifting techniques, the law of attraction, and personal experiences to help others achieve their goal of having a positive mindset, and achieving their goals.

Rachna Somaya

I have 7.5 years of experience in soft skills have trained more than 11000 students in the areas like Positive attitude, Decision Making, Problem Solving,Communication Skills, Team Work, Goal Setting,Time Management, Interview Skills, Personality Development and many more

Tarun khatri

professional developer having good knowledge of my field. i can develop flutter app with beautiful UI and UX. my key skills are android app development, flutter app development, Kotlin, unity game development

Delphine Rochereau

I have a multicultural background. I have grown up between France and Brazil mainly , studied in England and worked in Italy, Brazil, Bolivia, Switzerland and France. I have been a serial entrepreneur creating travel agencies and service companies in Bolivia, Argentina and France. I now focus on having The Entrepreneur grow together with his/her business and develop a business aligned with them.

Malak Amer

Passionate about my major, about psychology, life and social sciences, I am a very fast learner, and an expert in communication, I have have an instinct skills to help others, and I use psychoanalysis school as a base in my work as an educational psychologist, and child psychology expert. in addition the individual and relationship counseling

Siyabonga Mthembu

I am a HR professional, with experience working in banking and FMCG manufacturing environments. I hold qualifications in HRMG and Post Grad Business Leadership. I adapt quickly to new environments and strongly believe in life long learning as a tool for advancement. My passion in advancing myself and the organization I am in allows me to be a valuable asset to the team.

Glody-Xavier MUTEBA

I help you become the actor of your own change and live a life tailored to your values. As a Mindset Coach, I attack your belief system and help you break down your limiting thoughts in order to live your best life. I believe that everyone has the right to become their best version Whatever your current situation is, you can fix it by changing your thought system. Book a session with me

Souvik Banerjee

Seasoned professional with around 20 years of experience in Chambers of Commerce, Think Tanks, Diplomatic Missions and the Private sector. Proven capability of leading large teams, guiding and mentoring Industry players and MSMEs, business networking, Government Industry liaisons, Policy Advocacy,binternational business tie ups

Rutu Patel

I am a prenatal educator, being prenatal educator I help pregnant mothers during their pregnancy Emotional attachment with unboen babies, yoga, meditation and healthy diet to consume. Aprt from that I am a counsellor and help people to understand themselves.

Stephen Patton

25 years in global retail using data driven sourcing and SRM for specialty and mass market consumer industry. Currently lead operation in APAC for Liverpool the best in class Mexican omni retail group where I have grown division to 9 figure yearly revenue. Dedicated father, husband, ultra runner, diligent academic, progressive perfectionist placing people of the center of transformation

Aya Elattar

Enthusiasm, passionate and flexible. Always lloki g for something new to learn and for new challenges. Speaking 3 languages same ease English, Arabic and German. Studied in the German university in Cairo, with a bachelor in pharmacy and biotechnology in 2010. Decided to move to Germany in 2013, to develop myself and push my limits to learn new things, and face new challenges.

Diksha Sarma

I completed my masters in clinical psychology and further pursued MPhil in Psychology. I graduated from Christ University, Bangalore. I work as a Counseling Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Queer Affirmative therapist. I empathise with people on a whole great level which is why I always and is interested in talking and dealing with clients who are/is looking out for help.

Ashwin Thomas

I am an Entrepreneur having launched and built brands at scale. I am passionate about Startups and have worked with startup in various verticals such as Travel , Realestate and Healthtech. My expertise would be in Business Strategy ,Product Market Fit, Go to market strategy , Sales Process and Team Building. Localisation of Brands is very close to my heart.

Vidhi Dwivedi

my name is Vidhi Dwivedi , I m a mental health and relationship counselor, I advise people who are suffering from depression or any kind of mental issue and those couples whose relationship is not working out or having any type of relationship issues.

Maluke Lethale

My coaching methodology aims to bring harmony within the individual thereby helping executives and professionals achieve an advanced level of self. I use NLP techniques for individuals and Organisational Relationship System Coaching for teams.

Aadila Mangera

Academically astute Student Advisor with superior listening and counseling skills. Understands academic offerings and occupational outlooks and guides students in making wise, life impacting decisions. Coaches students on how to succeed academically and socially and offers support in emergencies.

Alana Mowbray

I help people become top acheivers though mindset, helath and finances. Ofter we are not using our full potential to navigate life and create the lives we always dreamed about. I help people find their life purpose, fix thier finances and increase energy through health.

pedi Matthies

Want to find out who you really are ...what you really want So very often we submit to what society wants from us, without really knowing what exactly it is that is true to your very own nature. Let me support you in your quest for your true self.

Gavin Aroza

Mechnical Engineer with 10 years of Oil and Gas industry experience in various fields like piping and pipeline construction , maintanence and commissioning , procurement , safety and risk management , quality control , logistics management and project engineering

Yasemin Iris-Brown

Yasemin found her calling in supporting her clients navigate change and their journey to self improvement. She is a Certified Professional Coach, following extensive training with the Institut de Coaching IDC in Geneva, Switzerland which is ICF, EduQua and EMCC accredited. Her diverse multi cultural background allows her to understand the specific challenges lying in front of her clients. Creator of Olfactory Memory Coaching method / Positive Intelligence PQ Mental Fitness Coach

Swa Test

free email service that allows to receive email at a temporary address that self destructed after a certain time elapses. It is also known by names like tempmail, 10minutemail, 10minmail, throwaway email, fake mail , fake email generator, burner mail or trash mail. Many forums, Wi Fi owners, websites and blogs ask visitors to register before they can view content, post comments or download some

Lars Bognar

I am a mechanical/industrial engineer with 10 years of experience in the automotive and power generation industry. I developed my passion for new manufacturing technologies, especially additive manufacturing, and became a well known expert during the last years. This is shown by various invitations as a speaker for international conferences.

Roxana Cardos

I specialise in Positive Psychology and I have worked in 5 areas of my field, giving me breadth and depth into the word of people at work. My success comes from my ability to forge dynamic relationships with key people across the business adopting a partnership mindset.

Chelsea Baker

20 years experience in social enterprise, community development and social policy. Consultant working with multidisciplinary teams and innovative, future focused companies. Holistic coach and mentor to impact founders and leaders.

Aayushi Saxena

I am a very patient person and an avid listener who is empathetic with people and with what goes around. This is not something that I believe should be merely listed as a skill but something that should be diligently followed but is rarely ever so. When I say that I am non judgmental, I mean every word of it. This is something which I feel should be inculcated in every individual nowadays.

Dr Keith Crownover, PhD

Better than thirty years in medicine and caring for patients, couples and families mental health/Substance use. Worked extensively with those struggling with the most significant challenges to those who are having trouble accepting and living within this new normal since the onset of COVID. Focus has always been adolescence and young adults, however, I have worked with all ages from 13 99

luciano paiva

I am a life and executive coach with over 1.000 coaching hours helping clients create alternatives, unfreeze, and progress their personal and professional projects along. I aim to help clients be free to see and hear what is, instead of what should be, was, or will be... say what they feel or think, rather than what they should feel or think... feel what they feel, instead of what they need to feel take risks on their own, instead of just choosing the safety of not rocking the boat.

Bhavesh Parmar

I have been practicing yoga since last 5 years and professionally teaching yoga to all types of students from last 2 years. I keep on learning new techniques everyday. I always pay extra attention to my all students so they can do the right posture and maintain good health. I also share the useful diet tips.

Jahnavi Murali

I am a mental health advocate, and practice psychotherapy with the hope to make the world a kinder and more acceptable place for people to express themselves without any judgement. My expertise is in working with adolescents and adults dealing with anxiety, suicidal ideations, interpersonal and behavioural conflicts, and mpst importantly lending a listening ear.

Swati Sharma

Hi , I am Swati working as Counselling Psychologist. Its been 4 years operating with Kids and different agegroups. Presently operating with Kids autism , Adhd, Learning Difficulties and Behavior issues. Area of Expterise are Cognitive Behavior therapy ,Martial Counselling , Behavioral Modification and Play therapy

Shiny Shrivastava

Shiny is a Counselling Psychologist with distinction in both BA and MA. She also holds a Diploma in Counselling Skills from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She has trained in REBT, CBT and NLP therapy techniques. When providing therapy, she uses an eclectic approach to understand what suits her clients the best.

Devika Deshkar

My name is Devika and I have completed my masters in Counseling Psychology from Montfort College, Bangalore. Haven studied counselling skills, theories and techniques and have got ample experience with individuals from ages of 17 30, I provide a non judgemental, empathetic ad safe space for clients to share their stories

Rahul Verma

I am a great listener and I am trained in cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy. I am an empath more than a psychologist and I have lived experience of being a caregiver to a person with a serious illness

Nikhil Mishra

Diversity in my profile goes something like 11 Years experience in total 5 Years Revenue Growth eCommerce Category management, Category marketing, Online marketing, Growth hacking, Demand generation, Product interventions, Storefront merchandising 6 Years Planning Quality Operations Supply Chain eCommerce Service Planning, Inventory Planning, Demand Planning, Scheduling Mfg

Bongiwe Beja-Ntsiko

I am an experienced Business Executive with a focus on the entrepreneurship ecosystem in South Africa. I help small and medium enterprises to start up and am a certified Business Advisor via the GrowthWheel Institute. With more than 12 years experience, I focus on coaching and advising SMMEs so they can start, trade and achieve growth and scale.

Prashant kumar

I am very much pationate about the technology.which makes me proficient with multiple technologies and application including development and deploypment of applications. I know multiple languages and tools along with deployment of their

Lauren Jankelowitz

I possess a strong, and unusual combination of social and business skills and experience. I am resilient and able to work in the face of limited resources am creative, able to think outside of the box

Tracy Yang

Tracy is a BCBA who has worked in Singapore and Dubai. She has worked in multidisciplinary settings with psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Tracy works with individuals 2 years onwards with developmental disabilities to help them reach their potential through ABA. She also teaches vocational skills to h